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Vinnsou Adventures; 1: Buggin' Out!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Hoenn Master, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty sure none of you remembers that this is a remake of one of my older stories of the same kind; new character, new region, new... everything. After finding so many wonderful writers here on Pokecharms, I decided to join the races, so to speak. I will be posting the entire trillogy here, just one chapter at a time.

    I will post Profiles, Pokedex, and more in link form ASAP. But for now, enjoy the story!


    Dracon Maglev yanked the white earplugs out of his ears and sighed. He closed the laptop he'd been working on and flicked the power switch. He got up off of the ottoman, his legs protesting the movement. But then, he'd been sitting there with his laptop for three hours since eleven at night. He put the laptop in the bag he was taking on his trip.

    Two 'o' clock? Dracon thought drowsily. Jeez. He walked out of the large-ish living room, through the door-less archway and into the kitchen. Without turning on a light, he walked along the counter to the refidgarator and squinted at the bright light.

    Dracon nabbed a white-chocolate chip cookie that his mom had made previously and bit into it. He was sure that his mom would be mad that he took one of the small pastries- They were pastries, right?- and would result in a small lecture, ending in something to do with his leaving home for Vinnsou.

    Dracon paused in the middle of closing the refridgerator door.

    Vinnsou. The Land of Protection. He had laughed softly at the name at first, but now realized how glorious it would be. It was situated much more south than Sinnoh, his current region of residence, so it was warmer- thank God, Dracon thought. It wasn't more south than Hoenn, but more south than Kanto. It was in-line with Jhoto on the longitude.

    Of course there was the small problem with Dracon leaving behind his family, his Pokemon. He had gotten half-way through the Sinnoh Championship when he was quashed by his old rival, Alec. The thought made his blood run hot, but he couldn't always win.

    Since it was another year until the next Championship, he decided to head out to Vinnsou. Since his father was the professor there, he wasn't leaving everyone behind.

    Finally, Dracon shivered and closed the refridgerator all the way. He began his way to the bathroom when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Dracon turned to find... nothing. He continued and he closed the door behind him to prevent any light from escaping. He was told to get to bed around ten, since he was leaving in ten hours at noon.

    He did his buisiness and flushed. But as Dracon washed his hands, he felt a cold chill. He whirled around and found himself staring into a floating set of eyeballs and a grin the width of his head. Dracon swallowed his yelp and put on the best 'How dare you!' sort of look- not a very good one considering he had been up for about 18 hours straight packing.

    "Phantom!" Dracon hissed at his Gengar. Phantom's large, purple girth faded into view and it had the audacity to chuckle softly. "I told you to stay at Professor Rowan's." Phantom shrugged and munched on something in his claw.

    Dracon finally recognized the silver-orange wrapper in his Gengar's claw as- "A Granola Bar?" Dracon couldn't help keep his voice soft, and his not-so-subtle trace of disbelief leaked through. He let Phantom finish his midnight snack and then threw the wrapper away for him.

    As Dracon walked out of the bathroom and back to the living room, Phantom followed. Dracon sat down for a moment, then cradled his head in his hands. Not crying, just frustrated. The Gengar frowned, a very big sign of concern. Dracon looked up at Phantom with somber eyes. Gengar floated down the the ground and Dracon got up.

    He embraced his Gengar, and it did so back. Dracon and Phantom let go and looked at each other. "Go back to the lab, Phantom," Dracon said quietly. "I'll stop by and see you all tomorrow before I leave. Okay?"

    After a moment of silence, his Gengar nodded and floated away. However, Dracon noticed, he never stopped frowning.

    Author's Notes: So, this is it. In case you couldn't tell, Dracon lives in Sinnoh for the time being, and is going to go to Vinnsou, my region, at noon the next day. His Gengar is very close to him, almost as close as his Starter.

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    Looking very promising so far, I must say. Your writing is really very good, and I hope to see more of it. :)
  3. Oh I like this one. The idea of having your region explained in a story seems quite the novelty to me (added, of course, to the fact that I've not heard of your region before).

    Gengar... doesn't have a neck. I'm wondering how it can nod...
  4. I'll just say he crumples a bit in the front. where the neck would be. Like a balloon. :D

    And thank you both for the kind words.

  5. Okay, I think Bumping is legal, right? If so...



    "Hurry up."

    It was a phrase most familiar to Dracon now, as he scrambled to get everything done before the boat arrived for a 30 minute pause. He had already assembled his things- two bags with some clothes, his laptop, and a few odds and ends.

    More important things Dracon kept with him, like the mysterious necklace his uncle Vincenzo had given him. It was a twisted piece of black metal that his uncle had said was found in an archealogical dig. Vincenzo showed Dracon a similar piece of metal around his own neck. Soon afterwards, Dracon's uncle had disappeared, leaving but a will behind.

    But that was the farthest thing from his mind. Right now, he was searching out all of his Pokemon he'd left in Professor Rowan's hands. The first to see him were the three babies of his friends- a Chingling he had helped on Mount Coronet, a Cleffa he had found, and a Happiny some strange man had asked him to hatch.

    He patted their heads and hugged them goodbye. When the tears came, Dracon couldn't help but shed a tear as well. The one he couldn't calm down- his Chingling- decided to follow him around.

    Next was Terror, the Torterra that Dracon had raised from a Turtwig, his first Sinnoh Pokemon. He found Terror with his Probopass, Malleo. The two turned at his arrival, Terror smiling and Probopass looking at him with... sadness? It was an odd thought, considering Probopass hardly showed emotion.

    But Malleo let up its Magnet Rise to take Dracon's hug, deciding against hugging back. Considering that when Dracon had lost to his rival in the Championchips, Malleo had nearly strangled Dracon. Instead, the Probopass smiled.

    After them, Dracon had to say goodbye to his Azumarill (Bubbles), his Chatot (Chatoo) and Staravia, and finally his Magmortar (Izzard).

    However the one he couldn't find was Phantom. After the previous night, Dracon had begun to realize the affection that passed between him and the Gengar over the years. Dracon searched high and low, but couldn't find the ghastly-looking Pokemon. Finally, Dracon checked the shadow of the stone overhang in the most southern of the range.

    Phantom was leaned against the overhang coolly, glancing at Dracon when he arrived.

    "Hey, Phantom," Dracon said softly. Phantom nodded, a strange movement of the Pokemon that crumpled the midsection- wait, midsection?- of his Gengar. Dracon decided aginast words and sat down next to Phantom. Soon, Terror joined them, arriving with thudding footsteps. She layed down with Dracon, and he placed his hand on her shell. Soon Malleo, then Bubbles, Chatoo, and even Izzard joined them.

    They all stayed there, looking upon the calm skies. After a moment, Dracon smiled. This was the good life. These were his friends- his family. Leaviing them behind was almost wrong. But he had to move on, he had to see more and experiance more. Two adventures wasn't enough for the great dracon Maglev.

    He had to see Vinnsou with his own eyes, not just in postcards and through photograph from his father. Dracon had had the same predicament before moving to Sinnoh. He had to leave his Pokemon behind, but he fought, and fought. Only of two months ago did he get some of his old Hoenn Pokemon to Rowan's ranch.

    Finally, Dracon shed a tear. Phantom frowned and looked at him. It only took one glance at his Gengar to bring Dracon to tears. His other Pokemon came close, hoping to cheer up their friend- their family.

    "I'm gonna miss you guys," Dracon said, sadness dripping off of every word.

    * * *

    Another hour, a bad sunburn and a quick lunch later, and Dracon was up and ready. His mother walked him down to the wharf. His mom stood only an inch taller than Dracon at 5' 7", and was medium-size. She had decided that this was an important enough momnet to wear her good clothing. Finally, Dracon could see where the boat was moored for fuel and their single passenger.

    Him; Dracon Meglav.

    Dracon smiled and gave his mom a big hug. She shed only one tear. Dracon smiled. "You're doing much better than Hoenn, Mom."

    "Thank you, honey," she said, digging in her pants pocket. She fished out a letter and handed it to Dracon. "Could you please deliver this to your father? The Mail Peliper was injusred in the last storm, so he can't send it."

    "Alright." Dracon said. He glanced at his watch. 11:52. "Uh, mom?"

    "I got it, Dracon." She paused. "Just be careful, and don't leave town without your Pokemon. Again?"

    Remembering the event and its ensuing hilarity, Dracon smiled and nodded. Finally, he gave his mom another hug and a peck on the cheek and said goodbye. Dracon made his way to the boat where he made it with three minutes to spare.

    The boat was pretty good sized; not cruise-liner, for sure, but it was no canoe. Probably 150 feet/46 meters from bow to stern with 60 feet/18 meters from... for its width. Dracon's father had been a shipbuilder, but Dracon only picked up on the techniques, not the terms.

    A woman in a white-knee length skirt with a white-red jacket came up to meet him. "Hello," she said with only a tinge of that annoying tour guide tone. "You must be Dracon Maglev, correct?" Dracon nodded enthusiastically. "Well I'll show you to your room where you can rest up, but all of the trainers aboard are meeting around one to talk."

    Dracon nodded. "Alright. thank you."

    After being shown to his room (A simple 20 by 20, cubish room with two porthole windows, a bed, nightstand and desk) Dracon decided to set his Poketch to Alarm Function and to go off in half an hour, at one 'o' clock, and drifted promptly to sleep.

    Author's Notes: A LOT longer this time with Dracon's past becoming more clear. I even revealed an important shred of storyline. You find it, you gets a cookie! :D


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