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Open Warrior cats:A Dangerous place

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dootletail, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. I know,I know,I've made a warrior cats RP before.But this will be much,much,much different!So here is two of my forums.(You can have up to four characters)

    Appearance:white cat with brown blotches
    Personality:Curious and bright
    Clan: (You can be in one of the four clans,or you can be a kittypet,loner,or rouge)Thunderclan
    Other:used to be in Riverclan,and cats tease her of it.But the only ones in the clan who doesn't is Cheetahtail,Firestar,and Whitestorm

    Appearance:Looks like a cheetah
    Personality:Strict,but nice
    Mentor: doesn't have one now!
    Other:Sticks up for Lavenderpaw,but Lavenderpaw wants to kill the cats that tease her.
  2. Name: Sparkkit
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:Yellow-ish Brown fur.
    Personality: Bright, energetic, and doesn't know his origins
    Clan (You can be in one of the four clans,or you can be a kittypet,loner,or rouge): ThunderClan
    Stage: Kit
    Mentor: N/A
    Friends: Cheetahtail, Lavenderpaw
    Crush: N/A
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: Is a half-clan cat, between RiverClan and ThunderClan. Only his mother and Father know. His mother is Pounceflower. His father is Riverfang. His sister, Snowkit, died at birth.

    Name: Pounceflower
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: White and Yellow cat
    Personality: Calm, and kind
    Clan (You can be in one of the four clans,or you can be a kittypet,loner,or rouge): ThunderClan
    Stage: Queen/Warrior
    Mentor: N/A
    Friends: Sparkkit (Her kit), Lavenderpaw, Cheetahtail
    Crush: Riverfang
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: Sparkkit is her kit.

    Name: Riverfang
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue fur, with some brown
    Personality: Serious, kind, will fight for his clan
    Clan (You can be in one of the four clans,or you can be a kittypet,loner,or rouge): RiverClan
    Stage: Warrior
    Mentor: N/A
    Friends: N/A
    Crush: Pounceflower
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: Sparkkit is his kit. Is considering joining ThunderClan to be with Pounceflower and Sparkkit
  3. Name: Moonstripe
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black pelt with silver stripes
    Personality: Calm
    Clan: ThunderClan
    Stage: Warrior
    Mentor: N/A
    Friends: None as of yet
    Crush: None as of yet
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: N/A

    Name: Smokepaw
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Light gray pelt
    Personality: Extroverted and kind
    Clan: ThunderClan
    Stage: Apprentice
    Mentor: Whitestorm
    Friends: Lavenderpaw
    Crush: None as of yet
    Apprentice: N/A
  4. Pounceflower is nursing a kit, so I don't think she can mentor at the moment. Once Sparkkit is apprenticed, she can mentor again.
  5. Hey, once we've been accepted, can we fill out forms and not have to wait to be accepted.
  6. Name: Stormpaw
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: light grey fur with Midnight blue eyes
    Personality: Loyal, Brave, Kind, Clever
    Clan: Thunderclan
    Stage: Apprentice
    Mentor: (Umm, I don't know much about mentoring :( )
    Friends: Owlpaw for now
    Crush:None yet...
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: Likes keeping to herself

    Name: Owlpaw
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Light Brown fur with green eyes
    Personality:Curious, loyal
    Clan: Riverclan
    Mentor:(same thing as Stormpaw)
    Friends: Stormpaw
    Apprentice: NONE
    Other: Is secretly friends with Stormpaw
  7. Mentoring is pretty much when a warrior teaches an apprentice how to fight, hunt, etc.
  8. (Casually sneaks in)

    Name: Zephrpaw (although he sometimes doesn't answer unless you shorten it to Zephr)
    Gender: Tomcat
    Appearance: a pure white, very fluffy munchkin kit with grey blue eyes, he is barely old enough to be an apprentice (slightly younger)
    Personality: quiet, but very eager to please and learn, still has an abundance of joy and innocence for someone so young.
    Clan: Riverclan
    Stage: Apprentice
    Mentor: Crowfeather
    Friends: Crowfeather
    Crush: N/A
    Apprentice: N/A
    Other: He used to be a kitty pet, but he chose to follow Crowfeather back to River clan after talking with her when he caught her stealing herms from his neighbor

    Name: Crowfeather
    Gender: She-cat
    Appearance: A large and lithe Norwegian Forest Cat, her fur is cloudy grey and incredibly long and fluffy around her neck and tail. Her neck fur and tail tip are dusted with silver, her face and belly and paws, some of her haunches, and her ears are all black, and her eyes were once a very vivid orange color.
    Personality: Stern and strict with an air of authority that demands respect she's earned. However, she can be soft and gentle, and is incredibly patient and understanding.
    Clan: Riverclan
    Stage: Medicine Cat
    Mentor: N/A
    Friends: Zephrpaw
    Crush: N/A
    Apprentice: Zephrpaw
    Other: She is fully blind, but her hearing and smell are incredibly strong and she uses this to make sure she is the best healer Riverclan has had, only calls Zephrpaw Zephr because she is well aware he isn't used to the -paw suffix.
  9. Made the General RP already.

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