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Ask to Join Warriors: Survivors of the Sky Troopers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Hello! This is a Warrior Cat RP.You are a warrior, apprentice or medicine cat. You have survived the war of cats and two-legs, or so you thought. You actually died, but Starclan brought your soul back to earth. You will team up with the other characters in search for Natalie, the she-cat that restores the balance of the world. But when they see that Natalie had disappeared, they depart and go their separate ways.


    1. Stormclan
    2. Timeclan
    3. Amberclan
    4. Slitclan
    You will start off by walking to Sunset Lake after a battle with a group of rogues, let me explain the terrain and surrounding area of the clans territory and how they were thought to be dead:


    These cats are known to never fear heights. They live in the mountains where it normally rains. The vegetation is normal and it is a good place to scope the area easily. The clan lives in a large cave that is separated for every level of cats. They sleep on moss and leaves, sometimes if it's too cold, they will steal blankets from the closest two-leg village. The other clans thought that the clan died down because of the little rain, Stormclan can't survive a week without a proper drink of water, but they were wrong.


    These cats are known to anticipate a foes movement. They live in the dense forest where only animals like rabbits can live. The vegetation is excellent and green. The clan lives in a gigantic dead tree. The place you sleep in gets higher the more moons you are. The other clans thought that the two-legs had killed them and cut down most of the vegetation and trees. Only one part of that was correct.


    These cats are known to not fear fire. They live in a semi-desert that has little water. They can survive months without water, unlike other creatures or clans. There is very little vegetation. The cats feed off the dew on rocks in the early mornings. The clan lives in a crater that has tunnels for each rank. The other clans thought that Amberclan died down from the stampede of bulls. Oh boy, we're they wrong.


    These cats are known to have longer claws. They live in the snowy area. The vegetation is excellent. The clan eats anything that comes in sight, for example, a deer or a injured, weak moose. The clan lives in a burrow, like Amberclan, Slitclan has tunnels for every rank. The other clans thought that Slitclan got killed by a wildfire that broke out.

    Right, that took longer than expected, now onto the Bio Sheet:

    Rank: Warrior/Medicine Cat/Apprentice
    Age: how many moons?
    Gender: Male/Female
    Special Marking(s):

    Here's mine:

    Name: Echosong
    Rank: Medicine Cat
    Age: six moons
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Silver fur, tail, front left paw, under belly, muzzle, chest, under left eye and tiger-ish stripes are all dark grey, violet eyes, dark grey tufted ears. Wears a purple collar that contains medicine in the buttons.
    Special Marking(s): a dark grey Music note on her right hind leg.
    Clan: Timeclan

    Alright! Let's begin!

    Echosong padded through the field with deep scratches covering her body. She gazed around with a sigh. The she-cat was attacked by a group of rogues. She managed to fend them off and flee, but with a lot of scratches. She was crossing through the burned-down Slitclan territory. "I'm one of the survivors, I know there are others, Starclan is always right" Echosong muttered and looked down at the faded dirt path. There was a slight movement in the bushes ahead, causing Echosong to stop in her tracks.

    A wounded rabbit came out, oblivious to the fact that there was a predator a few inches away. Instinctively, Echosong crouched down and pounced on the rabbit, ending it's painful life. Echosong quickly picked up the rabbit and dashed off, knowing something else wanted to eat the rabbit. It was a cat, but the scent and the scratches, the cat was just as desperate as Echosong was. 'Maybe there are more survivors in other clans, too' She tought as she finally reached Sunset Lake. Climbing a tree, Echosong stopped once and awhile and gazed around, rabbit in her mouth.

    She perched herself on a branch closest to the ground but high enough not the get spotted by bigger predators, and began to eat the rabbit. There was another rustle, making Echosong stiffen and watch. Out came another cat, 'Could this be the cat that I took the rabbit from?'

    *Start RP*
  2. Name: Scorch
    Rank: Warrior
    Age: 5
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: White fur streaked with red and ginger tufts, mismatched eyes, one eye blue the other black with a red pupil. Long bushy tail with black tip.
    Special Marking(s): A black and red left eye and fire tattoo on his right paw
    Clan: Amberclan

    Scorch had been running tirelessly to get away from the bodies of the rouge cats." I had no choice." He muttered to himself as he crossed through the razed territory of his home, Amberclan. He passed behind sand dunes into a forest.

    He had been chasing the rabbit for a while but when he burst through the bushes it was gone. His chest heaved and he snarled at the surrounding trees. A lake glimmered crystalline in the Sun and he sighed. A branch snapped nearby and his head shot up to a tree. A cat was sitting there with HIS rabbit and eating it! He snarled and padded around the tree." That's mine." He tried to sound scary but his voice betrayed him and it came out as a squeak. The cat seemed older than him and he was frightened.
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  3. Echosong's head watched the tom walk up to the tree and squeak at her. "Sorry, here" She mumbled and pushed the rabbit off the branch, making it land at the white-furred tom's paws. Echosong climbed down the tree and stood in front of the cat, then sighed and trotted to the lake. She bent down and started lapping at the water.

    "Great, now I lost a meal and in still wounded, I need to find herbs" Echosong murmured and walked back to the tom. "What's your name?" She asked, studying him. "Wait, that scent, your from Amberclan, aren't you?" Echosong asked, not even bothered about the previous question that she asked.
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  4. Scorch ripped into the rabbit and grinned." This is good." He exclaimed and looked at the she-cat." Er... I am Scorch Embersear." He said as another question arised." You're a time clan cat aren't you? I am indeed a Amberclan cat. Roar." He laughed at the fake roar and remembered where he was." I'm sorry I got distracted what's your name?" His tail swished from side to side and his black eye gleamed mischievously." Should we go fishing?" He danced around the she-cat in delight and sang a little song.
    "A cat of fire and time,
    Are listening to this lovely chime,
    Standing next to the lake,
    Fire cat's singing for goodness sake,

    The moon shined bright,
    What a beautiful sight,
    The night was young,
    Time to have some fun!
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  5. Name: Splashpaw
    Rank: Apprentice
    Age: 8 moons
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Splashpaw is a light brown tabby she-cat with white paws and underfur/chest fur. Her pelt is extremely thick and her tail is very long and puffy. She has bright, ocean blue eyes.
    Special Marking(s): None
    Clan: StormClan

    Splashpaw yawned widely. It was far too late, she should probably go back to camp. The tiny she-cat was barely apprenticed two moons ago, but she had quickly gotten a lot of recognition for her amazing climbing skills. The brown tabby clawed her way up a tree and began to leap from branch to branch at amazing speeds. While she was jumping, the apprentice began to wondering her Mentor was worried about her at all. Pondpelt is a good mentor, but he's less than observant. Splashpaw thought about her amazing catches from the day, but then winced at the thought of her battle training. Hunting and climbing. The only two things she was good at.

    The little she-cat was nearing Sunset Lake. Splashpaw paused before coming in view of the water, and carefully climbed down the tree. Parting her jaws, she sniffed the premises. Something wasn't quite right...there were two new scents she's never identified before. Out of her Absentmindedness, the tiny apprentice tripped. Her paw became caught in a mole's hole, and twisted badly. "Arrhgh!" She hissed in pain as she fell onto her side. Quickly she got up and pulled herself into a sitting position, looking at her twisted paw, whimpering in pain.

    "What did Snowberry say about paws? Water? I don't remember, but water sounds good." Splashpaw murmured to herself, carefully standing up and testing her paw. To her dismay, the paw gave out beneath her, and the tiny apprentice fell on her nose. Whimpering still she persisted to limp to the lake. The ground proved too hard for her, so Splashpaw decided to climb a tree, and slowly jump from each limb, minding her paw. Finally she made it to the lake, but she was in a tree. She still had to get down. "It's ok..take it slow.." Splashpaw told herself, but to no avail. The light brown tabby screeched as she fell out fo the tree and thudded against the ground. Despite the beating she had taken, Splashpaw tried to sit up, but finally all her energy left her, leaving the barely apprentice on the ground.
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  6. Echosong's eyes darted to the tiny she-cat that just fell our of a tree. Ignoring Scorch, Echosong ran to the she-cat's side. "She has a twisted paw, time to use some of the medicine that Starclan gave me" Echosong murmured. Popping one of the buttons filled with medicine with her claw, the purple substance dribbled down onto the apprentice's twisted paw.

    Backing up, Echosong watched the apprentice with hope. "I'm, Echosong, Scorch" She replied to the tom that was previously dancing around her. Echosong's tail swished slightly as she waited for the purple medicine to work on the she-cat.
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  7. The world fuzzed around Splashpaw's vision, causing sickening colors to splotch her vision. She could faintly make out two cats... And they didn't seem to notice her until the she-cat fi the two came over and put something on her paw. The pain and ache faded slightly, and her headache faded. Her vision cleared and Splashpaw sat up abruptly. 'These are rouge cats! They...their scent...' She thought quickly, backing up into a tree with her ears flattened against her head. "T-thank you.... B-but please don't hurt me.... I'm lost... H-honestly..." She stuttered in fear if being at attacked. The medicine worked, but Splashpaw was still too weak to defend herself against two fully grown cats.
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  8. Echosong laughed "I'm not gonna hurt you" She said, backing up a little and giving the she-cat some room to breathe. "Are you fine?" She asked, smiling kindly. "I'm Echosong, Timeclan's Medicine Cat" She introduced, bowing her head.
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  9. Name: Zerohope
    Rank: Warrior
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black tom with silvery spots
    Special Marking(s): has a large "o" around his right ear that his kitty pet father thought was like the number his two-legs pointed at often.
    His mother's best friend posed as his father.
    Other Important details: He is sometimes a bit delusional.


    Zerohope was sure his hunting patrol could have a good day. But, of course not. His name really did being bad luck where ever he went. He, lucky enough for him, did in fact have a good sense of smell. After sending the rest of the patrol back to camp, Zerohope grumbled to himself while following his clanmates trail.

    "Of course," Zerohope hissed, "Because he couldn't make my life less hard than it already is." The black tom left the cozy comfort of the sand for the stink of the dim lit forest. He had to get Scorch back into clan territory quickly before he ended up in trouble. And by he, Zerohope meant himself. Because when had he ever been free of blame in his life? Never. The grumpy tom spotted the other cat, "Scorch what are you- oh you did not."

    Only when Zerohope took another step forwards and tripped over a tree root did he realize he had been injured. He blinked a few times, and then remembered that he had just gotten ambushed while hunting with Scorch. Alone, not with their clanmates. The thought made him feel slightly ill.
  10. Name: Flamefur
    Rank: Warrior
    Clan: Timeclan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39 moons

    Flamefur stops at a pool of water, not knowing what a pool of water is. He lapped it. He then moved on. "I've been alone, but I think Timeclan is what I need," he mewed to himself. Sunset Lake was close, so he leaped and continued his journey
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