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Open Victory Road (Kalos)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Orange Book, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. This role-play is free to join, so feel free to hop right in! The setting at the very beginning will take place (as the title would suggest) within the Victory Road of the Kalos region; the region was selected with the idea in mind that it would essentially allows the greatest variety of Pokémon that could potentially be used. Keep in mind, your trainer can be from any region!

    As previously mentioned, the first phase of this role-play will take place in the Victory Road of the Kalos Region. From there, we may branch off toward the Pokémon League and possibly some other areas. If you weren't able to join from the beginning for whatever reason, there will still be many opportunities for you to join in down the line.

    Remember, role-plays such as this are all about improvising in the beginning... so surprise me! Also, if you could post the trainer card for the character you'll be playing, that would be very much appreciated!



    "Looks like we've reached yet another dead end, Pancham," uttered a soft and fragile voice, bouncing off the surrounding dark walls of the cavern, "guess we'll just have to work our way back around and start all over." The voice belonged to a slender woman of about average height, her luscious, long pink hair assorted into a tail behind her head, bobbing about with each step she took. She was perhaps within her late teens in terms of age, for the look of youth still stuck prominently to her complexion; her attire was masked by the presence of a cloak, covering the length of her entire body.

    "Pan…" her partner groaned, treading tiredly beside her. Admittedly so, the Pokémon had every right to complain; they had been attempting to make it through the cave for hours, yet to no avail.

    "Oh cheer up, will you? A rotten attitude isn't going to do us any good." Then came the sudden growl of her stomach. She frowned. "Then again, neither will an empty stomach."
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  2. Kalos was so far the most entretaining region Carah had ever visited. It had incredible buildings, the larguest fashion shops she had ever seen, restaurants for every type of preferences and uncountable things more that she could add to the already long list. She was going to stay for a couple of weeks like she did in almost every region she visited, but Kalos glamour ended up seducing her and forcing her to stay for... perhaps, more than six months.

    What started as an experiment, made her realise that she had managed to get the eight badges obtainable in the region, even getting to the league! That was something she hadn't even tried in Johto, the region she was borned at.

    "Plosh! let's take a photo!" she excitedly exclaimed to her Typlosion, who rolled his eyes exausted. He had already lost the count of how many selfies they took since they arrived. Carah fastly took out her camera and hugged her pokemon, a big smile curving her lips as the flash appeared.

    Maybe if she had focused more on the road itself than taking pictures of it, they wouldn't get lost. But of course, a selfie with the eter stone she was certainly not going to use was way more important than focusing in the map. "Let's see... this way was suposed to take us to the north part or... was it that one?" she asked to Plosh, who was already frustrated to the top "Don't look at me like that! You're a pokemon right? You're suposed to have a better orientation sense! You should be helping me!"

    A small cloud of smoke emerged from the place his flames should. Carah winced "Okay, I got it, you're not in the mood.".

    As they continued walking, this time focused in not getting more lost than they already were, the stepped into a pink haired girl. "Hey! See that Plosh? Another trainer!" she pointed to the girl as she walked to her "Hello! Over there!" she couldn't remember the last time she was so excited about finding a trainer, but she really needed someone to ask for directions or she was going to end the rest of her days without revealing the enormous amount of pictures she had took in the way. And that was aying a lot, she really wanted those pictures in her journal.

    Carah started running over her, her black braid bouncing to one side to another, her big glasses attempting to slid down her nose at every moment unleashing her dark eyes. "Hi!" she greeted with a nervous smile once she got considerable close to her "I'm sorry to bother you but my friend and I here got hum... a small problem with the directions and I think we might be lost..." another cloud of smoke emerged from Plosh "Okay, we are lost, we don't even know where we are right now... do you happen to know the way out of here?"

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  3. Startled, the pink haired girl jumped a hit at the sound of another person's voice. Readjusting herself quickly, she turned her attention to the other girl and her Typhlosion. "Sorry, I'm just as long as you are," she said with a comical facial expression. "But on the bright side... I guess we could be lost together?" Pancham headbutted her leg. "Ouch! Alright Pancham, I get it!"

    The girl reverted her attention back to the other trainer. "Anyway, my name's Armani. What about yours?" Armani's eyes trailed off to her partner. "Wow, is that a Typhlosion?!"
  4. Caroline Alina let out a frustrated and loud growl. "ANOTHER dead end?!" The black-haired trainer screeched, causing her Rhydon, Carnelian, to wince. The Ace Trainer from Sinnoh groaned in defeat, leaned against thr wall, and sat down. She rubbed her temples in annoyance. After a few moments of calming herself down, Caroline got back up and motioned for Carnelian to follow her as she tried to find her way out of Victory Road.

    Caroline, a Sinnoh native, has hip length black hair kept in pigtails with orange ribbons and blue eyes with traces of green. She wears a white T-shirt, orange basketball shorts, and orange hiking boots. Caroline keeps all of her supplies in a white bag slung around her shoulder.

    ((ooc: I'll put Caroline's Trainer Card up once I figure out how to put it in a post -_-))
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  5. "Sorry, I'm just as long as you are," said the girl she had approached. She was actually really pretty now she looked closer to her... specially her hair, pink like a cotton candy and incredibly long without any signs of damage in it. She'll have to take huge photoshoot to her when they got to a place with better ilumination. "But on the bright side... I guess we could be lost together?"

    Plosh growled and hit his head against a rock. Now he wasn't lost with Carah, he was lost with Carah and some other foolish trainer who got lost in that cave too! "Come on Plosh, don't be so rude... I bet they're nice!" Carah whispered to her pokemon "Just look! That Pancham looks as frustrated as you do!" she pointed out the small fighting type headbutting the leg of it's trainer.

    "Anyway, my name's Armani. What about yours?" asked the pretty haired girl, now named Armani "Wow, is that a Typhlosion?!"

    "Oh, I'm Carah! And this is my grumpy buddy Plosh." she answered "Say hello Plosh!" but the pokemon just growled once again "Sorry...he's not amused, he's been in a bad mood since we got here."
  6. ((Meant to say "just as lost as you are", not "as long as you are" lol. My apologies on the typo!))

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Carah, even under these circumstances," Armani giggled, "don't worry, I can relate. My Pancham's been giving me a pretty hard time as well."

    She looked around, blinking her eyes. "Was it just me or did you hear something too?" She shrugged after the distant sound of growling had gone away. "Anyway, if you're looking to get out of here and into the Pokémon League, I think it'd be best for the two of us to stick together, don't you think?"
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    Pardon the interruption - but just to remind you - Mega Evolutions need to be approved in advance by a staff member, and Orange Book's character... again... appears to have an unauthorized mega. No, the rules haven't changed since you were moderated last time for breaking the same rules. No Mega Blastoise for you unless you go through the same channels everyone else has to to get a mega approved.
  8. ((OOC: The worst part is that I didn't realise it either XD))

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Carah, even under these circumstances," Armani giggled, "don't worry, I can relate. My Pancham's been giving me a pretty hard time as well."

    "Why can't they be a little more patient, right?" she complained. Now she had found a trainer to do so "Reaching the victory it's hard and frustrating; that's why Victory roads ar so harsh."

    "Was it just me or did you hear something too?" "Yeah... Ithought I heard something from... somewhere" was not much useful Carah's answer. "Anyway, if you're looking to get out of here and into the Pokémon League, I think it'd be best for the two of us to stick together, don't you think?" Armani's proposition sounded interesting; she didn't feel like hearing Plosh complaining growls for much longer and someone to talk with would be nice--she loved her pokemon, but their company wasn't a human conversation. "Totally in for that." she answered winking an eye.

    "Is it the first time that you try the league or are you trying it for... I don't know, second time? There are dudes trying the league every year... I'd certainly wouldn't do so; there are thousand of places to visit and staying in just one because of a league... no thanks."
  9. Caroline had reached an open room when she heard voices. Her blue eyes scanned the room, until she found a doorway. She went in, returning Carnelian and letting Empress, her Kingdra, out. Caroline saw people. Hoping they knew a way out, she called, "Hey! Do you know a way out if this place?!"


    ((ooc: Hope this works))
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  10. ((OCC: hey before join, i have a question. can i be the champion? because my character is from kalos, and a lot of rp's i join i am the champion as well, so if i can't then that is okay i'll just think of something else, but if so then great!))
  11. "The exit's not too much farther, I think." Responds Roy. He leans back on one of the walls with his Meowstic and they both let out a yawn. "We've both been in here for a few days, do you think we could stay with you until we found our way out?" He asks.
  12. If you were to turn just a few corners from where Armani and Carah spoke, you'd find Atlas Agrari, proud Pokemon trainer, slumped to the side against the cave wall, asleep with Rylee, her Mienfoo, in her lap. They'd been traversing Victory Road for hours, maybe even days as far as the duo knew, but the trainer's interest in the cave had hardly even peaked. Still, in Atlas's eyes, nothing revs a person up like a quick nap, and nap they did, until the sounds of voices not far from where she lay awoke the girl. She cracked open one coffee-colored eye after the other, gently shaking Rylee to consciousness before lifting her to her place atop her head. She'd briefly ruffled her fading blue hair as she did so, hoping to smooth it out in preparation for an encounter with other people.

    The caves were mazes, that she knew, and while little things such as mushrooms or stalactites continued to gain her interest, she managed to beeline for the most part right to where the voices had come from. Approaching the two from behind, she was about to call out and ask if they knew a thing about navigating in this place before someone beat her to it.

    "Hey! Do you know a way out of this place!?" They called, and before they could give an answer Atlas called out too, alerting the two girls of her presence.

    "I second that, this place is a maze."

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  13. "Which way, Weavile" Weavile looked both ways then just shrugged his shoulders "Well thats just great!" Losnar looked down both paths "well we either got shadowy path we cant see down or a dark path with rocks scattered everywhere
  14. [​IMG]
    The unusual haired boy cursed as he took the money reward from a trainer." Looks like we'll never get out of here." He looked up at the electric type Pokemon." Blitz use flash to lighten this cave up." The electivire nodded and emitted light from his tails. As they entered another chamber. 2 girls were there. A pink haired girl and a pancham were talking to a black haired girl and a ... Typhlosion? This girl must be from Johto." Just like me." Omega whispered and Blitz nodded." Anyway thanks bud I'll let Scorch stretch now, it's his turn."
    He smiled and withdrew Blitz to let out Scorch.
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  15. Losnar had been walking for hours avoiding all trainers he could he had just withdrew Weavile and sent out Lucario he had seen 2 girls with them a Pancham and typlosion from the ledge Losnar was on he could see most people some were battling some were resting he couldn't see the exit thoe he decided to rest on the ledge with his Lucario
  16. Talking with these people was a lost cause it seemed. Atlas wondered if she had something on her face. She had slept in a cave after all. Another boy had just rounded the corner, bringing some serious lighting with him.

    "Hey uh... do you know anything about getting out of here?" She probably looked a little silly with Rylee on her head, but she'd practically forgotten about the sleepy Mienfoo with her urgency to find other people. "That's a kickass Typhlosion by the way. He your starter?"
  17. [​IMG]

    "Ready Guys?. . " Said a Voice. The cry's of determined Pokemon echo'd through Victory Road.
    "Alright. .Let's Go!"
    The mysterious voice said, as they dashed Onward. His pokemon Barely trailing behind him.
    "C'mon Guys! Keep up the pace!" He yelled, as he seemed to have increased speed.
    The pkmn behind him couldn't keep up. And eventually. .They all got lost.

    The trainer looked behind him, realizing his crew wasn't with him, He gasped. As he then Attempted to stop, He not realizing that infront of him was A River, that connected to a waterfall.

    ((OOC: Cliff-Hangers, :O))
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  18. Finding himself in a cavern Drake let out a soft sigh. "Kalos is great and all but I do miss the beaches of Cinnabar, don't you Alibaster?" He looked to his companion with a smile before petting the Pokemon's side. The Arcanine gave a soft huff as it felt his trainer's hand stroke the soft fur which covered his body. They had been wandering the cave aimlessly for what seemed to be hours. Drake rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Well things could be worse, though I'd sure like to find the way out of this cave. The young man forged ahead aimlessly with his partner behind him.

    Drake's study of Pokemon had brought them to the Kalos region. Partly due to the discovery of Mega Evolution, this could however have been an excuse for him to finally see the region for himself and challenge the Gyms. Having collected the necessary badges he and his Pokemon embarked on Victory road. "I wonder what their Elite Four is like..." Drake pondered almost tripping over a rock he didn't see. Regaining his balance he shook his head. "Guess that won't matter until I get out of this stupid place.

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  19. Losnar slid down the rocks with Empoleon and realised it was time for Lopunny's strecting and training "Empoleon come back, Go Lopunny." Lopunny had came and immeaditly realised they were in a cave, she did not like caves she rather sun "come on time to train against some wild pokemon Lopunny nodded slowly looking around
  20. Omega grinned at the girl." Yep he certainly is." He high fived Scorch and the typhlosion snorted at the other typhlosion called Plosh." Hey that's not nice. Sorry about him he just thinks he's better than everyone after we became Johto Champions." He cursed and grabbed the pokeball." Time for Swampy to get some room." He returned Scorch and threw another pokeball. It popped open and a mass of pink knocked Omega to the floor." Stop it Swampy get off!" He cursed and gagged as he inhaled some of Swampys saliva." Gross what was that for." He coughed and wheezed until he stood up. The shiny Swampert next him gurgled. Omega scowled at him and then burst of laughing." Sorry about this goofball. This is Swampy."
  21. Losnar walked over to a trainer with a shiny swampert and another with a typhlosion "hey you two this is my Lopunny" Lopunny looked at the other pokemon and winked
  22. Luckily for our trainer, He looked at what was Ahead of him, Halting instantly. "Holy Mareep, Way to close." He said with a sigh. "Now. . I wonder where-" His sentence was interrupted by what sounded like a Distressed Ampharos cry. .But he knew exactly who's Ampharos that was. "I hear. . Amp?. ." The sound was intriguing, So footstep by footstep he inched closer to where the sound was coming from, Which led him into the lifeless part of Victory Road. "AMP? . .AMP!?" He yelled, But no response, The farther he went the darker and quieter things got, He later pulled out a Flashlight, That he bought at the PokeMart. . "It's like pitch black now---" Ahead of him was. . Ursaring? "Oh! Ursaring, Found ya. . ."
  23. "So, we're finally here. Right Fenne?" 'Delph. Delph!' "I knew you would say that. Gliscor come out!" 'Gli!'

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