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Virgil's Rhyming Story Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Picnicker Virgil, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Well, not sure how many rhyming stories I'll actually end up posting, but for now here's this. The story is not finished yet, still gotta write two more parts.

    In the middle of Johto, in a field full of grass,
    A family of Smeargles formed quite a mass.

    Huddled together, they looked on at the batch
    Of cracked baby Smeargle eggs, ready to hatch.

    The first one to hatch was a broad shouldered male,
    He was calm, acted tough, and had red on his tail.

    The family rejoiced! They bestowed him a name,
    And from that moment on he was referred to as Flame.

    The second hatched Smeargle had a wonderful smile,
    She grinned proudly at her family for quite a long while.

    Her tailpaint was silver, though they saw it as grey,
    So, to brighten her character, they named the girl May.

    The last egg to hatch was surprisingly small,
    And the Smeargle within it had no paint at all!

    There were gasps from the family; they were very confused.
    Where was the paint that all Smeargle tails oozed?

    Smeargle brushed off her eggshells and looked at their faces,
    When nobody talked she stepped forward two paces.

    She awaited a name, though still no one spoke,
    As they stared at her oddly her heart nearly broke.

    She couldn't stand the stares; her family was mean!
    So to find nicer people she fled the scene.

    Smeargle walked for a while before finally stopping,
    She could hear many croaks and the sound of light hopping.

    The hopping got louder and eventually slowed,
    And out of a bush came three Politoeds!

    They too stared at Smeargle, she was in their way,
    And without hesitation asked how long she would stay.

    Smeargle shrugged her shoulders; she just wanted a name,
    And lucky for her they asked why she came.

    "I need a name," Smeargle said with a rather large frown,
    It was quite hard to concentrate when they bounced up and down.

    The ‘Toeds responded, "Well, we can't help you there,"
    And proceeded to strand her, taking off through the air.
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  2. Well, I told you in chat, and I'll tell you again.

    IT'S ADORABLE!!! And awesome. And stuff. All in one. Wow. That comment sucked. But really, it's cool. Never thought of doing a poem before. I hope to see more :D
  3. I agree with Cody. This is cute! I wonder what shall become of the paintless one.

    Oooh! That Smeargle could be called Piendre, which is latin for ‘to paint', which is something that the Smeargle wants.
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  4. Aw, this is cute :) I can see the image well ^^ Poor nameless Smeargle ;_; *cuddles*

    I hope to see more of this Virgil.
  5. Magpie

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  6. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    That was a cute little story. It made me smile, and really feel sorry for that little Smeargle.

    This would make an excellent children's book.
  7. this is so cute. i just want to hug that poor smeargle.

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