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Open Viridis Plains Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Le Marsouin, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the Viridis Plains, as this lush, enormous area is filled with an abundance of the vast varieties of fauna and flora. The area is mostly flat, while there are some mountains that can go up to mildly high elevations, as caves and rivers are plentiful in the area. Pokémon roam the areas with different perspectives, as some enjoy a prosperous life free of harm, while others struggle, and some resort to preying on the weak.
    • Please fill out the character sheet if you are joining the roleplay, and also if anyone intrudes the roleplay, they will receive the boot.
    • Please also put detail and effort into your character sheet and posts. (That means complete sentences, descriptions and such.)
    • Violence is somewhat okay, but please do not make it too extreme.
    • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT have one liners, and keep OOC to a minimum if possible.
    • Aloha forms and shinies are allowed, but Z moves are NOT.
    • Legendaries, Fakemon and mega evolutions are strictly prohibited.
    Character Sheet:
    *Please fill this out before joining the roleplay.

    Name: (You can make this unknown and reveal it later on in the roleplay.)
    Species: (What Pokémon are they?)
    Skills: (What are they good at?)
    Ability: (Custom abilities are allowed, as long as they are reasonable.)
    Appearance: (What do they look like, any special features? DO NOT cheap out of this by uploading artwork that is NOT yours!)
    Other: (Anything else about the character.)
    Here are my characters, as an example:

    Name: Ace
    Species: Aron
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is about 26 Months old.
    Skills: He is excellent at camoflaging amongst other rocks, while he is proficient at using cover to his advantage in combat.
    Ability: Liquid Armor (The Pokémon's speed and evasion are increased in battle, while their defenses are extremely brittle now.
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Aron.
    Personality: He is very timid around others, as he often curls up in his shell when others are around. He is a huge crybaby, while he also has an obsession with putting his arm in his mouth.
    Other: He tends to drink a lot more water now since he has to keep up with the iron that he eats.

    Species: Raichu (Aloha Form)
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is 17 Years old.
    Skills: She can use her telekinesis to move small objects around, while larger objects are something that she is working on.
    Ability: Surge Surfer (Doubles the Pokémon's speed on electric terrain.)
    Appearance: She is your normal, everyday Aloha Raichu.
    Personality: She is very friendly and outgoing, while she can be proud at times. She is very kind around baby Pokémon, while she does tend to spoil them too much at times.
    Other: She discharges her electricity very often, as she also likes to secretly practice her psychic arts to get better at lifting up objects.
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  2. Name: Doesn't have one, will get one during the RP
    Species: Rowlett
    Gender: Female
    Age: 0, Literally just hatched from an egg
    Skills: She's good at learning things quickly, good at socializing with other Pokemon and can calm hostile Pokemon just by talking.
    Ability: Can control nature and greenery. However, she can barely do it and hasn't mastered it by any means.
    Appearance: She has a daisy chain sitting on her head, like a crown.
    Personality: She is very young, like hours old. She is extremely curious and observant and will mimic and absorb traits and aneurysms of others easily. She is clueless about the harsh reality of the world and sees the best in everyone.
    Other: She can't fly, since her Mother abandoned her so no one ever taught her to fly.

    What do you think? I may add more characters in the future.
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  3. Well, I think that this is interesting, since she had just hatched haha. You're accepted, I'll be making the roleplay later since I need some time here. I might also add another character in the future since I want to introduce him later on.
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  4. Name: Charnion
    Species: Charmander
    Gender: Male
    Age: ???
    Skills: Fights until one Pokémon falls.
    Ability: Flame Touch (Sets itself on fire, any Pokémon who touches it could be burned)
    Appearance: looks like a normal Charmander
    Personality: he is brave and loves to fight. sometimes funny, sometimes lazy. (hopes to one day evolve into Charizard)
    Other: Lives in Alola
  5. Hi, im a person, This is a good RP idea
    Name: Feather
    Species: Cleffa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2 Months
    Skills: Agility and Speed, She is a VERY fast runner
    Ability: Fairy Dust (When attacked, Ability user MAY drop Dust which will Paralyse or even make the Opponent fall asleep)
    Appearance: She looks like a Regular Cleffa aside from a Necklace which has a Moon stone hanging on the Bottom
    Personality: Cleffa is usually Happy and likes to play ALL the time, She always stays around Fang but always likes to make a New friend
    Other: Nothing

    Name: Fang
    Species: Tyrunt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Skills: Fighting and Biting stuff
    Ability: Steel Skin (After taking a Hit, Defence/Users Skin becomes stronger)
    Appearance: Shiny and has a Crown made out of Rocks on his Head
    Personality: Fang is a strong fighter and will always keep his Friends safe, He will always get EXTREMELY mad in a battle, Throwing a Hawlucha of a Cliff in one instance (I didn't die since its a flying type and it just glided away, Just wanted to add this here so there was no confusion)
    Other: He has been taking care of Feather since she was a Egg he found 3 weeks before it Hatched

    Name: Shock
    Species: Emolga
    Gender: Male
    Age: 7
    Skills: He is a Expert flyer and Runner
    Ability: Thunder Speed (With every Hit of a Electric Type move, The User gets faster
    Appearance: Looks normal but Wears little Socks on his Feet
    Personality: Shock is a Joker and is always Joking around, He is known for getting Serious when it is called for but is usually laughing when Fighting
    Other: Shock pretty much joined Fang and Feathers group when he saved them from a Group of Gumshoos

    (There might be a 4th character ill introduce later in the RP but I don't know)
  6. Sorry if I haven't said anything yet, I've been busy with numerous tests today.

    I can't accept you yet unfortunately, as your character bio needs some more detail. I would like for you to edit it here, then I will have a look at it again.

    Alright you're accepted, I'll be making the roleplay sometime on the weekend since I need to still prepare for it.
  7. Name: Annie

    Species: Shiny drifloon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Skills: Scaring humans, flying

    Ability: Aftermath

    Appearance: Since she is a shiny drifloon, she is yellow instead of purple, and the tips of her feelers are blue instead of orange

    Personality: Annie is extremely two-faced. Around other pokemon, she is jovial, cutesy, and happy-go-lucky, and will offer to carry smaller pokemon around with her feelers. Since she both hates and fears all human beings, she is callous and cruel to all who dare to approach her, knowing that they are only interested in her because she is shiny. Aware of the tale about drifloon wrapping their feelers around humans to kidnap them, she often wraps her feelers around the arms of trainers, in order to frighten them away. She's never actually kidnapped a human, though.

    Other: Likes baby pokemon a lot
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  8. This looks like a Fun roleplay! I hope i am not too late to join...
    Name: Orion

    Species: Alolan Ninetales


    Age:17 Years

    Skills Orion has incredible tracking skills, being able to find anyone by his increbile sense of direction and smell. He is also rather intelligent, though most of the time he uses his intelligence for unimportant things and waste his gift.

    Ability: Snow Warning

    Appearance: Orion is normal Alolan Ninetales But he wears a necklace that has a silver star at the end of it.

    Personality: Orion puts himself to a high standard, acting like his s brave and tough. but inside, he isa big sweetheart who is dying inside of loneliness. He loves to get other Pokemon's attention by doing things that he thinks will amaze them. All he wants in life is to please Pokemon and To not be lonely. He is bit Unfriendly at first, seeming to be a big "Showoff" and is prideful. But he just's wants to fit in and be loved by someone. He hates to be alone and often will talk to strangers if he has no friends around him.

    Other: Orion is Secretly is insecure about Himself. He doesn't like to admit it though.
  9. Alright, i think this sounds fun.
    Name: N/A
    Species: Greninja
    Gender: Male
    Skills: Greninja is very talented with using Night Slash and Water Shuriken. He has an excellent nose for his favirote food.
    Ability: Protean
    Apparance: He's is just looks like a standard Greninja
    Personality:Greninja likes to raid food from humans who vist Viritis plains.He acts tough and beats up on little Pokémon. Greninja is willing to help someon in need or attack themif they don't need it. Greninja is really kind when he gets to know someone.
    Other: He loves PokePuffs.
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  10. ok if i join
    Name: Don
    Species: kabutops
    Gender: male
    Age: 40
    Skills: swiming, cutting and carving out land
    Ability: Battle armor
    Appearance: is a standard kabutops but has a blue claws
    Personality: wise, relaxed, protective and prefers to be with his friends not alone
    Other: one of the oldest pokemon in the plains and protects the new borns
  11. Well, I'm back after a party here, and this seems interesting with some.

    Alright you're accepted.

    You're also accepted.

    You're also accepted here, it's interesting to see a Greninja without a name.

    I am still thinking since your history in the roleplaying sector questions me slightly. (Along with some of the details and also the grammar and such.)
  12. Thanks! Is the roleplay up yet?
  13. I'm still new at role playing so I don't mind
  14. The roleplay isn't up yet as I'm still working on it. It should be up sometime today or tommorow, no exact time yet. I also kinda have some higher standards since roleplays like these tend to attract the troublemakers.

    (Well everyone is fine and I'll accept @Tlord22 here, just try to work on the grammar and the details.)
  15. Yeah, I understand. I hate it when a good roleplay is brought down by one person who doesn't follow the rules.
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  16. When it says no megas, does that include Ash Greninja? (Even if it doesn't I won't use it)
  17. Yes it does include Ash Greninja since he is extremely overpowered and can be often overused. I've just decided to not allow it here with mega evolutions since they can be table turners in an instant. (And since trainers would be required to help complete the process, and there's none in this roleplay here.)
  18. Name: Mike (Or in Legends Blue)
    Species: Minior (Blue Core)
    Gender: Gender-less,. but preferred to be called a boy
    Age: 100 Years Old since falling to earth. (100=10 in Minior Years)
    Skills: Great at blending in with rocks, and good at fighting.
    Ability: Shields Down
    Backstory: Part of the Minior tribe, of the other colors 50 years ago, Mike was only 5 in Minior years at the time. Their leader, A shiny one, enraged by how many Miniors there were, and how he was not special, used Rock Slide on them, making them dry up and die. Mike ran away during the attack. Finally a Rock Slide from the 5 year old, made it faint and dry up.
    Legend: A tribe of living meteorites, made up of colors of the Rainbow, including Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Light Blue, and the child of the tribe, Blue, all adored the one made up of all of the colors named Rainbow. One day in a fit of rage, Rainbow killed off the other members of the tribe Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Light Blue. Blue, all alone, ran from the evil Rock. Blue turned around and fought back. Blue was victorious, and lives in this very area. Few have claimed to see this Pokemon, but all have been discredited.
    Appearance: Wears a tiny top hat that he found.
    Personality: Jolly, and Hyper in Core Form, but Calm, and Relaxed in Meteor Form. He is always elusive, for fear people will try to come and get him.
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  19. Name: Wildflower
    Species: sawbuck
    Gender: female
    Age: 26
    Skills: fighting, hidding, and running
    Ability: sap sipper
    Appearance: like a spring sawbuck
    Personality: She is friendly but can be skiddish a times
    Other: none
  20. I'll be most likely making the roleplay sometime later on towards the evening today, or possibly tommorow at morning or near the high noon. (Times are in Pacific Coast.)

    Alright you're accepted.

    Please put in more detail in the character bio. I am also still thinking slightly since your grammar and such in your history of roleplaying questions me.

    EDIT: I am postponing the roleplay to tommorow, as I am unfortunately sick here. I apologize for the inconvenience, as I should be better tommorow, as I'm not doing too well right now.
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  21. Yay, the roleplay is up!
  22. Could I still join this? I have some Eeveelution characters I've never used before...

    Name: Decimus (Deci for short)
    Species: Vaporeon
    Gender: male
    Age: 9 years
    Skills: swimming, attack accuracy, adaptability
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Appearance: He just looks like the average Vaporeon, but his gills, fins, and tail are a bit shorter than usual. Oh, and his eyes are a deep purple.
    Personality: Deci can be scared fairly easily, especially in new places and around new people and Pokemon. He tries to act brave, standing up for himself and Gene, even when his brain begs him to run. Around those he knows, though, he's loud and can even be obnoxious to some.
    Other: Deci wears a black fedora whenever he's not in water.

    Name: Genesis (Gene for short)
    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: female
    Age: 17 years
    Skills: speed, agility, patience
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Appearance: Gene's ears and spikes are longer than the average Jolteon's, and her eyes are a bright baby blue.
    Personality: Gene's basically Deci's mom, caring for him like he was her own son ever since they were abandoned by their Trainer. She's not overly protective of him, but she definitely does keep an eye on him whenever she can. Sometimes, when Deci isn't around, she likes to show off to others her speed.
    Other: Around her neck hangs a simple golden pendant, the letter D (for Decimus) etched into one side, a G (for Genesis) on the other.
  23. Okay you are accepted here, but I'm just wondering... what does Decimus do with his fedora if he's swimming in the water?
  24. He kinda just places it off to the side, I guess. I dunno. xD

    Thanks! I'll get a post up when I can! Do you think I could get a little recap of what's happened already, though? I don't wanna be too far behind...
  25. Well if you want a brief summary of what had happened in the roleplay so far, here goes. (These are the significant events here.)

    An Aron and an Alohan Raichu both set out from their cave as the Raichu grabs some berries from the tree. An egg hatches into a Rowlet soon, as a Drifloon comes over and nurtures it. Soon after, a Minior makes several boulders hurl towards the Rowlet and Drifloon, but they all miss.

    The Minior then tries again while the Rowlet plays around in the daisy field, as the boulders land right onto the Rowlet. A Greninja quickly comes in and saves the Rowlet from impending harm, as they have a little talk. A little later, the Drifloon quickly shouted out at the Minior, as he fled back to his cave in a mere instant and reverted back to his meteor form behind some rocks that blended within him.

    The Greninja quickly attacks a Pyroar that was behind them, as the Drifloon tried to help out the Rowlet. The Rowlet quietly cried out on the tree, as some vines and branches had made a blockade at their home.
  26. Alright, got it. Thanks a bunch!
  27. Well no problem mate. Also, I might be making another character, though I haven't fully decided yet.
  28. (Am i too late or still accepting?I don't mind if i don't get to enter cuz' just filling the character sheet was quite fun!)
    Name: Petallie(Pet-tal-li)
    Species: Shiny Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 years(?)(Sorry i'm not quite good with age O3O)
    Skills: She can use her tails to disguise as a flower(only in flower fields(mostly the ones with yellow flowers))and paints her tail using any berry to match the flower fields.(EDIT)Her speed is also quite high.
    Ability: Speeding Pain(The more attack that it hits the more faster the user gets)
    Appearance: A Normal Yellow Vulpix but with a VERY fluffy chest,tail and paws,also the colour of her hair and tail are slightly lighter.
    Personality: Kind,Playful,Childish,Clumsy,Dense(Haha.....Sorry,Another Edit),Despite being a Fire Type,She is scared of fire and likes Grass Types.
    Other: A Ribbon on the neck(The ribbon is positioned behind her neck)and when sleeping,she wears baby socks she found somewhere.
    (My mind is exploding with ideas 0^0'')
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  29. I don't know if you're still accepting,but it's fine if you're not.

    Name: Light
    Species: Espurr
    Gender: Female
    Age: She's about a year old.
    Skills: She uses her psychic powers to help others.
    Ability: Her ability is fluff which makes the Pokemon with the ability raises their defence by puffing up into a ball of fur when hit with an attack.
    Appearance: Light is a shiny.
    Personality: Light is very kind and sweet.She does everything in her ability to help others.But,Light does get angry if you push her to the limit.In a burst of anger,her power will spike and everything around will be flying everywhere.
    Other: She likes to eat,too...
  30. Alright, I am a bit sorry if I am late, as I have been busy tending myself to my declining health.

    You're accepted here, though just be careful with the spacing and such.

    Alright, you are accepted, but please try to work on the spacing and grammar.
  31. I am sorry to say this to you, but I am denying your privilege to join the roleplay, since this character bio has very poor effort put into it, and your overall history on the sectors of roleplaying is below substandard here.
  32. You might want to carefully read what I wrote earlier, as I shouldn't have to say it out...
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