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Ask to Join Verum region 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Stormursa, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. (Sign up: https://pokecharms.com/threads/verum-region-2-0.14628/#post-402973)

    Alice stepped into the giant building that made of professor Lodgepole's lab. The trainer,
    Following the adress on the second letter she had received about where to go. She hummed and opened the door, letting her small partner Pokemon in before she closed the door.
  2. Marco walked through the streets of the town with Jezebel on his shuolder, guided over the phone by his aunt.
    "...You should see a big, white building soon..."
    Marco looked around to see if he could see the building his aunt had described. There it was, about a block a way, and Marco said, "I think this is it up ahead!" Marco checked the address on his letter to make sure, and saw that he was in fact at the right place. "Alright, Aunt Em, I'm here." His aunt wished him goodbye and good luck, and told Marco to call often. Marco hung up and put his phone in his pocket, running up to Professor Lodgepole's lab. Marco saw a girl about his age inside, and he asked, "Hi! I'm Marco! Are you here to start your journey, too?" Jezebel chirped on his shoulder at the Lillipup on the ground next to the girl.
  3. "Oh hi? Yeah I am," Alice nodded as she waved back to him and stretched. The girl with purple hair brush a tiny bit out of her eyes as they flickered to look toward the reception desk.

    Mix looked up at Jezebel and barked, running around the two trainers before stopping back at her trainer's feet, yipping once again.
  4. Marco slid a hand through his teal hair as he sat down on one of the little chairs in the waiting room. Marco chuckled as Jezebel flapped around the Lillipup, chirping playfully. He looked at the reception desk and wondered, When is this thing going to start?
  5. After flying into town, Kaisa stepped off Aegislash, who switched back into his shield forme, and reread the piece of paper. "A large, white building..." He muttered to himself, looking around. It was surprisingly hard to find, but after five minutes and many checks, they made it to the building. Once they landed, Kaisa walked into the building, Aegislash behind him. "Hey." He said, turning to face the other people waiting. "I'm assuming you guys got the same letter as me."
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  6. Sans was Very Lost on the town because he don't picked the letter yet "urgh,i'm Lost" He said picking the letter on his bag "A Large White building......." Sans Said fiding the building "Finnaly!!!!" He Said entering in the building. "you Guys picked some Kind of letter right?" He said picking some ketchup on his bag and drinking It, he tyrunt stayed on his bag too
  7. Alice nodded to the new comers before she went to the front desk to ask questions. She and one of the receptionists spoke quietly about what was going to happen, what time it started and just as she finished up the lab doors opened. A tall skinny woman with black hair pulled into a bun and sharp grey eyes walked out and looked around, her lab coat swishing around her.
  8. Alya walked in to the lab and she smiled "wow this looks amazing" she said with a smile and she looked at Alice " Hello Miss" she said with a smile and she looked down " hmm whats this lab used for?" she asked with a smile spreading on her face.
  9. "It's professor Lodgepole's lab," Alice looked at Alya and crossed her arms. She looked down at mix and the lillipup barked, running around it's trainers feet.
  10. Alya nodded and she walked passed alice and she looked around, wondering what she was get to do here" So do we get starters here?" she asked sitting down on a bench. Alya didn't have her pokemon yet even thought she knew it was gonna be a vulpix , she had always loved the small fox pokemon.
  11. Walking into the lab, Kaisa spent a second admiring the various pieces of equipment, before responding "Yeah. I'd really like to have an Absol."
  12. "I don't know. I just got here," Alice frowned as she looked the two over, not entirely sure why they thought she knew. She looked back toward the door and her eyes met the person wearing the lab coat. The woman smiled and walked over.

    "Hello. My name is professor Lodgepole. Are you the letter recipients," the black hair woman dusted off her coat and kept a pleasant smile on her face.
  13. Alya nodded "Yes Lodgepole " she said and she waved before she sat down again and she smiled " Hey do we get starters here " she asked the professor.
  14. "Yes!" Marco half-shouted. Jezebel flapped onto his shoulder and chirped from her perch. "My name is Marco Luxford, I'm a letter recipient." Jezebel flapped around some more, mimicking the excitement that her trainer was emulating.
  15. "Indeed you do. When ever you are ready follow me into the room behind us and I'll give you your new starter," Lodgepole smiled and patted her head carefully before turning on her heel and matching back into the room she came out of.

    Alice shrugged and marched off after the professor. Mix ran after her, yipping loudly as she bounced about the place.
  16. Alya followed the professor and she smiled happily " thank you" she said as she walked and looking around "this place is amazing" she said as she walked around the place.
  17. Marco and Jezebel followed after the girls, practically bouncing with excitement. "Are you excited to get a new friend, Jezebel?" Marco asked his partner. The Noibat chirped in agreement and fluttered around.
  18. "It is quite nice. The Regno corporation is very kind as they help fund our work here. Infact they donated the very building," Professor Lodgepole stopped behind a large desk that had diffrent coloured pillows on it. Each pillow had a pokeball on it, the name of their respected trainer on a cue card placed before them, "well? Say hello to your new partners".
  19. Alya saw a pillow that had her name on it and she smiled "awesome " she said and she let out her partner and she let the vulpix out and she giggled "yes its a vulpix" she said hugging her vulpix. " Hehe I'm gonna name you Aia" she said and she picked her up and she smiled. the vulpix gasped but let the human hug her.
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  20. Alice strode up to hers. Carefully picking up the pokeball and throwing fit into the air before catching it. She let her new partner our and the small grass type plopped onto the floor with a confused face.
  21. "Yes, I am," Kaisa replied, walking into the room the women had just entered. Spotting the pokeballs, he walked over to them, picked up one, and released the Pokemon inside. The red energy swirled to the ground, condensing into a shape, which slowly revealed itself to be an Absol. Kaisa nodded to it, and said, "I think I'm going to name you Iricent. That all right with you?" Iricent nodded, then pushed the Pokeball with his top horn, returning himself to it. Aegislash floated over, and let out a hum. "Yeah, he seems pretty cool. I think he'll make a good addition to our team."

    OOC: (For the sake of the Rp, I won't show Aeg's speech unless it's nessecery to the Rp e.g, if he's talking to another Pokemon)
  22. Marco walked up to the pillow and Pokeball with his name on it, Jezebel suddenly calm and focused on the Pokeball. She fluttered down to it and pawed at the spherical object. Marco picked Jezebel up and put her on his shoulder. "Be patient, girl." He whispered. Marco picked up the Pokeball and clicked the button. After a flash of white light a Charmander materialized and jumped into his arms. "Char!" It said. Marco looked down at the Fire-Type with pride in his eyes. "I think I'll call you Flare," Marco said to the Charmander. The Charmander nodded her head. "Flare it is, then." Marco whispered.
  23. Aia shivered and she shook her head looking around a little confused where she was "Vulpix?" she asked and she ran over to the grass type and she poked it head " vulpix(where are we?)she asked. Alya sighed and she smiled " so miss Professor where did these pokemon come from mine and ...alice? i think look kind of confused "she asked.
  24. "They come from a ranch near Ironstep city," The professor laughed quietly as she watched budew run away from the fire type in fear of getting burned. She then turned to a cabnit behind her and started to pull out pokeballs. She placed five out for each trainer then grabbed a bag for them, "these have been provided as a starter kit for our trainers. You don't have to use the bag but the pokedexs you'll get on the way out are mandatory as they are our standard".
  25. "Hey, thanks!" Aegislash flipped the bag onto his shield and passed it to Kaisa. "Cheers. Anyway, should we leave now? Or is there anything else we need to know?"
  26. Aia pouted and she chased after Budew "Vul" (wait come back i won't burn you)she cried out trying to get the budew. Alya smiled and she chuckled " Hehe " she said and she picked up Aia and she rolled her eyes "thats cool....ok i hope to my pokedex soon" she said with a smile.
  27. "Most trainers go to Plainson for their first gym so perhaps that's where you should go," Lodgepole suggested as she grabbed a clipboard to see what else she could tell them. The professor hummed in thought then shook her head, "well that's all! I do hope you all have a great trip and remember to check in with me sometimes so I can track your progress".
  28. "Yeah, thank you!" Kiasa started to head to the door, but not before saying "Hey, I hope I see you guys around in," he smirked, "about 1/2 an hour. For you, at least." He stepped out of the building, saying to Aegislash, "I'm feeling like a bit of fun. Aeg, if you would please?" Aegislash took his shield down into blade forme and lay down horizontal on the ground. Kaisa stepped onto him, surfboard style and they flew into the air and shot off, heading towards a city in the distance
  29. "Alright, then," Marco replied. "See you later, Professor!" Marco, Jezebel, and Flare all left the lab and rushed to the first route out of the city. "Alright, you two-," Marco began, addressing his Pokemon. "-We're gonna need to get you into fighting shape."
  30. The professor waved and smiled before she started to speak with another scientist.

    Alice picked up her new partner. Mix stat half in the bag, head and front paws poking out as she looked around exitedly. Alice ran out after getting her pokedex and towards the first route.
  31. Alya got her pokedex and she ran outside and she saw Alice and she ran over to her " Hey...Alice right" she said with a smile and she put her hands behide her back " so what kind of pokemon do you have" she asked.
  32. "I have minty, my budew, and mix, my lillipup," Alice smiled at her with a friendly look. She looked forward as she walked, not wanting to trip over anything. She moved over a rock and hummed gently, "what about you"?
  33. Shortly after entering the air, Kiasa and Aegislash encountered a wild Pigeotto. It didn't go very well after an air slash knocked him straight off of the sword Pokemon and spiraling to the ground, with Aegislash attempting to slow the fall with his cloth. In the end, they both ended up in a heap lying on the ground near the forest, Alice and Alya standing near him. "Urgh... We still need to work on the flying Pokemon." Aegislash let out a small creak, sounding a bit like an old car, and a metallic sounding 'Aeg'
  34. Alya smiled and she let Aia climb on her head and sit. " I have Aia Vulpix" she said and she looked out another poke ball and she smiled " and this little guy" she said and she let out her absol, who was a lot smaller than a normal absol and he looked like his fur was softer "Hmm his name is Ker" she said.
  35. Alice was spooked when the boy fell from the sky. She helped loudly and looked at him with wide eyes, Minty and mix following her movements with a shocking similarity.
  36. Alya was too spooked " what the heck" she said and she fell down. Ker Nudged her up and he smiled, Aia jumped down and she landed on the absol below. Alya chuckled " hey are you ok!" she asked.
  37. "Heh, yeah. I'm fine. Note to self, fly safely in this area." Aegislash hastily retreated into shield forme and uprighted himself, as did Kaisa. "So, you're the other guys who got this letter?"
  38. "Yep," Alice nodded and clasped her hands behind her head. She yawned and arched her back in a stretch. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "quite the entrance though. Why were you flying anyway? The adventure is the best part of the journey".
  39. Alya nodded "yeah " she said with a smile and she jumped up " I got a letter a while back" she said and she waved at him " so what are you guys gonna do now?" she asked with a small smile on her checks.
  40. "Go on my journey. What else," Alice shrugged as she started to walk away, mix popping her head out of Alice's bag with a yip of greeting to the other trainers. Minty made small noises from where she sat in her trainer's arms.

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