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Open Warriors The Prophecy Clans (just join no need to ask!)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. So many years after the battle of the dark forest the four cats in the prophecy created their own clans to keep the clan blood running. The four clans were called, JayClan, LionClan, HollyClan, and DoveClan. Each clan is different, JayClan cats are incredibly smart, and even if they are not a medicine cat, they all have herb knowledge. LionClan cats are powerful, they are not easily hurt on battle, and they have great courage. HollyClan cats aren't very special on the look of an outsider, but deep within the clan each cat is a hero. Lastly DoveClan is thoughtful, and they are descended directly from Dovewing so they have great senses. The four clans live like normal clans, but with more peace. And this is were our story begins.

    Songkit looked around DoveClan's camp, she had finally opened her eyes, and she wanted to see her clan. She stared down at her paws, she was a bit scared to take the first step out of the nursery, and wished her mother was there to see her. Her mother was called Sunfall, and she died in a battle when Songkit was barely even born. Her foster mother was kind though, and she had a wonderful family. She took the first step, the ground was rough. She still went up and walked around camp.
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  2. "Songkit! The clan is nice and welcoming, Plus Shadepaw is out there and she'll definitely want to meet you. So why don't you find her?" Cherryflight mused as she gently pushed her way out of the nursery. The white foster mother to Songkit blinked momentarily in he sun. Cherryflight was the real mother of Shadepaw and her siblings; all of which were away on a top secret mission.

    "Oh come on Shadepaw! You can do much better than that. I can even do better." Tigerfall called out to the smokey grey she-cat as she clumsily fell over. Shadepaw shook out her fur and tackled Tigerfall. "Oh really? You totally didn't see that coming. Come one, let's go back to camp." Shadepaw suggested as she leaped off the brown tabby and started to pad back to camp.
  3. Songkit padded up to the gray apprentice, with fear and nervousness in her belly. "Hi Shadepaw!" she mewed trying to sound cheerful, she cocked her head curiously wanting to hear what this apprentice had to say.
  4. Shadepaw stopped in her tracks and allowed her emerald green eyes travel to the small kit. Her face visibly brightened and set down her mouse. "Hey! You're Songkit right? Cherryflight told me about you." Shadepaw commented. "So how are you?" She asked as she sat down and started to lick her smokey grey chestfur.
  5. "Ya I'm Songkit, I'm doing good, I turned one moon today, and Mother let me come out of the nursery!" she said, she stared in awe at the apprentice (Songkit doesn't actually know that her mother isn't Cherryflight)
  6. Cinnamon watched Doveclan's camp intently. So much prey, free for the taking. The brown and white rouge licked her lips, prepared to sneak in and steal a fresh looking squirrel.
  7. A black rogue, whose name was Dusk, was staring at the fresh kill pile as well. He was starving, and had not eaten in 4 days. He sprinted into the camp and snagged a rabbit but it was too heavy for his famished body to carry, and his legs buckled a few feet from safety. He struggled to get to his paws, but just shrugged exhausted lay.
  8. Cinnamon sprinted into the clearing, catching the attention of a few cats. She picked up the squirrel, and swiped at the Tom attacking her. She inflected a bit of damage, and ran away.
  9. Songkit turned around to see the two rouges fighting, "Who are you?" she asked innocently
  10. ((Cinnamon is fighting a Doveclan Tom))

    "Not now, kit." Cinnamon hissed while dodging a Attack.
  11. "Hey Amberclaw, who are you fighting?" asked Songkit to the tom Cinnamon was fighting, she looked up with her huge eyes.
  12. Cinnamon scratched the ton, making his flank bleed a bit.
  13. "Who are you, why are you hurting Amberclaw?" asked Songkit, she winced in horror to see her clanmate bleed.
  14. "Ugh, i don't have time for this!" Cinnamon scratched Amberclaw's neck and ran away.

    After being a safe distance away from the clan camp, she devoured then rabbit. "Nice to be actually FULL for once." Cinnamon sighed and curled up in her den, resting her tail over her nose.
  15. Songkit ran up to Amberclaw, "Are you ok? Who was that?" she asked the huge brown tom

    Amberclaw smiled at the kit, "Well let's just say she wanted some of the fresh kill."
  16. The other rogue was still in the middle of the fresh kill pile. And he couldn't move anymore so he was pretty much screwed. He watched the skirmish play out and he sat there boredly.
  17. Songkit turned away from Amberclaw and saw Dusk, "Hello, I'm Songkit, who are you?" she asked the rouge pouncing playfully on his tail
  18. ((The next morning))

    Cinnamon woke up, flicking her tail. She already knew that the 4 "oh so special" clans had hunted all of the prey around her, she could smell it. "Honestly, save some for the cats around you!" Cinnamon scoffed, stretching her back.
  19. Songkit sighed she was bored, she had some pare fresh kill, that she didn't want to eat, the warriors and apprentices had already made sure the clan was fed, so she decided to give some to the rouge that fought Amberclaw. She carefully padded out of the camp, and to were Cinnamon slept. "Hi! I brought yoy some fresh kill, it seemed that you just wanted food, so here." she said to the rouge.
  20. Cinnamon's icy blue gaze rested upon the kit. "Thanks." She said. "Aren't kits supposed to stay in camp?"
  21. "Well I guess, but all the older kits went out before they were apprentices, and I was too little to walk so I couldn't follow them, but now I can so I decided I would." Songkit said, here blue eyes gleaming in the sun with exitement and happiness that she could help the rogue.
  22. "Well, you should probably go home. The forest is a cruel place." Cinnamon meowed, flicking her tail.
  23. "Why don't you have a clan, or a home?" Songkit asked, she was curious about Cinnamon, and didn't want to leave yet.
  24. "Clan life isn't for me. I have cats I want to protect. For instance, my future kits." She answered.
  25. "Ok. I guess I should get back to my mommy, she is gonna freak if I'm not there for any longer. Bye Cinnamon!" she said, then walked back to camp, her paws padding softly.
  26. Dusk was limping nearby. He had gotten into a fight over prey and lost. Hunger was gnawing in his stomach like a bat to blood.
  27. Songkit smelled mouse under her feet, she swiped at it, and then tossed it to Dusk, she was feeling kind that day.
  28. Dusk saw the mouse but didn't want to get hurt by the clan so her left it. He turned around and started following Cinnamon. "Hey, do you know where a cat could stay for the night?" He called to her.
  29. "My den is too full. Maybe try the oak tree near the twolegplace?" She suggested.
  30. LightningKit padded around JayClan. She was one moon old and her mom allowed her to go out the den. She saw her brother, BlazeTail, walk out of the camp. LightningKit followed her older brother and spotted another camp. She slowly walked over to it, BlazeTail nowhere to be seen. LightningKit soon found herself by the fresh kill pile. A Tom walked up to LightningKit and started to sniff her. The Tom raised his head "Hey guys we got a orphan here!" He screamed and LightningKit looked at a bush and saw famialliar Red eyes. BlazeTail, LightningKit Blinked and the eyes were gone. "BlazeTail?" She asked Quietly. "Who?" the Tom asked. LightningKit Whipped her head around so quickly, she probably gave herself a whiplash. "Hey,its ok" The Tom said soothingly, He seemed nice. Soon other cats emerged.
  31. Mike woke up to the sound of Animals around his tent "wonder whats going on out there" he said he got out of the tent and he walked "whoa" he said "its like a camp" he crouched down and looked in and he saw a bunch of cats "cool" he said trying to get a better look. But as he got closer he felt the ground be like air he had overstepped and he fell in.
  32. Cinnamon was crushed by the human. She hissed, scratching his cheek and started to run off. "That human just ruined my chance at getting that prey!" She said under her breath.
  33. "did did you just talk" he said to the cat
  34. still boggled by what just happend mike ran after the cat
  35. Cinnamon glanced back, seeing the human running after her. She dove into a small rabbit hole, ditching the human.
  36. "oh come on" he said "look i wont hurt you and i got you this" (shows mouse)
  37. She ignored the human, padding deeper into the tunnel.

    ((humans can't understand cats, just so you know!))
  38. (i know just trying to make the rp more interesting)
    "well fine then" (puts down the mouse) ill just go.
  39. Mike notices the sun is going down he runs back to his tent and grabs a flashlight "I wonder how many cats are in these woods" he said
  40. After waiting for a few minutes, and killing a rabbit she found in the the tunnel, Cinnamon climbed out. She discarded the mouse, and returned to her den. After eating, she went to sleep.

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