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Open Wardon: World of War

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. (Guide Here! https://pokecharms.com/works/wardon-world-of-war-guide.31549/ Note: This Is A Work in Progress)
    It Is The Year 2036, Technology Has Advanced So Much that It Allows For Spectacular Things in The Gaming World, One Of These Spectacular gems In Gaming Is Wardon: World of War This Game Managed To Reach 50 Million Copies Sold At The End Of its First Week, And Copies Are Still Selling, Now Its YOUR Turn To Enter The World Of Wardon! Such Tech Upgrades This Game Has are
    - Very Realistic Graphics Mixed With Cel-Shading
    - Realistic Battling Mechanics
    - Option for Motion Controls(THAT ARE ACTUALLY GOOD)
    Also, Some Rules For The Roleplay
    - Read The general Roleplay Rules.
    - You Can Give Me Any Tips Necessary, As I Plan To Make this A game.
    here Is The Form and An example!
    IRL Name(Character's name):
    Username(Character's Username):
    IRL Gender(Not Your Gender, Just Character's Gender):
    In-Game Gender:
    IRL Age(Character's Age):
    In-Game Age:
    Level(Max 1,000,000):
    IRL Family(Not Real Family):
    Gaming Gear(Mic, Headphones, VR headset):
    IRL Appearance(Not real Appearance):
    In-Game Appearance:
    Personality(can Be Spilt Between Real And Video Game):
    And Now Mine!
    IRL Name(Character's name): Mayan Wearer
    Username(Character's Username): SuperMayan1
    IRL Gender(Not Your Gender, Just Character's Gender): Male
    In-Game Gender: Male
    IRL Age(Character's Age): 16
    In-Game Age: 35
    Level(Max: 1,000,000): 781(Start Under 1000, This is A New Game.)
    Class: Water Knight
    Equipment: Havic Trident(Tier III) And Ether Armour(Tier: III)
    IRL Family(Not Real Family): His Mum, Dad, And A Dog Named Dudley
    Gaming Gear(Mic, Headphones, VR headset): Mic/Headphones: [​IMG]
    Face Cam: [​IMG]
    Computer: [​IMG]
    IRL Appearance(Not real Appearance): Dark Blue Hoodie, Brown, Messy Hair, Small, Peachy skin, Blue Eyes, Red Jeans.
    In-Game Appearance: Dark Blue Hoodie Under His Armour, Blue, Spikey hair, Water Blue Eyes, A Strange Trident Shaped Sheath on his Back, Peachy Skin, Blue Leggings.
    Personality(can Be Spilt Between Real And Video Game): kind, But When Battling Online, He Will Always Be DETERMINED To Win, Kinda A Risk-Taker, And Can be Overprotective Of His Friends.
    Backstory(Optional): Eh, I Am Gonna Leave It.

    Mayan Woke Up In His Bed, He Looked Around at His Posters Of Wardon: World Of War, He Got Out of Bed, Got Dressed, Had Breakfast, And Went Online, Saying
    "Right, That's A Week Of Working On This Game Done! let's Play!" he Logged On, After getting His Gear Ready, And Looked around At His Surroundings, He Had Logged On In His Shop, the Blacksmiths. He Opened The Store, And Waited For A Customer.
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    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
  2. IRL Name(Character's name): Jasmine Falcone
    Username(Character's Username): Jaska
    IRL Gender(Not Your Gender, Just Character's Gender): Female
    In-Game Gender: Female
    IRL Age(Character's Age): 16
    In-Game Age: 16
    Level(Max 1,000,000): 650
    Class: Metal Assassin
    Equipment: Dual Maces called "Metallic Mourns" and Black Iron Set
    IRL Family(Not Real Family): sister named Cass Brother named Cameron mom and dad
    IRL Appearance(Not real Appearance): Short black hair with red sweat shirt and blue jeans
    In-Game Appearance: Black hair that is shaved on one side and hangs down on the to her right side of her face. She wears black iron light armor with a red robe underneath it. She has plated breastplate, shoulder pads, boots, elbow pads. she has black shorts and fingerless black iron gloves.
    Personality(can Be Spilt Between Real And Video Game): Serious, sarcastic, brave, independent
    RP: Jaska logged in and began wandering around town. she began looking for a quest to do
  3. (OOC: your Class And Weapon Weren't Part Of It before, So I Added It In, Thanks For The Idea!)

    Mayan Decided To Adventure, He Gave The Store to The blacksmith NPC Who He Relied On Sometimes, And Went Outside, He Went To The Quest Bulletin, And Put A Note On It
    Looking For People Over Lv100 To Go On An Adventure, In The Sacred Wasteland, West Of Town,
    Signed, SuperMayan1, The Creator Of The Game.

    After Doing That, He headed To The Sacred Wasteland.
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  4. IRL Name: Naghn Kalimonji (NAH-n,KAL-E-mo-JE)
    Username:TheScarletSerpentine (Usually shortened to Scarlet,though he doesn't like that,and prefers "Serp")
    IRL Gender(Not Your Gender, Just Character's Gender) (Um,don't you mean real gender?):Male
    In-Game Gender:Male
    IRL Age(Character's Age):15
    In-Game Age:15
    Level(Max 1,000,000):350
    Class:Ghost Assassin (Added speed,at the expense of damage)
    Equipment: A crimson red sword,adding to his speed,and a scarlet crossbow.
    IRL Family(Don'tya mean real?) (Not Real Family):[IN PROGRESS]
    Gaming Gear(Mic, Headphones, VR headset):All of the above,just bland,but expensive,equipment.
    IRL Appearance(real Appearance):Blonde hair,longish,decent bright blue clothes.
    In-Game Appearance:A chestplate with a long,scarlet serpentine,made after his namesake.
    Personality(can Be Spilt Between Real And Video Game):He will not actively search for a fight,but he will fight back,if needed.
    Backstory(Optional):He participates in two of the popular games,Aetheria,The Kingdom of Dragons,and Wardon: World of War.
  5. IRL name: Manuel Zanake
    Username: Manu456Fi
    IRL gender:Male
    In- game gender: Male
    IRL age: 12
    In- game age: 16
    Level: 385
    Class: Light Swordsman
    Equipment: Cyan sword, adding to his stealth, and a silver bow.
    IRL family: Mom, and Dad
    Gaming gear: VR headset, mic and headphones
    IRL appereance: Black hair, white and black clothes
    In- game appereance: White hoodie, chest plate with a sword symbol
    Blue clothes
    Personality: calm, brave
  6. Swordsman isn't a class...
  7. (Guys, RP! And I Added Elemental warrior As The Ultimate Class, Might Wanna Change Class Tho)
  8. (Assasin then)

    Manuel woke up and had breakfast, put on his clothes, then went online, into Wardon: World of War. He spawned in the middle of a town, and walked around, looking for a quest.Then he went to the Quest Bulletin, and saw a note. Looking for People over Lv100 to go on an Adventure, in the Sacred Wasteland, West of town,
    Signed, SuperMayan1, the Creator of the game. "
    Interesting." He said, and headed to the Sacred Wasteland.
  9. In The Sacred wasteland...
    Mayan Was Waiting, He Had been Waiting For People For A While he Sighed
    "I Wonder When Someone Will Show up..." He Saw Someone Coming, he Smirked "Finally." He Said.
  10. "Ok, this is the place..." He said, finally arriving at the Sacred Wasteland. "Now what?"
  11. Mayan Looked At The person Who Had just Arrived, he Said
    "hello, I Am Supermayan1, Just call Me Mayan." He Gestured To The cave "f You Want To wait For More People, I'm fine With That."
  12. "Oh, hey Mayan. I'm fine with that. The more, the merrier." He said calmly. Manuel sat down and started checking his equipment. Even if he didn't have much, since he usually sold things to the blacksmith, he equipped his best equipment: A huge, black sword, some armor, and his silver bow.
  13. "Ok. That is Fine." Mayan Started To Sharpen His Havoc Trident, It Was A gold-ish blue, it Had A Design That looked Like This(But With The Other Colours):
  14. IRL Name: Christine Yu
    Username: _-Salamander ~*~King-_
    IRL Gender: Female
    In-Game Gender: Male
    IRL Age: 16
    In-Game Age: 22
    Level: 893
    Class: Hero
    Equipment: Beast Stone ((Located on medallion.)), Sword (Katana), and a feathered Futs-Lung (Fire Dragon.).
    IRL Family: Tenshii Yu ((Mother, works for Intel)), Brianna Yu ((Other Mother, a doctor.)) and Hana Yu ((Sister.)). Hana and Christine were both adopted.
    Gaming Gear:
    Mic: AntLion ModMic
    Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Blue Snowflake
    VR Headset: HTC Vive
    Desktop: Asus ROG GT51
    Monitor: Acer Predator X34
    Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite
    Keyboard: Roccat Ryos MK Pro
    IRL Appearance: Dark brown hair along with a pair of black eyes. She seems to resemble Tenshii a little, just not as tan. She also takes a liking toward dark clothes like how Tenshii did when she was in middle school, although it's just mainly sweatpants. 5'8.
    In-Game Appearance: A 6'3 male with a Beast Stone Medallion. A dragon whistle is located behind his ear for whenever he needs to summon his dragon companion. The sheath of his katana is strapped to his side for easy accesibility, a golden dragon print is visible on the sheath along with the hilt of the katana. _-Salamander*King-_ wears the skin of a bear from an enemy Beast Stone user that had been obtained through an online tournament, due to the bears thick skin it adds more defense to him but declines his speed. Emerald green eyes with shaggy brown hair. Ripped shorts and a metal chestplate.
    Personality: Though they are slightly different, Christine shares a similar quiet yet strong personality with her in-game counterpart.
    Backstory: N/A
    Christine entered her room and locked the door behind her to be sure that her more girly sister doesn't walk in on her. She sat down on her gaming chair and booted up her system (Which hadn't taken too long.) and brought up her STEAM account, only to connect her tethered VR headset to the desktop.
    "Finally back from school and ready to play!" She whispered loudly to herself, clicking on the icon that was labled "Wardon: World of Wars". Christine had been playing the game for a year now and she wasn't even level 1000 yet, but what she was more hyped about was of the constant updates to the online bulletine in-game. After the game had finished loading, she put her headset on and entered the virtual world of Wardon.
    Going through the fairly quick process of logging into her account, the world around her loaded. Though she was a female, she prefered playing as a male character. Her character stood at a fairly large height as she looked around, soon spotting the worldwide bulletine. Nothing much was new, but she spotted a paper saying "Looking For People Over Lv100 To Go On An Adventure, In The Sacred Wasteland, West Of Town.
    Signed, SuperMayan1, The Creator Of The Game."

    "Sounds pretty cool, I should join!" _-Salamander~*~King-_ said aloud, bringing up the games map, selecting The Sacred Wasteland to teleport to. Upon arrival, "he" looked around for whom had requested other players to venture with him. "Hello, anyone here?" "He" called, looking around.
  15. "Hello." Mayan Said To The New person "I Am SuperMayan1, Just call me Mayan." He Started, Then Said "We Are Currently Waiting On More Players, So the Adventure Hasn't Started Yet, However, I Am Sure it Won't Take Much Longer."
  16. _-Salamander~*~King-_ turned around to face SuperMayan1, sighing in relief knowing that "he" hadn't been duped.
    "Ah, so you're the creator?" "He" said and took SuperMayan1's hand to shake in greeting. "_-Salamander~*~King-_, but you can just call me Salamander. It's a pleasure to meet you." Salamander grinned and patted the hilt of his katana. "So, when do you think more people would arrive?"
  17. "Heya. The name's Manu456Fi, but you can call me Manu or Fi." He said. "More people should arrive soon." He said, while sharpening his sword. He looked at the sky and sighed, then looked back at his sword.

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