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Ask to Join Voltron: Final Avengers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Aug 9, 2018.

    [@Excalibur Queen @Cloudswift]

    Planet Varius
    A deep, dank cave rested on Varius. The Planet of Shadows was an infamous world, known mainly for its eternal night and an almost complete lack of sunlight. The only heat comes from the lava, which rests mostly on the surface. The planet's strange lava fits with the dark and gloomy atmonsphere, its rivers filled with dark red molten goop.
    A flash from the sky. For the first time in eons, the thick, grey clouds of Varius are parted. As they are, three figures each descend with a strange device in hand. The large creatures lifted their powerful left hands - rather, the drills in place of their left hand - and began to burrow into the rock. Cutting through the ground, they felt less dirt and stone beneath them than before. Burrowing deeper, the three figures had the ground collapse beneath them as they fell into the cave.
    Unhurt, the three creatures rose again. Using their no-longer-in-motion left hand, they activated their built-in headlights. Right in front of them all was a large black-and-purple mechanical lion.
    They had found what they were looking for.
    Each pushed forwards the device they were holding in their right claw-hand. The three large bent bars synchronized, coming to a dead halt around the protective purple hexagonal force-field the Lion had made itself. Each glowed, its blue anti-gravity generators coming alight. The three figures activated their boot-jets, grabbing hold of the handles of the newly-formed ring. They flew up, carrying the Lion - still in its force-field - with them. As they rose back up into the atmosphere, leaving the dusk and gloomy Planet Varius behind them, a faint purple light glowed over them.
    The three Robeasts rose into the Galran ship, the Lion with them.

    The Bayonair
    Luke Herald swore to himself, the plate popping out. "Stay together you piece of trash!" he whisper-yelled. "Come on you junk pile, give me one thing, just one thing..."
    Luke held the steel plate back in place, pressing it down. He grabbed the welder, about to put it together, when it sprung back out again. Luke let out a shout, hurling the welder across the room in rage. That was when one of the guards walked in. "Mechanic?" he asked.
    "WHAT?!" Luke demanded.
    "Perhaps your glasses would help?"
    Luke growled. "I am near-sighted, my glasses help me see things far away. They WON'T tell me how to weld this DAMN PLATE TO THE SIDE OF THE DATA BOX!"
    "I'll go see if I can collect some manuals for this situation." the guard said, running off before Luke could tell him not to. Luke sighed, flopping to his knees.
    "What the hell am I even doing here...?"
    Suddenly, an image of the Purple Lion appeared in Luke's mind.
    "What was that?!" he demanded, getting up. He was curious. He knew they had stopped at Varius to get something the empire needed... was that it? Why did the Galra Empire care about what looked like some sort of mechanical lion? Perhaps... it was something he could find out?
    Luke recognized his character flaws. He was high-strung, often spoke before thinking and had boundless curiosity. He knew the risks... but to hell if he'd let them stop him. Luke walked over to his computer, accessing a map of the Bayonair. Searching around, he found the lower cargo bay. He tried to access the security cameras for that area.
    Druids? That was a strange requirement. Luke opened up a hidden compartment of his work desk, pulling out a special USB. Plugging it in, he ran a few protocols from the stick.
    Luke looked as the footage buffered, satisfied that his hacking program worked as intended. He saw the Lion that had flashed in his vision just a few seconds ago. "What are you?" he asked.
    Suddenly, more images popped into his head. Luke grabbed his head, his brain pounding. He saw the birth of the Lion alongside four others, all in a line and all with a suited warrior to pilot them. He saw the Lions going into battle and merging into one powerful figure. He saw Galra warships being destroyed by the large robot warrior, and a spell shattering it across the universe. He saw the Purple Lion landing on Varius, a crater made on impact. He saw the injured robot crawling into a cave and surrounding itself with a shield, shutting down almost everything. He saw, twenty thousand years later, three Robeasts bringing it up to the docking bay of the ship, and the Purple Lion finding a kindred soul in Luke Herald.
    Luke staggered back, the images stopping. He knew more than what just the images had shown him - somehow he had understood the deeper meaning behind the images. He knew the war that the Lions fought against the Galra Empire, which he had always known to be unjust and cruel. But now he knew that the fusion robot, whatever its name was, could stand up to the Galra Empire. All Luke needed to do was find the Lions and people to pilot them.
    Then came another trio of images. A strange device held in a locked box - a bayard, the Lion told him. The bayard locked in a slot within the cockpit of the Purple Lion - activating the Lion's true powers. The Purple Lion with new blasters not there before - unlocked by the bayard. Luke knew what he needed to find before he left, but he'd have to be quick.
    Delving into the maps again, he located the storage room. As he mapped out the best route in one window, he used another window to check what the storage room had in it. He managed to find a few items restricted. Using the USB, he unlocked them, and found the bayard. He identified the crate it was in and wrote it down just as the map finished calculating the optimized route. He grabbed everything in his secret compartment and the USB, turned his computer off and wiped the harddrive, snatched a portable taser from the wall - put there so that engineers could defend themselves - and went out into the hallway.
    Luke ducked and weaved in and out of cover as he moved to the storage bay as to not be detected. He made sure to avoid guards, using a special wrist-mounted mini-computer to loop footage feeds as to not be caught by the cameras. When he made it to the door, he quickly plugged his computer into the electronic lock and hacked his way in. Sneaking inside, he moved quickly towards Storage Container 37-C.
    As Luke hacked his way past the security clearance, he heard the door opening behind him. He silenced his movements, confident that he'd be kept secret by the many rows of shelves and crates.
    The box popped open just as the Galran security guard turned the corner.
    "What are you doing there?!" he demanded, drawing out a stun gun. Luke instinctively grabbed the bayard and, feeling it transform, fired the laser out of the arm cannon. The guard was struck, tumbling down with a crash.
    And it was at that moment that the security cameras refreshed, alarms sounding.
    Luke cursed, choosing to ignore his astonishment with the bayard to deal with the current situation. Unplugging his computer, he recognized the time for stealth was over. Luckily, the lower hangar bay was fairly close nearby. Luke grasped the bayard in his left hand, loosening his grip to let the arm cannon vanish. He had no idea how he was doing it - it was like his connection with the Lion just told him how it worked. He knew he'd need his vision, so he quickly took his glasses out of their case in his back pocket and plopped them on. He ran out to the hallway and down towards the stairs, blasting the door lock and dashing off. Three guards were waiting for him down at the lower level, and Luke gripped his bayard, the arm cannon reappearing. Making some quick mental calculations, he let loose a blast that reflected off the walls to nail all three guards. He had expected to get two. Lucky shot.
    Luke ran into the lower level, ducking behind a crate to avoid a shot from some more guards. Using the cover to his advantage, he blasted them as well - but not without getting hit in the shoulder. Luke made a break for it, dashing into the lower hangar.
    As he did, he saw the true size of the Purple Lion first-hand.
    Quickly locking the door, Luke walked over to the purple force-field surrounding the Lion. He carefully touched it, thinking of how he'd get past it.
    But then the field vanished.
    "I guess that works." Luke said aloud. The Purple Lion crouched down, opening its mouth to allow Luke to enter. The Galran ran inside the Lion, gazing at the intricate cockpit. "I think we'll get along just fine, friend." Luke said, and the Purple Lion responded with a deep purr. Luke sat down in the seat, the Lion changing positions to sit up. "Ready to fly?" Luke asked. The Purple Lion responded by flaring its jets, shooting the hardy Lion into the air. "Wait, different direction!" Luke reasoned, and the Lion, understanding, flew down and through the hangar bay door underneath it.

    Deep Space
    Luke clenched his teeth, knowing what was coming next. "You speedy, boy?" Luke asked. The Purple Lion soared off at incredible speeds, and Luke watched the Bayonair. Several laser cannons charged up, the Galran ship firing on the Lion. Luke gripped the controls, weaving the Lion in and out of Galran fire. As he did, the Purple Lion gave him another vision - this time of a wormhole. Home.
    Luke nodded. "If that wormhole leads to your home, the Galra Empire shouldn't be there right? Let's go." The Purple Lion soared past a few more rounds of laser fire before breaking into the wormhole.
    As the wormhole grabbed the Lion to pull it away, however, a random blast from the Bayonair struck it in the side.
    Luke's eyes opened wide as the Purple Lion was pulled at an angle, sending it in a different direction from where the wormhole was supposed to take it.

    Planet Earth
    The side of the wormhole was torn open by the Purple Lion, who was jettisoned out towards the planet below. Struggling to regain control, Luke gripped the controls hard to bring the Lion into a controlled descent. It landed on all four paws, but the velocity of the landing cause a crater to be formed with its impact. Not that big of a crater, but a crater nonetheless.
    "We've got to get somewhere safe." Luke said, seeing the jet engines were shot. "We won't be making it anywhere by air without getting you repaired. Hope you know what you've gotten me into..."
    The Galran, now understanding the controls, marched the injured Purple Lion towards a nearby cave large enough to fit it. A safe place to hide from view...

    One Month Later...
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  2. Ava looked around. She and a group of about sixteen other kids plus two counselors were setting up camp on a hollow hill. Well, it was a large hill with a cave entrance at the bottom, which they would be spelunking in the next day. Though it was only about four in the afternoon, the counselors insisted that they get things ready. "Prepare as much as you can, as early as you can," one of the counselors was saying. His name, Ava had come to learn, was Kenny.

    "We're going to have to split up," the other counselor added. Ava had yet to learn her name, unfortunately. "Line up so we can count you all up--ones stay in camp with me to set up here, twos go with Kenny to get water and sticks." The campers did just that, and the counting went quickly. Ava was in Kenny's group. As they set off, she found Kalley, a fellow camper that she'd met the day before. "So what do you want to do, water or kindling?" she asked. They'd all been given collapsible buckets that they could fill with which ever they chose.
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  3. "Water, I think." Kalley said. The girl turned to Ava. "Which direction should we go to look for it?" she asked. Kalley figured that the other girl should choose, since she might have a better idea of where to go.
  4. Ava looked around. "Uuummm...How about...over there?" she said, pointing to a tree. "I mean, we can climb it and look for something from up there." Truthfully, Ava didn't have any idea where to look for water, but this was a start. She ran over to the tree and began climbing. Eventually, she reached a point that she could see a spring. Keeping in mind the distance, she climbed down. A few branches or so above the ground, she jumped out of the tree, landing a few feet from the trunk. What Ava didn't know, however, was that the ground in that particular spot was weaker than the ground around it. "I found--" she began, then screamed as the ground disappeared from under her feet.

    (Whether or not she grabs Kalley by the foot or something because of her flailing around to grab something or Kalley loses her footing is up to you.)
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  5. Kalley lost her footing and soon followed Ava down the hole. When then finally stopped falling, Kalley ended up landing on top of Ava. "I am so sorry." Kalley said. She scrambled to get up. Once she was back on her feet, she offered a hand to Ava to help her up.
  6. Suddenly, a purple light glared down at them. It looked like... purple eyes...?

    Luke had been shopping in the nearby town market. He had gotten some money from selling some items the Purple Lion had helped him locate and dig up, and had used it to buy food and the occasional spare part to fix up the Lion.
    He hadn't expected to get an image flash.
    The Purple Lion showed him two girls, humans from the looks of it, in front of the Purple Lion. Luke gripped his head.
    "You alright, Lucas?" the bearded man tending the store asked, putting his cucumber, oranges and bananas into a bag.
    "F-fine, fine. Just a bit of a headache." Luke said. He had been going by the name Lucas and using a special face paint the Lion had shown him, explaining his eyes away as special contact lenses and never showing more skin than his face. "I think I'll be going now. Thank you." Luke handed the money over to the man, taking his box of food. He walked away casually and, when he knew there were no more eyes on him, broke into a run.
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  7. Ava accepted Kalley's hand and got to her feet. "It's fiii--WHAT THE?!" she exclaimed, eyes widening in fear at the Lion'Lion's eyes glowing. Instinctively, Ava took a step back. Kenny suddenly dropped down, landing far more elegantly than either of the girls had.

    "Are you two okay?" he asked. Then he turned to the glowing eyes. "That...wasn't here last year."
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  8. Kalley took out a small flashlight. She shined the light on the source of the glowing eyes. "It looks like a giant, robotic Lion." she said. She reached out a hand to touch the lion, unsure of whether or not her attempt would be blocked somehow.
  9. Kalley's hand came up against a glowing purple force-field. The lion seemed to deeply growl.

    Luke had made it to the entrance of the cave. Running inside, he moved over to his makeshift table. He put the box of food down, opening the secret compartment and grabbing the bayard. Walking into the cave, he activated the bayard, causing the arm cannon to form. "What are you doing here?!" he demanded, pointing it at the intruders. He couldn't see them clearly, though - he'd needed to take his glasses off for the contacts explanation to pass.
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  10. Kalley jumped back a bit. The arm cannon startled her a bit. 'Come on Eruka.' Kalley thought. 'You were a skilled pilot and fighter back home. Get a grip.' Then she took a different stance, this one defensive.
  11. Kenny's expression hardened a little bit, and he put himself between Luke and the girls. "These two feel through a weak spot in the roof and I came down to help. Although I do have to say, the mecha-lion wasn't here last year, and no one was living here either as far as we were told."

    Ava was looking back and forth from the gigantic robot lion and the arm-cannon-wielding man, utterly shocked and confused. Not exactly what she had planned for a summer camp.
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  12. "Then you need to leave - NOW - and forget everything you saw." Luke demanded. "I can't have anyone get involved, much less interfere at this crucial stage."
    On the table behind Luke, his computer was open, with what looked like a countdown on it.
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  13. "Why? What's going on?" Kalley asked. She looked at the lion. "That's not tech from Earth. And I have a feeling that it's not from where you're from either."
  14. "...you're not wrong." Luke said. "But give me one good reason why I should tell any of you."
    Behind Luke, the countdown kept ticking. 3:13:56... 3:13:55...
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  15. "Because if you do, we might be able to help you out," Kenny said, trying to keep eye contact with the man."Plus, we need to know what that thing--" he pointed at the lion-- "is and whether or not it's going to hurt someone. This is a regular camping spot for the--" Kenny was cut off abruptly by a rush of images and an understanding: this robot lion was part of another robot called Voltron, which was made of five Lions, and the man standing in front of him was not only not human, but was the pilot of said Lion, had been hiding for a month, and completely trustworthy. Then, as quickly as it had came, the vision was gone and he was back in the cavern. It seemed as if everyone else had had a similar experience.

    Ava stood, eyes still wide with shock, but thanks to the vision, she could at least somewhat wrap her head around things. She looked at Luke and smiled a little nervously. "I guess we ought to introduce ourselves then," she said, "I'm Ava. And, uh, sorry for us crashing in. That was kind of my fault."

    "Kenny. And you are...?" Kenny stuck his hand out for Luke to shake. He wanted to try and help out, and he had a weird feeling that he should try to help find the other four Voltron lions.

    ((OOC: So like when the original Team Voltron found the Blue Lion, everyone had a shared vision. Everyone except for Luke, actually, who just understood that these were people he should trust and maybe got images of them in Paladin gear.))
  16. Luke’s eyes widened. In the middle of the human’s speech, the Purple Lion spoke to him again. Clutching the side of his head - but taking it much better than the humans due to being used to it by now - Luke saw some images of the three humans across their lifetime doing good deeds and keeping the peace however they could. When the image flow stopped, he walked over to Kenny. “Luke Herald. Galra, former engineer of the Bayonair. Now pilot of the Purple Lion. For the record, you won’t have any problems with me or Vio here tomorrow. We should be gone in three hours.” Luke looked towards the counter behind him as he did, deactivating his bayard.
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  17. "Really? Where are you going?" Kalley asked. The girl cocked her head quizzically. She then realized that she didn't introduce herself. "I'm Kalley by the way."
  18. "...wherever Vio here considers home." Luke explained, looking back at his lion. "I may as well tell you the whole thing. One month ago, I attempted to take the Purple Lion and escape from the Galra warship known as the Bayonair. I succeeded, for the most part. A wormhole opened up during the escape, and Vio told me that the portal would take him home, wherever home is. We were on the way there, but the Bayonair got a lucky shot in on our side. Our course was diverted, and the knockback sent us hurtling out the side of the wormhole. We crash-landed on Earth not too far from here. Vio told me the next wormhole home would be able to open in a phoeb, give or take. I've been trying my best to repair the Purple Lion in the meantime while also sustaining myself. If I got my calculations right, the next wormhole should open in three varga, thirteen doboshes and approximately fifteen ticks."
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  19. Kenny didn't understand several of the terms that Luke had used, but he assumed that a "varga' was an hour because of the man saying three hours and then saying three varga. "Dobash", "tick", and "phoeb" were all lost on him. He was also making the guess that "Galra" was a race or people because of the context that Luke had used it in. Kenny was about to speak, but Ava beat him to it.

    "So, that 'Voltron' thing...This is part of it? Where are the others?" she asked.
  20. Kalley closed her eyes. This was slightly overwhelming. Though she was a little disappointed that it wasn't someone from her home planet. Though, then again, if it had been, it probably would've been harder to deduce that they weren't a native of Earth. She waited for the question to be answered.
  21. "You think I have any idea?" Luke sighed. "Besides, no idea who would even pilot them. For now, I'm just on my own with Vio here, trying to get to the Lion's home to figure out what the quiznak I'm supposed to do next."
    Vio let out a low growl. Luke responded with a glare.
    "I don't complain about your language." he said.
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  22. Kenny looked up at the Lion. He couldn't deny the feeling that he needed to help Luke find the others and their pilots, but it wasn't like he could do anything. Then he had a thought. "That...Galra warship. How long do you think it would take for it to find out where you were and come to take back the Lion?" he asked.
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  23. "Ideally, quite a while. After all, all they have to go off of is the general area of space we would have fallen out of the warp at, and they have nothing to judge where the warp was headed. Really, the most they have is "somewhere to the right of the warp's entrance"." Luke said.
    That's when the lion growled to the sky, showing Luke an image of a wormhole opening.
    "Or they could already be here- QUIZNAK!" Luke swore, dashing towards his lion. He pressed his hand to the forcefield protecting the Lion, and the field vanished. "I would recommend you all get to safety and stay away from me and Vio. This is going to get rough."
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  24. "We'd have to get out of this cave because it might collapse and crush or suffocate us AND find somewhere safe! What can we do?" Ava asked. Alien warships, super high-tech lion robots, and weird visions? She had the right to panic a little bit.

    "She's right," Kenny agreed, trying to think of everything that they would need to address. "Plus there are people up there, and if you just jet up through the roof, you could hurt them. I think the best bet would be if we got in there so WE don't die--I'm serious, we'd be better protected in something that's armored," he added, knowing that the notion would be gunned down quickly if he didn't say the right thing, "And head out where you came in, then draw their fire away from the campsite, cabins, and the nearby towns. I think there's a mostly unpopulated forest nearby."
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  25. "Sounds like a plan." Kalley said. She turned to Luke. He had deactivated the lion's field. She ran up to the lion. "Let's go."
  26. "I-!" Luke was about to object to the notion when the Purple Lion kneeled down and opened its mouth. "...if the Lion is fine with you boarding, then I guess I have to be as well. Let's move." Luke ran into the lion, moving up to the cockpit. "Just so you all know, depending on how much time we spend in combat, you may not be returning to Earth. When that wormhole opens I'm making the jump, whether or not you all are still here."
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  27. Kenny nodded, running into the cockpit as well, Ava close on his heels. He was obviously worried by the thought of not returning to Earth, but surviving was a bit more important. "Let's hope that this goes quickly, then," he said grimly. Ava looked at him with a worried expression, but didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say.
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  28. Kalley almost took a seat in the cockpit. But she then remembered a few things. 1. As far as everyone else knew, her human identity wasn't an intergalactic pilot, and 2. Luke knew the controls. So she stood behind the seat instead.
  29. The Purple Lion looked skyward, letting out a roar. Luke threw the handlebars forwards, and the Lion activated its jets, flying straight through the thin part of the roof Kalley, Ava and Kenny had fallen through. It soared up at rapid speeds, heading towards the outer atmosphere. As it did, several dots appeared on the radar. "Quiznak. They've already sent out scout ships!" Luke swore, looking towards the Bayonair.
    As the Lion escaped to outer space, the gigantic ship called the Bayonair could be seen, several small ships coming out from its sides.
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  30. Kenny's eyes widened. "More ships incoming!" he exclaimed, knowing that Luke was already probably aware of them but feeling a need to contribute something more anyway.
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  31. "I know!" Luke replied, swerving the Lion to the side. The Purple Lion flipped upside down, showing its belly towards the attackers. Lute pulled a lever, and the foot jets suddenly blasted to life, blinding the incoming ships and partially singing the closest ones. During this, he used the tail laser to blast the ships. "Vio, we'll have to destroy the hanger doors if we want to keep ourselves from being swarmed with Galra ships." Luke growled.
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  32. Everyone that wasn't strapped in was immediately thrown upside down when the lion did a half-barrel roll. Ava let out a surprised yell as she was tossed onto her back, while Kenny's grip on something in the side didn't give. He extended a hand to her. "Don't hurt yourself," he joked. Ava rolled her eyes, but smiled a little as she accepted his help up. How the heck is he joking during this?! she thought.
  33. "Ack!" Kalley shrieked as she was sent upside down by the maneuver. She then blew a stray hair out of her face. 'No duh!' Kalley thought as she heard Luke talking to the lion. She resisted the urge to say this out loud.
  34. Suddenly, five ships flew towards the Purple Lion from five directions. Luke swore. "Grab something and hold on tight." he said. Activating the foot jets with them pointing behind the Lion, Luke started spinning the Lion. The large metal ship crashed through the incoming Galra attackers, tearing them to pieces. When the fifth one was destroyed, Luke put the Purple Lion upright and blasted towards the underside of the Bayonair.
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  35. Both Ava and Kenny managed to not lose their grip this time. "That thing has to be more heavily armed than this if it was carrying the Lion, right?" Ava asked. There was no way it could be as easy as that.
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  36. "Perhaps we should speed this along. If we miss that wormhole, then who knows what'll happen to us." Kalley said. "So do what you need to do. I don't want to be fried by these guys."
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  37. "We've got three varga until the wormhole opens, we're not in any rush at the moment." Luke pulled the joysticks to the side, getting the Purple Lion to dodge out of the way of a blast from one of the ships. "And you're right. The Bayonair should be armed to the teeth, yet it's not firing a single cannon. Is it afraid of destroying the Lion? I don't think it would be..."
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  38. "I mean, it's a possibility, but then why wouldn't they send out ships that could actually bring the Lion back to them?" Kenny wondered aloud.
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