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Ask to Join War

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. You are in the kingdom of Petunia, the land around you is filled with natrual beauty, and everyone in the land is happy, until now. A giant machine is chasing you, and you have no weapons but your hands and your faithful pet wolf by your side, suddenly two old men stop the machine. "I saved you!" the one with black hair and black lightning powers says, he is handsome and looks trustworthy, "You can let my brother take all the credit, or you can choose me." says the blind one with white hair and rainbow powers, then you must choose.

    "I choose Theodore." Hope said nervously, she petted her wolf Pickles as she walked up to the blind old man. "The prophecy states that the better of the brothers is actually the worst, so I'll never join you Foundatore!" she shouted. "Well then, the war has officially started." Foundatore sneered as he dissapeared in a flash of black lightning.

    Name: Hope
    Age (must be at least 13): 13
    Wolf's Name: Pickles
    Looks: Lomg blonde hair with a huge pink bow on top, blue eyes and blue and white schoolgirl uniform
    Personality: Hope is rebellious, she is a runaway along with the rest of us, she knows the prophecy by heart.

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