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Open Warrior cats Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dootletail, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. If you read the series Warriors and liked it you should check this RP out.Note:After 9 people join the RP the RP will be closed.Here's my form:

    Breed of cat:Tan tabby with little brown dots.
    Personality:Witty and quick,she thinks before she does it.
    Likes:Kittypets(thinks there interesting)
    Dislikes:Cats who brake the warrior code
    Friends:All of them!
    Other:Used to be a loner.
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  2. Are we supposed to be kits? or can we be apprentices/warriors?
  3. Can i be a Kit..?
  4. You have to be apprentices.
  5. You can make a apprentice.But not a kit.
  6. This is getting confusing.
  7. Name: Bearpaw
    Breed: mixed
    Personality: understanding, quiet, calm, lazy
    Likes: learning new battle techniques
    Dislikes: cats who break the warrior code
    Friends: ...not yet?
    Crush: never.

    is this good? or do I have to change some details?
  8. Gender is the most important thing!
  9. Name: Speedkit
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Snowshoe
    Personality: Playful, and doesn't take things seriously. Eccentric
    Likes: Cinnamonpaw (looks up to her), Sharppaw Fresh-kill
    Dislikes: Battle, Bullies, ShadowClan
    Friends: All Kits, Sharppaw and Cinnamonpaw
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Scared of ShadowClan

    Name: Sharppaw
    Gender: Male
    Breed: American Shorthair
    Personality: Determined, and will die for his clan.
    Likes: Speedkit, Cinnamonpaw, Pinestar
    Dislikes: All other clans, the elders (They're annoying)
    Friends: Speedkit, Cinnamonpaw
    Crush: Cinnamonpaw
    Other: N/A

    Are these good?
  10. Bearpaw is a girl, sorry for missing that.
  11. Name: AmberPaw
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Maine Coon
    Personality: Lazy,
    Likes: Her Fluffy Fur,Playing around
    Dislikes: Her Fur being cut off,Working
    Friends: N/A
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Used to be a Kittypet (Follows Friend everywhere)
  12. Kittypet is a cat... I think
  13. I made the general RP.
  14. First kit, then paw. It can be claw if the cat is a warrior, and heart if medicine cat. There are more names than that, though.
  15. Oh.........Cinnamonpaw will soon be Cinnamonclaw!
  16. Or Cinnamonfur, as in Blustar's Prophecy, Bluepaw become Bluefur.
  17. I like the name Cinnamonfur more than Cinnamonclaw.
  18. There's also pelt, fang, and some others I can't think of right now.
  19. Well, I kinda like Sharpclaw! Sharpfur? Eh. But I think Speedpaw will become Speedfang
  20. that kinda sounds stupid.(sorry)
  21. What? Speedfang? Cinnamonclaw's also stupid, y'know. Sorry not sorry.
  22. yeah I think that name is stupid too.
  23. But which is better: Speedfang or Speedpelt/Speedfur?
  24. Sharppaw is still attacking the foxes. It was Tawnyspots/Speedpaw that left.
  25. oh.....and i like Speedfang.
  26. Wait will Cinnamonpaw's name be changed to Cinnamonfur?
  27. If you want it to be, or I could list some other alternatives for you.
  28. I like the name Cinnamonfur.
  29. Please list some alternitives for me.
  30. Sharpfang sounds cool!
  31. I either want Sharpfang or Sharpclaw, but i want some other thing just in case i like it better.
  32. Sharpthorn. Easy.

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