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Ask to Join Wait Until Kingdom Come

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. ~Discussion Thread~
    Signups Still Open!!!!

    The land was divided into 16 kingdoms, each grand in its own special way. Pokemon of the kingdom's primary type were welcomed, even if their appearance was unusual and frightening. Sometimes they fought, sometimes naught. But everyone was at relative peace... except for some...
    You may have noticed I declined to mention two typings in the Pokemon world. Well, for one, Fairy Types are like elves, the primary and secondary types have a rumored village deep within the mysterious forests (Although it's not uncommon to find secondary Fairy Types making a life with their primary type's kingdom)
    Yet the Dark Types...
    Primary and Secondary, all Dark Types are feared, hated, and excluded from normal life. Sighting one is never good for the Dark Type, often resulting in public humiliation before banishment to the dark forest. (Named as such due to the overwhelming amount of Dark Types thrown there.)
    Dark Types were unknown, hiding among other Pokemon, paid no head as they simply lived. Until a notorious band of unknown Dark Types taught their secrets to the Ghost and Steel kingdoms, teaching them to resist and damage the Psychic Types who had been the strongest type of them all for generations.

    That is where our story begins, you, a Pokemon from a Kingdom, living in fear or hatred of the Dark Types, or as a Dark Type yourself, plotting or moping within the Dark Forest or simply trying to hide within your primary kingdom.
    - Please, I want to stress that unless you are Dark Type do not make other Pokemon needless bully your Pokemon, even so, if you are a Dark Type only bully your character if others have an inkling of suspicion of what typing they truly are.
    This goes for other characters who aren't Dark Types, don't needlessly bully another character based on a melanistic appearance (It basically means the Pokemon probably ended up being born all black) even though they are Electric/Normal or something. If you happen to see a Fletchling that is dark red and grey you wouldn't bully them because all Fletchling are Normal Type.
    - I am allowing you to switch around the appearance of your species, such as, a regional variant or one with a thicker/thinner build than average.
    - Try to keep your Pokemon in the correct Kingdom, please, although there are villages made up of mixed Pokemon of all types (Not everyone wants to remain isolated based off of type after all)
    - Fairy Types aren't discriminated either, just let me clear that up. It's rare to see them in a kingdom, and everyone knows it's rumored they have a forest kingdom in the forest somewhere, (Like Laverre City) but they are so mysterious and new that everyone kinda looks up to them. Except Dragon Type, they are freakin scared of them. Fairy Types, since they are in the forest, also have free access to the Dark Forest because screw the rules, these guys are all sweethearts and would gladly give the poor Dark Type's cookies and who wouldn't accept their cookies they can pound the Dragon Kingdom into oblivion in a second.
    - But yea, seriously, if you are a Fairy Type, for the sake of the Roleplay, you are not going to hate or fear the Dark Types, you want to hug the poor dears.
    - Basic Pokecharms Rules
    - Try to not Mary-Sue, Gary-Stue, or Godmod
    - Try not to make your Pokemon character needless bigoted towards other kingdoms for no reason other than to start war. At least try to create some backstory to their mistrustfulness.
    - Seriously, if you know the typing of the Pokemon do not accuse them of being dark type even if they have red eyes and black paws.
    - Unless your Pokemon is an asshole
    - But don't be an asshole
    - Nobody likes an asshole
    - Let me know of a rule suggestion or loophole please, I feel like I thought of some when I started typing and missed them...
    Current Participants - I implore you that if you sign up plan on being active, and let me know right away if for some reason you cannot be active here anymore.
    @Mr Fishykarp
    @The Ringmaster
    Currently Named/Known Type Neutral Towns
    Feather Down Town
    A multi-type village a short distance from the Dragon Kingdom
    Aaaaaannnnnd I will post the first actual piece of story/whatever here tomorrow... I need to go sleep...

  2. Hyrain was sitting on her throne, forged of pure Skarmory steel (which the Skarmory donated), at the time which several of her Honegde, along with a single Doublade, floated in. "Yes, what is it?" She asked, turning to face them, as they had come through the side door. After listening to the Doublade's humming for a while, she replied "Okay," and stepped down from the throne. One of the honedge gave her a stack of documents. Skimming through the stack of paper, Hyrain muttered to herself, "Metal coats. Why do we have to ask the water-types for them? It's ridiculous. The fire types are the only ones with the things, and we can't get near those Pokémon without them trying to melt us down for money. So we have to go to the water types, who buy them purley for trading purposes. We're pretty much doing exactly what they want." After she had finished the read-through, Hyrain scribbled her signature on the bottom, it gleaming of pure steel, and handed it back to Doublade, who nodded and left the room, along with the other Honedge
  3. Arrow, a young Talonflame, was on duty. He was a courier. Like his parent before him, and their parents before them, and so on. He had just finished his finally delivery, and was heading back home to Feather Down Town. "The sooner I can get home, then the sooner, I can go to the Canyon!" He excitedly thought, while increasing his speed. The Canyon was a place just north of Feather Down town, in which the high wind speeds, and rocky cliffs, made it the idea lace to fly around at top speeds. He'd had been going there for quite some time now.

    He gave a spin and began to max out his speed, slowly, gaining speed. By the time Feather Down Town was in view he had reached about 380 mph. "Whohoo!" He shouted to the wind.
  4. "Sire....Sire please awaken, you must get ready. If we don't leave for Byehz soon, you'll be late for the negotiations with the steel queen." A vaporeon plead, trying to wake up her king. Locke opened a eye to see what the commotion was and followed it up with a large yawn.
    "What....you handle it. I appoint you or something."
    "I'd have to advise against that my king, this interaction was agreed to be done between royalty do to its importance to the steel type. You can not stand up there queen."
    "What are we negotiation?"
    "The metal coat we received from the fire kingdom. We obtained as part of our non-aggression pact and leaked the information to the steel types to start building relations. You were present for those meetings."
    Locke rubbed his head as stood from his throne slowly and stretched himself out. "Now if you'd follow me my king, I shall lead you to the fastest route to the coast." said the vaporeon as started swim off. Locke followed his adviser as they were escorted by two royal guard clawitzers. The citizens of The Sea Capital praise and cheered Locke as he passed by, Locke meeting them with just a simple look in there direction. It wasn't long before they had arrived on the coast of Byehz, the largest settlement above water settlement in the water kingdom.
    "But sire..."
    "I said that will be all." Locke said, dismissing his guards as he walked towards the great meeting hall in the center of town. He entered an empty building, one that was normally always bustling was now reserved for a meeting with royalty. "Alright, everything seems to be in order. The meal should be ready as our guest arrive. The Byehz guards are posted to escort the steel queen through town. All that's left to do is wait." The vaporeon said as Locke took a sit in one of the chairs in center of the long table.
  5. Hyrain walked out of the throne room, through a side door, and onto a small, flat pad, open to the air. "Aegislash? Are you ready?" A quiet buzz came from underneath the pad she was on, so she stepped back, moving her horns into a small niche set into the side of the door she came through. The many Klink inside felt the teeth and ridges of the jaw-like horns slide next to them, and spun in recognition. This in turn sent many Klang spinning, until two Klinklang had opened the hatch she was standing on, using the circular hoops underneath them to spin it open. About four Aegislash rose up from there in sword forme, their blades lying next to each other to create a platform, and the shields and cloths outlining the edges. Hyrain thanked them, stepped on, and shot into the air, the Klinklang shutting the pad behind her. After about half an hour, she landed outside the place they had agreed to discuss the trade, and stepped off. The Aegislash separated and switched to Shield forme, hovering behind her as she entered the hall
  6. Majora was thrashing around in her crate home, stuck in numerous nightmares at once. Her frenzied fit ceased with a sharp pain, and her eyes opened to see one of her troops. The Absol who had dealt the blow frowned and fixed his gaze onto his claws in what the leader of the army recognized as a penitent stance. "You are forgiven. Thank you." She barked. The soldier left swiftly and began waking up other troops, as evidenced by the piercing howls of shock from his rough system.

    The army commander strode out of the cramped crate to take a drink. A Weavile accompanied her to the off map stream. Majora knelt down on the bank and shoved her muzzle into the water, being buffeted by the waves. Relief showed on Weavile's face when her leader moved away from the river. The sharp clawed weasel knew the risk Majora had taken, since the river was extremely unruly about this time. Weavile trekked behind the Mightyena, and upon reaching the camp gathered the grumpy pokemon together.

    Once all the spies in decent condition were present, Majora tried to boost morale. Her jaws snapped together loudly, and the responses were the same chomping sound or the clash of honed claws. A menacing smile showed on her face which revealed her fangs. Houndour, a young recruit, took it as a challenge and began a sparring match. The fight lasted for some five minutes, then orders were given and spy patrols were sent out.
  7. "Welcome to the Byehz's Grand Meeting Hall Queen Myrain," the vaporeon said with a bow, "I am Aqua, adviser to his majesty Locke. If you would please take a seat the negotiations shall begin. A kelpsy berry salad and the finest fish from The Sea Capital shall be out shortly." Aqua took a seat down from Locke, who was eyeing his guest sporting a lazed look. Even seated he had to look down to observe the steel queen as she walked in. Locke to a moment to look at each of here guards before simply stating, "Welcome to the Water Kingdom.", and refocusing his gaze to Myrain.
  8. "Thank you. I do hope you don't mind that I brought my Aegislash with me, but I need protection wherever I go, owing to the amount of fire-type attacks. Also, my Pokémon are quite protective," Hyrain said courteously to the Water King, taking a seat opposite him. "I believe you are new to the throne?"
  9. "As royal guards are," Locke said in regards to her comment, "And yes, I was handed the throne five years ago after the passing of our late king."
    Several krabby marched out of a side room carrying trays of food to the table, placing two plates in front of everyone seated at the table. Locke took a bite of fish, his table manners a little less refined then others in his position. "Feel free to let you guards sit and partake in the meal."
  10. "Thank you, but they are ghost types. They also don't have a mouth, which does make eating a bit of a hindrance. Mostly, they live on other Pokémon's life force, which they siphon off people who touch their cloth. But they can go weeks without needing more energy." Hyrain explained, picking up a piece of fish and tossing it into her horns, which chewed it before throwing it into her mouth. "Please do mind my manners. My real mouth had no teeth."
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  11. Aqua took a bit of the salad and cleared her throat, signaling Locke to stay on topic, who found himself staring at the strange way Hyrain ate. "So as I was informed, you're here to negotiate for the...Steel coats,"
    "Metal coats." Aqua corrected him quickly.
    "Metal coats that were imported into the water kingdom recently." Locke stated reappointing his gaze onto the Steel Queen. "Our kingdoms have not done business since the king prier to me, if I recall."
  12. "Yes, I remember your old king. Kingdra was a good ruler, and I hope you will be able to do just as well as him, if not better. Now, the metal coats. You have got precisely four hundred of them if I recall correctly, and we would like to trade for the full amount, as we are probably the only kingdom to purchase any. We, on the other hand, have uncovered several items you may be interested in. Around three chestfuls of water stones, about two dozen King's Rocks and fifty Deep sea Teeth and Scales, to name a few, as well as Nuggets and Star Pieces, if you are interested in more direct currency."
  13. "As I'm sure your well aware, the water kingdom received these metal coat's as a signing deal to our non-aggression pact with the fire kingdom, who has a monopoly on such an item. The non-aggression pact included a trade agreement for metal coats in exchange for our troops leaving there boarders and returning there access to the river, leaving us now in control of the metal coat production." Locke said, proving to Aqua he at least paid some attention to there meeting. "With this new information are you sure these one hundred metal coats is all you'd like to discus?" He said with a serious look in his eyes, knowing the corner he back the steel queen into. He had to hand it to his advisers ability to think multiple steps ahead, even though he hated be told what to and not to say.
  14. "That is rather impressive. Your army must be a force to be reckoned with, and I don't blame the fire kingdom for signing that non-aggression pact. My reports were apparently incorrect on that front. And at present, that is all, but I may come back to discuss a full trade route if the fire types are no longer in control of the metal coat production." Hyrain replied, tossing another piece of fish into her jaws
  15. "Our previous king was more of an isolationist, I am not. And as for the one hundred metal coats, we will agree to a chest of water stones, the deep sea teeth and claw, and 10 starpieces" Max said, proposing his starting offer.
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  16. "Make it two hundred and fifty, and you have yourself a deal. Those star pieces aren't easy to come across, and neither are the Clampearl items. So, what do you say?" The Mawile asked, putting on her most innocent face (which is saying something)
  17. Far removed from the political affairs taking place in the water type province, another grueling task was taking place. It involved a rather upset Eevee, gazing at a rough ball of tightly packed cloth and string that hurt when hit anywhere with it. Presently, with tears in her eyes, rivers racing down her pink stained cheeks, and her entire body feeling hot and angry, she was screaming at the fleeing tails of a few Electrike and Lilipup children of the town, who had carelessly kicked the ball through the window of her workshop, destroying many of her nearly complete projects. "Get back here, you good for nothing mutts! I worked really hard and you waltzed in and broke all of it without so much as a sorry?! You better run!"

    Eventually, the chase left her winded as she was not built for such running. She broke down into loud sobbing over the destruction of things that had given her safety in Feather Down Town. Luckily, in the afternoon everyone was gathered either in the town center or inside, so she bawled her small heart out with no one to hear or judge.
  18. In the most silent part of the town, the Mightyena prowled around in search for a good target. Some low ranked soldiers were with her, only one of each species in case the patrol was caught.

    Majora continued to scrutinize the houses. One of them seemed very promising, but a sobbing Eevee was too close to the door and might see if the spies tried to get inside. The patrol huddled together to discuss a plan in muted hisses.

    The solitary Zoroark shifted his appearance to look like a Fletchling. A Purrloin in training was shaking in dread. The crew waited in tense quiet for the signal that Majora would give, for now hiding wherever they would not be seen.
  19. "These metal coats weren't easy to obtain ether." Locke said, he's gaze focusing on Hyrain before shifting away with a sigh. "I will agree two hundred, just stop that." Locke found it hard to look Hyrain in the eyes with her making such a childish face.
  20. The tips of Crescent's whiskers pulsed in agitation as she furiously wiped her eyes raw. Feeling sticky and raw with her entire body trembling with suppressed emotion, she took a deep breath and exhaled instead. "I'm going to have to remake all that jewelry now..." She sniffled, a fhlemy cough escaped her mouth as she suppressed more sobbing. "I-I guess not all of it got broken... I'm sure I can polish some of it again..." She muttered.

    Her methods of reassuring herself didn't do anything more than stop the crying. With labored breathing, the young shiny beauty got up on her paws, and started to make the trek back to the jewelers. She wasn't any more confident in her new task of remaking months of lost work and time, but instead thought about how an incredibly detailed piece that wasn't touched was very close to completion. And not to mention Thyme, the Alolan Ninetails she was apprenticed to, had agreed to take her on one of her trips to sell their merchandise in other kingdoms! She smiled shakily to herself, everything would be alright in the end, because why shouldn't it. She deserved all the love she was given and she made sure to be the best child she could be... It would all turn out alright in the end.
  21. Arrow circled above the town, where he saw a group of younger pokemon all paying with a ball. Then the ball through a window, and a commotion, broke out. Apparently the younger Pokemon had broken some of Cresent's work, and she was upset. He watched as the younger pokemon, made a dash to gain some ground away the upset Eevee. After they slowed down Arrow lowered himself in front of the younger Pokemon.

    "C'mon, you guys. You know what'll happen if you play in the streets. If you're gonna play with the ball then play in the fields." he said giving them a stern look. They gave a collective nod and wandered off towards the field, to play some more. He smiled and shook his head.

    Then Arrow hit the skies again, but this time for a shorter flight. He flew into his home and entered inside, ready to eat some grub.
  22. Crescent dejectedly opened the door back into the workshop she mainly stayed in. She pawed her way around the glass on the floor, choosing wisely not to gaze at the scattered remains of rings and necklaces across the floor. Instead, she found the broom and dustpan and busied herself with sweeping the mess off the floor. Of course, being only twelve she didn't do a perfect job, and the bottoms of her paw pads had been rubbed and scratched and cut raw by the end of the hour.

    She looked at the sluggish droplets of red blooming on her front and back paws, and luckily Thyme had chosen that moment to walk in. "Ow..." Crescent muttered quietly, lowering her head in shame.

    "Oh honey, you should have gotten us to help! Poor dear..." Her melodious voice bounced around the tiny yet homey room, and her cold, white, and frail paws busied themselves with tending to Crescent's small injuries.
  23. Majora smiled when the Eevee left to go home, showing her fangs again. Purrloin stopped shaking so much and Zoroark turned back to his normal form. The gang sneaked into the house and grabbed whatever valuable thing they could find, doing a quick job in case the owners came back early.
  24. "Your mother stopped by to tell me your father will be doing extra rounds tonight, not that we have anything to worry about in this town. That noisy father of yours scares off everyone before they actually see him... but we offered dinner tonight and your mother said yes, so don't worry about rushing yourself, honey." The fairy and ice type cooed gently. The elderly fox nuzzled Crescent gently, and the young girl giggled softly. She looked up at Thyme in open admiration. Thyme was born in the Fairy forest many many years ago, and had moved to Feather Down Town after meeting her husband in the Fire Kingdom on the forest's border. Crescent had asked many times what it was like in the forest, but never received anything more than vague answers.

    Crescent hoped to evolve into a Sylveon, that way she could be a fairy type like her mentor... except no one knew how to evolve into Sylveon except for other Sylveon, but they all lived inside Fairy Forest who knows where. Being an Umbreon... wouldn't be horrible... maybe... Ok, it was terrible to even consider evolving into a Dark Type, but Thyme would never turn against her. It was almost enough for her to forget about how scary and, well, bad Dark Types could be. But Crescent would be different, not that anyone would listen to an Umbreon...

    She shook her head, leaping back onto the stool, comfortably lapsing back into excited chatter as Thyme's expert paws guided Crescent through her latest piece. The recent troubles of the day were easily forgotten in the golden light of the room, paired with Thyme's soft white-blue glow and the chilly air inside the room.
  25. "You've got yourself a deal," Hyrain said, smiling. "We will deliver our half shortly. And what did you want me to stop?" Hyrain asked, a playful look on her face
  26. Nothing...We, the water kingdom, accept the terms of trade and will ship the metal coats immediately as two shipments. My our kingdoms prosper." Locke said before finishing his meal and standing. "Feel free to stay in Byehz as long as you wish," Locke said closing in the meeting, the lazed look on his face returning as continue to (literally) look down at his guest. "I shall await the next time we do business."
  27. Everyone in the house raised their heads in unison to better hear shouts coming from about a block away. The dark types assumed the worst and left abruptly, carrying the most useful items they could get.

    At the exit to the city, a halt was called. "Get them out of here." Majora commanded Zoroark, who changed into Unfezant and flew away, holding the valuables and Purrloin in his talons. "Now everything important is safe." Majora sighed and started trudging back home.
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  28. Within the workshop, Thyme and Crescent raised their heads to the noises of yelling. Telling her apprentice to stay inside, the fox swiftly left to head towards the ruckus. Crescent huddled under the table, whimpering softly to herself with her paws over her eyes. Thyme meanwhile had reached the source of the noise, or at least some of it. As far as she could see, at least two of the townspeople were fighting about something, many other adults cutting off her view. Overhead, Sammy danced about, seemingly keeping the fighting at bay with his spear clutched in his claws.
  29. "Thank you. May our kingdoms prosper." Hyrain replied, looking up at the Water-type. "Unfortunately, I must be departing now. Business to attend to. Trust me, the job is as tedious for you as it is for me." She said laughing, and waved goodbye as she walked out. The Aegislash followed behind her, returning to their transport position, Hyrain stepped on, and they shot into the air.

    About twenty minutes later, she came across an Unfezant, which was gripping several pieces of jewelry which looked like they could sell for a lot, along with a... Purrloin? The Aegislash, sensing what she wanted, flew alongside the Pokémon. "Excuse me? Would you mind coming down onto here, please?" She called out to it, several of the shields lining the edge dropping
  30. "No problem, ma'am." Zoroark answered in a calm voice. He alighted beside Hyrain and bowed clumsily. With one claw he released the riches, and the other held down the cat to make it look as if she was his prisoner. On the inside, both the dark types were extremely nervous. Purrloin was the only one to show it, covering her eyes with her paws as she shook uncontrollably.

    Majora could see the steel queen's transport next to the fake Unfezant a mile away. She dodged behind a dark, indistinguishable shape and watched Zoroark go inside. He better not mess this up. If he does, we're short two fighters and meals for a week. A deep growl sounded from her when she considered the losses that could bring.
  31. Hyrain knelt down next to the Purrloin, folding her horns flat against her back as not to startle it, and asked "Hey, are you all right?"
  32. "Y-yes?" Purrloin uncovered her eyes to stare in disbelief at Hyrain. "I haven't been scratched too much recently, if that's what you are asking...and I get a daily meal..."

    The master of illusion matched his ally's gaze at the queen, his look tinted with the relief he thought was invisible. His grip loosened, which revealed the cat's thinness. Lack of nourishment was usual for those of dark origins.
  33. "Goodness, you really aren't looking very well. Where did you find her? And, more specifically, where are you taking her?" The steel queen asked Zoruark
  34. Crescent grew worried as more time flew by, and Thyme still hadn't returned. She was starting to cramp up and grow sore when suddenly the workshop door flew open. Thyme seemed colder than usual, her voice was clipped, "Crescent, dear, come out and help me." Wordlessly, the poor Eevee scrambled out from under the workbench and under the safety of Thyme. She was led into the house where her father stood, shuffling by the door, and seating in the middle of the room was-"Dark type!" Crescent whimpered, freezing under Thyme. The incineroar in the middle of the room flinched, hunched over and his tail curling around his feet.

    "That is no way to treat the poor soul, Crescent." Thyme chastised. "The poor Pokemon here is going to be escorted by me and your father to the Dark forest, and I am merely gathering food for him during the trip, now help me make the sandwiches dear." Crescent mumble nodded, following her mentor after glancing warily at her father.
  35. Jirachi above, this is getting ridiculous! I really need to do something about it, Hyrain thought angrily to herself, her horns showing it quite obviously as they rose up
  36. "Um...s-she was trying to steal f-f-from my house, so I'm sending her back where she came from!" Zoroark invented. The fear from him was obvious. His feathers were ruffled up and his beak hung open as his eyes darted to look everywhere but at the ruling Mawile. Purrloin squeaked and shielded herself from the sight. She tried to pierce through a shield with her claws, desperately attempting to leave.
  37. "May I ask, why are you so nervous? I'm not planning on hurting anybody. Hmm... Let me check something." Hyrain walked over to the Zoruark, and made a tiny cut with her arms, barley visible
  38. "Why did you do that!" He squawked in feigned anger. The illusional one wasn't quite sure what the purpose of cutting him was, but slowly came to realize when his form shifted to normal. "Oh...shellder." He backed away from Hyrain slowly, his eyes carefully watching her in case any sudden movements were made toward him or the Purrloin he was meant to bring home.
  39. Crescent quietly helped Thyme place the slices of berries across the sandwiches, her ears flicking to the silent living room. Of course the incineroar would be here before banishment... Thyme couldn't hate anyone with a sugar bone in her body. Besides, there were torracat in the village, so the evolution might have been accidental.

    She walked to the doorway to gaze at the poor half dark type, honestly... If he lived in the village before he couldn't be all bad... Could he? Well, either way, nothing would happen with Thyme and Sammy around to protect her. Thyme walked in with bags of food, giving them to the Incineroar to hold. Then, the three left.

    Although... She was curious if he was simply acting the entire time. If he was, her parents could be in trouble! Or maybe she was paranoid... She was told she was too paranoid but still, what if? She shook her head, sneaking off after the adults.
  40. "Ah. Now that makes more sense. So, what were you really doing with the Purrloin and all of this jewelry?"

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