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Open Warriors of the Zodiac Series

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    This series of rps follows a sci-fi-ish narrative of a group of people with magical powers on a parallel Earth.

    In this parallel Earth, technology greatly expanded up until the 2800s. In the 2900s, groups of meteorites and asteroids containing a strange energy started to crash land on Earth. In about 3500, a strange intergallactic creature crashed into the Earth, as part of it's plan to dominate the Solar System and the universe. The planet of the creature's origin was unknown. The beast, named in his language as 'the Destroyer,' transformed the planet dramatically. The countries were gone. All that existed now is a single landmass-possibly combined from other countries. The humans tried to work together to defeat the Destroyer. The remnants of their armies would not do. They discovered that the energies inside the alien meteroites could weaken and then defeat the Destroyer. There were different kinds of energy coming from these meteorites-ones which reflected the western astrology's 12 star signs. Combined together, the first to bare each of these star signs-the original 12, defeated the Destroyer and Banished him to Pluto, sealing him away in a prison, using their magical powers. Their victory was a legend passed from generation to generation. Opening up a large asteroid that contained the star powers, the group unleashed them into the world. Everyone who was ever born gained the magical powers depending on their birth. The magical catalyst was then to be inherited but the power varied depending on when they were born.

    The Destroyer's collision with Earth led to the loss of power and technology across the world for years. After defeating the Destroyer, the 12 found themselves in a stone age like society with no real leaders. Soon enough, the north and south of the continent had clearly been divided after a quarrel between two men who had proclaimed themselves Kings of the land. The north was named Nordon and it is the colder state, with ice and snow and mountains. The south was named Sudaos and it was much warmer with some deserts and more coastal towns.The 12 tried to intervene and created a barrier state in the centre, between the two-Neutronia. The next few centurys would see a world protection council being set up with the 12's decendents governing it, in Neutralia, whilst the two King's decendents waged viscious wars against each other. Earth, or Arcterron, as it is called in this version of reality, has become very medieval. Technology did advance eventually. The long 'medieval' period finally started to fade out as computers started to be reinvented again. In the initial years of the war, people who did not fit into the original 12 categories were thrown into insane assylums. A number of people were filtered out after it was discovered that there were more than 12 signs. The 'Outcasts' as they were called bore strange signs which only one or two other people had. It later became aknowledged that an Outcast had actually been the one who led the 12 and the two Kings against the Destroyer and suggested that they all team up in the first place. This Outcast's sign was a large angel like creature who stopped the Destroyer. Additionally, the two Kings ended up having strange signs not yet documented associated with them. The wars between the Kings happened between 3500 and 4000

    The starting year for these sets of rps will be 4017-2000 years after now. Technology has progressed to that of about the 1970s or 1980s. The two Kings' decendents have just started another war against each other. Another bit of background you must know is that a previously thought to be sign that was for the 'Outcasts' known as 'Ophiuchus' has now been confirmed to be a regular star sign-one that didn't get noticed due the fact that they stayed under the radar for so long. They added an 'Ophiuchus' to the council to please the growing number of Ophiuchus members.

    A star sign which allows users to transform into Rams/Bipedal Rams. Have to have been born 21 March-20 April in order to have been given this sign
    21 April-21 May. Users can turn into Bulls/bipedal bull creatures that look like Minotaurs. Very strong in personality and strength usually.
    22 May-21 June. Born by twins who look idenitial. They have gems on their foreheads which can fire red beams. They also can fuse together and split apart at anytime, to boost their strength. Nomally, both of them are short.
    22 June-22 July. These people have the ability to transform into crab like creatures/transform their hands into powerful snipping claws.
    23 July-22 August. Users find that they can transform literally into Lions, with heightened senses for hunting.
    23 August-23 September. The sign of 'the virgin,' it is born mostly by women. They have psychic powers sporting telekenisis and the ability to heal an ally easily.
    24 September-23 October. One of the more intelligent signs, along with Virgo. Those born with it, are smarter than most people and have the ability to 'balance out' another person's powers. This means that, they are able to split up the power of an emnemy that they know are stronger than them or their allies, meaning the power will be reduced for the stronger enemy and the weaklings will become stronger. Their powers were very useful during the Destroyer's invasion of Earth, being able to split up the minions' powers. It wasn't so successful in balancing out the Destroyer's powers though, as his thick armour could not be penetrated.
    24 October-22 November. Having a nasty sting in their attitude, these members can transform into scorpion like creatures, being able to possess sharp claws and a poisonous tail.
    Date varies. Users can transform into humanoid snake creatures, or a snake themselves. New sign which has attracted a lot of controversy when put into the council.
    23 November-21 December. Users possess the ability to transform into Centaurs, who are then equipped with archer equipment-a bow and some arrows.
    22 December-20 January. People with this sign can turn into goats with incredible bucking ability. About half the population have a defect where their lower body changes into a fish's tail, giving them the ability to swim.
    21 January-19 February. The water bearer-who have the ability to shoot water from their hands and turn parts of their body into water.
    20 February-20 March. These people can transform into literal fish people-humanoids with the scale and appearance of a fish-even with a tail at times. They possess the ability to swim and breath underwater, as they have gils and webbed feet, as well as they have the claws and teeth of a powerful pirana

    Representing Aries: Shaun Barbican
    A young man of about 22, he is related to the original Aries-Mary Barbican
    Representing Taurus: Nicholas 'Brutius' Wedgeworth
    A physically strong man of 18, who is related to the original Taurus, who was a female. Nicholas is a bully but deep down, he has a loving side, that he does not show.
    Representing Gemini: James and Janet Stoneson
    Their original ancestors, nicknamed Castor and Pollux sat on the council as brothers. It suprised some when it was found out that after a long line of two brothers or two sisters, the next heirs would be a boy and a girl. They are both aged 17 and Janet has dyed her hair blonde to avoid confusion, whilst James has brown hair.
    Representing Cancer: Henry Von Klaw
    Speaks with an eastern european accent, he is 25. He is the decendent of a rich scientist who experimented on himself. Henry took the.'von Klaw' name after discovering his lneage, initially being born to a poor family.
    Representing Leo: Leona Golding
    A tall woman of 20 who is constantly alert after she fought her brother Leopold to get this placement. She has a nemisis: another Leo named 'Muzzlebreaker.' Both Leopold and Muzzlebreaker have teamed up to try and stop her.
    Representing Virgo: Stephanie Song
    A quiet young woman of 18/19 who is known for her singing voice as well as her powers. After several assassination attempts, an Outcast has pledged his loyality to her, swearing to protect her , as he did during the assassination attempts.
    Representing Libra: Lazarus Lawson
    A bald headed monk in his 40s who wears a brown hooded cloak, from a Monastry in the northern state, hoewever,Lazarus has seen both the north and the south. He is very wise and has a Libra 'The Golden Lotus' protecting him, who may or may not be him in desguise.
    Representing Scorpio: Tailsin 'Scar'
    A 29 year old, who originated from the south, in a desert hut. He was a bastard and the old childremaining of the original Scar family. The Scars were notorius for betraying the council and banding with some of the remnants of the Destroyer's forces. Tailsin obtained the name 'Scar' when he discovered it in the library.
    Representing Ophiuclus: Tamara 'Venomfang' or 'Snakara'
    Welcomed into the council a little over a year ago, she is the newest member. This 19 year old never knew she was from the Venomfang family until she found out in a quest of her's many years ago. The Venomfangs were considered the deadliest of the Ophiuclus and had a bad stigma attatched to them. Luckily, Tamara's kind nature helped her secure Ophiuclus's first council member. She is secretly a member of the cult of Snakes or Cult of the Venomfang, who worship The Destroyer's commander and ally 'the Great Gorgon' or 'Medusa' as she is called.
    Representing Sagittarius: Anna Warhoof
    Born to a clan to Sagittari who lived in the mountains and deserts and moved to different locations over time, she was told she could never be a leader at a young age. Yet, she managed to become elected to lead her clan and then was approached to join the council when her father died. 21 Years of age.
    Representing Capricorn: Elliot Buckwell or 'Bucky'
    An 18 year old comedic man who was randomly given the role when the Capricorn's last heir died tragically.
    Representing Aquarius: Hydara Watterson
    A 20 year old woman who has been on the council since her mother and father's death when she was 12.
    Representing Pisces: Lisa Fosher
    Branded an outcast by her clan of Pisces when she was shown to have other fishy traits, such as the ability to change her fish species. Joined the council in protest as she murdered her father, who was on it before.

    People with this sign can easily tranform into large Eagle like creatures, bipdeal eagles.
    The charioteer-borne by a famous protector of one of the kings which allows him to tame any creature.
    The 'herdman' wields a deadly stick and can order armies of animals to serve him
    Users can transform into a Giraffe, with a long kneck.
    Canes Venatici
    Born only by one-a duo of evil terrorists who used to be servants of both kings. They decieded to reek havoc on both regimes. Feared to be born by certain Gemini couples. They can transform into two hunting dogs/wolves who are chained to each other and then can murge to form one massive beast
    Canis Major
    Users have the ability to transform into a large dog. Famously borne by guard to the King in the South, who then defected to the Nordon side and became a guard to the king there.
    Canis Minor
    Users have the ability to transform into a much smaller dog that is fast and elegant. Famously borne by guard to the King in the south who replaced ther Canis Major and is his younger brother.
    Born by only one-the King of Sudaos' mistress and believed 'Queen.' Gives immediate beauty to the user.
    Born secretly by the King of Sudaos since he doesn't tell people. The sign allows him to be stronger and decisive in the rule of law.
    Sea monster symbol which noone seems to have. The few that do seem to be able to transform into whales. However, this is a corrupted and evolved form of the true sign. The original person who distributed it was killed/went missing. This was a man who originally had was a terrorist who could transform into his true self-a monster. This monster had the lower part of his body as tenticles and then the other half as some kind of fish/shark body, though he looked more like a dog on his head. He supposedly consumed Cepheus' daughter. However, this is not true as the beast was slain.
    Corona Borealis
    The 'northern crown' which isn't actually born by a human but is an artifact of great powers wielded by the Kings of the Nordon-the actual crown. It has been shown to be able to freeze people.
    Corona Australis
    The 'southern crown' similar to Borealis, it is not in a human but it's powers lie in the crown of Sudaos. It has been shown to create warm temperatures and dryer harsher lands.
    Users can transform into swan like creatures easily, inheriting their ability to swim and fly. Many of the users are female and of beauty.
    Those with this sign can transform into Dolphins, with the ability to swim easily in water and incredible jumping ability.

    (Work In progress)
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