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Open Warriors: The New Clans

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Vlamepainters, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. This is a warriors role play, based on books. If you haven't read the books, do so or you may be confused and others might ignore/dislike you. If you can't, you might as well study.

    Here are the specific rules for this role play:
    1.No bullying unless in role play.
    2.No swearing people. This is meant to be at least slightly kid friendly.
    3.When posting something violent, make sure to put a warning at the top.
    4.Only the max amount of 15 characters for now. I'm tracking you.
    More rules may come depending on what happens in RP

    To enter, you need to make a form for each of your cats:
    Kit, App, Warrior, Med, or Elder. Your class changes by time, but tell me when, or you won't be classed as that kind of cat. You can only be leader or deputy if allowed by the leader. I'm the leader for now of the clans for now. You can request to be deputy.
    Clan(clans will come later in post, also you can be kitty pet, loner, or rouge, but don't make too many)
    Relatives (you can ask some one to be related to you via private message)
    Other things you want to add, like friends, former classes, etc.



    Fire clan is strong and brave, and doesn't accept weaklings into its clan. It lives in forested area, and hunts birds, mice, squirrel, and other woodland creatures. It is split with Water clan and Grass clan with long rivers. It's territory is lined with paths for monsters, which is the most reason why cats die there. Their first leader is Rockstar.

    Water clan lives by a large lakes, hunting minnows and trouts. They aren't afraid to get their paws dirty, forming their clan from mud in the banks. They are very rude, and brag to other clans about themselves. Their first leader is Owlstar.

    They live in forested area like fire clan, but ripe fruits grow on their trees. They eat fresh fruits and mice, and are very picky with what they eat. They are very beautiful, but they don't like to train, making them weaker than other clans. Their first leader is Wishstar.

    Air clan lives in high trees, making their clan with spare wood on top of Water clan. They are very peaceful, and prefer to talk with their enemies rather than fight. Their leader is Robinstar.

    My cats:

    Tan pelt with white speckles. White muzzle and socks, with a black inner ear. Was previously named Owlfur, but now founder and leader of Waterclan. Thought to be related to a certain cat.
    {No known Relatives}

    Copper colored pelt with black tortoiseshell spots. Light brown underbelly with white ear tips. Doesn't like being bothered, especially when dealing with something. Is the leader of Grassclan. Previously named Wishpool.
    {No known relatives}

    Brown pelt with white, dark brown, and white spots. Has dark orange stripes all over his body. Is the kinda cat who would kill anyone who comes onto his territory. Previously named Rocktail
    {No known Relatives}

    Reddish-orange fur with a black muzzle. Has a white underbelly and white tip of her tail. Leader of Airclan. Was previously named Robinflight.
    Her mate is Sparrowtail, and her daughter is Angelkit(coming soon)

    Robinflight looked around her clan as her eyes drooped. It had been a long day, and she was expecting kits. She was scared to have them, because she had not yet named a deputy. She looked around the cats and yelled at the top of her weak lungs.
    "MAY ALL CATS OLD ENOUGH TO CATCH THEIR OWN PREY GATHER BENEATH THE HIGHROCJ FOR A CLAN MEETING!" She yelled to the clan. "I am looking for a deputy, for I am expecting kits and I haven't named one yet," she said the the cats who were focused on her.
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  2. Name: Honeyfeather
    Rank: deputy
    Description: white fur with golden tabby patches, blue eyes, scar on her left shoulder
    Gender: female
    Clan: Airclan
    Relatives: (none known yet)
    Characteristics: understanding, listener, communicator, hunter, very perceptive.
    Other: ex-warrior of Airclan
    Honeyfeather crawled out from her nest and took place in front of the Warriors den. Her ears twitching as she waited for her leader to continue , the she-cats golden tabby tail curled over her paws.
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  3. She saw very few cats could make it deputy. She looked around and saw Honeyfeather. She had not known if she had trained an apprentice yet, being as forgetting as she was. She looked down at the she-cat with desperate eyes.
    "Honeyfeather, can you be deputy?" She asked, hoping Honeyfeather would say yes. Robinstar had to get a deputy before Moonhigh.
  4. "It would be an honor, Robinstar," Honeyfeather as she moves forward to accept the position. She weaves herself through the crowd of cats before taking place in front of her leader. The she-cat bowed her head, ears back and eyes closed, "thank you for this chance".
  5. "Your welcome, and I know you will be loyal to this clan, Honeyfeather," she says gratefully.
  6. Honeyfeather smiled as she took place beside her leader and bowed her head to the rest of the clan. The white and golden tabby she-cat holding herself with pride as she addressed the rest of the clan, "I hope that I will not fail you all".
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  7. Name: ShadowTail
    Description: Light Gray tom with white Diamond on his forehead and a tail that goes darker to eventually black as it goes from his tailbone to the tip of the tail.
    Gender: male
    Clan: FireClan
    Characteristics: even though first impressions of him are along the route of selfish, rude, and quiet, he's actually a kind cat and team player that looks out for the clan and everyone in it.

    ShadowTail sits in the sunlight warming his pelt as he sighed deeply, enjoying the rays on his back. He slowly laid down and lost himself in the warmth as his eyes slowly opened to watch a few kits play in the distance near their mother. He purred in delight at the peace, quiet, and warmth he has felt all day.
  8. Name: Timbershade
    Description: Crimson she-cat with dark brown stripes from his body to tail.
    Gender: Female
    Clan: AirClan
    Characteristics: Loves to hunt, Loyal, Faithful to the Clan, Trustable, Fierce in Battle, Sharp hearing, Sharp Claws.
    Timbershade sat in her den. She was thinking of the leader. I guess my deputy role is between never and never. But I'm a good warrior, anyways. Top of my role, I think? Still, I'm bested by Honeyfeather. Timbershade thought.
    She overheard that Honeyfeather had became deputy. Timbershade unsheathed her claws and clawed the wall.
    "I'm loyal to the clan too!" Timbershade growled.
  9. "Oh god. What am I going to do if Robinstar finds out I'm angry at her? I'm such a mouse-brain. She's expecting KITS. Kits of all sorts. I shouldn't agitate her." Timbershade mewed.
    "I am loyal to the clan, I'm loyal, loyal..." Timbershade muttered over and over again, softer and softer until nobody heard.
    (I have great experience in Warriors roleplay as I've already made my own clans: Iceclan, Moonclan, Rockclan, Leafclan, Ravenclan and Stormclan.)
  10. Honeyfeather nodded to Robinstar before moving to organize cats into border and hunting patrols. The white and golden tabby she-cat poked her head into the warrior's den, spotting Timbershade, "oh! Timbershade I want you to come on a border patrol with me and two other. I walk to make sure that any of the other clans are not getting into our territory".

    The deputy moved back out into the clearing and looked around the camp once more before padding to the entrance to wait for the others in the patrol.
  11. Name: Umbrapelt (Umbra is a part of a shadow)
    Description: Jet black tom cat with uncharacteristicly black claws. His face is surrounded with a deep, dark grey pattern, and his eyes are grey. His paw pads are also unusually thick, just enough so to make for much quieter moving, and his tail is a bit longer than his body, which provides balance.
    Gender: Male
    Clan: AirClan
    Characteristics: Extremely stealthy, great hunter, sarcastic, unsocial, great fighter
    Umbrapelt bolted up to the increasing group of Patrol cats. He took a sidelong glance at the deputy. He stood up straight. "Honeyfeather." Dasken acknowledged. His tail slowly waved back and forth, his claws expanding out of and contracting into his paws.
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  12. "Umbrapelt," Honeyfeather smiled as she nodded in acknowledgement. The golden and white she-cat looked once more over the group before nodding once more in agreement and starting to pad out of the camp. The deputy motioned with her tail to follow and headed off toward the fireclan border. Swiftly weaving in and out of the branches as moved softly.
  13. Umbrapelt padded along unnoticably behind the deputy, bobbing and weaving through all kinds of trees. He matched Honeyfeather's movements flawlessly and easily.
  14. The she-cat let out a bubbly laugh as she felt the wind flow through her fur. She swished her tail back and forth as she lept from branch to branch. Claws sinking into the wood of the trees she slowed herself down as to fall when they reached the edge of the territory. The deputy sniffed the air carefully checking for scents, her tail swaying softly back and forth, "check and make sure everything is ok".
  15. Umbrapelt nodded. He leapt from tree to tree quietly, inspecting the boarders. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, but he did see some small game a ways down. He leapt back to Honeyfeather. "Nothing odd here - yet. However, I did see a good amount of game down a ways. Better inform the hunting party." Dasken reported.
  16. "Good job. And I will send one out this way when we get back," Honeyfeather meowed as she kept balance on a smaller branch, climbing higher a small amount to get a good look on the surrounding area, "if no one has anything else to report. Let's move on".
  17. Umbrapelt easily kept pace with the deputy, although he wouldn't point that out due to respect. He held himself back purposefully, and tried to look like he was struggling at least a bit. However, it was extremely difficult, considering his movements were so fluid; it seemed he just corrected himself every time.
  18. "You don't need to hold yourself back just because of me," Honeyfeather hummed as she saw the failed attempt at acting. The she-cat making a large leap over a space that held no branches, "your forget that we were once warriors together. I've seen you run before and I am not afraid to say you are better than me in that way".

    The she-cat kept her composure as she slowed to the entrance of the camp. Her eyes gentle as she regarded the dark furred warrior, "to be truthful I am not sure why Robinstar chose me. There are many other warriors who would make much better deputies, many more years or better qualities like your ability of movement".
  19. "Well, your investigative skills are sharp, like an elder's claws..." Umbrapelt joked. He wouldn't try and show her down or outright offend her, but he would occasionally poke fun at her. "Ah, the time we were warriors together... where do the moons go?" He looked up at the sky, admiring the fresh air. "If I recall correctly, I was also much better at night-time hunting, wasn't I? Always got too wreckless during the day, though."
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  20. "You were good because I can't see a bird's wing in front of me at night. Also at night there's less of a chance you'll fall out of a tree," Honeyfeather laughed as she stretched her front legs. The she-cat twitching her ears around as she listened to the clan around them, "those moons ran away when they heard you scarin all the prey in our younger days".
  21. Umbrapelt couldn't help but laughh out loud. He had been so awkward as a kit, even as a young warrior. Now, he was a master of stealth. "Sometimes I wonder if we were ever those cats," Umbrapelt sighed, "Considering so much has changed."
  22. "I remember when as apprentices we both first went to our gathering together. That fireclan apprentice tried to talk to you and you just froze! All they said was hi," Honeyfeather purred in enjoyment as she looked over to the other cats in the clan. The warrior nodded a few other warriors over and told them about the prey before turning back to Umbrapelt, "I still remember catching my first peice of prey and then being to proud to realize that it fell from the tree I was in. I bet whatever waterclan cat found that thought they had the best luck".
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  23. "Lucky for them, for sure," Umbrapelt chuckled, "Since I hear their hunting parties are fiercely pushed." He cocked his head a bit to the left. "Do you remember the miniature war the kits from Fireclan and Waterclan had?" He recollected to the best of his ability. "They used old fish bones as prey to fight over, and the elders watched over them to make sure it didn't get too rough; naturally, the Waterclan elders were there alone. They must not mind cats from other clans, so long as they don't cause trouble." He straightened out his neck. "Or was that a dream I had?" He shook his head to clear it. "I can never remember."
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  24. "Those two letting their kits play together? Had to be a dream," Honeyfeather laughed curling her tail around her paws as she surveyed the camp, "how many kits do you think Robinstar will have. I can't wait to see them, more little fur balls to watch play and protect".

    "Their all so adorable," the she-cat purred as she watched kits play outside the nursery with as their mother and another queen talked, "so small and innocent".
  25. "So innocent, an dyet that innocent is lost as soon as they're old enough to fight." Umbrapelt took a deep breath. "It feels good to watch the kits play, regardless of anything else going on. It reminds you that not everything is built for war." He turned to Honeyfeather. "As for Robinstar's kits..." he tilted his head in thought. "I'd imagine about three. Seems like a good, solid number."
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  26. "True true. I wonder who she's going to trust with their apprenticeship. If she's going to be anything like my mother than they aren't going to see the outside of that den until their atleast two moons," the she-cat let a meow of amusement. Knocking back the moss ball the kits kicked over with her eyes following their movements, "not all innocence dies when one becomes of age to fight. There is still so much beauty in life then when we were young".
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  27. "Ah, our old disagreement arises again. Beauty is different from innocence." He turned to face her. "How is it that people can have beauty and innocence coencide? I guess I just can't understand." His voice grew deeper, more wary and tired. "I guess I wouldn't know, since Airclan took me in as a stray kit."
  28. "Not every confrontation has to end in fighting, my friend. You just still have to learn that. Also innocence in itself is a beauty, without it one cannot see the leaves in leaf fall and see a game in disguise or an adventure to be had," Honeyfeather smiled nudging the other warrior with her shoulder. The she-cat watching over her clan but slowly she frowned as she looked back at the black cat beside her, "do you ever wish that you were found by someone else? Or stay with your birth family? I just like to wonder".
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  29. (OOC:Gotta go to sleep. Nite! :3)
    "You know, I never really thought about that." He looked at the sunset. "I suppose I would prefer wherever I was found, naturally. Of course," Umbrapelt commented, turning back to Honeyfeather, "I would like to know my birth parents."
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  30. (Ooc: night)

    "That's a good dream to have. I hope you'll meet them some day and if you ever need help with your search just ask," Honeyfeather tilted her head as she watched the other warriors before turning back to look at the sky, now darkening as the sun fell. Cats now returning and grabbing prey, ready for a night's rest. The she-cat used her tail to pat Umbrapelt's shoulder before walking over to the freahkill pile to pick out two sparrows and bring one over to the tom and eating hers.

    (Ooc: I do believe we can have more than one character so I'm going to make another)
    Name: Crowkit
    Rank: kit
    Gender: male
    description: dark grey tabby with white paws, tail tip and ear tips, moss green eyes.
    Clan: Airclan
    Relatives: Softpetal(mother), Greykit(sister) and Cloudkit(sister)
    Characteristics: willing to learn, shy, scaredy cat
    Other: his mother was unable to produce milk so Softpetal took him in as the only other queen. His mother moved back into the warrior's den leaving her kit in the care of the queen.
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