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Private/Closed Warriors: Shattered Peace

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by NightRaven, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Alright, this is the roleplay! (Yes, I know, finally.) The ones in the roleplay are:
    @Twilight Nova
    and @EspeonTheBest
    I may add on to the list later on. Since the Discussion of this roleplay will probably be locked (since it says in the rules for the forums if I remember correctly), I'll make a conversation just in case anyone wants to add characters during the roleplay. Anyone in the roleplay can tell me if someone wants to join (if asked on their profile) and I'll most likely let them in (If you aren't let in, don't be offended; it's not meant to be taken that way ^^' ). Of course, this is a Warriors roleplay (as stated in the title of the thread.), so it's going to be based on Erin Hunter's Warriors saga. The allegiances will be in the discussion that I will create soon.

    Summary: The four forest Clans have been at each other's throats for moons. RiverClan is trying to take territory by begging for it; WindClan is taking prey; and ThunderClan and ShadowClan are falling to pieces. Ever since this had started, the Clan cats have been crossing borders without permission, stealing prey and territory, and trying to force other Clans out. ShadowClan and ThunderClan are trying to end this and keep the Clans in order, but WindClan and RiverClan wont trust ShadowClan. Will ShadowClan gain their trust and end this? Or will the Clans all fall apart?

    1. Please, don't be over-powered with your actions( as in a warrior killing another cat instantly.)
    2. Medicine cats may have mates and (this part has changed from the OOC) characters can only cross borders with permission.
    3. Please, stick to realistic names. (As in names that are possible for characters. Nothing like "Knifekit", "Bladepaw", or "Minecraftpaw"; they have no knowledge of these things...)
    4. You may choose if your character respects Kittypets and loners or not.
    5. You may have characters that aren't of the Clans.
    6. Please don't control the characters of others without their permission.
    7. We wont be skipping from Clan to Clan without warning. If you want to go to another Clan, please give a sign of it. (-In >insert Clan/place name here<- then type in the actions of your characters.)
    --- In ShadowClan ---
    Nightraven, one of the many warriors of ShadowClan, and her apprentice, Moonpaw, were sitting side-by-side in the camp. "When will we begin training?" Moonpaw asked her mentor in wonder. "After a few hours. I suggest you get some rest as we'll be hunting first." Nightraven mewed. Moonpaw nodded and headed off to the apprentices den and curled up in her nest, but the silver-and-grey she-cat was restless; she had just become an apprentice today, and her mentor was one of the cats she had always looked up to! She was so excited, but she managed to get some rest.
    Nightraven sat in the clearing, excited to finally have an apprentice of her own. She had been waiting for moons for this day, and it finally has come. She decided to head to the warriors den and get some rest of her own. She yawned and curled up, her tail resting over her muzzle. This was going to be one amazing day for both her and her apprentice.
  2. "Aww! Look at that! Shadepaw's scared of heights!" Shadepaw was crouched down on a thin tree limb a few feet from the ground. Her claws were extended into the bark holding her in place. Below her stood Emberpaw and Smokepaw; her siblings. "Emberpaw... That wasn't the nicest of all things you could have said to get her down..." Smokepaw, the grey and white dappled apprentice, looked up at his sister with his blue eyes screaming in sympathy. "So? You can't even lay a claw on me in battle! It's just like when I tease you guys you finally can do it. Out of rage, but you can do it. See? I was just trying to help Shadepaw." The dark grey tom responded with a dignified flick of his tail. The trio were out in ShadowClan territory hunting with their mentors. As a test, their mentors left them and were silently observing them, even at this very moment. Shadepaw was chasing a Squirrel, and having a little bit of ThunderClan blood in her she climbed up the tree to get it which proved to be a horrid mistake. "W-well you're not helping Emberpaw. I just want down... But the ground is way to far..." Shadepaw stared down with her green eyes glazed in fear. "Seriously Shadepaw! It's not that far. Just jump. If all else fails Smokepaw trained with Pineleaf for a moon. He knows some herbs." Emberpaw meowed up at Shadepaw. Smokepaw hissed slightly at his pesty brother. "You're-wait Shadepaw?" Smokepaw was about to scold Emberpaw before he noticed that Shadepaw was no longer in the tree. Shadepaw squeaked in surprise as a larger cat picked her up by her still small scruff and leaped over to another tree, and another, all the way until they were both on the ground. Shadepaw knew who helped her even before she turned to thank him. "Thanks Tigerfall. I really don't like heights..." Shadepaw mumbles as she dropped her gaze from the chocolate brown tabby tom. The stripes warrior let out a mrrow of amusement before poking her shoulder with his nose. "Don't go ThunderClan on me, I can't save you all the time." The tom boasted in pride, but he closed his eyes, allowing Shadepaw to tackle him. "Oof!" He cried in surprise as he hit the ground. "Who needs saving now you Mouse Brain? Just because I'm a she-cat and an apprentice does not mean that I can't do everything myself." Shadepaw hissed, she was a little pissed, but overall she was mostly amused. Tigerfall went limp and Shadepaw relaxed, but then the warrior leaped up on her and placed a paw on her chest. "Righty Shadestar. You can do whatever you want without any help." Tigerfall joked as he removed his paw, allowing the apprentice to stand. Shadepaw shook out her fur before hissing playfully at Tigerfall and padding back to her siblings.
  3. Wolfsong sprinted through the forest, Birdtail at her side. The two had been best friends since they were kits, and right now they were hunting. The she-cat turned her head to look at the silver-grey tom, smiling. Birdtail smiled back, before slowling down. Wolfsong skidded to a stop as Birdtail sniffed at the air. "What is it, Birdtail?" She asked before sniffing the air herself. "I don't know. The air smells off." The tom mewed quietly. "Maybe we got too close to the Thunderpath. Cmon, let's get back to our buried prey, then to camp," she urged before turning and elegantly sprinting away to retrieve her prey. Birdtail nodded, beginning to back-track to his. I better make a move, and fast, or else some other tom will get her, Birdtail scolded himself in his mind.
  4. After the hours had passed, Moonpaw had burst out of the apprentices den. "Well, someone's excited!" Nightraven purred in amusement. The two cats left the camp and deep into the territory. They instantly caught sight of a mouse. "There are mice in our territory?" Moonpaw meowed, confused.
    Nightraven nodded. "Occassionally, you'll find a mouse or two, but they're not very common." Nightraven meowed. "Anyways, watch what I'm doing. To catch prey like this, you need to stay low to the ground along with your tail, but keep it just above the ground so it doesn't stir up any leaves. You'll want to be as quiet as possible and sneak up on your prey slowly and watch out for anything below your paws." The black she-cat silently instructed. She crept slowly towards the mouse, of which didn't notice her. Suddenly, she pounced, killing it with a powerful blow.
    Moonpaw was watching carefully at her mentor. "See that mouse over there? I want you to try and catch it." Nightraven whispered. Moonpaw nodded, crouching low to the ground, her tail just above the grass, and creeping up slowly on her prey. Moonpaw accidentaly stepped on a fallen leaf and she froze as the mouse turned around, alarmed. After a few moments, the mouse returned to nibbling on a seed.
    Soon, Moonpaw flashed out a paw at the mouse, striking its neck and killing it. "Good. You're learning very quickly, especially for a new apprentice!" Nightraven purred. The two took their prey back to camp, setting it on the pile. "Go take some time to rest. You've earned it." Nightraven meowed and Moonpaw nodded, picking a piece of fresh-kill and eating it alone. This is going to be an amazing few moons with this apprentice... Nightraven thought, ears twitching.
  5. The Rogue sighed quietly. That had been his mouse that Moonpaw had snagged. 'Stupid apprentice' he thought angrily. He was weak and hungry from being chased out of the other clan territory's. His ribs poked out, and his Emerald eyes were blinking trying to stay awake. "Must eat... Mu-" he said before collapsing and passing out.
  6. Moonpaw was sunning herself in the clearing and soon Nightraven padded up to her. "Ready for battle practice?" She asked and Moonpaw jumped up in excitement. "Yes! Let's go!" Moonlaw purred. The two cats headed straight out of the camp again and towards the training hollow. Nightraven began to go over some fighting moves, ones she was taught by her own mentor and ones that she created herself.
    Moonpaw messed up a few times here and there, but she quickly got to the advanced attacks. The apprentice was learning very quickly, which seemed a bit rare in some apprentices. They went over multiple attacks for a few hours until they decided to return to camp, exhausted. Moonpaw didn't seem too exhausted; in fact, it seemed that the apprentice could train for another moon without stopping! "Are we gonna train more?" Moonpaw asked.
    "Sorry, but we should rest. We've been training for what seems to be the whole day. You should get some rest for tomorrow." Nightraven meowed and Moonpaw nodded, rushing to the apprentices den. The deputy ordered one last hunting patrol and border patrol for the day. Nightraven ate a small piece of prey and returned to the warriors den. "Energetic apprentice, eh?" The warrior beside her, Firestorm, meowed. Nightraven nodded before drifting off into sleep.
  7. Birdtail and Wolfsong padded into camp, putting their prey into the fresh-kill pile. "Wait....,' Wolfsong mewed, pausing mid-stride on their way to the Warrior's den. "What is it?" Birdtail asked, turning to look at the brown and grey she-cat. "I smell something. You're right. The air smells off," Wolfsong growled, her tail flicking too and fro. "Should we inspect?" Birdtail asked, cocking his head. "Yeah," Wolfsong mewed, looking Birdtail in the eyes.
  8. Brackenclaw was outside the warriors den and over-heard the two. "I should come with you just in case. You never know when something's going to happen." The tom meowed. His amber eyes showed concern for what was going on. Usually, he'd want to go investigate something, especially if it has to do with his Clan.
  9. The rogue blinked the sleep from his eyes. It was late in the day. And still no food. "Stupid stomach." He grumbled and started looking for food. Not paying attention he strolled right into the shadow clan camp. When he realized where he was he froze staring at BrackenClaw.
  10. Wolfsong smiled. "Yes, thank you, Brackenclaw!" She purred, before elegantly sprinting out the entrance of camp. Birdtail pinned his ears back, running after her. What is that smell? This feeling? He pondered.

    Wolfsong stopped short at the sight of the rouge, as did Birdtail. "Oh um... Hello!" Wolfsong purred.
  11. Brackenclaw saw the rogue, his ears twitching. "Hello and welcome to ShadowClan territory." He meowed in respect. The dark ginger tom always respected rogues, loners and kittypets. He was teased as a kit for respecting them, some even calling him one of them. Nightfrost, the deputy saw the rogue.
    "Who are you and why are you here?" She demanded. "Nightfrost, take it easy for StarClan's sake! You're always yapping at anyone who stumbles upon our camp like a dog!" The medicine cat, Tornleaf growled. Nightfrost let out a small growl of frustration. "Don't mind Nightfrost; she's almost as cranky as one of the elders! Anyways, who are you?" Tornleaf asked with a rather respectful tone.
  12. All the rogue saw was enemies. "Urk... Stay back! Don't hurt me! " he snapped and backed up, only to find himself cornered. His claws unsheathed, he kneaded the ground.
  13. "Calm down. We wont hurt you." Tornleaf reassured. Brackenclaw nodded. "Great StarClan! You look like you're starving!" Tornleaf meowed in surprise. She rushed to the fresh-kill pile and dragged two pieces of prey for the rogue. "Here! You should eat, or else you'll starve!" Tornleaf warned nervously.
  14. Wolfsong pinned her ears back. "Oh no, I would never hurt you!" She purred. "Nasty old Darkstep would, but I would never in a hundred moons!" Birdtail nodded in agreement. "Any cat that's not an enemy is a friend in my book," he grunted.
  15. "I wouldn't dare hurt someone...only if they attacked us. I know another cat who would, though...Firestorm and his apprentice. I'm sure Rainpaw was once a good cat...until Firestorm was her mentor. Now she's probably as ambitious as Tigerstar and some of the other cats of the past," Brackenclaw whispered, glancing at the ginger-and-white tabby, who was giving the rogue a burning glare. Rainpaw looked nervously up at her mentor; she didn't hate rogues, loners, or kittypets, but her mentor surely did. Firestorm let out a frustrated hiss and turned away, flicking his tail for Rainpaw to follow and so she did. "Rogues these days...stumbling into camps and getting all the prey from our fresh-kill pile and taking up space..." Firestorm muttered angrily. "But he hasn't attacked us...he didn't do anything...why do you hate them so much? They don't really harm us," Rainpaw pointed out.
    "They don't really harm us? They take up space for actual warriors, mouse-brain! Have you seen those disgusting fat kittypets wandering the forest if they can get here? The cats take our prey and what do we do? We usually just let them get away with it! That's why, when I rule ShadowClan, I'll scare off ever rogue, loner, and kittypet in our territory!" Firestorm snapped. Rainpaw flinched and fell silent. Nightraven woke up and slipped out of the Warriors den, exhausted. She pinned her ears back when she saw the rogue, but she calmed down when she realized it wasn't an enemy. "Hello and welcome to our camp." She murmured; she respected kittypets, rogues, and loners as well since she was one of them, but she usually hid her past from others as she didn't want anyone to worry about her.
  16. The Rogue nearly jumped out of his skin. "who's there?!?" He said frightedly into the darkness waving his head back and forth and blindly. His green eyes looked glazed over in the moonlight.
  17. "Calm down! It's only me, Nightraven, another ShadowClan warrior. We wont harm you." Nightraven mewed, her bright blue eyes seeming to glow in the dark of night. Her apprentice, Moonpaw, crawled slowly out of the apprentices den and sat by her mentor. "And I'm her apprentice, Moonpaw," The apprentice purred. "I'm afraid some here don't respect rogues, kittypets, or loners, but I do as well as many of us," Nightraven meowed gently, touching noses with the rogue. "Who are you?" Moonpaw asked in excitement.
    The apprentice was very curious, no matter what it was. One time, she even wandered into the den of a fox! She stared up at the rogue, her eyes bright. I can't believe she still has energy after simply waking up! Nightraven thought in surprise, but she stayed silent. The lithe black she-cat glanced at her apprentice, who couldn't sit still for even a moment.
  18. "No! No Splashpaw you're doing it wrong. You swipe then roll. Not roll then swipe. I can make a move while you're rolling if you don't attack me first." Pondpelt, a blue/grey Tom sighed as he watched the young she-cat fail miserably at her move. Splashpaw sat up and shook out her fur with a discouraged huff. "Ok, Pondpelt? Can we be done I'm really tired." Splashpaw commented as she gazed towards the sky. "Any other mentor might make you hunt until moonhigh, but I'm done too so go on. Back to camp. Don't grab anything big off the Fresh-Kill pile, you didn't work that hard." Pondpelt called after the young brown tabby apprentice dashed off towards ShadowClan's camp.

    Splashpaw ate a small mouse by herself in the corner of Camp in the darkness. She normally would try and converse with some other cats, but for now she was very discurouaged. "Why am I so bad at it? I can't even please Pondpelt! He's the kindest cat in the clan!" Splashpaw grumbled to herself as she shredded grass between her paws. The tabby sighed and stood up before padding to the apprentice den to sleep. Splashpaw plopped down in her nest and fell into a dream almost instantly.
  19. "... Oh... Hello there... I wasn't expecting visitors..." A voice called from the darkness.
    DuskFeather made his ways from the dark, his yellow green eyes gleaming in the faint moon light. It was drizzling lightly, setting the mood in the dark forest. "What's your name?" He asked kindly.
  20. Splashpaw felt rain plastering her pelt to her skin. Her blue eyes blinked open and she stood up. It was still dark, but the sky didn't have any stars in its midst. A cat approached her.

    "... Oh... Hello there....I was t expecting any visitors..." Splashpaw's ears twitched as the new cat approached her. "What's your name?" he asked.

    The young apprentice crouched slightly in alarm, but she then stood up and shook out her rain soaked pelt. "Splashpaw. Greetings....?" She introduced, but left her sentence hanging for the new cat to fill in his name.
  21. "Oh, sorry it was very rude of myself to startle you. I'm DuskFeather." He said armory sitting down. He was a tall and skinny cat, built for speed rather than strength. The rain began to come down harder now, and he beconed for her to sit beside him underneath a weeping willow.
  22. Splashpaw, despite knowing this was a very lucid dream, crouched down in a slight action of wariness, but then she padded over to Duskfeather and sat down underneath the willow tree. The small brown tabby sighed with her blue eyes looking forlorn. "Duskfeather...you look like a warrior. How do you tackle enemies larger than you? Pondpelt keeps telling me to roll and swipe, but I can't do it. He always seemed to tackle me." She pouted.
  23. "Well, why don't you try and sweep out one of his legs that way you can roll and then swipe?" He said looking at her calmly. "Remember having your oponnent underestimate you is an advantage. You have to go now. You mentor will be waking soon." He said blinking. And slowly he faded into shadow.
  24. "Oh yeah. So that does mean this is a dream." Splashpaw mumbled to herself as she felt herself slipping out of the damp, rainy forest. The brown tabby she-cat woke with a start. She was much more tired than usual, as if she actually stayed up all night and talked to Duskfeather. Splashpaw stretched out and extended her claws once before shaking the sleep off of her pelt and padding out into the camp.

    Pondpelt was sitting in the clearing briskly gulping down a small mouse. When he saw Splashpaw approaching, he stood up and discarded the skeleton of the mouse. "So you ready to practice that move again? Let's see if we get it right this time." Pondpelt announced with a sigh. Splashpaw bowed her head in shame as she followed Pondpelt into the woods around the camp.

    "Splashpaw! Stop messing around! Do as I ask! Roll then swipe!" Pondpelt hissed as he jumped off his apprentice. With a grunt, Splashpaw pushed herself to her paws. She had tried her best to do what Pondpelt was asking, but then the tips Duskfeather gave to her last night came back to her. Splashpaw crouched down once more and started the drill. She dashed forwards and feinted left before kicking out one of Pondpelt's legs from under him and then rolled. Splashpaw's paw grazed Pondpelt's side, but of course, her claws were sheathed. "Ha, I did it now Pondpelt." She huffed as she regained her breath. Pondpelt stood up, but his eyes were wide with shock. "Where and how did you learn that? I've never seen a cat push out another's legs in order to attack." The mentor shook his head. "That doesn't matter. Let's go back and take a break."
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