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Wanna be in a story?

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    I'm looking to make a story series. AND guess what? I want YOU to be in it! Just make a character form, and I can try to make it happen! (As long as your character is accepted. Hahaha.)
    -General rules.
    -This isn't a RP at all. Just a little discussion on who wants to be in my little story.
    -I prefer if you don't give me the most vague descriptions ever. I need DETAILS for a story, people!
    -Have some fun making the characters!

    Friends for Drake (5/15) Sterling Hercules, @Red Gallade Artemis K. Lin (@Bunberry) Matthew Johnson (@Cloudswift) Dirk pitts, (@SoulDemon) Laurel Arken (@ChildOfTheTARDIS)
    (If anyone is willing) Girlfriend for Drake (1/1) Brodie Brano, @Fraseandchico
    Gym Leaders (6/9) Thorn Whiltner (@FrostCrispz) Colbalt Therion (@Pro Hero Dekiru) Shelby McDermitt (@Mockingchu) Samson Masters (@TycoonMaster309)
    Elite four members (1/4) Olivia Honeydew (@Excalibur Queen) Ray Cedric Stone (@Pokesweeper)
    Champion (1/1) Soras Blano, @Fraseandchico
    Evil team Leader (1/1) Maximus Hall (@DarkHydraT)
    Evil team Admins (1/4) Ben Aaron (@TycoonMaster309)
    Rival (2/2) Wesley (Wes) Ryder (@Mockingchu) Jett Dellis (@Pro Hero Dekiru)
    Some unrelated people! (1/???) Evan McDermitt (@Mockingchu)

    How they should interact:
    Pokemon (Up to 6)

    Name: Drake
    Age: 16
    Role: Main Character
    Appearance: Drake wears a white shirt and khakis. His hair is brown, shaggy, and reaches the nape of his neck. He has peach skin and ember eyes. He wears leather shoes and a Brown fringe scarf.
    Personality: Drake is very headstrong, yet caring. They're known as 'Adhere', too. He has a taste for adventure.
    -Grace, Rapidash (F)
    -Tantrum, Gabite (M)

    I didn't do the how they should interact thing because I already know how I'M going to react.
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  2. Name: Soras Blano
    Age: 35
    Role: Champion(Or Gym leader 8, I don't mind.)
    Appearance: Wears his old black jacket, with a blue-striped tank top underneath, he has orange eyes, brown spiky hair, and wears grey jeans, he wears black trainers, he is quite short(Standing at 4''16). He is quite thin.
    Personality: Quite respectful. He always enjoys watching new trainers fight, as it reminds him of himself. He always enjoys Pokémon Contests, this is due to his sister being a world class Pokémon coordinator. He always accepts a challenge, as he just wants a break now that he has achieved his goal of being a champion, and finding out what happened to his dad. He mainly wants the best for his daughter, Brodie Blano. He can be smart and resourceful(such as his idea of combining Blaze kick and Flare blitz, countering each moves weaknesses.), but has a lot of dumb moments.
    How they should interact: Obviously, he would be quite respectful towards the gang, maybe appearing often to check on his daughter. He would show up to help out against the evil team quite often, despite the fact that he believes the gang can handle it on their own.
    • Dunsparce(Partner. Gets stronger and faster as angrier(Which means 'on low health'), but takes more damage in that state.)(M)
    • Chesnaught(M)
    • Alakazam(F)
    • Blaziken(M)
    • Starapter(F)
    • Decidueye(F)
    Other: Comes from Kanto, and has wished to be a champion for a long time.
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  3. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    This sees like a interesting character to put into a book.
    Do you know anybody who would like to make a character?
    Name: Brodie Blano
    Age: 16
    Role: Drake's eventual girlfriend/Drake's pal.
    Appearance: has short, blond, hair, has green eyes, peachy skin, and wears a similar outfit to leaf, with the colour scheme of red. she is quite short, and average weight.
    Personality: Quite tomboyish, however, she has her girly side, such as her obsession with clothes. She often wishes her father wouldn't be so embarrassing, although knows that he is doing his best. She wishes to be a great trainer, and never backs down from a challenge.
    How they should interact: Has been Drake's friend since childhood, and knows him better than most people, however, before she gets to go on this journey with him, she hasn't seen him for several years(Due to Soras needing to move closer to the Pokémon league), and they have only communicated over the phone. As such, she won't be as comfortable around him as his other friends. In encounters with the evil team, she would probably get mad fast, and not think about her battling efficiency at all.
    • Dunsparce(F)
    • Nothing else for now.
    Other: N/A
  5. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    What do you mean? XD
    Looks like a full sheet, so she in too.
  6. (I mean I meant to have her form on the same post as Soras.)
  7. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Oh XD
    Anyway, Know some people who would be interested?
    (Beside @Bunberry)
  8. @Cloudswift Perhaps?

    I don't know if anyone else is interested.
  9. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    *says be a star in your own story*
    *main character is someone else*
    *sips tea suspiciously*
  11. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

  12. I dig this, Imma make a bio.

    Name: Sterling Hercules
    Age: 17
    Role: Friend for Drake
    Appearance: Pale skin, Silver hair, Purple eyes, Purple fur hoodie under a Black overcoat, Blue jeans and Black trainers.
    Personality: Very friendly and laid back. He loves dangerous things and comes off as more of a "Thrill seeker" than a trainer. Despite this, he is good hearted at times and always makes sure he does what he can to comfort someone. He loves Pokémon and loathes losing. He acts like a smartass to someone he doesn't like and would always talk back to them given the chance, he also acts gentlemanly (in a way) to women that he likes. He is aware that he can get extremely morbid and violent when angry.
    How they should interact: He respects Drake upon first meeting them (and battling?) He joins him on a journey as he likes the idea on getting stronger but mainly joined for the fun along the way.
    Sterling's first Pokémon and travelled to the region with him, after many battles and getting closer with each other, he evolves into Fraxure and then Haxorus.
    Ralts; First Pokémon he catches and becomes close friends with Haxorus, when he evolves into Kirlia, there will be times where he is about to evolve into Gardevoir, but refuses every time until Sterling finds and gives him a dawn stone and help him evolve into Gallade. Eventually gets into a mutual loving relationship with Lopunny.
    Buneary; Instantly falls head over heels for Kirlia (before Gallade) and vice versa, Sterling doesn't catch her right away, but after helping each other against a few wild angry Pokémon (your choice on what kind) Sterling catches her and at some point evolves into Lopunny. After her evolution, she and Gallade properly begin their relationship.
    Mawile; Sterling finds her injured and immediately takes her to a Pokémon center. She was bullied by other Pokémon but after being with Sterling for a little while and learning a few things from him, she goes back, defeats her bullies and joins his team.
    Shelgon; Found on a rampage as his brethren all evolved whilst he was left behind, Sterling likes his ambition and tests his strength in battle against Fraxure, afterward Sterling catches him and at some point evolves, becoming loyal to Sterling ever since.
    Golett; Been wandering around until they and Sterling cross paths, Sterling leaves them be but they follow him curiously, much to his annoyance. After he and Golett team up and defeat a few bad guys or more angry wild Pokémon, Sterling adds him to the team and at some point evolves into Golurk.
    Other: He comes from Unova and is skilled at climbing, parkour and surfing. He also carries a flute which he plays from time to time, the tunes are comforting to some Pokémon. (Might have other stuff to add later)

    Let me know if anything needs changing.
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  13. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Seems legit, dude.
    I can now make the first chapter!
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  14. serenbun

    serenbun Previously Bunberry

    Name: Artemis K. Lin
    Age: 15
    Role: Traveling friend
    Appearance: Artemis is a very small girl, petite for her age. She has long curly pastel blue hair that reaches her hips. Her eyes are very large and a bluey purple, she's got petite features and an adorable smile
    Personality: Artemis is very loud and excitable, she'll do anything for a dare and she's just a fun kid overall. She is very talented in her Pokemon battling.
    How they should interact: Artemis would treat them as a mutual and as they get closer a friend, but she might often tease them and overall messes around with everyone a lot.
    Kerplop (Alolan Raichu, M, Shiny), Soufflune (Sylveon, F), Kumo (Altaria, Possible Mega? M) Doodle (Mimikyu, M), Yukiko (Alolan Vulpix, F), Archie (Togekiss, M)
    Other: She'll have Kerplop and Soufflune from the beginning if possible? They can start in their pre evolved forms however u want to do it
  15. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Woah, woah.
    You gotta get admin permission for Mega's.
    Otherwise, accepted.
  16. serenbun

    serenbun Previously Bunberry

    i thought you needed that only for roleplay? its creative corner so like isn't that your decision?
  17. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    ...Point, but still.
  18. serenbun

    serenbun Previously Bunberry

    dont worry about it it was only a suggestion, its your story anyway
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  19. Sure, why not make a character for this one too? :)

    Name: Matthew Johnson
    Age: 17
    Role: Friend of Drake's
    Appearance: Matthew has sandy hair that he keeps neatly combed, though he always has a little bit sticking up towards the back. He wears a grey tank top underneath an unbuttoned green and black plaid shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Matthew always carries a turquoise backpack that he keeps stocked with Potions and other medical things.
    Personality: Matthew is kind, but shy. Once he forms a bond with someone, however, he is fiercely loyal to them. He has a habit of blaming himself for any misfortunes that fall upon those close to him, even if it's incredibly obvious to an outside observer that he could have done nothing to prevent it. He has a great sense of humor, but it can take him a while to warm up to a person enough to let that shine through.
    How they should interact: Shy at first, but gradually he will grow more attached to the main character and company. He doesn't usually tend to battle, but his bond with his Pokemon is nevertheless a strong one, and often times if he is in a bad scenario, his partner will burst out of its Pokeball to protect him. If Matthew's friends are in danger, he will show a tougher side and will fight fiercely to defend them, often saying little or nothing at all during these times.
    Pokemon: Ralts(evolves into a Gardevoir eventually, partner), Pansage(also evolves), Lillipup(hatches from egg, evolves fully eventually)
    Other: Matthew aspires to be a medic someday, rather than a Champion or a Coordinator.
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  20. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Wow, that took me longer to read than usual.
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  21. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Finna make a character before I get forgotten.
    Name: Dirk Pitts
    Age: 16
    Role: Friend
    Appearance: bright green hair with blue outlines, tan skin, we are a black muscle shirt and often is seen in camo shirts. He prefers a gym bag over a backpack,but it's just as effective.
    Personality: usually comes off as anti social, mostly cause he's afraid to be his full self full time, but if you get to know him, he's a generally fun loving guy.
    How they should interact: He would keep a some distance at first, showing bits and bits of himself as the story progresses.
    Pokemon: Bulbasaur(eventually evolves into a Venusaur, has a friendly rivalry with Torchic), Torchic( also eventually evolves into a Blaziken, has a friendly rivalry with Bulbasaur) Totodile(Eventually evolves into a Feraligatr), Eevee( eventually evolves into an Espeon albeit very late) Pichu(hatched from an egg, Evolves into a Raichu) Makuhita(evolves into a Hariyama)
    Other: Dirk is trying to find himself
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  22. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

  23. I'm always happy to help out a fellow author on this site! I figured I'd make a rival, but try to put a new spin on the old formula. Hope that's okay.

    Name: Wesley (Wes) Ryder
    Age: 15
    Role: Rival
    Appearance: He's got thin brown hair that is never in any particular style. Some peachfuzz is starting to grow in on his chin, and he trims it occasionally. Wesley is a wiry kid, relying on the strength of his Pokemon to get him through certain situations.
    Personality: Very shy and insecure, especially since he was picked on by Drake as a younger child. Drake may not have done it intentionally, but his constant teasing wore Wes down. Now he only confides in Dirk, but he feels he's losing him to Drake as well.
    How they should interact: At first Wesley is nervous around Drake, and only battles him to defend himself and what little honor he has left. As time goes on and he grows stronger, he also grows more confident. Hell, one day he may even beat Drake! Or feel worthy enough to battle alongside him!
    Simisage [Bud] - Male -
    Bud has been Wesley's partner from a young age. As Wes matured, so did Bud. Now a Simisage, they look forward to taking on the Gym Challenge and proving themselves. He's not too powerful, but he's resourceful when outside of combat.

    Roggenrola [Gio] - Male -
    Wesley meets Gio along one of the earlier routes, and takes a liking to his never-give-up attitude.

    Grubbin [Vi] - Female -
    Wes finds Vi stranded from her family right after his second gym battle. After trying to get her home to no avail, he realizes she is like him. She just needs a place to fit in. That place is on his team. Vi is compassionate, but ready to challenge anyone who threatens her new family.

    Seviper [Garth] - Male -
    Wesley and Garth butted heads at first. Right before Wes's fifth gym battle, he and his team were confronted by the wild Seviper. They tried to go around, wanting to save energy for the battle. But Garth was stubborn, and battled them. He didn't go down without a fight. But when he did, he crashed hard. Wes added him to the team for his pure strength. His attitude is not ideal.

    Passimian - Female -
    Okay this one is kind of cheating. After taking a small hiatus when his sixth gym battle forces him to rethink his motivations, Wes heads to a forest to clear his thoughts. There, a wild Passimian begins flirting with Bud. Although she is never caught, she checks in every once and a while on Wes and Bud, sometimes helping them in sticky situations.

    Staravia [Nova] - Female -
    Wes catches Staravia in a normal fashion after his hiatus ends. No special situations or anything. He thought she was quite elegant and battle, and wanted her to join the team. She's loyal, and ready to take a hit so the team can keep fighting.

    Pupitar [Lars] - Male -
    Wes finds Pupitar towards the end of his journey. Pupitar is insanely weak. I mean it's crazy how weak this dude is. Wesley takes pity on him, and believes that one day, when he becomes a Tyranitar, he will be strong.

    [obviously, the unevolved Pokemon won't stay that way. You can choose when to evolve them]

    Nada. I hope you like the character.
  24. Name: Olivia Honeydew

    Age: 13

    Role: Elite 4 member

    Appearance: Olivia has pale skin, blue eyes, and long pink hair. She wears a poofy short sleeved magical girl style dress with a light blue bodice and light pink skirt. She also wears white stockings, black mary janes, and necklace with a pink, heart shaped jewel charm.

    Personality: A sweetheart, Olivia can be a sucker for an adorable Pokemon. Sweet as she is, she despises bullies, show-offs, people who hurt Pokemon, and anyone who thinks they are “all that and a bag of chips”. She attempts to speak as nicely as she can to the aforementioned groups, though sometimes she does get mad. Watch out for her temper!

    How they should interact: Will sweetly greet her opponents. Coos over adorable/cute Pokemon. However, this doesn’t mean she’ll go easy on them.

    Pokemon (Up to 6) Lily - Female Gardevoir

    Sonny- Male Sylveon

    Daisy - Female Mimikyu

    Cotton - Male Whimsicott

    Blaire - Male Mawile

    Other: Her favorite hairstyles include : twin drill curls, double buns, twin pigtails, the same hairstyle as Lila Rossi , and the Sailor Moon hairstyle (you can pick which one/ones to use).
  25. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Just one question: Do I add on the Pokemon as it goes along, or?
    This is Accepted, too!
    (Edit: My Garchomp will get WRECKED by this member XD)
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  26. Yes, they're added as he progresses. I left little suggestions for when he should gain them as well.
  27. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    AHHHH I see it now.
    Early Routes
    Second gym
    STRAIGHT after the fifth
    During Hiatus
    After Hiatus
    Near the end.
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  28. Should I also put down how my char gets his Pokémon?
  29. Name: Ben Aaron
    Age: 11
    Role: Evil Team admin
    Pokemon: Lucario(M)(Eventually Mega)(Ace)(Partner Pokemon), Typhlosian(M), Charizard(M), Scizor(F), Tyranitar(M), Meltan (that new Pokemon)(Gender:None)
    Appearance:blue eyes with a lab coat and glasses with A birthmark that looks like the symbol on sir Aaron's hat on his forehead
    Personality: likes to fight with Pokemon. He is also very loyal to the evil team. Also very shy
    How he should interact: he should be very shy at sometimes but other times he should do anything to help the evil team. Drake should meet him at the same place as The evil team leader's first appearance. Thanks
    Other: He will eventually help Drake when he's having his final fight with the evil team leader and become a traveling companion for Drake and the others(Maybe)
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  30. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Yes. I would like to know.
    I can't accept this! IDK isn't a appearance, nor a word! And you didn't even fill out all I asked of it!
  31. I'll edit my bio then and put down how he gets them, and the order they're in will be the order he gets them.
  32. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Trainer Sheet (She is SO different from all my other OCs, I was surprised I could pull this off, honestly.)
    Name: Laurel Arken
    Age: 15
    Role: Drake's friend
    Appearance: Laurel has long, wavy blonde hair and pale skin. Her eyes are dark blue, and she usually wears dark brown clothes, which clashes with her complexion.
    Personality: She is quiet and serious, and moderately shy in front of strangers. When with her friends, she is very loud and showy, often battling just to gain attention. She feels like no one likes her and is good at picking fights.
    How they should interact: Drake and Laurel get along okay, but they don't agree on many things, which often results in Laurel shouting at him. When they aren't fighting, though, they make a good team.
    Pokemon (Up to 6):
    - Joltik - Milo (M)
    - Gothita - Serene (F)
    - Vullaby - Airalin (F)
    - Solososis - Vincent (M)
    Other: Laurel wants to be a psychic - type trainer, and it isn't going so well for her at the moment. She recently transferred from Unova.
  33. Bio's been edited, lemmie know what you think.
  34. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's


    Now, The reasons you got them seem's good @Red Gallade.
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  35. Appearance: Blue hair with glasses and a lab coat and blue jeans. Also blue eyes.
  36. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    There should be a edit button on the bottom of each post and a delete. Delete the one with just a appearance, and you should at it to the form. Either way, that still doesn't add everything of what I have asked in a form.
  37. Ok I just finished editing it. Thanks for letting me know
  38. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Alright! I have concluded that it's the CREATIVE CORNER, and mega evolution has been seen around it, no problem...
    Therefor, I've been learning to warm up to that...
    Can't wait to use one soon!
    (Note: Almost all are characters have a Pokemon that can mega evolve eventually. It's like, totally ironic. Now I just need a frogspawn for mega rings or gloves. Something like that. If any of you wanna have that certain Pokemon DO it, I can make it work. At least if I can find a bond between the trainers that have them.)
  39. Name: Maximus Hall

    Age: 40

    Role: Evil Team Leader

    Appearance: Combed back black hair with a ponytail, a moustache sunglasses and a tuxedo. He has fair skin and wears a couple of gold rings.

    Personality: Charismatic and manipulative, Maximus has a silver tongue and knows how to bend people to his will either by compelling arguments or by brute force. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goal and is not stingy with dealing out punishments, he desires perfection both in his team and his own business, a well-known supplier for Pokémarts.

    How they should interact: Maximus could be visiting a building on which many people depend, for instance a power plant or something like Silph. Co. He would behave as a charming businessman at first and leave soon after the group meets him, although not showing it he would be annoyed by the interference and the next day the building would be taken over by his team. This causes major problems with daily life due to the importance of the building and his team would need to be driven out of the building. When Team Potestas is removed from the building Maximus shows up, seemingly unnerved by what just happened and wanting to know what happened. He invites the group to his company to tell him the details about the event. After hearing the story he lets multiple grunts take care of the 'meddling brats that need to know their place' as he refers to the group. Eventually they confront Maximus and make a deal with him, if Maximus loses he needs to disband team Potestas and go to jail and if he wins they will never tell anyone about what they found out, a deal he laughingly agrees with as he thinks that they can never beat him.

    Pokemon (Up to 6): Electivire, Dusknoir, Rhyperior, Gallade, Infernape and Steelix.

    Other: Maximus leads a team known as Team Potestas, a very rich organisation that is hellbent on world domination. They are ruthless and are known for targeting vital places for daily life like power plants. They want to be in absolute control of the region and the world of not stopped in time. They flicker lights on and off in the middle of the night to exhaust people and prevent them from creating an uprising, they turn off computers to hinder the police, they hack Pokécenters and more of this sort of annoyance. They are willing to release their grip of the victims, but they want a lot of money in return and they only leave the targets alone for 24 hours at the most. This money allows them to target more power plants and similar places, effectively putting them in control over the entire region.
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