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Ask to Join Warrior Cats

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SuperPokemonFan43, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Join here -->https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats-sign-ups-discussion.15594/

    WARNING: I know some people who don't read the rules and get the RP shut down, so READ THE RULES!!!! Thank you.

    Snowkit stayed by her Mother, Spring Sky, and said, "Mommy, I'm bored and want to play." She complained. "Okay, after supper Snow." Spring Sky said gentley. Snowkit grew impatient. "That's too long, mom!" She whined.
  2. Soulpaw walked around the clan area and she yawned " i wonder whats gonna happen today" he said ash he walked. Solar ran over to Snow and he smiled " Hey Snow" he said smiling.
  3. Greyfeather padded into camp with two mice dangling from her mouth as she headed straight for the freshkill pile. Her ears flickered back and forth as she checked for any interesting news her clanmates might be sharing.

    Ravenstar watched over his clan from outside his den. The black Tim soaking in as much of the sun's heat as he could before the day was gone.
  4. Soul ran up to Greyfeather and she smiled " Hey Grey" she said and she yawned " Did you go hunting today" she said and she yawned "so can we do stuff today?" she asked smiling at her trainer.
  5. Greyfeather hummed in thought and nodded. She strolled over to the shade and flopped onto her side as she looked around the camp, "yeah. We can rest. Or you could go clean the elder's nests and freshen their moss up".
  6. Soul smiled and she nodded " OK Greyfeather" she said and she ran over to the elder's nest and she began to clean them nest and she smiled a little and she changed their moss. "Ok done" she said and she ran to Greyfeather "what now Grey...?" she asked
  7. "I don't know. Go relax or play with the kits," she sighed and opened an eye to look at her apprentice. She rested her tail on her muzzle to hide her face and yawned, "I'm tired, soulpaw. Go find something to do in camp".
  8. Soulpaw nodded and she laid down beside her and she shook her head " i'll relax with you" she said and she smiled happily that she knew her trainer , she was the best sometimes.
  9. Greyfeather sighed and closed her eyes again. She drifted to sleep as she listened to her clanmates. The grey tabby's fur shifting softly with the breeze.

    Ravenstar stood up and climbed down the cliff. He walked over to the fresh kill pile and took a robin from it. He grumbled as he padded over to a corner and started to eat the freshkill.
  10. Soulpaw yawned and she sleep slowly and sweetly. Her black and white tabby fur moved softly with the breeze. 'Greyfeather must not like me that much...i know she doesn't doing this' she thought.
  11. Snowkit wondered around impatiently. "What time is it?" She asked her mother. "Only a little after noon." Spring Sky replied. Snowkit grew more impatient. "This is going to take forever! Supper is a long time away." She complained. Spring Sky chuckled. "It's closer than you think, Snow." She assured Snowkit.
  12. Fusionkit walked around. He passed Snowkit multiple times. He then crouched down. He pounced on nothing. "Rawr! I got the prey," Fusionkit said. "How did I do mommy?" Fusionkit asked Speedbreeze. "You did good, dear," Speedbreeze said. She laid her head down.
  13. Snowkit watched Fusionkit pouncing on nothing. "That's not as exciting as pouncing on real prey." She mummered.
  14. Fusionkit heard Snowkit. "Hey! It's better than doing nothing like you!" Fusionkit exclaimed. "Lighten up, Snowkit!" Fousionkit hopped around. A butterfly fluttered in. Fusionkit chased it around the area.
  15. "ATLEAST I CAN ACTUALLY WAIT AND HAVE PATIENCE!" Snowkit yelled. Spring Sky tried to calm her down but Snowkit didn't listen. "You know what? I'm leaving." She said then ran away.
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  16. "Jeez! I'm waiting, just doing something to fill my time!" Fusionkit exclaimed before Snowkit left. Fusionkit left as well. He looked down. Fusionkit bumped into Ravenstar. "Oh! Sorry Ravenstar," Fusionkit said. He ran away from Ravenstar.
  17. Ravenstar chuckled lightly as he was run into and smiled as he watched the kit run off. The tom finished his food before stretching and going off to speak with his deputy.
  18. Fusionkit rolled around the camp. He jumped and pounced. Fusionkit stalked around camp. He purred as he heard noises coming from cats and noises outside of camp. Fusionkit smiled as he played.
  19. Solarkit ran up to RavenStar and he waved "Hi Raven" he said and he waited for the Leader to answer him. he wanted to be the next leader or someone who worked next to him.
  20. "Hello solarkit," Ravenstar rumbled happily as he saw the tiny cat. The black and white tom stretched before sitting down and resting his tail on his paws. His ears twitched around as the skyclan leader looked down, "what are you doing, little one"?
  21. Solarkit looked down " Looking for the Food pile i forgot where it is" he sighed and he wagged his tiny tail and he ran up to the tomcat and he sat beside him "can you show me again"
  22. "Of course. The freshkill pile is right over there," the black cat nuzzled solarkit's head with her muzzle before starting off toward the pile of prey. He took a plump but small mouse for the small kitten and a robin for his mother.
  23. Fusionkit ran around the camp. He ran over to Solarkit. "Hey Solarkit! How's it going?" Fusionkit asked. He had a bright smile on his face. He turned around and saw Ravenstar. "Hi Ravenstar! Sorry about bumping into you earlier..." Fusionkit mumbled.
  24. "It's fine, Fusionkit," Ravenstar chuckled and smiled down at the kitten as he sat down and thought for a moment. He grabbed a mouse for Fusionkit's mother and nosed it over to the young cat, "how about you join us and help me carry these back to the queens".
  25. "Okay!" Fusionkit exclaimed. He grabbed the mouse. He trotted to the nursery. He laid the mouse in the nursery. "Here ya go!" Fusionkit exclaimed as he trotted off. Fusionkit arrived back where Ravenstar and Solarkit was. "Done!" Fusionkit blurted with a smile.
  26. "Good job. You'll make a great apprentice when you are six moons," Ravenstar chuckled before grabbing the robin he was carrying to another queen so she could eat.

    Greyfeather stood up and stretched. Her tail lashed about and she moved to go out on another hunt.
  27. "Yay! Thanks Ravenstar!" Fusionkit yelped. He hopped around. In a moment, Fusionkit laid down. He got up and stretched. Fusionkit yawned. "I'm tired..." Fusionkit said. He started to head to the nursery.
  28. Soulpaw woke up and she looked at Greyfeather " Greyfeather do you want me to help hunt today?" she asked.

    Solarkit ran to his mother and he gave her to Robin and he got a lick on his head and he ran back to Ravenstar " Hey i gave mother the Robin" he said and he smiled at him.
  29. "That's good of you. Hmm I think the elders may have some stories to tell you and I have leader duties to do so go run along and maybe tomorrow I'll teach you some fighting moves," Ravenstar chuckled and nudged both of the kits toward the elders den and then went to go find his deputy.

    "Come along then," grey feather flicked her tail to motion for her apprentice to follow her as she start to pad quickly away.
  30. "Okay Ravenstar," Fusionkit said. "So who should we get a story from?" Fusionkit asked Solarkit. He tilted his head. His tail wagged. He smiled brightly.
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  31. Solarkit nodded and he looked at Fusionkit "hmm you pick i think they are all good story tellers" he said and he waited.

    Soulpaw nodded and she ran after "ok Grey" she said as she walked " So how many moons do i have before i become a warrior and i get a kit to teach" she said with a smile.
  32. "You become a warrior when your mentor decides you are ready," greyfeather warned as she ducked under a branch and kept moving, her tail keeping just above the ground, "and I have much to teach you. Also you don't automatically get an apprentice, Ravenstar decides who gets one".
  33. Soulpaw nodded " Sorry Greyfeather" she said and she followed her slowly and she drooped " I didn't know" she sighed and she nodded " Yes mentor" she smiled and she ducked down beside her.
  34. "You don't have to call me that," greyfeather sighed before scenting the air and crouching close to the ground. She pressed her ears back and caught sight of a mouse that was sitting on a root.
  35. Soulpaw nodded and she chuckled " sorry" she said and she smiled and she watched the mouse as well. "should i try?" she asked her quietly.
  36. "Yes," greyfeather nodded as she stepped back to see how her apprentice did while hunting. Her tail swung back and forth but she was careful not to spook the prey infront of them.
  37. Soulpaw nodded and she snuck up to the mouse and she began to pounce on it and she chuckled "hehe i love this " she said and she killed it and ran back to greyfeather "did i do well?"
  38. "Yes but you have to be more quiet. You've probably alerted the other prey in the area," Freyfeather sighed before nuzzling Soulpaw's head in praise then turning and padding off again. She dug her claws into the turf as she walked around.
  39. Soulpaw blushed and she smiled at her " Hehe " she said and she smiled at her " aww i'm sorry Greyfeather" she said and she tried to dig her claws in the ground as well as she walked.
  40. "Stay quiet," greyfeather scented the air, checking for prey before crouching and stalking off into the bushes, "hunt on your own for a bit and I'll see how you do".

    The warrior moved under logs and over beaches, staying as quiet as she could, stoping every so often to check for signs of prey.

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