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Ask to Join Warrior Cats: The Fight Among Clans

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! I am making a warrior cats roleplay, there will be lots of drama and adventure. The storyline is about clans fighting for survival in the dark forests, having to deal with bears, wild dogs and much more. You can choose to be either a Nightclan cat (the main clan) or some of the others. There is also Stoneclan, Iceclan, or you can make your own clan. This is the sheet you will have to fill out, this is mine:

    Name: WolfClaw
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Nightclan
    Fur: Pure Black
    Eyes: Red
    Rank: Warrior
    Personality: Mysterious, Loyal, Aggressive
    Other: Dark Blue Scarf
    Best Friend: SunFrost (if you want to, you can be SunFrost)

    It was dusk and a thunderstorm was going on just above the trees. A loud noise was coming from a field in the middle of Nightclan territory, hissing, to be precise. A white tom cat, BearGlow, and a black female, WolfClaw. "You are supposed to be a medicine cat, BearGlow," Wolfclaw hissed. "LionStar told you.." her red eyes glowed in the moonlight that was shining onto her. "Who cares what our 'leader' says.." BearGlow growled. "And my job was to eliminate you.. but you just HAD to hear me, didn't you?" He gave a hiss. "You are my best friend's brother.. and you are the complete opposite of SunFrost.." WolfClaw flicked her tail and bristled her fur, "Take your best shot at me BearGlow.. I am the strongest warrior in Nightclan so I dare you" her red eyes narrowed at the white tom. BearGlow smirked. He unsceathed his claws and lept into the air and onto WolfClaw. The fight was invisible from the dust going everywhere but you could hear one of the two was getting badly hurt. After a while the white tom cat was thrown onto the ground, bloody and injured. WolfClaw was standing unscathed. LionStar and some other cats came over for WolfClaw to tell them what happened...
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  2. Name: ShadowSoul
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Duskclan (a ancient, now destroyed clan)
    Fur: Dark Blue, almost black with dark red tufts on his tail and paws.
    Eyes: Gold
    Rank: Warrior
    Personality: Mysterious, Untrusing, Aggressive, Highly dangerous
    Other: White scarf, with the clan's sacred emblem of a setting sun and a cat's eyes in the dark sky.
    Best Friend: None.

    ( I'll edit the post in later)


    The lone figure trudged through forest, thunder and lightning flashing through the sky like a hyper speed intricate dance, bolts flicking to and fro illuminating the outline of the trees and casting long shadows over the floor below the canopy. The cat was wheezing heavily and the quick painful breaths indicated it was struggling badly. It dripped a scarlet liquid that made tiny pools as the Tom limped through the heavy undergrowth slick with mud. It's golden eyes scanned the area, clouded with fatigue and pain." Damnit." He cursed as his front left leg faltered and he headed face first into the mud, te brown gooey substance covering multiple bleeding wounds and encasing his body in the vulgar mud.

    He gasped for air as he arose from the liquid, staggering away from its grasp." Help." He rasped and he fell into a bush, rolling down a hill towards what looked like another clan's hunting pack." Oh dear Tōru kiseki, Mayonaka no megami,
    no." He whispered as he realised he would probably be killed now. The countless twigs and thorns reaching out to him cut him as he rolled, shredding his skin and washing him in spatters of blood. He came to a halt as he smashed into the centre of a fight. He groaned and fell unconscious, his eyes rolled into his head as he smacked his head.
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  3. BearGlow tried to back away when everyone was looking at the injured cat, but two of Nightclan's cats stopped him in his tracks. "Huh?" WolfClaw looked at the feline. "He looks like he is from the ancient clan, Duskclan." One of WolfClaw's men said. "Let's take him in, he can go in the cage that BearGlow is going in.." LionStar said, glaring at the white tom cat that his greatest warrior, WolfClaw, beat up.

    LionStar threw BearGlow into the cage, and WolfClaw was carrying the injured cat, setting him gently on the opposite side of the cage. WolfClaw sat and waited for the unknown cat to awaken.
  4. ShadowSoul moaned as he awoke, his eyes clouded from sleep. The painful memories exploded in his head like a vivid memory bomb. He wailed and shot up, only for his leg to falter and sink him back to the ground. He swore and cursed the sky." Oh Tōru kiseki, Mayonaka no megami, guide me to salvation." He moaned and staggered to a stand.

    With the memories fading slightly into the depths of his mind he took note of where he was." Please help me." He staggered towards a tree and leant against it. He looked at one of the other cats and smiled wearily." Bravo. Indeed I'm from DuskClan." He bowed his head and sighed." ShadowSoul, warrior and member of DuskClan, the heir to our fallen clan."
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  5. WolfClaw looked him down, without a smile she said "Well.. I have heard about Duskclan.." she was about to sit when a yell came through. "WolfClaw! Get the injured feline here!" Said a voice. "Yes LionStar!" She yelled back. "Come" was all the black female said before beginning to walk towards where the voice came from.
  6. ShadowSoul limped after the female, heavily breathing from the struggle of maintaining balance." Who are you? NightClan?" He was as quizzical as ever, it would seem. The walk through the trees to the voice was definitely a long one, with him desperately trying to keep up with the female cat. The soft patters of rain on the floor was drowned out by the roar of thunder." Oh Tōru kiseki, Mayonaka no megami, release the sky of its turmoil and grant us your blessing of a peaceful slumber." He prayed aloud to the sacred dirty of DuskClan: Diopside the Midnight goddess, her divine name Tōru Kiseki Mayonaka no megami.

    He was granted a peaceful sky as the weather cleared and a starry sky shone on the earth." I pray to you and you grant my wish, to that I am grateful." His voice was raspy and he collapsed infront of the voice's owner, LionStar." Sorry if I am unable to stand." He apologised and looked towards the sky, towards the sacred star, Opārusutā.
  7. "Do not worry, I understand.." the huge tiger marked cat said. "WolfClaw, make him do the test" LionStar turned his attention to the black soft female. "Yes leader.." she nodded. WolfClaw signed him to follow, more walking.
  8. ShadowSoul limped towards the direction WolfClaw was going." Do you have the blessing?" He asked and looked to the sky." Our ancient secret is the ability to grant wishes, within reason. We had to ask our divine lady Tōru kiseki to grant the wishes though."

    He carried on walking and slipped, tripping WolfClaw by accident, sending them into the mud." I'm sorry please forgive me." He pulled her out with a struggle and looked at her muddy fur." Oh Tōru kiseki, Mayonaka no megami, release and cleanse the binds of mud around this feline and grant us our blessing of a purified body." The wind swirled around the 2 feline and the blew the mud from their coats, cleansing them." I pray to you and you grant my wish, to that I am grateful." He began to limp again.
  9. "Thankyou..." WolfClaw said. They kept walking until they came to a clearing, full of cats with whips and training. "I will show you the first trial.." WolfClaw showed him lots of trees. "Can you jump from tree to tree?" she asked, WolfClaw gave a demonstration by leaping up a tree, she then continuously leapt from tree to tree, she skipped one of them and jumped right over it. At the end, WolfClaw leapt in the air, did five backflips and landed on her feet in front of ShadowSoul. "Your turn"
  10. ShadowSoul tilted his head." While I'm injured?" He questioned and sucked in his breath. He jumped and got to a tree branch, using most of his energy." Ok here I go." He leapt a few more times and managed a back flip." Damn that hurt." He spat and looked up." Thanks for the torture.
  11. "Your welcome, but remember that-" WolfClaw was interupted by a scream. Cats ran out of the bushes, some carrying kits, and humans came out with guns, one aimed for a red and grey tom. He shot the bullet. WolfClaw immediately leaped in front and fot a bullet into the side. She fell to the ground. "Everyone! Run!" LionStar yelled. The clan cleared out. Some of the cats had been shot, including WolfClaw...
  12. The clan had got to a huge field full of flowers. The grey and red tom cat had tears in his eyes. "Hmm? What's wrong SandMoon?" LionStar asked. "WolfClaw..." he cried. "WolfClaw? What about her?" LionStar asked. "She.... got a bullet to the side for me..." SandMoon looked back at the forest...
  13. Name: LeopardCloud
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Fireclan
    Fur: Gray with leopard spots and a black tipped tail
    Eyes: Dark green
    Rank: Warrior
    Personality: Loyal, cautious, fierce
    Other: Flame colored scarf with her clan's emblem, a cat with fire in its eyes on it
    Best Friend: FireMoss
    LeopardCloud surveyed her clan's territory. All was calm in FireClan. It had been a moon since a huge storm had swept over the territory and killed five cats, all warriors, including the former deputy RainStorm. MothFire had been named the new deputy by HawkStar after the storm had passed and they found the bodies of their clanmates. LeopardCloud suddenly heard the sound of gunfire. It had come from the other side of the NightClan border. She could not cross the border and she knew this. LeopardCloud went back to the camp to report the disturbance to the deputy.
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  14. However, LeopardCloud could see that the clan had run to a huge field. So she could go there.
  15. After she reported to the deputy she realized that NightClan was in a field outside both NightClan's and FireClan's territory. Figuring that some cats were probably injured, she went to fetch the medicine cat RoseLeaf and her apprentice, HawkPaw. The three ran into the field. "How many cats are injured?" LeopardCloud asked. RoseLeaf and her apprentice started looking over the injured cats.
  16. When they were checking the cats, it was easy to see the black female, WolfClaw.. Nightclan's best warrior. She was breathing, unlike any other cats......
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  17. It was HawkPaw who approached WolfClaw to treat her. "Where did the bullet hit you?" he asked the she-cat. He checked her over. He was regretting not bringing any supplies. LeopardCloud approached LionStar. "Can you tell me what happened?" she asked him.
  18. "The cats were training like usual, when a gun shot is heard from the east of the territory.. humans came out with guns and im afraid some did not make it. I am glad WolfClaw survived.." LionStar said. Nightclan cats began coming in and greeting the Fireclan cats. Right now the two clans were in an alliance so they could cross territory borders. WolfClaw thanked them for helping her. The grey and red tom ran over and nuzzled her. "WolfClaw! You are alive!" He purred. "Hey SandMoon.." WolfClaw greeted her warrior. A cat ran from out the bushes, she was misty blue on one side and misty red on the other. She had an orange eye and a blue one, it was SunFrost, WolfClaw's best friend. SunFrost hugged her and they talked for a while when SolarJade, LionStar's mate, said, "Where is BearGlow?" Everyone looked at the cage.. there was a hole in it, BearGlow escaped.....
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  19. "If we find him on our territory we'll let you know. Of course, we'll do some guard shifts so he won't escape." LeopardCloud said to LionStar. Suddenly a blue furred apprentice with a black striped tail ran up to LeopardCloud. "LeopardCloud, you said you'd help teach the apprentices so-" JayPaw's sentence was cut short when he saw the shape that NightClan was in. "I guess this wasn't the best timing on my part." he said. The apprentice looked at the cats who were still alive. Then JayPaw turned to his clanmates that were there.
  20. "Thank you.. it is getting dark, I want some cats watching out at night! BearGlow might strike again!" LionStar yelled. Everyone went to their beds, some cats stayed. WolfClaw walked into her dark cave and slept.
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  21. "Were you told to come get me?" LeopardCloud asked JayPaw. "Yes, NightFlint told me to." the apprentice said, referring to his mentor. RoseLeaf sighed. "We should go back to our territory now." she said. "We'll tell HawkStar so he can set up a watch as well." LeopardCloud said. The four cats went back to their territory. Once they had gotten back, LeopardCloud told HawkStar what had happened and that BearGlow was loose. The Clan leader set up a watch so that FireClan would be aware if BearGlow tried anything on their territory.
  22. Name: Softsong
    Gender: Female
    Fur: Pure white with a grey stripe going down back to tail
    Eyes: Sky blue
    Clan: Frostclan (banished due to not fufilling duties)
    Rank: Former medicine cat, now loner (still remembers how to treat wounds/sickness though)
    Other: Shredded right ear
    Best friend(s): Duskheart (Frostclan warrior)
    Personality: Pessemistic, grumpy, sarcastic

    Softsong wandered looking for food. A squirrel would do, or a mouse. She'd be lucky to even find a fish. She felt her stomach growl once more. She sighed, and kept walking. Then, she picked up a scent. Mouse. She had never been so glad to find food.

    After being banished from her clan, Frostclan, she had become a Loner. Her clan was at their darkest time. She was ordered to find more medical supplies, even though the clan was under attack from two cats. Maskface and Foxfang. Those cats were deadly. They would shred fur until they found bones of their opponents. They were threatening. Luckily, Duskheart and Dawnsky killed them off. They were warriors from her clan. She was close friends with them. Especially Duskheart. He was her best friend, even though Softsong never really wanted friends in the first place. Her clan never trusted her to be the medicine cat. Softsong never had a religion. Be it Starclan, The Place of No Stars, or anything along those lines. She had no use for the dead. Ever since her father died, she always ignored death. She wasn't supposed to focus on the dead anyways. Her purpose was to live, just like everyone else. She had to keep cats alive. It was her duty. Was.

    She had lost the scent and kept walking. As she walked along, she smelt something else. Rabbit, and something strange...other cats. She didn't care about the suspicious scent. She just wanted food. Softsong then spotted a rabbit out of the corner of her eye. She stealthily walked towards it, and pounced. Missed. Instead of catching a rabbit, she caught herself in some society. A clan. She looked and saw some fresh kill. Ignoring the cats, she grabbed one of the many prices of prey. She didn't notice the bad situation going on around her. She finished, and looked around her. Yep, this was a clan. Maybe she should go find the leader, or another important cat?
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  23. MossKit and BlazeKit snuck into the Warriors' den. MossKit nudged LeopardCloud. "Are you awake?" MossKit whispered to the warrior. "Well I am now!" LeopardCloud whispered grumpily at the kits. "There's a strange cat outside and she's pure white with a gray stripe going from back to tail with a shredded ear. She took some prey from the fresh kill pile." BlazeKit whispered to the warrior. LeopardCloud sighed with relief. From the description BlazeKit had given her, this was FrostClan's former medicine cat, and not BearGlow. The guard at the den entrance had fallen asleep. LeopardCloud walked a few fox lengths from Softsong with the two kits still following her.
  24. Softsong's ears perked up, as she heard other cats behind her. They smelt like the area around her. This must be their clan. Softening wasn't interested in fighting, and tried to act calm. She needed a place with food, and this was all she had. There were two kits trailing the larger cat. They didn't look pleased. She glanced at the warrior, and sighed.

    "Oh, hello. From the look on your face, you must know who I am. Did these kits bring you here?"
  25. "Yes, they did. There's a dangerous cat from NightClan on the loose and apparently even the kits are on alert. Kits have quite sensitive hearing." LeopardCloud said. "Good thing too. The guards fell asleep." MossKit whispered a smart aleck comment to BlazeKit. BlazeKit gently hit his littermate with his claws sheathed. "What are you doing in FireClan territory?" LeopardCloud asked Softsong.
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  26. "I needed food, and hunting was never my biggest skill."

    This was partially true, but the main reason was because she didn't feel like hunting. Being a loner was fun at times, not being forced to go by a code, and work all day. She got to relax and do what she wanted to do. She missed her friends, but she didn't miss her whole clan. Her leader Moonstar was too soft and sweet. The deputy Firetail had recently died in battle, and the kits were annoying. Her apprentice, Honeypaw was the only one that knew Softsong really hated clan life. There were too many rules, and cats to heal and so little time. She was risking cat's lives just to heal. After the two mysterious cats were killed at her clan, she ran off, banished. There was too much pressure being put on her. Softsong would occasionally find cats to stay with, and share food with them, but never stayed. Frostclan always told each other about how sick and horrible loners are, because they don't live by the code and believe in Starclan, or any other religion, and that they don't deserve to live a good life. That must be why Softsong loves being a loner.

    Softsong looked down at the two kits. They seemed interesting. She wondered what this clan thought of the clans outside of their territory. Maybe they didn't live near other clans? Softsong didn't know about this clan. Frostclan lived up in the mountains, always at war with other clans, fighting for their territory in the quiet mountain caves. It was difficult living at war most of the time. When it was quiet though, it was quiet. These kits looked like they would be warriors. They were naturally born alert and ready to fight, is what Softsong could tell by the looks of them. But maybe they were different. She looked down and asked the kits;

    "So are you two kits going to be warriors? Or medicine cats?"
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  27. "Warriors. RoseLeaf already has an apprentice." MossKit said. "Otherwise our sister LillyKit would try to be a medicine cat. She has sort of a knack for that kind of stuff." Blazekit nodded. "LillyKit would rather be a healer than a fighter." she said. LeopardCloud quietly listened as the two kits talked to Softsong.
  28. (this will be my cat ill rp as)

    Name: Gale
    Gender: Female
    Clan: None
    Rank: Kittypet
    Personality: Curious, Friendly, Can be aggressive.
    Best Friend: None
  29. Name: ThunderStripe
    Gender: She-cat
    Clan: StormClan
    Fur: Light ginger with black stripes
    Eyes: Yellow
    Rank: Warrior
    Personality: Fierce, loyal
    Best Friend: RainingTree (White she-cat with blue-grey spots and blue eyes)
    (I'm going to post the entire of StormClan to the written works right after this, it's one of my fanmade clans)

    Thunderstripe dropped a fat vole onto the Fresh-Kill pile. She sighed, and saw Rainingtree talking with Slickwhisker. The white and blue-grey she-cat was kneading the ground nervously with her paws. Thunderstripe laughed inwardly and walked over.
    "Hey, you two lovebirds!" She teased.
    "Hey!" Rainingtree yelped, startled. Slickwhisker chuckled.
    "So, how did your training session with Hiddenpaw go?" Thunderstripe asked.
    Rainingtree sighed. "Terrible, as always. He's always somewhere else, like he's got feathers for a brain!"
    Slickwhisker laughed. "Be glad you have an apprentice. Thunderstripe and I would love to trade places with you."
    Thunderstripe nodded. "Hey, Halfstar's making Ravenwind's kits apprentices, maybe we'll get them!"
    Slickwhisker sighed. "We can only hope."
    "Why with the negativity? At least we didn't jump into nettles for a dare," Thunderstripe added with a nod towards Saptree's medicine den. Firestorm was yowling in pain. "Grasstripe, you piece of fox dung!" The three cats laughed as Grasstripe blushed.
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