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Ask to Join War Of Stars

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Suga Bear, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. If you have not signed up already here's the link to the discussion and where @Talon_Widowmaker or myself will approve you: https://pokecharms.com/threads/war-of-stars-discussion.19507/#post-632892

    If you have already been approved I hope you all have fun in this RP.
    Michiru sat on the floor of her room as she looked at her empty suitcases which was supposed to be packed by now sense her group was supposed to go to LA in a week. She suspected that Jackey was already packed so the blue haired girl stood up and walked over to her closet to search for the desired outfits she wanted to bring to America. In the end she only had a pair of black leggings and a mint blue crop top laying on her bed. "Ahhhhh! Why is it so hard to pack clothes for something important!" she screamed as she jumped on to her bed and smacking her head on her pillow.
  2. Jacqueline abruptly stood up from her chair when she heard yelling before speed walking to Mimi's room. "Mimi~unnie I heard you yelling, what's wrong?" The fair skinned girl asked as she stepped into the older members room only to find the older on her bed with her face in the pillows. Jacky softly giggled before sitting down on the side of bed and placing her hand on Michirus shoulder.
  3. "JackyyyyI don't know what to pack for when we go to America" the lead rapper stated towards the vocalist, The Japanese girl then lifted her head up only to see the younger member giggling. Mimi took the pillow before hitting it on Jaquelines face as punishment for giggling at her. "Jacky I am older than you so learn to respect me which means don't laugh at me" Mimi firmly stated with a hint of humor as she attempted to do a fake pout which never really worked
  4. "ah, Mimi unnie you know that I respect you, it's just sometimes I feel like you act younger than me" Jacky stated as she patted the blue haired girl head. "Mimi unnie I'm actually nervous" the Korean girl whispered as she blew some of her pink hair out of her eyes.

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