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Open Voltron: Guardians of the universe

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. In the far reaches of the universe, peace has settle almost everywhere, "almost". An evil force lurking in the shadows hidden away from sight was building up their forces in attempt to put the universe under their command. One day, this great evil suddenly launched their attack on the universe without warning, slowly taking it over and ruling it with an iron fist. This great evil is the Galra Empire led by their ruthless emperor. Only one thing stand between them and complete universal domination, the legendary weapon Volron.

    So yeah, Voltron started playing on television and its amazing, so I wanted to make this.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1- Follow Pokecharms rules
    2- the usual, no one liners and such
    3- Shippings is allowed but nothing too mature
    4- Use Grammar and punctuations
    5- Don't be over powered
    6- Have fun

    Affiliation: (Voltron, Galra empire...)
    Lion: (If a Paladin)
    Bayard: (If paladin)

    Black Paladin:
    Red Paladin:
    Blue Paladin:
    Yellow Paladin:
    Green Paladin:
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  2. Definitely interested. I’ll probably transplant my character Luke. I assume we’re not the same Paladins as in the show that is. Luke’s a Galra, fyi, and I’m trying to think of what Lion would suit him. The Red one maybe?
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  3. Well I wanted to make a Galran too, He's going to be the yellow Paladin
  4. No problem, we can both have a Galra OC, do you know anyone else that knows Voltron?

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