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Open Warrior Cats: Fall of Thunder

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by An0maly, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. This RP is about the Warriors series, written by the Erin Hunter team. After reading the rules, feel free to hop right in! After, say, 15 people have joined, I'll close the thread. Onto the rules:

    ONE Character is permitted for each player.
    Please refrain from cursing.
    Please refrain from inappropriate behavior. Keep it to E10 and up.
    Follow the rules set in place by Pokecharms Staff Members.
    You must start as a Apprentice 10 moons young.

    Character Creation is as follows:

    Attitude (sassy, sarcastic, cheerful, etc.):

    That's it!

    Intro to RP: Thunderclan is struggling. Grieving. The other three clans, Riverclan, Shadowclan and Windclan attack from all sides. In a desperate attempt to save the future of Thunderclan, they have fled. Past the Old Thunderpath and far beyond. But they have been followed. The other three clans are bent on destroying Thunderclan. Starclan can no longer reach the Medicine cats of Thunderclan due to the Dark Forest waging war with those of Starclan. For now, Thunderclan is stranded. Alone, and surrounded.

    My Character:

    Name: Adderpaw
    Clan: Thunderclan
    Bio: At the age of 2 moons, Adderpaw was alone. His mother, a beautiful she-cat name Goldenmist, from Riverclan, bore him in battle. Seconds after the labor was over, she was struck down by an enemy cat of Thunderclan. Adderkit, an unnamed baby at the time, lay there for hours, alone. It wasn't until the next morning when Thunderclan cats were picking through the remains when they found the poor kit. He was brought back to Thunderclan and identified as the Kit who was born in battle. He was then named Adderkit for his appearance: Black and brown, like that of an adder. Since then, he has grown into a traumatized apprentice, who is trying to find where he belongs.
    Appearance: Marbled Tabby
    Attitude: Quiet, Traumatized, Determined, Rejected

    RP: Adderpaw walked out of the Apprentice den to see Moonwisp, the deputy, organizing patrols. He walked over without even looking at the fresh-kill pile. There would be nothing. He stopped in front of Moonwisp waiting to be assigned to a patrol. There were a few other cats around, and he wondered if any were up to being friendly today.
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  2. Name: Goldenpaw
    Clan: ThunderClan
    Bio: Her brother, Blackkit, was killed by a WindClan warrior when they were kits. Someday, when she's a warrior, she wants to fight the cat that did it and avenge his death.
    Appearance: Calico
    Attitude: Cheerful(sometimes) Sad, maybe even emo(most of the time)
    I hope that's good enough...

    Goldenpaw padded out of the apprentice's den and walked over to sit next to Adderpaw, waiting to be assigned to a patrol. "Morning, Adderpaw," she yawned. She didn't bother to say 'Good,' because it obviously wasn't, for any cat.
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  3. Name: Echopaw
    Clan: Riverclan
    Bio: A cat who hates violence. A peacekeeper, if you will, and a horrible fighter, to boot. Originally a kittypet (or a syphus, scott companion), his best friend was a pug. He loves swimming and climbing. The only things he will kill are bugs and flora. He's a vegetarian. Riverclan saw his unnatural ability to memorize the "Dark forest" out of anything. So he was recruited.
    Appearance: White and maroon pelt (sorta like a zangoos, I guess) with, bright green eyes.
    Attitude: straightforward, adamant, quick wit (occasionally).
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  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Name : Seedpaw
    Clan : Thunderclan
    Bio: When he was 4 moons old, his father had left him for dead. His mother was killed by his father, so his father could join the other clans and leave the rest of his family for dead. Seedkit, was struggling to walk, meowing, and crying for help. Thankfully, Thunderclan found the helpless starving kit, and took him in. He had practiced to become a warrior and get revenge on his father, who had joined Shadowclan. Thunderclan had named him Seedkit, from his appearance.
    Appearance : A grey tabby with forest green eyes.
    Attitude : Sly, Mysterious, Quiet and Quite Powerful

    RP : Seedpaw woke up, hungry, as always. He was walking around, until he saw Adderpaw and Goldenpaw. He never really talked to anyone, because of his mysterious, quiet attitude. He walked past them, not even glancing at them. He looked for food. A small hare would be like a feast for Seedpaw. The only problem was that he had to find something at least.
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  5. Name: Shadowpaw
    Clan: Thunderclan
    Bio: Up until she was 3 moons old, she and her mother were loners. Her father left them and he took Shadowpaw's brother with him. Her mother couldn't feed both Shadowpaw and herself, so she gave up her kit to Thunderclan.
    Appearance: Black she-cat with white tipped tail and ears. One white front paw and one white back paw. She has hazel eyes.
    Attitude: Modest, sarcastic, resourceful, usually quite friendly

    Shadowpaw stretched as she woke up. She would never get used to waking up early. She climbed out of the apprentice den, and looked to see if there was any fresh kill. Her tail drooped when she saw none. She was getting quite hungry now, it was her third day without any food. She saw Moonwhisp organizing patrols, and also saw Adderpaw and Goldenpaw. They seemed to be waiting to be assigned to a patrol. Shadowpaw slowly made her way over to them, stopping to say hello to her mother who adopted her when she came to Thunderclan, Streamfur. " Hello guys! " She called out to the two apprentices " Lovely day, isn't it? " Shadowpaw asked sarcastically.
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  6. "Not really..." Goldenpaw moaned. A few moments later, she blinked a couple times in realization. "Oh, wait... You were being sarcastic, weren't you?" Her til tip twitched. "I can never tell wether or not you're using sarcasam." She sighed.
  7. Shadowpaw flicked her tail in apology. " Sorry, I can't help it! But hey, maybe we can get enough food to feed some hungry cats today. " She pictured coming home with a plump squirrel, or maybe a large bird. That could feed some cats!
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  8. "Hmm. Maybe. Prey is pretty scarce, but if we team up we could probably catch something. Maybe climb a few trees..." Goldenpaw stared off into the distance, going into one of her 'epic' daydreams.

    --daydream mode activated--

    Goldenpaw slunk through the undergrowth in the direction of an unbelievably large squirrel. She could scent Adderpaw and Shadowpaw closing in on in from other directions. With a growl, she pounced on the prey. It wrestled out of her grasp and raced up the nearest tree. Goldenpaw smirked and raced after it. The squirrel sat at the top of the tree and looked down at her. Goldenpaw chased it up. The squirrel jumped to the ground. "You can't get away that easily," Goldenpaw scoffed. She did a graceful triple-backflip out of the tree, landing squarely on the squirrel's shoulders. She bit through it's spine, killing it. Shadowpaw and Adderpaw raced over. "That was amazing!" Shadowpaw squealed. "YOU. ARE. SO. COOL!!!!" Adderpaw sighed.

    --daydream mode deactivated--

    Goldenpaw broke out of her daydream with a sigh. "If only..."
  9. Shadowpaw's ear pricked. " What Goldenpaw? " She thought she heard her say something. But that wasn't important. She needed to find prey for her Clan. They were all starving and could use the food.
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  10. "I said that we could team up, maybe even climb a few trees to get prey." Goldenpaw repeated. "Do you and Adderpaw want to hunt with me?" She asked suddenly.
  11. Shadowpaw nodded " That's a good idea! We could catch more! I think climbing trees could be dangerous, but some cats will be able to get food in their bellies. "
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  12. Is climbing trees really that dangerous? Goldenpaw thought. She gulped at the thought of what would happen if someone fell from a tree...

    --daydream mode activate--

    Goldenpaw, Shadowpaw and Adderpaw padded through the trees, looking for prey. Adderpaw's ears perked up when he niticed a squirrel. He stalked after it. The squirrel shot up a nearby tree and he gave chase, following the squirrel to the very top. Suddenly, he misstepped. He fell from the tree, landing with a thump on the forest floor. He gave one last rasping breath and fell still. Shadowpaw gasped in horror. Goldenpaw burst into tears.

    --daydream mode deactivate--

    That won't happen. Goldenpaw shook away the thought. "Shall we go?" She mewed to Shadowpaw.
  13. Shadowpaw nodded. “ Let’s go! “ Shadowpaw could already imagine herself coming back to camp with a squirrel in her mouth. Everyone praising her and giving it to a kit or elder.

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