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Ask to Join Villain Kids Vacation Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Eva and a few of her friends stood outside Arias Academy. The last day of school had just ended, meaning that summer was here. The backpack that Eva used to carry her books, which was, no surprise, dark blue with red apple zippers, was slung over her shoulders. One of her friends, a blue eyed brunette boy named Ethan, spoke up. “So, I hear you’re going to Hotel in Draco this Summer.” he said to Eva. “Yes, I am.” Eva replied. “I just need to grab a few things, and then I’ll be on my way.” Another of her friends a girl with light brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair, spoke next. “Well, we’ll miss you.” Eva hugged all her friends. “I’ll miss you guys too.” She went to her room, since her current residence was on Kora Kora Island. She set down her book bag, then grabbed her luggage, as well as the card that the hotel had sent her so she could get there, then read the incantation on the card. A colorful portal appeared nearby. She put her card in the purse she had chosen for the trip, which resembled a light blue chest with a wolf head shaped clasp. With her purse and luggage on her person, she stepped through the portal. When she came out of the portal she was in front of the hotel’s entrance.

    Taonga wasn’t worried about much. Being a 15 foot tall coconut crab had it’s advantages. For example, she didn’t really have to worry about packing. The card to get to Hotel in Draco was in her pincers. She had multiple small pouches tied around her front legs with money and what few other things she wished to bring along. She hoped she would make some new friends. She didn’t have many friends in Lalotai. She took a deep breath, then read the incantation on the card. A colorful portal appeared nearby. She proceeded to walk through it. When she came out of the portal she was in front of the hotel’s entrance.

    Hilarity put on her bag of belongings on. Which wasn’t much, but, that didn’t matter much anyways. She was a dog after all. She just hoped that her parents wouldn’t do anything crazy. Like something that would force them to move to another location while she was gone. You never knew, with parents like hers. She sighed, then read the incantation on the card. Once the colorful portal appeared nearby, she put the card in her bag. She then proceeded to walk through the portal. When she came out of the portal she was in front of the hotel’s entrance.
  2. "Please stop kicking me. I'm having to take you and the boy here because you were both fighting in the library," A tall, slender man said before gently placing Sean down in a chair next to the boy. The man sat in front of the two in front of his desk, with the silver name tent reading, "Principal Zale."

    "Hey, that little dino thing tried to use some sparky balls on me!" The boy shouted before pouting at the man.

    Sean slightly shook his head at the man while staying as silent as a respectable child on a Sunday morning. The baby stegosaurus attempted to sit perfectly straight without support, while clutching onto his orange teddy bear.

    "Look at him with that teddy! Why is a baby like him even going to this place?!" The boy screeched before the man stood up and took several steps towards the boy.

    "Now now, there's no need to be yelling like that here. You tell me what happened, and then the dinosaur here will state his side afterwards. Then, we will discuss this matter and see what happens," The man stated in a rather calm manner before casting a minuscule-sized drizzle of mystical drops in an attempt to pacify the boy's indignation.

    "Fine, this creature went into the library and suddenly attacked me with that electric thing," The boy replied in a moderate tone, while the juvenile had a rather puzzled look towards the boy.

    "What? You think I'm lying? How are you gonna prove it ya little kid? How? How are ya gonna do that? I bet even your momma comes up with better lies than that!" The boy ranted while the young dinosaur carefully threw a small notepad onto the man's desk.

    "Huh? What's this? This looks rather small for school-related material," The man quietly said to himself before strolling back to his desk.

    Although the contents of one of the middle pages appeared to be haphazard to the academy's standards, the man enquired, "Were you studying or something?"

    The baby stegosaurus gave a swift nod at the man, as the man added, "Okay, and if that is really true, that means that the boy's statement is just simply a false testimony."

    "Urgh! Fine! I'm tired of being here! Just give me like detention or something! It's getting so stuffy in here!" The boy vociferated before the man noticed the mollifying spell already wearing off.

    "Then case closed. Three Saturday suspensions for you, as I heard from Mrs. Loyalda that you were tardy for the fifth time in the row," The man declared before the boy sprinted out of the room, leaving a distinct trail of tears.

    "As for you, the baby dinosaur, I'm afraid that I can't punish you because there was no proof that you attempted to harm the boy. I suppose I must let you go, while I go and well... umm, let's just say that my stomach's having a bad day already," The man proclaimed before heading straight for the nearest washroom after managing to jog out of the room.

    Sean smiled when the man left the office, as the juvenile unzipped the back area of his teddy bear. He gripped onto his wand and gave a light wave in the air, as the notepad slowly floated over to the hidden compartment of the toy. The pad softly landed inside along with the short, thick pencil taken from the library earlier. A slight grin reflected from the reflection of a nearby mirror.

    Sean climbed onto the desk and carefully inspected a metallic box labeled in red ink on top, "DO NOT TOUCH!" After recalling the girl's note from the day before, the little stegosaurus decided to adjust the tiny knobs, flicking the first one twice, the second thrice and the third as many times as the prior ones had. A slight wiggle was given at the cube-shaped box, as the container gave way a brief moment later.

    "I guess a few wouldn't hurt. Hopefully no one notices since I don't even go here anymore," Sean thought before snatching several small wads of highly valued notes and stuffing them in the concealed section of his toy. The box was shut back in its original state and the knobs were turned back to the prior, scrambled combination. The wand was carefully deposited along with the other items, before the teddy bear was zipped up and appeared like any ordinary toy a minute later.

    Once the coast was clear, Sean picked up the occult card from his lap and quietly read the conjuration. A portal emitting a vast range of colors soon appeared on the desk's left side, as the young dinosaur quietly went down from his chair with his toy. He took a lengthy breath before stepping into the elaborate entryway.

    Several seconds later, he found himself in a world like no other after taking in another deep breath. He gulped and held onto his teddy bear with a shaky grip after noticing a group of unknown beings in the area. Each unique creature emitted a vast presence of utmost enigma to the baby stegosaurus, as he toddled tentatively towards the hotel's entrance without a word to anyone.
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  3. Eva noticed the others around her. There was a 15 foot tall coconut crab, what was probably a demon, a Dalmatian, and an approaching baby dinosaur. The little dino held an orange teddy bear, which made her smile, but also made her curious. She nodded to the demon, then entered the hotel.

    Taonga also noticed the strange company she was among. A dark blue haired girl, a demon, a Dalmatian, and a dino. Man, there were a lot of “d’s” today. The dinosaur was small, and would probably require help in getting the receptionist’s attention. She decided that she’d keep an eye on him. Then she too entered the hotel.

    Hilarity marveled first at the hotel’s size, then at the others around her. The girl with the wolf clasp purse and the 15 foot tall coconut crab had already entered. She hoped things would go well here. She took a deep breath, then entered the hotel.
  4. Sean skulked into the hotel while attempting to maintain his composure after placing the card back in the storage area of his toy. He could only hope that his infantile features would not grab too much attention, as he decided to walk towards the receptionist after mustering as much courage as he could.

    He felt his heart racing like the end of a marathon, as he gulped after noticing the desk towering over his Lilliputian size. After a quick glance back at the entryway, the baby stegosaurus slunk over towards the rows of chairs. He decided to push the tallest chair he could find towards the desk while not seeming to realize that the others had already entered the place. He kept a close grip on the teddy bear while utilizing his body to get the chair over to the desk in a rather silent manner.
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  5. Sean panted after managing to push the chair all the way to the receptionist’s desk, while attempting to climb on the chair as quickly as he could. He got out his wand from the teddy bear and slowly waved it in the air, causing his body and the toy to slowly float upwards until he softly landed on the desk. He caught his teddy bear and stowed away the wand before taking out the mystical card a split second later.

    He took a rather loud breath before turning the card towards the receptionist and keeping it held with a noticeably shaky grip. His body quivered after standing for a few seconds, as he kept the toy held in his left arm after closing the hidden compartment. He stood in front of the receptionist, attempting to patiently wait for a quick response.
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  6. There were multiple species who worked at the hotel. The one who was at the desk today was a female werefox wearing a hotel uniform, who soon took notice of the little dino and his teddy bear. "Hello there." The receptionist said. "How many I help you?"
  7. Sean emitted a quiet, fretful whimper after noticing the fox-like creature in its unform, as the baby stegosaurus showed his card to the werefox. He attempted to make the best motion he could with his right hand for the very thing needed to get into one of the rooms. He took a deep breath while the grip on his teddy bear tightened. He gave his best efforts at attempting to utilize such a timorous means of communication, hoping not too many giggles would spark up within the first minute or two.
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  8. The werefox noticed that the little dino was frightened. "I need your name so I can give you the key to the room you reserved." the receptionist said gently. Taonga walked over to the dinosaur. "Do you need some help?" Taonga asked.
  9. Sean shook his head at the giant crab while turning back to the werefox. The baby stegosaurus emitted a babyish voice so low that only the receptionist could hear, as Sean hesitantly said, “Sean... S- Sean L- Liko.”

    His body trembled before he almost dropped his teddy bear, as he took a rather lengthy breath before having to adjust his grip on his toy. He kept the card carefully held on his right hand while having an inaudible sigh of relief after noting his infantile clothing keeping him warm from the various elements.
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  10. With the dino's name made clear, the receptionist was soon able to find the room key. "Here you go. Room 5. Your on the first floor." The receptionist handed the dinosaur his room key.
  11. Sean gave a light sigh of relief when he received his room key, as he resisted the urge to play with them like a typical infant would in front of others. He slowly went back on the chair and carefully climbed down onto the floor. He pushed the chair back to its original locations as quickly as he could, while taking a deep breath every few seconds. Once the chair was back near the entryway, the baby stegosaurus strolled to his room after regaining his breath.

    He gulped after noticing that the doorknob was about two feet from his reach, as he decided to take out his wand. He pointed the wand and waved it at his keycard after taking it out, as the card floated towards the door’s handle. Once a soft click was heard after a quick swipe, the door gave way after the handle turned with the help of the dino’s magic. He caught the falling card and deposited the wand and room key back in his teddy bear before zipping up the hidden compartment once more.

    “Hopefully it’s not too kid friendly,” Sean thought before entering his room and shutting the door.
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  12. The receptionist turned her attention to the 15 foot tall coconut crab. "May I help you?" she asked. "Yes, I'd like my room key." Taonga said. "Of course." the receptionist said. "What is your name?" "Taonga." Taonga replied. The receptionist found the key for Taonga's room and handed it to her. "You are in Room 3 on the first floor." the receptionist said. "Thank you." Taonga said. "Your welcome." the receptionist said. As Taonga walked away, the receptionist turned her attention to the next one in line, a girl with dark blue hair.
  13. Sean gulped, as he fretted and mewled for a brief moment after noticing the rather newborn friendly environment his room was in. It was as if the space was completely designed for the baby stegosaurus and nobody else. The first thing he noticed was a small bed in the leftmost corner farthest from the entrance. The small, cloud nine soft mattress was in a smooth, maple wood basket, along with two layers of blankets for the juvenile. However, he could already figure out the reason behind the cradle lacking pillows a minute later after recalling a prior moment from several days back. The mobile above the bed was freely suspended and slowly moving around in a circular motion, as the tiny, stuffed animals appeared to have his attention within the millisecond of spotting them.

    After playing with the mobile for several minutes, he decided to walk over towards the huge, flat screen, high definition television. There was a remote below the television, as it was apparent that the device was catered towards the ease of use for infants. There was a playpen on the southern, leftmost corner of the room that contained a variety of toys for the little dinosaur to entertain himself with. On the rightmost corner near the entrance lied a fridge containing a diverse range of healthy fruit juices suitable for the young. There were empty, sterilized bottles on the bottom rack that could be filled, as the lid was designed to be spill-resistant, while the small nozzle allowed for easy drinking and resilience against the dreaded spills. On the fridge's left side was a tiny machine that could completely clean a bottle twice over in a minute, as the infant noted the machine's location for later use.

    When he opened the door to the washroom, he noticed a baby-sized bathtub with a tiny tap that allowed lukewarm water to flow to the perfect capacity at the push of a button. He was oblivious to a small, raised platform containing nursery supplies on the right side of the bathroom however.

    He decided to walk back to the television and grab the remote, before booting on the television and watching a brief show catered towards the youngest of the young.
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  14. "May I help you?" the receptionist asked Eva. "Yes." Eva said "I'd like my room key." "Of course." the werefox said. "What is your name, miss?" "Eva Collins." Eva responded. The receptionist soon found the key for Eva's room. "Your on the first floor. Room 2." the receptionist said. "Thank you." Eva said. "Your welcome." the receptionist replied. Eva walked away to find her room. Meanwhile, Hilarity approached the demon. "Excuse me sir." the Dalmatian said. "But are you waiting for something?"
  15. The show quickly finished off with a boy deciding to shake hands with a girl after a brief argument on the topic of possession. Sean looked down on the remote and saw an orange button with a sword crossing with a rod. He placed down his bear next to the remote after taking out the wand and zipping up the toy. He decided to tap on the button shortly after. He squealed after seeing a flash of light for a split second, as he appeared in a new world a brief moment later. He was visible on the television’s screen, as the area he found himself in was surrounded by a green, invisible wall. There was a red button behind the baby stegosaurus that would teleport him back into his room if used.

    The little dinosaur slowly walked towards several panels, with each of them reading from top to bottom:
    • Can I play dada?
    • I’ll just have it so-so.
    • You’re not so tough!
    • I am the champion!
    • I wanna train for a bit.
    Sean looked around, as nobody else was within the area. He pressed the second to last panel, as the panels disappeared a split second later. Unknowingly to the baby stegosaurus however, a heads up display appeared on the television’s screen the second a huge dragon was summoned! A green and blue bar appeared next to the dinosaur’s name, while several small numbers were below the full bars. The mint green background quickly shifted into a realm of what appeared to be an infernal world of chaos and anarchy ruling all.

    The dragon roared at Sean, as he whimpered and pointed his wand at the dragon! The baby stegosaurus waved his wand in a tentative manner, as he attempted to summon a bolt of thunder. Unfortunately, the wand fizzled for a brief moment, as all that came was a harmless spark that could not inflict any bit of pain on the dragon.

    The dragon summoned a hail of ice on the stegosaurus, as he wailed with each cube of solid water smacking against his body! The green bar turned gray and started to blink, as the number below quickly ticked down!

    He felt his body gradually weakening with each second that went by, as he quickly swung his wand in an upper motion! A large, sage green beam appeared above the little dinosaur, as he felt a surge of vitality coursing through his body the second he was exposed to the cleansing light! The blinking bar turned into a bright shading of crimson red after a split second, as the number slightly rose back to a better value than none right before the last five were about to tick down. The blue bar decreased by a tiny percentage, though that was the least of the juvenile’s concerns at the moment.

    “Dang it! If only my magic would always work!” Sean thought while not seeming to realize that the slight pain in his chest and right arm were only simulated.
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  16. Hilarity turned to see that that girl who had been at the receptionist desk had left. "So it is." She turned to head towards the receptionist desk, but turned her head towards the demon. "The name's Hilarity by the way. See you around." The Dalmatian then headed towards the receptionist desk. "May I help you?" the receptionist asked Hilarity. "Yes. I'd like my room key please." Hilarity responded. "Of course. What is your name?" the receptionist said. "Hilarity." Hilarity responded. The receptionist soon found the key for the Dalmatian's room. "Your on the first floor. Room 4." the receptionist said. She handed Hilarity her room key. "Thank you." Hilarity said before taking the key. "Your welcome." the receptionist replied. Hilarity then walked away to find her room.
  17. The receptionist nodded. She soon found the key for Limbo's room. "Here you go. Your on the first floor in Room 1." She handed him the room key.
  18. Sean scurried towards the big red button, as the dragon emitted a hearty laughter before pursuiting the baby stegosaurus! The little dinosaur punched the button as hard as he could before the dragon could get its claws on him! Several seconds later, he noticed the world reverting back to the mellow green, invisible walls with the panels returning to their prior positions. A flash of light struck his eyes, as he found himself back in his room a brief moment later.

    He gave a slight sigh of relief, as he decided to continue watching the television after managing to regain his composure in a few minutes.
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  19. Hilarity opened the door to her room. The walls and ceiling were purple and the carpet was bright green. The room had two beds. One was a purple dog bed with a bright green bottom, the other was a Queen size bed with purple blankets and bright green pillows. There were various posters around the room, including some with Kryptonian Comet the Superdog on them, who Hilarity had a bit of a crush on. In a conveniently located tote, were various kinds of dog toys. Other dog necessities, such as brushes, were also within reach. There was a flat screen TV in front of the Queen sized bed. There was a circular table with six chairs around it. The tub was a walk in.

    Taonga’s room resembled the inside of a cave. There were shiny any beautiful stones scattered all over the place. There were also drawings of clothing designs she had only dreamed of drawing, since she had claws instead of hands. The floor was made of sand.

    Eva’s room was dark blue with red carpet. The blankets on the twin sized bed were dark blue. The pillows matched the color of the blankets, and each had a large red apple on them. A black desk with a red and black spinning chair were to the left of a window. A red arc lamp was located on the desk. There was a dresser near the bed with a lamp on it. This lamp was gray with a white lampshade. Across from the bed was a red … desk (?) with a flat screen TV on it. The bathroom floor had dark blue and purple tiling. Various sized silver colored crescent moon decorations hung throughout the bathroom.
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  20. Hilarity jumped onto the Queen size bed and let out a content sigh. She laid there for awhile, gazing at one of the posters with Kryptonian Comet the Superdog on it. After awhile, she decided to turn on the T.V., eventually finding a show that she liked. She figured she'd visit the demon from the lobby later that day if she found time.
  21. Sean decided to place the wand back in his toy, before noticing the doorknobs of the two doors in his room being much closer to ground level to accommodate for his small size. He gave a slight sigh of relief, as he decided to exit his room after giving a quick check for any forgotten supplies.

    He decided to walk back to the lobby after a quick glance at the map near the remote earlier, while attempting to keep his steps steady and silent. He crept past the receptionist and made his way towards the kitchen, while keeping his teddy bear held in his right arm. After noticing no one was in the hallway leading towards the kitchen, the baby stegosaurus placed his right hand in his mouth. He could only hope that the staff was on break, or perhaps somewhere else to allow for a lengthy moment of exploration.
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  22. While everyone was checking out their rooms, a girl came rollerblading through the door and up to the receptionist desk. She wore a black tank top under a brown pilot's jacket. She also wore what seemed to be black leggings and a visor. Her inline skates were black in color. "How may I help you?" the receptionist asked. "Yes, I'd like my room key please." the girl replied. "Of course. What is your name?" the receptionist said. "Rebecca Sutton." the girl replied. The receptionist soon found the key for the girl's room. "Here you go. Your on the first floor, Room 6." the receptionist said as she handed Rebecca her room key. "Thank you." Rebecca said to the receptionist. "Your welcome." the receptionist replied. Rebecca rollerbladed off to find her room.
  23. Sean took his right hand out of his mouth after placing down his teddy bear for a brief moment. He took out his wand and notepad, as he flipped the small notebook to the second page. The neatly written text read:

    Blue Mag II:
    *About 25% Fail Rate
    • Aeroburst: Twirl the wand and swing in the desired direction to unleash a powerful gust of wind.
    • Angelic Mend: Lift the wand for a brief moment and swing in any direction to restore life and ailments.
    • Hidden: Also known as Invis. Point the wand at your body or at the desired target, then gently thrust. If done correctly, the person will be unseen to the naked eye for up to fifteen minutes.
    • Arbitcast: The first spell that most beginners learn after mastering the rudimentary branch of Blue Magic. Wag the wand for a brief moment, then swing in any direction. A random spell will follow if done correctly.
    • Shadow Edge: A spell learned by few as a result of being widely discouraged by the academy for various, safety reasons. Quickly swing the wand in any direction until it turns a purplish-black shading. Wave the wand in the desired direction to summon a powerful wave of darkness, which may cause various ailments. Beware, as casting this spell will cost some life!
    Once the baby stegosaurus read his notes on the third spell, he closed his notebook before gripping onto his wand with his left hand. He took a deep breath, as he pointed the wand at his chest. He thrust the wand towards his body in a rather gentle manner. He noticed several, cloud white rings surrounding his feet, as they graduall rose up until fading away after reaching the top of his head.

    He noticed his body and clothing being invisible to the naked eye a minute later, though it was apparent that the juvenile did not take his clearly visible items into account. He placed the wand back into his teddy bear before making his way into the kitchen after picking up his toy.
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  24. The receptionist turned her attention to the new being who approached the receptionist desk. "Of course sir." the werefox said. She soon found his room key. "You are on the First Floor. Room 7." She then handed him the card.
  25. Sean emitted a loud cry after suddenly turning visible sooner than usual, as he turned around the moment he could clearly see his entire body.

    “I do believe you are a bit overdue for something little one,” A mermaid stated while floating near the baby stegosaurus, after a spell was casted on the infant to cancel out the effects of his invisibility.

    “D- damn it! I guess even they already knew! Please don’t cast something like a tiny bubble...” Sean thought before waving his wand in a wagging motion after taking it out of his bear.

    “Look, swinging your wand is not going to help. You’re just going to prolong this and make it harder on only yourself. It’ll be over quick, I promise kid,” The mermaid said in a calmer tone before the juvenile swung his wand!

    A powerful cascade of lightning was summoned on the mermaid as she shielded herself with a barrier of light!

    “Stop trying to use your magic, it ain’t going to help even though that was probably an advanced spell,” The mermaid asserted before noticing the infant scurrying towards the receptionist!

    “Come back right now young dino!” The mermaid shouted while the baby stegosaurus placed the wand back in his teedy bear and clutched it with a tight grip. The little dinosaur looked up at the receptionist with teary eyes, while sidestepping towards the werefox to elude the mermaid’s sudden grab!
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  26. The receptionist soon noticed the little dino being chased by a mermaid nurse. Now, it wasn't often that this happened, since people were usually turned into adult animals, such as full grown cats and guinea pigs, instead of baby animals like what that little dino currently was. Nonetheless, she decided to see what was going on. "Will one of you kindly explain what's going on?" the receptionist asked.
  27. “The baby doesn’t exactly like checkups from what I can already tell with the huge warning on his card. He’s been using everything he can just to get away from it,” The mermaid calmly responded before grabbing Sean.

    The baby stegosaurus kicked the mermaid as hard as he could while bawling, as the mermaid said, “Look little one, I see that you’re probably scared, but it’s not going to be so bad once I get you checked up.”

    Although the nurse gave her best attempts at soothing the little dinosaur’s anxiety, it was apparent that the juvenile was ready to use all he could to escape from another checkup. He squirmed and continued to kick the nurse, until he slipped through her arms a brief moment later.

    “Ack... I’ve never had to deal with someone like this... especially a baby like him!” The nurse carped before having to pursuit the infant once more.
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  28. The werefox, Hortensia, shook her head. Needless to say, this had been one weird shift. She loved her job, but today she just couldn't wait for her shift to end. Then she could eat, then take a nap in her room.
  29. “Stop trying to run away from this! You’re only just postponing your checkup you know!” The Mermaid asserted at Sean before noticing him attempting to hastily cast a spell without the help of his wand.

    “Oh, out of juice already? I’ll get that fixed if you let me help you out,” The Mermaid said before the baby stegosaurus scurried towards the kitchen in terror.

    “Guess I got no choice then, he’s gonna have it the hard way,” The Mermaid thought before snapping her fingers and noticing him taking out his wand!

    The little dinosaur cried in fear the moment a purplish orb rushed towards him, as he waved his wand at the sphere! The wand fizzled a split second later, as the juvenile quickly eluded the orb! He placed the wand back in his teddy bear before curling up and tightly gripping on his toy.

    “There there, I am not going to hurt you little one. I’m just going to check you up and see if there’s anything wrong,” The Mermaid calmly stated while the baby stegosaurus did not realize that the sphere was merely a dud. He felt the Mermaid scooping him in her arms before he attempted to kick her in the chest as hard as he could!
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  30. Once Hilarity's show had ended, she decided to visit the demon from the lobby. Since she didn't know his room number, she had to use her sense of smell to figure out where his room was. Though she nearly got distracted by two new scents, she managed to find his room. She knocked on the door of Room 1.
  31. "Thank you." Hilarity said. "And yes, I'm Hilarity." She walked through the door and past the demon. "Sweet room!" she said. Her tail wagged like crazy. "To each their own. How are you liking the hotel so far?"
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  32. "So this is your first time away from home, huh?" Hilarity said. "This is my first time away from my dimension. I'd say from my planet, but I had a misadventure on Thanagar. Or was it Thanager? No matter, I've been off world once, that I know."
  33. "Any race is capable of interplanetary travel. That is, if they use a space cab." Hilarity said. "I was playing hide and seek with a friend when I hid in the trunk of what I thought was a normal car. Turned out to be a space cab. Weirdness ensued from there."
  34. "I don't know if they're exported to other dimensions." Hilarity responded. "This is the first time I've traveled to another dimension. I haven't seen any space cabs here. Though, then again, I haven't been in this dimension long, so who knows."
  35. "In my dimension, space cabs were invented by a race of intelligent, bipedal, leopard like alien race known as the Theretians. Among the few facts I know about space cabs besides that fact is that they were introduced to the galaxy long before I was born." Hilarity said. She sat down. "There are multiple companies that utilize them, just like with the normal, terrestrial cabs on Earth."
  36. "Yes we do have multiple intelligent races." Hilarity said, responding to his first question. As she listened to the rest of what he had to say, she became curious about something he said. She decided to enquire about it. "And how does your creation differ, might I ask?"
  37. "If it's a touchy subject, you don't have to continue talking about it." Hilarity said. She recalled certain incidents with her parents. "Even I have things that are touchy subjects for me. Though that's probably not saying much, considering how my parents are, and how we live."
  38. "To come from such origins, ..... Makes mine look like a cakewalk." Hilarity said. She shuddered. "What a way to come into existence." She recalled watching one of her youngest friends being born. It was a bit messy, sure but it didn't involve murders. "Wow."
  39. “Oh, you must have been out cold for a little bit. Well don’t worry, I’m almost finished,” Sean heard the Mermaid stating after the baby stegosaurus slowly opened his eyes.

    “I guess even he gets a little tired from kicking me so much. Thank the lord that I almost managed to get through without him crying for a second,” The Mermaid thought before turning towards a tray filled with sterile, medicinal items.

    “Now, before I can let you get on with the hotel, I just need to give you this stuff since I’ve been noticing that you like to hide those faint bruises and not wanting the cream,” The Mermaid said in a rather calm tone before noticing the baby dinosaur quickly backing away towards the end of the padded table the juvenile lied on.

    “Oh don’t be such a little scaredy dino, this isn’t the one that hurts,” The Mermaid added after picking up a syringe with the end lacking a needle.

    “Come on, this will only take just a second. I don’t know what it tastes like, but I can assure you that this will help your body heal much quicker. Look, I’ll even throw in a lolli if you be a good boy,” The Mermaid continued on after taking note of the infant’s sudden attention within a split second of attempting to climb down the table.
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  40. "No, it's fine. You could've turned out much worse considering your orgins." Hilarity said. Hilarity sighed. "My parents are a bit insane. But I turned out alright."

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