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Open War of Sins and Virtues (15+) (Characters, Sins/Virtues and Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lucas Inazumai, Jul 7, 2017.


Which Faction shall begin the RP?

  1. Begin in Hell with the Fovos faction.

    5 vote(s)
  2. Begin in Heaven with the Virtus faction

    0 vote(s)
  1. Every being has a choice, one that can be good or bad,
    Sins, an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law,
    Virtues, behavior showing high moral standards,
    Time and time, sins and virtues are created,
    Those with pure souls choose to live in harmony, they were the Virtus faction,
    Those with tainted souls choose to live in chaos, they were the Fovos faction,
    A war transpired between the two factions,
    Can the war end? Or would it be an endless cycle of bloodshed.

    A total of twelve people can join this RP as six of the Seven Deadly Sins or Seven Heavenly Virtues, post your bio to be added.

    Lust - Devillia Diávolos
    Gluttony -
    Greed - Core (Starry Phantump)
    Sloth - Kimon Johann (Robingogo)
    Wrath - Joseph Perodi (TheKnightofMortem)
    Envy - Marcus Valle (Fireflying)
    Pride - Damian Crete (Ry_Burst)

    Chastity - Angelica Ángelos
    Temperance -
    Charity -
    Diligence -
    Patience - Herlyn King (koopa000)
    Kindness -
    Humility - Debbie Haynes (Ry_Burst)
    Rule 1: Please read the RP rules.
    Rule 2: Violent acts are allowed, but it has to stay the limit of the RP rules. Also the age limit is 15+
    Rule 3: The RP is about Angels and Demons at war, if you ask what the race is for, you can put race like Cyclops, Elves, Gorgons, Pheonixes, Vampires, Etc. reborn into either an Angel or Devil.
    Rule 4: To answer why I place Phoenix as one of the examples, they are reborn to have a humanoid body.

    Rule 5: You are allowed to use names from mythology.

    Name: Devillia Diávolos
    Sin: Lust
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Devil
    Appearance: Slim and curvaceous, waist-length lavender slicked back hair, gray long-sleeved shirt underneath a white sleeveless top, knee-length skirt with a slit going up to her thighs and lavender heels.
    Personality: Flirtatious and luscious, she has a very sadistic and mashocistic side.
    Familiar: A two headed hellhound named Geminus.
    Gift: Lustfull lure ( Allows to control others through their lustfull desires, whether male or female)
    Weapon: (Psychí Kynigós) A trident-like spear that can harvest souls.
    Origins: Devillia is the first-born child of Satan, the leader of the Fovos faction and Ruler of Hell. Her mother was once a priestess who was reborn into a devil and was known for her gift from god 'Holy Soul'. Devillia is notorious for her sadistic ways of interrogation and known to collect souls that are pure. She is also the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Name: Angelica Ángelos
    Virtue: Chastity
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Angel
    Appearance: Well-built body tone, knee-length blond hair, a white robe underneath a Valkyrie breastplate and battle skirt with knee length armoured boots.
    Personality: Strict and well-mannered, she is hardly seen without a stern look.
    Familiar: A miniature griffon with white wings named Hyperion.
    Gift: Pure Chastity ( Creates a holy shield that blocks out any black magic and attacks from men)
    Weapon: (Virginis Auxilio) A holy staff that can be utilised to heal and cast light magic.
    Origins: Angelica is the daughter of Michael, the leader of the Virtus faction and Ruler of Heaven. Her mother was the Goddess of Purity Mashiro and gave her the gift she has. Angelica is the leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and the commander of Valkyries.
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  2. Could I have a Demon who betrayed the Seven Deadly Sins?
  3. I call Pride. (If I can have a defector.)
    If not, then Diligence.
  4. Post your bio and let me see if your character fits the virtue.

    Once you become a part of the Seven Deadly Sins, you vow your life to it therefore if betrayal were to be found, the punishment is exile to hells gate. A gate where nightmares come to life.

    Post you bio of the Sin, if it doesn't fit then try making one on Diligence.
  5. Dibs on greed I'll post the bio in a second
  6. Name: Core

    Sin/Virtue: Greed

    Age: 15

    Gender: male

    Race: human

    Appearance: he wears a red headband and with brown hair with bright red edges,he has bright red eyes,with a black Hoodie and blue jeans

    Personality: he is very stubborn and selfish and is very careless
    Familiar: a silver python named cryo

    Gift: greedful speed (every time he eats a gold coin he becomes extremely agile for a short time

    Weapon: two blood red daggers

    Origins:he was a selfish boy who had no care for anything,he eventually died from a terrible illness after he was attacked by a devilish creature he was reborn as looking like his human self apart from the red assets of him
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  7. Hm, great concept of Greed. Each of the traits are relatable to what Greed can have, but there should be his original name. For less confusion and such.
  8. Alright then your accepted in this RP-
    "Hold on now, you never told me that Greed is this little one did you?"
    Ugh, Devillia can you not talk with over me? And when the heck are you here?!
    "I just came to see who the new recruit is."
    You can check that later. Go back to Hell already!
    "Alright fine, it will be nice to meet you Greed~"
    *sigh* Sorry about that, your accepted in this RP.
  9. Yay I think this RP is going to be a good one
    "new recruit>:D heck,I could probably beat you with my eyes closed"
    Core the RP hasn't started yet
    "Like I care"
    Just...just shut up
  10. Interesting, very interesting.

    Name: Joseph Perodi
    Sin: Wrath
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Joseph stands at 6"2' and has a dark shade of neck length blood red hair that has an appearance that allows it to look liquid-like from a distance. He wears a black trench coat with a red under shirt with black jeans, he also commonly wears a black fedora.
    Personality: Impatient, blood hungery, vengeful can snap into rage at any moment and once the fuse runs out he is an unrelenting force that cannot be controlled by most
    Familiar: Chimera named Pharo
    Gift: Wrathful glare (a flare that invokes permanent insanity into mortals who happen to see them
    Weapon: A scythe
    Origins: Joseph was a man who had no empathy for anyone and lacked compassion for the human race, he hunted and eliminated those who have done him wrong and with most commited during fits of rage with a scythe. One day after months of being tracked by the cops, he decided to go out with a high note. As the police got into his hideout he grabbed his scythe and went out in a blaze of insanity bringing as many officers with him before finally being brought down by an officer ending his spree. He was brought back as a wrathful devil, and has gone on a hunt for the officer who ended him, which he has yet to find.
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  11. Okay..., you might need to tone down a bit of the violence of your bio as younger viewers will possibly stumble upon this RP.
    "Really? I thought it was just fine, I do love a violent male~"
    First of all Devillia, your a mashochist. Secondly, I can't have such violent scenes such as a bloody killing spree because it goes against the RP rules"
    "Aww~, but there is one thing that I really hate, is that others would try to take the souls that I seek."
    Fine, both the bloody killings and weapon choice require a few tweaks.
    "Don't keep me waiting~"
    For fudge sakes, *sigh* just changes these and I might accept it.
  12. Understood, I'll tweak that, I did go a bit over the top.
  13. Alright Knight, your bio is accept-
    "Hold on a moment."
    Ugh, what is it Devillia! What could you possibly ask!
    "I've just read through the origins, Joseph is a spirit and not a devil. You've stated that they are either reborn into a devil or an angel."
    ... Oh right, jus change that one thing and we'll be fine with it.
  14. Umm @Lucas Inazumai you should make the RP in the RP thread, this is the discussion thread
  15. I know that, the RP hasn't even started.
  16. oh you're just making funny dialogues with your characters
  17. yes, and what about your bio? Taking your time to type something to fit patience?
  18. I have listed some race on the rules.
  19. Name: Herlyn King
    Sin/Virtue: Patience
    Age: 102
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fairy
    Appearance: has brown shorts, orange sneakers, a black hoodie and dark red hair, looks like a kid
    Personality: very laid back, never rush anything
    Familiar: a grey wolf named Orion
    Gift: Time Leap: Able to momentarily paralyze opponent in time or speed up/slow down someone
    Weapon: a Katana named Mifune
    Origins: born in the fairy forest, he quickly became one of the forest's greatest protectors thanks to his ability with strategizing. But one day, The fairy forest was attacked by the demon race. The fairy folk managed to push them to retreat but Herlyn died in the battle. He was reborn as an angel.
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  20. Alright then, character accepted.
    "It will be an honour to fight alongside with you"
    What the, Angelica? Why are you here.
    "It is clear that I should also greet with him"
    ...Fair point, welcome to the RP Koopa.
  21. I decided about halfway through the making of Damain, to make him not a deserter. So he will not betray the Seven Deadly Sins.

    • Name: Damian Crete
    • Sin: Pride
    • Age: 224
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: He looks quite handsome, with his spiky blonde hair, charming smile, and blue eyes. His skin is a nice tan and he is well built, with tight muscles and good abs. However his left arm, from the elbow down, looks burnt, kinda like he dipped it in acid. He often tries to keep it covered up and out of sight. He wears a pair of tight jeans, and high top sneakers. He wears an open long sleeved jacket over his back, with nothing but his bate chest under it. Strapped to his back is his blade, which he takes good care of. He looks like he's in his early 20's. His left arm is wrapped tightly by bandages to cover his scars.
    • Personality: He is a jerk. He has the mindset, in which he is better than everyone, and often upsets people. He fully understand how he looks and often flaunts it, making him quite the flirt. His battling skills are quote aggressive, and he is a huge fan of fire, and blowing things up. He is a pyromaniac, and loves to pull pranks.
    • Familiar: A small phoenix, about the size of a small terrier, with light orange feathers, with red accebts. The phoenix goes by Valorn.
    • Gift: Prideful Death - Now this ability only works for humans, ogres, and weak minded creatures. It also works for weak minded individuals. The power works like this. Damian can remove someone's pride giving them no self worth and make them feel useless, and vulnerable. However this requires that Damian touch them with his left hand, and focus.
    • Weapon: A big freaking sword! Okay, let me go into details. The blade is about 3 feet in length, about a foot in width, and around 3 inches in depth. The blade is made from a mixture of titanium and obsidian, giving it a dark grey color. The handle is made out of a more obsidian like material, with a stronger base and durability. The handle is a cylinder, one foot in length, and a diameter of about one inch
    • Origins: While he was still alive, he was a Phoenix, named Crete. He was young for a Phoenix, around 200 and he was a very prideful one. His mindset, was basically he could do whatever he wanted, and with his very violent and destructive tendencies, people grew to hate him. Afraid of his ability to be reborn, a man created a toxin, that would cancel about the reborth, and allow Crete to simply die. He dipped an arrow in the toxic and shot Crete's left wing. The shot's toxic spread permantly scaring the wing. But Crete had little time to think about his wing, as the townspeople attacked him. Eventually he died, and was reborn as a demon, where he adopted the first name, Damian. He's been a demon for 24 years now.
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  22. Bloody hell... that's quite the bio...
    "My my, that's one ravishing looking devil~"
    Devillia get out of here! Anyways, Your bio does expand to a lot of details, which is a sign of a person with creative writing.
    "And I do like my men with such assets~"

    Get the heck out of here! *clear throat* Ry_Burst, welcome to the RP.
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  23. Thanks for having me aboard. :)

    (I feel all Damain would do in this situation is grin like mad, and gave a wink. So let's just say he did.)
  24. Me
    To all that has currently joined this RP. I've been thinking for a while about this and I thought of having a vote of which to start first.

    "In short, the vote will be about which side will start first."

    "Whether it is the Fovos or Virtus faction, the starting will depend on the side that has been voted the most."

    And due to the fact that even though I know some of you may have time constraints on your daily lives due to either work or school. It is also the fact that when I am awake, most of you will be asleep.

    "Well, it's due to the fact that you live in-"

    Upupup! You nearly told them where I live you deranged psycotic masochistic succubus!

    "In any case, we would appreciate it for you to vote on the side to when the RP actually begins. So that Lucas won't have a headache while at school."
  25. Since we have a few open spots, would it be okay for me to make a second character, a virtue to even things out a bit?
  26. A second character is fine, as long as you can keep up with the two characters.
    Hold on, why a virtue? Wouldn't it be better if you're-
    Devillia, I will seriously strangle you if you don't shut up!!!
    • Name: Debbie Haynes
    • Sin/Virtue: Humility
    • Age: 32
    • Gender: Female
    • Race: Human
    • Appearance: She has a very thin figure. She has a pale face, and her thick brown hair is kept in a bun. She has opal eyes, and often wears a white armor plated dress. Over it, she has a bck apron. She wears knee high black, lace up boots. She wears a black belt over her dress, and under her apron.
    • Personality: She is very motherly. She works hard to help people, making them comfortable, cooking food, and is very humble. She never gets a big ego, when people compliment her. She hates combat, but will fight when needed. However her fighting style is very pacifist, only capturing, never killing. She is a worrier, always worrying about what could happen to her or other people. She is someone who takes precautions.
    • Familiar: A small tabby cat, with orange stripped fur. He goes by Gladimore. He often is the one to tie up enemies after Debbie knocks them out.
    • Gift: Truth Teller: She is able to tell when someone is lying. The only requirement is that she has to have direct eye contact with said person.
    • Weapon: A Lasso. The weapon is made of a gold, and leather like fiber, tightly wrapped. It's about six feet long, fully extended. She keeps it coiled on a belt loop at her waist.
    • Origins: She was raised in an abusive household, by a father who beat her, and a mother who called her useless. She never fought back, always being afraid. When she was 18, she joined the military as a medic to get away from her parents. At war she saw many horrible things, but never once freaked out or partook in these horrid things. Soon she became one of the top ranked nurses and everyone was talking about it. She never batted an eye, and just worked. When the war was over she went to college and got her nursing degree. She also got married, and after her job interview with a hospital she was in a wreck that killed her.
    Sorry for the wait. Work caught me off guard.
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  27. Accepted.
    Welcome, Debbie. You will be a great asset to the Virtus Faction.
  28. Goodness, time does move faster when this is ignored. I'm surprised no one from the Sins except for Starry has posted something.

    Devillia what are you doing on my phone?!

    Whoops, seems like I have to go!
  29. Yo, can I join as Sloth?
    #36 Captain Cardboard, Aug 4, 2017
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  30. Very well then, this RP was pretty slow anyways.

    Did you say that because he chose Sloth

    Ugh, no Devillia. And get out of my room!
  31. Alright, here he is.

    Name: Kimon Johann

    Sin/Virtue: Sloth

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Kimon is lanky, with shoulder-length unkept white hair. He wears a simple blue t-shirt and sweatpants.

    Personality: Kimon is lazy (being the sin of Sloth, after all). He likes to sleep, and holds what he wants to do over all else, which is do nothing. He does not like to extend energy, but will if he has to or if he thinks,it will let him rest later.

    Familiar: Brown Bear named Kodak

    Gift: Exhaustion Aura. People close to Komkn begin to feel drowsy, because Kimon is stealing their energy. When Kimon isn't focusing on using it, it's hardly noticeable. But if he really focuses on using it, Kimon can steal a lot of energy, making him stronger and more energized and his opponents weaker and exhausted.

    Weapon: An enchanted revolver that never runs out of bullets, because if it did, he would be to lazy to reload.

    Origins: Kimon was a very lazy kid that never did anything. He never left his house, rarely left his couch, and sometimes was to lazy to eat. He got kicked out of school for failing his classes because he never did any work. One day, his parents had enough and tried to kick him out. Kimon killed them because they interrupted his nap. He died from starving himself to death, because he was to lazy to go to the store to get food.
  32. *Chuckle* U-uh, you're accepted. Hehe...

    Oh boy, here we go. You just can't get over that origin can you?

    Pft..., it's just really funny... such a bland origin but ironic as well. HAHA!
  33. That's the point! Anyway, I gave up trying to think of a dynamic backstory for the character who is the literal incarnation of Sloth. :p

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