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Open VGHS(Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. (RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/video-game-high-school.21116/ )

    Based on the best show to come out of youtube (dont @ me) Video Game High School was a show created by RocketJump, and spanned three seasons. I truly recommend watching it, but it won't affect the RP at all.

    Based im the future, gaming/E-Sports has taken over. Schools begin to teach it and soon enough, private "gaming schools" popped up all over the place. One of the most popular, rocking its blue and yellow banner, is VGHS.

    Video Game High School is, well, a school where you play video games. You study gaming history, physics, and "lear biology by bating in the blood of your enemies". You get a keycard that gives you access to the cafeteria and your dorm, which you share with your roomate. After your first year, you pick a major, and hopefully make it to the Professional gaming leagues.

    But its not easy. Getting accepted into VGHS takes hard work. It works on a points system, with the highest points being highly ranked, but if your points go below zero, you are automatically expelled.

    What classes will you have? Well VGHS is a First Person Shooter school. Thats not the only major, but its the most popular sport. Every new student is required to take FPS 101, and ever student must take Gaming History and Physics. The rest are up to you. Do you wanna be a platformer? Or a racer? Maybe you want to be a programmer or developer? Maybe you want to be a game artist? What you become starts at VGHS.

    The rest of your classes can be anything, from yoga, to console building.

    School starts at 9:00am, and school ends at two. With 30 minutes spread out to get to your next class and 30 for lunch at the nice Cafeteria.

    If you excel at your work, you can try out for any of the major teams, anywhere from FPS, to Fighting, to even Music Gaming.

    With this, welcome to VGHS.

    How matches work:

    FPS- Fireld of fire is shown to be the game of choice, which of course, is made up. It's a 6 on 6 fight in game that is a more tactical Call of Duty. There are multiple modes, like Deathmatch, Capture the Case (Capture the flag), King of the Hill, and Base Hunt (One team gets bombs , the other has to defend their base from blowing up.). The full school match is best of 5.
    Laceration 4, one of the most polished fighting games produced, is used in tournements between schools. Each fight is based on a 'Best of 3' fight, where each round win is a point. 6 players per school randomly get matched up and duke it out, hoping to get the most points for their team.

    • Charms of course, but you aren't brainless so read them first
    • Romance allowed but youre in H I G H S C H O O L
    • You're a bunch of kids, no going crazy with powers (like i used to oop)
    • Make sure you ask about dorm rooms before moving yourself into one with another rper.
    • Re read that last one
    • Be friendly
    • I will allow up to two characters

    Gamertag: (this is your in game name and what you are known by around the school)
    Tiny summary:
    Future Major: (just say undecided if you dont know yet<3)

    My personal dude is:

    Name: Dorian Day
    Gamertag: D-Day
    Age/Year: 14/freshman
    Appearance: He has olive skin and curly black hair, and a small scar on his forehead from a stupid accident
    Tiny summary: Dorian is a mixed hispanic/black kid who loves FPS gaming. His dad, who is a retired gamer who didnt get far, has trained him hard to be where he is. Despite this, he is a funny and charming guy, but his head is sometimes not in a good place.
    Future Major:FPS
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Jadin Ferto
    Gamertag: The Tactician (a name her guild gave her. She used it ever since for her guild chat)
    Age/Year: 14 (freshman)
    Appearance: Jadin is white. She has long brown hair with blonde highlights that is constantly kept down. She has grey eyes and is 4'7 feet tall with a slender build. She wears a sky blue tee shirt and dark blue jeans. She has grey tennis shoes and a white hoodie.
    Tiny summary: Jadin loves MMORPGs and loves to raid. She is known for leading the noob raid group and is often carried with the adults due to her eye on the stats. She has some mods that clear up her screen so then she can see what is happening due to the fact the default stuff takes up the entire screen.
    Future Major: MMORPGs
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  3. Name: Saphrax Black
    Gamertag: Phoenix
    Age/Year: 14 Freshma
    Appearance: He is around 5'6". He is toned but slim. Light pastel blue hair with a pink strip at the front. His bangs swoop to the left. His hair reaches down to his shoulder blades. He has soft layers that make his hair look very fluffy. He has pale skin. His are a bit unusual. He has a rare condition that makes his eyes light purple with a darker ring around the edge. He has his nose periced along with his tongue. He has a bright pink tongue ring. His ears have gages in them. They are not really big but they are a full circle. All of them have rose gold metal. He tends to wear a black band tank top, black ripped skinny jeans, light blue converse, and an unbuttoned pink plaid shirt. He also wears a rainbow tattoo choker.
    Tiny summary: He loves music and can play many different instruments. He loves to learn the music off games. He loved life simulation games. The sims is one of his favorites. He also enjoys fight games of any type. He loves to play games with good music and a great story. He also enjoys designing games with great art and music.
    Future Major: Music production and Graphic game design.
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  5. Edited to add the bio.

    Name: Colin Berthold
    Gamer tag: Unholy Emperor
    Age/Year: 14 Freshman
    Appearance: He stands at 5'7" tall with Pale skin, a slim build, long and somewhat spiky Black hair and Olive eyes. His attire consists with a White tank top underneath an open Jet black ankle long leather coat, baggy beige pants tucked into Dark grey ankle high shoes.
    Tiny summary: Someone with a strong love for RPG games to express his creativity and an even stronger love for winning. His favorite game would be Skyrim, but isn't afraid to play other types of games... so long as he wins. He is a somewhat kind yet blunt person who isn't afraid to make sarcastic comments or dry humor, but puts on a serious persona when playing games and despises losing above all else. He has his own code: "Play and win, or don't play at all."
    Future Major: Undecided
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  6. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    (Do I still need to tell you my favorite food?)
    Name: Kyle Gallo
    Gamertag: Ominous
    Age/Year: 14/Freshman
    Appearance: Black hair that drops down over his nose and is constantly pushed out of his eyes, brown eyes, he's southern Italian, so olive skin with a dark tan, a black hoodie with purple swirls on it, black sweats with purple streaks and purple high-tops.
    Tiny summary: He usually tries to stick to a couple of friends, and that's it, he's decently social with them, but will hardly ever start a conversation. His favorite game is probably One's Justice. But he likes most any fighting game and survival games are his second favorite, followed by FPS. He doesn't talk much when he's gaming, but rather sinks into the chair and hopes for the best. He doesn't mind losing, but gets a little ticked once he begins a losing streak. He doesn't rage, just makes a disappointed exhale.
    Future Major: Fighting
    (Please don't pull me out for saying I liked Scare Pewdiepie, please.)
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  7. Awesome, I'll make my next post later, maybe include a flashback of him remembering one of his favorite victories.
  8. Can I get a reminder on people's locations, are they still on the train?
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  9. Right now, everyone should be getting off the train and heading towards the bus stop that takes them right in front of the school
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  10. Alright, now to think of a great gaming moment he can have from a game; most likely a clutch.
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Eh, I cannot stop thinking about this character... Here's Stardust
    Name: Judy Freeman
    Gamertag: Stardust
    Age/Year: 14 (freshman)
    Appearance: Judy is pale. She has long black hair that is down and blue eyes. She is 4'6 and is a slender build. Judy tends to wear video game tee-shirts to show her love for a series. On the train/bus Judy is wearing a dark red tee with the Imperial symbol from Elder Scrolls. She is also wearing light blue jeans and white tennis shoes.
    Tiny summary: Judy loves to play with others, but hates to play against them. That is why she loves raiding. You play with your party to take down the bosses that are played by the computer. She met The Taction during one of her (Taction's) recruitment days. After a few carries, Taction allowed her to join the young raiding group, due to the fact Star was trying to hold her own weight. She was one of the last three people to die in the wipe, making it to phase two.
    Future Major: MMORPGs
  12. With what I have my character put as, I was thinking about making him a somewhat known player for never giving up... and his semi-reckless victories.
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I kinda want to make my two characters a team... Star is overly joyful and will always help. While Taction is a thinker, serious and a leader. I'm also making it to where they have never met each other before now.
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  14. @PlayfulFox47 go for it, it should be interesting to see them meet so go for it

    @Red Gallade we do need the character that people know, its an interesting character i'd like to see play out
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  15. Yeah, what I have planned for him might make him a bit notorious. I won't ask for much, but perhaps his name could at least be familiar to a student or two, their choice of course and making sure I don' take the spotlight too much.
  16. I think we should settle what the games being played in gaming competitions should be early on, and how they work.
    FPS- Fireld of fire is shown to be the game of choice, which of course, is made up. It's a 6 on 6 fight in game that is a more tactical Call of Duty. There are multiple modes, like Deathmatch, Capture the Case (Capture the flag), King of the Hill, and Base Hunt (One team gets bombs , the other has to defend their base from blowing up.). The full school match is best of 5.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    What games would he play? I know he likes RPG games, but does he play MMORPGs? If so, does he play WoW and does he raid on WoW?
    RIght now the big MMO game is WoW, but people are getting unhappy with it, so I will be making a made up MMO game later.
  18. That's what I was also wondering, can we make up games alongside the ones we know?

    Also, I never played WoW so I don't have good knowledge of it.
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  19. Well there is an MMO in the series, but its never shown to be competetive. I do think we should make upa new one for RPGs.

    For fighting, the game shown is basically Street Fighter, but its called 'Laceration 4', so thats really basic.
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  20. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Is it alright if I have Kyle meet everyone on the bus? Or does it have to be the train?
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  21. I'd say the bus since most of us are starting to move there.
  22. Hey guys I am going to have to drop out of this. I don't know much about this subject. I kind of feel like I would just bring the rp down by my lack of knowledge. Sorry about this guys. I will probably still read the rp that yoy guys are doing though.
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  23. @EmoKitty21 thats unfortunate but thanks for being one of the first. Feel free to drop back in sometime!

    Id say the bus, unless you meet someone at the stop right before we board the bus.
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  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, let me make up the newest MMORPG (they can be competitive, you just need to know the old style of MMOs)
    Everland is an MMORPG that was released days before VGHS started. There are tons of classes and races. (I will go into detail later). It already has two dungeons and will be getting raids in a future update. It also has PvP play, which includes two battlefields at present, more will come in the update. One field is capture the flag while the other is defend and capture the territory. New stuff comes every update, which is about once a week.

    Everland is played in third-person and has two allegences, depending on your race. Both sides have three races. The sides are Rithayn and Volark. You play as an adventurer in the Everlands. There is a good storyline with your character trying to stop the demon invasion. The NPCs do stuff when you aren't around and have a life. This is the new old school MMO.

    Rithayn Races
    Human: They look like humans
    Elf: Tall with pointed ears. Silver to gold hair
    Faun: They have human torsos and goat legs. They also have goat horns.
    Volark Races
    Orc: They are muslclur and have green to brown skin. They have small tusks coming out of their mouths
    Dwarf: Short and stocky. They have long beards and glowing amber to red eyes.
    Troll: Hunched backed and are blue to green. They have very hard skin, almost like they are made of rocks. They have large tusks
    Guide to terms: AvTPa (Available to play as)
    Warriors are fierce fighters. They are known to be good Melee DPSes and Tanks. AvTPa: Human, elf, faun, orc, dwarf, troll. Subclasses: Strongblood (DPS build), Sheildwielders (Tank build), Swordsworn (DPS)
    Rangers are stealthy. They are known to take on animal companions from time to time, however, this is only for Beast Trainers. They are known to be good DPSes in both ranged and melee AvTPa: Human, elf, troll, dwarf Subclasses: Assassin (melee DPS), Beast Tamer (Both melee and ranged DPS), Archer (Ranged stamina DPS)
    Druids are one with nature and will care for it for as long as they possibly can. They use plants and animals to attack. They make good healers, tanks, and both DPS. This is a Rithayn only class. AvTPa: Human, elf, faun Subclasses: Barkskin (Tank), Lifebringer (Healer), Animalborn (melee DPS), Natureguardian (ranged manna DPS)
    Mages work in the art of arcane. They are good with magic spells and runes. They make good ranged DPSes AvTPa: Elf, faun, dwarf, troll Subclasses: Runemaster (Ranged manna DPS good for buffs as well), Arcane (Ranged manna DPS), Wizard (Ranged manna DPS, specialized in transformation and fear spells)
    Warlocks are demon trainers. They have given up a part of their soul to study and control demons. They gain magic from this as well. They make good Tanks, Healers, and both variations of DPSes AvTPa: Orc, Dwarf, Troll Subclasses: Demonborn (Tank), Lifesucker (Healer), Demon Blades (melee DPS), Summoner (ranged manna DPS)
    Lightbringers are known for their holy spells and light. They have sworn that they will protect the Everlands from any danger. They are good healers, tanks, and both DPSes. AvTPa: Human, faun, orc, dwarf Subclasses: Paladin (tank), Lightsword (melee DPS), Priest (Healer), Retributionist (ranged manna DPS)
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  25. I can get behind it. Thanks for the effort!

    At this point in time, we should be boarding the bus, and when we arrive, there will be a line you have to go through to get your ID card
  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I've been working on is since around 10:30, anyway, I'll work on my post soon.
  27. Sounds cool

    Name:Nate Flanders
    Appearance:Indian skin,wears blue jeans and an orange vest with a white undershirt,messy blonde hair(dyed),and an earring on his left
    Tiny summary:He has been a fan of MMORPGs since he was young and now is very good at the game Everland(I'm putting a quick summary of my game character)
    Name:Gerth Gray-mane
    Armor and Gear:Full set of Strongarm armor(Good armor that can tank hits),Strongarm Sword(Long sword,does medium-high damage,enchanted with Flame)and a standard Shield(Wooden,banded in Iron)
    Future Major:MMORPGs

    @PlayfulFox47 I hope your ok with some of my ideas))
  28. @greninja47 fox is off until tomorrow but yeah youre accepted
  29. Alright,have rewatched the show like 5-7 times now tbh
  30. Oh! Happy to hear that! The link is in my first post
  31. I've been doing some thinking of a guild that Colin would lead known as 'Ad Victoriam.'
  32. Ok, im just waiting on someone else to post
  33. I'll go ahead and make mine, just gonna think what to put down first.
  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Honestly, I like the armor but I feel like this is more for a Paladin (Tank) then a Lightsword (DPS), but I really don't like the werewolf thing... I feel like that should be its own race later on. Also, Everland is a brand new game that just came out, so no one would have that good of a set pice yet. I feel like that would be in an expansion
  35. Honestly, i might reboot this rp also. The pacing is bad and i might rewrite it.
  36. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Is this still accepting
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Last time I checked, this is dead.

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