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Private/Closed Warp In! To the Digital World!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. @Pretty Pichu

    “Stupid Chaz,” Taylor Kodai mumbled rumbling his bruised jaw as he sat in detention. He had already been here for about an hour and a half, and was awaiting his release. After a fight that he had started, they had sent him here as punishment. Of course Taylor had been fighting the principal’s kid, who was simply being an ass to others. But sometimes it was easier to blame the other guy instead of your own flesh and blood. Unfortunately for Taylor, he was the other guy. And due to this, he was stuck here, with a bruised cheek and an injured reputation.

    People often saw him as an idiotic ass. Someone who lived to pick fights. It wasn’t that, but that fights seemed to find ways to drag him in. The boy was quick to start a fight over something he thought wasn’t fair. And people resented him for that. But honestly, he didn’t care.

    He leaned back in his chair and pulled his goggles over his eye and stared at the ceiling. “Okay, that’s it Taylor. Head home. You’re lucky you just got detention. Next time it could be something worse.” The teacher at the front of the room said, after glancing at his watch. Silently, Taylor grabbed his bag, lifted his goggles up and walked out of the room.

    The halls were practically empty as he walked along, expect for one student who was walking near him in the opposite direction. Then something caught his attention from an open door to his right. A computer in the computer lab, screen lit up. But it was just that single computer. Taylor stopped in his tracks to glance at the light, and then suddenly, in a big flash, both him and the other student were gone. They were being transported to the digital world through the computer.
  2. Shade wandered around, trying to find some sustenance after being ran off by a territorial Guilmon. That Guilmon was really adamant about keeping his food safe. Almost greedy. Her partner, Dorumon, walked beside her akin to a raptor, with her tail waving back and forth instead of being still. Dorumon sensed something reach her nostrils and stood up tall, extending her legs as much as possible. She smelled something, something that doesn't smell like the Digital World they live in. She motioned with her head for Shade to follow as they run toward the disturbance. They both looked on in awe.

    In front of them was a large portal. Bright light shone out of it, with wind rushing through the portal and into the digital atmosphere. Shade could see two silhouettes going through the portal, and she dove into a nearby bush, taking her partner with her. They watched as the portal spewed out the... Humans? Have the Digital World been invaded? Or was it just the beginning? Whatever it was, Shade didn't like it, especially when the prophecy spoken of by her mother figure, Babamon, said something about there being a war between the Digital heroes and the Enemies of Yggdrasil.

    She then thought: "Who would even like Yggdrasil. From all I knew about him from folklore, he's too much of a jerk to even care... Maybe he has reasons for his ulterior motive..."

    Being a conspiracy theorist against the lord and maintainer of the Digital World usually ended up giving her the cold shoulder or harsh treatment from other Digimon from time to time, especially when she was telling some "trustworthy" Digimon something bad about him. Then she gets pounded by them for going against Yggdrasil.

    After Dorumon nudged her into reality, she noticed that her Digivice's screen was glowing brightly. She had to cover it up, lest they'd spot her. After staring at the light show, it vanished, leaving a large spot in her vision. She had no idea if they were okay, since the lights caused her to be temporarily blind. It was the same for Dorumon, as she was rubbing her eyes with her large-clawed paws.

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