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Private/Closed Voxistale (Undertale RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by N E G A N, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Something I've been sitting on for quite a while. An Undertale rp. I've noticed many of the UT rp's be really... shitty, to put it simply. There is never a real plot to them and the story's motivation dies off in the beginning.

    Voxistale is my au. The reason it is called 'Voxis' is because,
    1. The name of the city is 'Voxis City'
    2. All the good ones were taken.
    3. Because fuck yeah.
    This takes place after a special true pacifist run. Gaster, Chara, and Asriel are all alive and well for the beginning of this rp.
    You are allowed a maximum of ONE original Undertale character, (ig, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne), but you could also request just ONE other.
    You are also allowed a maximum of TWO other characters, whether they are Monster or Human, they cannot be main characters. They must be OC's.
    You can only have a maximum of THREE characters.

    This is set a year after the return to the surface. Humans and Monster for the most part are still pretty tense around each other for the most part.
    Even though the world is big, Monster kind remain together, all in Voxis city, near Mt. Ebott.
    The main plot will begin shortly after characters are established.
    Soul (Human):
    Magic (Monster):
    Skills and Abilities:
    Relationships (Not limited to romance):
    Other (Optional):
    Name: Sans
    Age: 32 (because it feels that way)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Monster
    Appearance: A Skeleton Monster. He's short, and most would say he looks fat, but, he's a skeleton... so...
    A constant grin resides on his face, with two small white orbs in his eye sockets to portray pupils.
    Attire: Sans loves to wear a simple white T beneath his iconic blue jacket. Along with a pair of basketball shorts and punk slippers, Sans is about as fashionable as it gets. *wink wink
    Soul (Human): N/A
    Magic (Monster): Multiple. Manifestation (Limited to Bones and Gaster Blasters), Telekinesis, Teleportation, and the ability to exist outside the timeline.
    Skills and Abilities: Sans has an ability called 'Karma', which is as it sounds. Those who are bad, the more karma will effect them. Karma's effects are reversed for those who are good, and essentially heal the enemy instead. He can exert a devastating amount of punishment, and can easily dodge incoming attacks of any shape or form, but can wear down after so long. He can't keep dodging forever.
    Personality: Sans is usually pun loving and lazy, with a love for ketchup and his brother. Usually very chill and easy going, those closest to Sans can see the mild depression and anxiety he tries to hide in his skull. Is vengeful, but can only bring himself to fight when he has nothing left to fight for.
    Job(s): Works as a substitute at Frisk, Chara, and Asriel's school.
    Also runs a hot dog stand.
    Relationships (Not limited to romance): Brother, Papyrus. Father, Gaster. Child?, Frisk.
    Other (Optional): In this au, Sans is a lot more powerful than classic Sans, due to living with the Humans, eating their food, and gaining more substance (thank glitchtale). Isn't as punny as normal either, as he has fulfilled his wish of living on the surface. Frisk hasn't reset. Yet.
    Frisk- @GreninjaTrainer013
    Asriel- @Eeveechu151
    Gaster- @Eeveechu151
    James- @Eeveechu151
    Toriel- @Comic
    Undyne- @Comic
    Alphys- @Comic
    Asgore- @Comic
    Sans- @Dave Strider
    Papyrus- @Dave Strider
    Muffet- @Dave Strider
    Larry- @Dave Strider
    Mettaton EX- @AstralDarkrai37
    Chara- @Riverrunner
    Jake- @X3n0 Jake
    With all this in mind, let's begin, shall we?
    Sans was lying in his back, the beach sun radiating heat and light onto his skeletal form. All he was wearing now was his casual shorts, his jacket and the shirt cast aside to pretend to enjoy a good tan. Of course, the sun doesn't really do crap, but it's all just harmless fun, right.
    Sans opened his left eye to look at several figures down the beach.
    He recognized them as several of his friends he's made since his time on the surface.
    They'll notice him, in time. With this in mind, Sans whiped out his pair of shades, and stuck them over his eye sockets.
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  2. Forgot to tag my main candidate, you, senior.
    @Eeveechu151 and @X3n0 Jake
    As a side note, NO au's. This will solely focus on Voxistale.
  3. Name: Jake Larson
    Age: 13
    Race: Human
    Appearance: blue eyes, brown hair, slightly pale skin, hair is always a mess.
    Attire: Green hoodie with blue jeans and green and black sneakers.
    Soul: Kindness (green)
    Skills/abilities: Quick but doesn't really have elaborate plans on how to get out of a sticky situation.
    Job(s): None yet. He just helps out when he can.
    Most monsters: acquaintances
    Asriel: Best friend
    Chara: Haven't met.
    Frisk: hasn't met but idolizes.
    Asgore: ... Lets just say whenever Jake sees asgore he breaks into a cold sweat.
    Toriel: friends.
    Personality: Kind but is slightly sad all the time. Mostly doesn't show emotions when in private.
    Other: has a phobia of anything that can sting you and puffer fish. He cool with stingrays tho.
    Jake skateboarded down the sidewalk with a piece of bubble gum in his mouth as he made his to the beach. He arrived at the beach exactly at noon, nice. Jake was in a pair of swim shorts with a backpack on, his hair a mess as usual. He walked near Sans as he spotted the lazy BONES. "Hello vertebruh. How are ya?" Jake asked as he sat down in the sand next to Sans.
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  4. Sans looked at him, grinning. "Well well well. Normally I'd 'beach' ya to the puns, but I'd be 'lyin' if I said that wasn't a nice one." Was the skeletons reply as he closed his eyes again.
    "I'm just chilling... Paps has been working me down to the bone ever since I volunteered to help him when he got involved with MTT." Sans said, eyes remaining closed.
  5. Jake laughed at Sans' puns. "Well, I know I'm not a punny guy to the extent of you, but trust me when I say that you getting this little break is a..." Jake paused as he held up a bottle of ketchup. "Condiment!" Jake finished with a bit of laughter as he handed Sans the ketchup. His phone then notified Jake that he got a text. Jake figured it could wait.
    (Compliment condiment)
  6. Sans chuckled. "Aw, you shouldn't have. I still owe you for that extra pasta bowl you lent Paps. Looks like I better 'ketchup' soon." Sans tucked the Ketchup into his jacket.
    "You should look at it." He added to Jake. "Your phone, I mean. I always do. Never know what's going on. But those blasted things don't like to work with bony fingers." Sans looked down the beach at a figure rising from the water, before returning back into it. "I never actually got that guys name. He was always at Grillby's, and he was kinda weird..." Sans muttered, mainly to himself as the fish monster tried to act majestic as he held a wild fish in his hand, and began trying to make out with it. It was a hilarious scene.
  7. Jake then looked at his phone and his eyes widened. "Welp. I'm in deep shit." Jake said as he turned the phone so Sans could see. "I borrow temmie armor as a joke and now they are asking me to pay like 1000 bucks. I mean Jesus fucking Christ..." Jake continued, now facepalming. "I really hate temmies." He finished.
  8. "Eh, language, kiddo. You know Tori doesn't like that." Sans says, before looking at the phone.
    "Nah, its fine. The Temmies are just uneducated. They don't get how financing works. If it makes you feel any better, I'll go talk to the Temmies and see what's up." Sans offers, looking away from the phone.
  9. "Thanks Sans, and btw I know Miss Toriel doesn't like me cursing. So that's why I do that when she is at least 300 feet away from me." Jake replied to Sans, putting the phone in his backpack. Jake then pulled out some goggles and looked at Sans. "I'm going swimming. Later." Jake said as he ran to the ocean. (I will assume this ocean is tropical as I see palm trees in the UNDERTALE ending cutscene.)
  10. "Well, take care. And don't hurt yourself, because that means I'll have to get up and help you. And I'd rather not because I love doing absolutely nothing." Sans said as laid back down. "And don't let creepy fish guy confuse you for a fish or something." He added.
    (Ye. Voxis City is a beach city. Think of it like GTA: Vice City.)
  11. I haven't seen an Undertale roleplay in a while, honestly. Count me in. (I might toss in an OC later, but this is hopefully good for now.)

    Chara Dreemurr
    Age: Heck if I know. Considering all of the shenanigans that occured involving their death and such, I highly doubt they know either.
    Gender: ...Yes
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Overall, Chara appears near completely androgynous, with no defining features to denote them as more masculine or feminine. A few sparse freckles dot across their pale skin, which, along with their somewhat flushed cheeks, gives them the appearance of either a ghost or an extremely antisocial introvert who hasn't seen the light of day in several years (both of which are somewhat true). They have somewhat messy, short, light brown hair styled in a bob, and red eyes that seem somewhat out of place.
    Attire: Chara is rarely seen without their signature green and yellow striped sweater, or at least a shirt or the like of similar appearance. Such is typically accompanied by a pair of brown shorts and boots, although they aren't too terribly picky. However, they always wear a golden, heart-shaped locket no matter the current situation. It is highly unlikely they have ever taken it off.
    Soul (Human): Red soul (Determination)
    Magic (Monster): No
    Skills and Abilities: Posessing a red soul of Determination, Chara formerly had the ability to save and load files, though they most certainly weren't aware of such and thus never made use of it. Currently, they have the extremely useful abilities to make awful jokes, scream internally, and consume a seemingly infinite amount of chocolate bars at a frightening pace. Oh yeah, and they might still be able to fight with a knife too. Seems fairly useless in their opinion.
    Personality: Generally, Chara is a cynical smart-alec who takes every possible opportunity to toss in a sarcastic remark. However, they typically do so in a (somewhat) lighthearted fashion, and have a good sense of humour... albeit a bit morbid at times.
    Job(s): I highly doubt they are a productive member of society yet.
    Relationships (Not limited to romance):
    • Asriel: Adopted brother. The best goatbro of all time, in their humble opinion.
    • Toriel: Adopted mother
    • Asgore: Adopted father
    • Frisk: Somewhat reluctantly accepted as an adopted sibling of sorts. (I'm sure how Frisk fits into the canon here, as in some AU's they are collectively parented... I guess is the word... by everyone, others they become another Dreemurr kid, and still in others they move in with the skelebros so take this with a grain of salt.)
    • Sans: I'd imagine they're not the best of friends, but also don't try to literally kill each other on site like in most fan depictions, but I'll let Dave decide seeing as this is his AU.
    • Basically everyone else: Acquaintances
    • Humans in general: Kind of an iffy relationship, to say the least. Having been on the surface for a year, they have gotten somewhat more used to the presence of humans, but not to the point where such are seen the same as monsters. They are generally more cagey and intolerable around them, but what else is new.
    Other (Optional): Seeing as this takes place on a beach, they're probably just wearing a green/yellow striped shirt, shorts, and sandles; screaming as they stick to the shade like a fricking vampire due to getting sunburnt extremely easily. Maybe with a sun hat or something.
    This section is probably supposed to be meant for headcanons or something...
    ...In that case, Chara is a cat person.


    Chara, unlike most everyone else it seemed, wasn't having the best time. What was a supposedly "relaxing" ocean breeze had plastered their sand-caked hair to their face, the sun was practically blinding; not to mention the awful heat, their entire body seemed to be coated in itchy, uncomfortable granules of what was probably mostly parrotfish poop... The list of complaints they had went on for miles, but they refrained from voicing any of them. Instead, Chara remained where they had been for what was probably the last fifteen minutes; sitting in the sand by the water; in silence. They retained what a forced smile as a small crab relentlessly latched its claw onto their little finger. Nonchalantly flicking it off, the child continued to grin. "Yep... this is... definitely fun, guys," they said to themself, tone dripping with sarcastic spite. Chara nonchalantly flicked the crap off, putting their hands in their lap in order to avoid such from happening again.

    They were so wrapped up in their one-sided dialogue that they completely failed to notice most of their surroundings. Except... was that a fish monster... kissing a fish? This prompted a legitimate smirk from the child. Sure, everything else here to them was one huge writhing cesspool of constant discomfort, but at least someone was embarrassing themselves... albeit in a disgusting fashion... then again, Chara quickly realised this wasn't much different. It was mildly humorous, but the unpleasantness so helpfully provided by literally everything in their area still hung in the air like a thick fog. They were just going to... stay here. And look away. Yep. This was fine. "Definitely... very enjoyable. I couldn't have chosen a better place for relaxation myself."
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  12. So I'll be taking Gaster right off the bat (because I ♥ Gaster, especially his Glitchtale version, and I can tell we're using Glitchtale stuff here). I'd also like to request potentially taking Asriel, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed with how you worded it at the beginning... Also, how does the history of this timeline differ from the Pacifist ending? Gaster, Asriel and Chara don't come to the surface in the game's endings. So what changed?
    Name: Doctor W.D.Gaster
    Age: 57, I guess...?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Monster (Skeleton/Ghost)
    Appearance: upload_2017-8-8_6-52-54.jpeg
    Attire: See appearance.
    Magic (Monster):
    • Summon 7 Hands that can have and change between the human soul colors
    • Summon bone attacks
    • Summon Gaster Blaster
    • Teleportation : The ability to transport from one place to another in an instant.
    • Monotone : This is a special ability Hands to make the one(1) 7 times more powerful.
    • DUALITY : Merges his 7 hands into 2 giant ones. These 2 can switch between the original 7 colors and make combinations between them. The dual hands will follow Gaster’s hands motion and commands. The powers are according to each color, and each attack these hands make as far more powerful than any of the 7 hands he originally had can attack.
    Skills and Abilities: A master scientist, genius, and researcher. Also called the "Most Powerful Monster".
    Personality: Gaster is a loving and caring father, but is extremely vengeful and angry towards those who threaten the ones under his protection. Remembers all the timelines, so holds disdain towards Frisk and Chara.
    Job(s): Scientist, currently working on expanding the CORE to Voxis City.
    Relationships (Not limited to romance): Sons: Sans and Papyrus. Grandchild...?: Frisk/Chara. Assistant: James. Friends: Asgore, Toriel, Undyne, Mettaton. Co-worker: Alphys
    Other (Optional):
    Name: James
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Has medium-length brown hair, brown eyes and a light skin tone. 6'1.
    Attire: Wears a green shirt with a yellow circle on it with brown track pants. Also wears brown shoes and sometimes brown fingerless gloves.
    Soul (Human): Turquoise - CREATIVITY. One of the reasons Gaster allows James to work at his lab is because of his unique, new type of SOUL. When James' SOUL reaches v2, he'll be able to create power constructs out of his mind. Not as strong as the ones Frisk and Chara can create, but much more diverse than just shields and swords.
    Skills and Abilities: Great with machines, and smart. Makes him the perfect assistant for Dr. Gaster.
    Personality: Friendly and a jokester, but when things get serious HE gets serious.
    Job(s): Works as Gaster's assistant.
    Relationships (Not limited to romance): Boss: Gaster. Co-worker: Alphys. Friends: Mettaton, Sans, Papyrus.
    Other (Optional): Currently, James is the only one so far with a Creativity SOUL. This makes Gaster extremely interested in the child.

    Gaster was working in his lab, tinkering with a model of the CORE with his seven hands while he thought.
    "What if we don't move the CORE?" Gaster's assistant, James, asked. "Instead, why don't we relay the power we get from the CORE to the city?"
    "The problem with that is it burns out. The city's too far away." Gaster replied.
    "In that case, maybe we could install something that renews and preserves the energy?" James continued, flopping down in his seat.
    "Definitely a possibility." Gaster said, thinking. "But then how would we do that...?"
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  13. (This IS my au, however, I'm definitely open to any changes from my originally 'script'. Any oc's made change the story, which is awesome, and Chara and Frisk, in my opinion, are female, but that's in your hands now ;)

    Eventually, the Skeleton opened one eye, and someone caught his attention.
    "..." Chara was being as anti social as ever. In fact, he hadn't seen her in a while, not since he'd substituted for the gym class.
    So, Sans being how he is, disappeared from his spot, reappearing beside them.
    "It's a beautiful day outside." He winked, grinning broadly. "Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you should be hanging with me at Grillby's."
    San chuckled lightly. Originally, he'd despised Chara being on the surface, but lately, Frisk had convinced Chara to give them a chance, and he had.
    Chara wasn't exactly up to Sans' social standards, but they actually weren't that terrible to have for company. "How ya doin', kiddo?"
  14. (I mean, I was just asking about what happened in the past. Because the past has to be different from regular UT to have Asriel, Chara and Gaster on the surface.)
    Gaster put his hand on his forehead, thinking hard. "A form of energy renewal... how would we-"
    "Doctor Gaster, may I suggest we take a break for today?" James said.
    "But we still have to figure this out, James. We started at 10 AM. We haven't been working for long enough that we need-"
    James jutted his finger towards the clock. It read 4:37 PM.
    "...I suppose you're right." Gaster said, getting up and stretching. "I'm just wondering what to do now."
    "Perhaps go and see what your sons are doing?" James asked.
    "I suppose." Gaster said, one of his hands grabbing his cell phone. He decided to text Sans. Hello, Sans. I'm off work for now. What are you doing?
  15. (That's actually up for you as players to decide.)
    "Oh, hold on a sec." Chara raised a bony finger to Chara as he whipped out his cell, turning on the screen, he was greeted by a picture of himself and Paps, after they'd bought their house in the Underground. Sans grinned at it, like he always did, before looking at the text.
    i'm gonna try and see if chara wants to hang at grillbz. you're welcome to join, obviously. plus, if she does anything suspicious, your help would definitely come in handy.
  16. (I've always headcanoned Chara as nonbinary personally, but whatever floats your boat)

    Chara jumped at the skeleton's sudden appearance. Despite the fact that he did this... often... they never really got used to it. "Hello, Sans," they said in a somewhat disgruntled manner. "If you really must know, yes, I'm doing absolutely fine. Everything is just gr-" they managed before being cut off by the skeleton's answering of a call. Whilst they weren't too happy to have been interrupted, the child had to admit that they found Sans's company tolerable... well, after they had stopped hating each other at least. Even if he was asleep most of the time, and whilst awake likely only took an approximation of seventy-six steps a day (and that was being generous); Chara found his jokes to be fairly humerus... that one had probably been used before. The child made a mental note not to use that one again for the sake of not recycling stale puns.

    Opinion of the skeleton monster aside, they still weren't having it today. They, in truth, just wanted to go home, but at least the offer of Grillby's was still a few steps up from the sand covered hell where they were currently situated. Anything to get them away from here at this point was welcome.
  17. "Sorry 'bout that. You know how Dads are." Sans said to Chara with a wink. "The expression your wearing. If you don't like coming down here, why bother coming at all?" He asked, his phone and bony hands returning to his pockets as he looked at the fish monster again, but didn't like what he was seeing, so he quickly returned his gaze to Chara.
  18. Gaster flinched when Chara's name came up - he still held disdain towards the child. He decided to go anyways.
    Sure, I'll be there. See you soon.
    Gaster prepared to teleport away when he heard his apprentice. "Drat." James said.
    "What's the matter?"
    "I was planning to hang out with my bestie, but he left on vacation early." James said, turning off his phone.
    "Well, Sans and I are going to Grillby's." Gaster said. "Want to come along? I'm sure he wouldn't mind your company."
    "Sure! It'll be great to see Sans again." James said. "You teleporting us?"
    "Yep." Gaster said, snapping his fingers. They teleported right to the entrance of Grillby's, walking in.
  19. Chara gave a nod at the retort about dads. They definitely knew how fathers could be. However, Sans did make a valid point. Why were they here? They could probably leave at any time and oh right. "Frisk dragged me here. 'Said I had to 'go outside and have fun' or something like that. I told them that it was plenty interesting where I was and, additionally, they could have plenty of fun without me simply by altering the save file, but..." Chara paused for a second, standing up and brushing sand off of their leg. "...apparently that was the wrong answer. Or they just didn't get the joke. Probably both. So now I'm here." The child shrugged. "I wonder where Frisk is anyway.... but I'd be perfectly fine with going to Grillby's if it means having an excuse to not to deal with this," they gestured to the entire area around them with their arm.
  20. "Heh, well, I'm not complaining. Normally I'd say I know a shortcut, but..." Sans snapped his finger, and the two disappeared, reappearing outside of the entrance to Grillby's new bar on the surface, just a crossed the street from the restaurant Muffet had opened up.
    "That jokes been abused too much." Sans finished with a wink.
  21. Gaster and James entered the door, both smiling. Grillby noticed the two.
    "Hello there, Gaster. What can I get you?" he asked.
    "I'll take two hamburgers, two glasses of juice, and a table for four." Gaster said.
    "Table for four? Let me guess, Sans is coming too?"
    "Indeed." Gaster said, smiling.
    "Alright then." Grillby said. "I'll get the food ready for you. This fine woman here will take you to your seats." Grillby walked off as a waitress guided the pair to their seats.
  22. after around an hour of swimming in the ocean Jake decided to get out of the water and eat. Mainly because he saw a jellyfish in the water below him. He then walked as calmly as he could to his stuff and got a towel out of his backpack and dried off. He then took a shirt out of the backpack and put it on. Once he was ready he grabbed his skateboard and pack and got out of the sand. He wiped off any remaining sand and headed to Grillby's, seeing as it was the closest resteraunt to him.
  23. In a mere moment, Chara had been transported from the beach to the somewhat nearby restaurant that was Grillby's. The child stood on shaky knees, taking a moment to process what had just happened. Instant transportation didn't always sit well with them, despite the fact that it had become a very frequent occurance. Despite the brief period of discomfort, they couldn't help but agree with Sans's retort. "You definitely need to come up with a few different ones. In fact, any sort of nuance from 'shortcut' would be nice," they replied.

    Upon cracking open the door, they quickly saw that Grillby's appeared... more crowded than usual? Maybe it was just them. Having long since known that they weren't really a welcome sight... anywhere for the most part, Chara waited for Sans to go in first.
  24. Sans pushed open the door. "Not saying I'm assuming your gender, but, ladies first." He waves her in, glancing over at the bar to find Grillby, then a booth, where Gaster and... was that James?
    It seemed so. They sat at a booth, awaiting Sans and Chara. "Go over there. I have someone I'd like you to meet. I'll be there in a sec, just gotta go say hi to Grillbz." Sans said to Chara, pointing towards Gaster and James.
  25. Chara chose to ignore the comment about gender, awkwardly shuffling into the somewhat packed restaurant. Looking in the direction that the skeleton monster had pointed, they noticed that... was that Sans's dad? With... who? That definitely explained the phone call, as well as the earlier retort about parents, but as to why they had been invited to Grillby's along with the skeleton's father puzzled Chara, to say the least. 'Probably as an additional security measure', they concluded, immediately jumping to the worst possible assumption.

    Dodging and weaving through the crowd, their relatively small height thankfully allowing for them to avoid the gaze of most, Chara made their way over to the booth. Carefully checking the seat for whoppee cushions, thumbtacks, airhorns, small white dogs that may also be bombs, and nuclear waste (thankfully finding none of the listed items), the child sat down, waiting in silence for Sans to return.
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  26. "Hey, Grillbz. Customers treat you good?" Sans asked, climbing into his old seat he could usually be found at back in Snowdin.
    "Ah, Sans. I was just speaking to your father. To answer your question, yes. How are you?" Grillby replied, turning around, a glass in his hand.
    "Oh, you know. This and that. Ever since Paps started working for Mettaton, I've gotten really 'bonely' lately." Sans replied as Grillby pulled out a bottle of ketchup from under the counter and handed it to Sans.
    "Aw, thanks Grillbz." Sans chuckled. "It's good to see you again, but you best not keep your father waiting." Grillby said, and Sans shrugged. "Alright. Thanks for the ketchup. I'd 'condiment' you, but... oh... I've already used that one, haven't I?" Sans asked, and Grillby gave him a nod. "You're running out of material."
    "Don't remind me." Sans mumbled before heading to the booth, quickly sliding in next to Chara, bumping playfully into her. "Dr. G! Looking as spiffy as always. James! Long time no see pal. I don't think you've met Chara..." Sans said to James, pointing at Chara with his thumb.
    "Wanna sip?" Sans asks Chara, holding the bottle out to her lazily, grinning, also lazily.
  27. As Jake skateboarded down the street he saw a cop car in a huge hurry to get somewhere. Jake wondered what was going on but still kept going. Once he reached Grillby's he stopped his skateboard, picked it up, and walked in. He decided to go for a table near where Sans was sitting. In all honesty Jake was so burnt out (he swam for an hour in the ocean. He tired.) that he barely realized that Sans was there.
  28. Chara wrinkled their nose at Sans's offering. "I'll pass," they said simply, sliding a bit further away from the skeleton monster. Unfortunately, the booth was stationed near the wall, leaving the child little room before they, too, were nearly pressed up against the side of the building. Chara was not about to pretend they weren't uncomfortable. Currently, they were at a table with who was likely the most powerful monster to ever exist, his father (who was likely just as magically inclined as well as being an incredibly intelligent scientist, if genetics were a thing that existed), and someone they didn't know at all (a human, nonetheless).

    Despite having been introduced to the unknown person at the table, Chara showed no signs of having heard such. Instead, they glanced at the surplus of ketchup packets placed in a metal rack at the end of the table. Doubtless they would all be gone by the time they left. Not attempting to make conversation (nor noticing the boy that had just skateboarded in), they continued to stare vacantly at the condiments off to the side.
  29. Gaster and James had been discussing different things that had been happening when a child came and sat in their booth. They appeared to be the Chara that Gaster had complained about a few times before. "Hello there!" James said, giving a slight wave.
    "...hello, Chara." Gaster said, trying his best to have a friendly attitude towards the child that, in many timelines, was directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of his sons. Then Sans slid into the booth.
    "Sans! How's it going, funny bone?" James said, smiling. "Yeah, it's been a while. And no, I've never met Chara before. You're Asriel's friend, right?"
    "Indeed she is." Gaster said. "Work on the CORE expansion has been slightly stressful, but James and I think we've found a work-around to the problem of moving the CORE. What about you?"

    Asriel's eyes twinkled in amazement at the extravagant studio that had been built for MTT. "Woooooooow...! This is amazing! Wonder where Papyrus is? He told me to meet him here..."
  30. "FEAR NOT, LITTLE ASGORE! FOR I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, AM NEVER LATE!" Papyrus yelled proudly behind Asriel, puffing out his chest. Normally, Papyrus would be wearing his 'battle body', but ever since he started working at MTT, he can usually be found wearing a nice tuxedo, that he made sure remained clean at all times.

    "Nothin' much. Not anything interesting, at least. I wanna hear more about the CORE expansion though. If you succeed, this'll benefit millions of monsters and humans alike." Sans grinned as he took a swig of ketchup. "I've just been taking some time to get to know Chara. She gets posses real easy. And, sometimes, she can be real 'demon'ding." Sans winked at Chara. "Ain't that right?"
  31. Asriel slightly jumped at Papyrus' sudden appearance behind him, but smiled. "Hey, Papyrus! You look great today! Now what's this you were telling me about? 'The new part of MTT'? What's that all about?"

    "Aw, c'mon." James said, flopping down on the table. "I miraculously got him out of the lab to keep his mind OFF that subject."
    "We may as well keep our minds ready to keep thinking." Gaster said to his young protege. "As I told you last time, the major problem with the CORE expansion is that it converts heat and magic into electricity. The surface lacks the magic or heat that Hotland has from the many years Monsters have spent down there as well as the flowing magma. So moving the CORE is not an option, as that would just result in an overall loss of power. So instead, the power has to be carried out of the CORE through power lines and such. However, the lines themselves present another issue. The magic that sustains the electricity... well, it just burns out after traveling a certain distance from the CORE. We're trying to figure out a system that could possible renew the magic over the power lines."
    A waitress then came over with four burgers and two bottles of ketchup. "Here you go!"
    "Thank you." Gaster said, using his seven hands to take the food from the waitress and set it up for the party. James instantly began eating his burger. Gaster gave him a look.
    "What? I'm hungry."
  32. "Heh... well, have you thought of reverse engineering?" San asked. "Or maybe because of the CORE's limitations, you could instead work on the core, expanding it and it's limits instead." San suggested, leaning back as he took another swig of ketchup.

    Papyrus looked around suspiciously before leaning in, covering the left side of his mouth with his bony hand. "DON'T TELL ANYONE, BUT, BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FRIEND, I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, HAVE FINALLY CONVINCED METTATON TO LET ME HOST MY OWN COOKING SHOW! NOW, I CAN FINALLY BE MASTER CHEF PAPYRUS! LEGALLY." He added, puffing out his chest again.
  33. A waitress walked up to Jake and took his order. A bacon burger and fries. As the waitress left Jake looked over and saw Sans sitting in a booth with another skeleton and two humans. "Well I didn't expect to see my favorite Skele-Pun here right now." Jake said to Sans with a smirk.
  34. "Reverse-engineering wouldn't resolve the problem we have with the terrain, and adding more sections to the CORE is too expensive." James replied. "Excavations to make room for the new sections alone would probably take the King's entire treasury. And thanks to the council, we can't guarantee the king will cooperate for the long-term."
    "Thus, you see the technical constraints we're working under." Gaster said, taking a bite out of his hamburger by grabbing it with his Hand and floating it up to his mouth. "And that's without the council fighting us for creative and directive rights for the CORE expansion. They still don't trust monsters to handle something that would benefit everyone- Oh! Hello, child." Gaster noticed the kid that had come up and attempted to strike up a conversation with Sans.

    "Oh, well that's nice!" Asriel said kindly. "You did say you wanted to have a cooking show, didn't you? Actually, this is Mettaton's studio, right? Where is he?"
    (@AstralDarkrai37 you did ask Dave to join as Mettaton earlier - here's your chance!)
    #34 Mechanist Gamma, Aug 11, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  35. Name: Mettaton EX
    Age:Like 5 probably.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Monster
    Soul (Human): N/A
    Magic (Monster): Throwing his robot brethren
    Skills and Abilities: Dancing, Singing, fighting and being fabulous.
    Personality: Narcissistic Pop Star. Need I say more?
    Job(s): The underground number one and only star!
    Relationships (Not limited to romance):
    Blooky: Cousin
    Frisk: Friend
    Alphys: Friend
    Other (Optional): Na Dawg
    "I'M RIGHT HERE DARLING~!" Mettaton exclaimed, almost shouting. The glamourous-legged robot pranked by, over-hearing Asriel talking to Papyrus. Mettaton hummed his favorite song and sat on a nearby post.
  36. "M-METTATON!" Papyrus exclaimed. "WE WERE JUST DISCUSSING MY NEW COOKING SHOW YOU GAVE ME!" The Skeleton grinned widely. "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME MASTER CHEF PAPYRUS!" He thanked, probably for the hundredth time that day.

    "Heya, kiddo." Sans replied to Jake, before turning back to Gaster. "Finance won't be a problem. Just get Mettaton to sponsor you. He earns more than the King, plus, if it's something that will benefit everyone, you can gurantee he'll agree. It'd boost his public image."
  37. "Well, your welcome. We can start production when you're ready, Darling," Mettaton exclaimed. Mettaton walked toward the studio in which Papyrus's cooking show was. The studio was smaller, but could still hold live audeinces.
  38. Papyrus blushed... somehow? Regardless, for the sake of consistency, he blushed. "OH MY GOD! RIGHT NOW!? THIS IS AMAZING! NYEHEHEHEHEH!" Quickly, Papyrus took after Mettaton.
    "I'LL SEE YOU LATER LITTLE ASGORE!" He yelled back at Asriel.
  39. "Uh... alright! Bye!" Asriel said, giving a tiny wave. He then sighed. "Wonder who the taste tester is going to be...? Anyways, I should probably get out of here. Nothing else to do here."

    "Perhaps asking Mettaton would be a good idea. But the main point is that merely expanding the CORE isn't enough. We need to find a way to transmit the energy and maintain its flow. That's what James and I are working on right now." Gaster replied. He flagged down a waiter as he was passing by. "Do you think I might be able to request some coffee?"
    "Of course, I'll be right back!" the waiter said.
    "Oh, and another burger for my assistant!" Gaster asked.
    "No problem!" the waiter replied, walking off.
  40. Chara had been completely silent for the past few minutes, hardly reacting when the food was slid in front of them. "That... was a good pun..." they said finally, despite it having likely been told a few minutes ago. They quite frankly knew jack about science, and therefore didn't understand much about how the core worked. They had seen it during their time in the underground many times, sure, but how it functioned? That was a mystery indeed. "If you tried hard enough, maybe you could hook it up to Mettaton's ego. That'd certainly provide an infinite source of power, would it not?" Chara joked, not really knowing what else to say (seeing as they were still fairly clueless on the matter). Not waiting for a response, they cut into the burger in front of them, picking up one of the resulting halves and taking a bite.

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