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VBA (Visual Boy Advance) + Emulators?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by MoonStruckDragonLass, May 8, 2007.

  1. This most likely belongs in the debate forum :)

    Buy Typlo got me thinking. . .

    What is everyone else's take on emulators? Myself, I find them brilliant and an awesome way to spend time, not to mention a chance to play games I won't be able to get because I can't be bothered with or can't afford the system. I like digging through endless piles of websites for the one, golden shining Rom.

    In my mind, Emulators are like online computer games. I use them to play "Oregon Trail", what we used to play back on the old Apple II's in the days of juice boxes for lunch and learning addition. I certainly can't go out and buy an Apple II and then all the games for it, by the gods. *pales* The Emulator version of the game lets me get all the goodness of fording the rivers of the old west and losing two oxen without having to fart around with ancient technology. My computer is an Apple 2, Windows XP desktop, Game boy advance, DS and N64 all rolled into one.

    Does anyone think otherwise or have any other opinions on the topic? If you are passionate about it, I'd love to hear from you. I'm curious what other people have to say, especially in the areas of legal rights and whatnot. ^^
  2. I don't really like the idea of ROMs and Emulators. If you don't have enough money for a DS or some other system, don't go the cheap way and download it onto your computer >_> Besides, computers aren't portable. Laptops are, but they ran out of batteries eventually.
    If you're using emulators to play old games that aren't out anymore then I might understand. ...
  3. Can you give me the website for the Oregon Trail emulator? I used to love that game in 4th grade.

    I think Emulators are a good way to play old games. But not new ones.
  4. Linkachu

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    Actually, since the types of emulators you're referring to are directly related to gaming, I think it belongs there. *Moves*
  5. I use to have VBA and Emulators on my computer. This was about a year or two ago when I was living on my college campus and barely had money to get the games, let alone the system...

    And honestly, I am not to keen on emulators and VBA, but I got them off a friend to simply pass the time.
    It is illegal and steals money away from people who worked hard on those games and systems.

    Yet, the same can be said of people who use bittorrent to download movies, or limewire for music and the like. Those steal money away as well, yet they are the popular trend to use. Because in today's society "free" is the way to go, which in turn hurts our economy... But I digress.

    VBA and emulators, as I have found with some, are also highly covered with viruses. People know that others want them and use them to their advantage.

    I do think some companies should make emulators of their older games that were for systems not seen often, if at all, in today's modern world. They could even release them for a small fee?
    And the VBA... I think it is a total bull.
    If it were to be released online and charged a fee to download it... Then what was the point in spending our money on the Nintendo DS and it's games?
    It is unfair and unjust.

    There.. I said my piece... For now.
  6. NonAnalogue

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    I'm okay with using emulators as long as the games are out of production. In that case, downloading the game has no effect on the companies' profits, since they wouldn't be making money off of it anyway. I can also see the point in using an emulator to play a current game that you want, but you don't have the system for - it seems really wasteful to buy a whole console to play one game. I personally wouldn't do that because I or people around me usually have the current consoles anyway, but I don't have a problem with other people doing it.

    Also, RoseTea, is it the emulators that are infected with viruses, or the ROMs? I have VBA and other emulators on my computer - I've never had a problem. It's just a matter of being smart, as is everything on the internet. Emulators and ROMs aren't the ony way to get a virus. Also keep in mind that VBA and other emulators can be used to play things that you would have ABSOLUTELY no other way to play. A prime example of this is Mother 3. An official English translation is incredibly unlikely, but more than one group is working on a patch to translate the ROM to English. When they release it, the game will only be able to be played on a compatible emulator. Additionally, since NOA is not releasing Mother 3, they're not losing profits from the game, and the target audience for the patch - people who cannot read Japanese - would theoretically not be buying the game from NOJ, so nothing lost there either. Would you think that this use of VBA - playing a game that does not technically exist in published form and is not leaching profits from the companies involved in producing the unaltered game - is 'unfair and unjust'?

    (Also, and this is just a side note, VBA is an emulator - it emulates the GBA, like ZSNES emulates the SNES. I'm not sure if you knew, RoseTea, but your post suggested that you didn't.)

    (And thus ends what I believe to be the longest post I've ever made on these forums. :p)
  7. Oh, I know VBA is an emulator.
    I just seperated it from others since it is a more common one people encounter.

    And I see your valid point with emulators for games that would never be released to certain group (such as Mother 3 - as you noted). I am against when I see emulators of the Pokemon games that we have here in English already, or other common games, that people get because they aren't willing to shell out the dough.

    And in today's society, someone has at least one of the main gaming councils, or knows someone who does. So, why not just use theirs? But I also see that being a bother, and not everyone shares...
    So an emulator for only game would be fine, as long as that emulator is designed to play one or two games at max, instead of all games they come across...
    Because that's when it crosses the line.

    And the viruses I am talking about, are attached in a way to the download file people get, or to the game the emulator plays.
    If we are going to download emulators and the games, I rather it be set up in a way, with security to ensure safety of downloads (though anti software helps, it doesn't always get everything. I just encourage safety for those who are less knowledgable of computers and software, because not everyone is gifted with that knowledge), so the person downloading has no worries of corruption or scamming and the like.

    I guess I didn't make it clear.
    I don't like emulators as a whole, but I do see the good side of them, and acknowledge it.

    Because honestly... I miss Oregan Trails. That game was my first experience with gaming, and I loved it so. it is out of production, so I wouldn't mind an emulator of that game.
    I just stress safety.
    (Since I once get a corrupted Tertris game for my VBA... Though I got that game from a friend).
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    ALRIGHT. First of all - let's separate the sheep from the goats on this matter.

    First of all, the emulators themselves are NOT illegal. In fact, they are perfectly legal. They are programs that simulate the inner workings of a console. What makes emulation illegal and allegedly money-stealing is the games themselves - the so-called pure evil (Onoes! Colbert, you missed that one in your threatdown!) ROMs. As the matter of fact, that's not exactly accurate either - ROM dumping isn't illegal on its own right either - one is allowed to make a backup copy of something they legally own, right? Well, if someone didn't legally own the original carts, they couldn't dump them into ROM form, and therefore ROMs wouldn't exist. What makes them supposedly illegal is their distribution for free online, royalty-free, effectively annihilating any chance that anyone could make money of them. And we all know that if no one can make money off it, it's hurting the precious economy! Onoes! ROMMUNISTS!

    But seriously now, folks. Before someone calls Captain Capitalism to charge in to defend Justice and the American way (TM), it should perhaps be reminded that there's somewhat of a loop in regard to so-called 'illegal' downloads - not just as far as games are concerned, but also as far as illegal music and movie downloads. This problem is slowly beginning to find its solutions, but we are still far away from any significant revolutions.

    The problem is this: Distributors/publishers overcharge for their media. Some people go 'Wtf? I'm not paying that much!' and download. Distributors/publishers get pissed off, but they won't lower their prices because their fat greedy buttery managers need to buy that extra BMW-jet-engined yacht with propellors and a pink flamingo bust at the front for the kids (who don't even have the liscence to drive one of these things, but screw the law, they have money!), so the prices get raised to cope with their corporate losses. Which only makes MORE people download things, rinse and repeat.

    Meanwhile, the people that suffer most of all from this madness is the creators of said media (How much of the money do you think really goes to the original creators? Not as much as you think!), and pointless flame wars start. Ugh.

    There are always people who will pay to buy things legally for moral reasons, And always a few people that will download things out of either protest or just the will to screw the system by obtaining as much as they can for free. And quite a few people that are in between. In case of emulation, for instance, sometimes people will download a game's ROM to try it out and see if it's actually worth buying - because in quite a few cases there's a big difference between playing the game on a computer, with a keyboard, and playing it on a console with a proper controller (Not to mention that some things cannot be properly emulated). There is more that can be said (for instance, about music and movies), but that is a discussion for another, more relevant thread.


    A good argument FOR emulation would be preservation. A lot of old games would have vanished forever in 'today's modern world' if they weren't turned into ROMs. Other games would have remained Japan-exclusive if no one ever translated their ROMs into English - Games that would have vanished due to their creator companies dissolving, forgetting about them, various American or European distributors deciding that the game is too foreign (Ya gotta love the 80s-90s where every ounce of foreign culture was cut out from games to appeal to an American audience - ONOES! IT LOOKS JUST LIKE ONIGIRI BUT IT'S REALLY DONUTS!!!), violent (INVISIBLE GUNS!), uneducational (ONOES! Oblique reference to alcohol! Let's change that into coffee and make the dialogue make no fucking sense whatsoever!) or the game itself falling victim to various corporation copyright issues (which will quite probably prevent some NES/SNES titles from being released on the Wii's Virtual Console, for instance, because their creator company is now Sony or Microsoft's bitch).

    Any of you ever heard of Live-A-Live, Monstania or Keitai Denjuu Telefang? ... Why am I not surprised?

    And really. Sometimes fan translations are MUCH better than the official stuff. I'm looking at YOU, Final Fantasy V.

    And - Regarding the idea of old games being released for a small fee - that still creates an issue of what games would be re-released. Take the Wii virtual console, for instance. Groundbreaking? Oh yes. The video game answer to iTunes. But still, the decision of what game gets re-released and what doesn't remains in the hands of Nintendo (and co-developers which may, as mentioned before, may now be another company's bitch) as opposed to the gamers themselves, who would actually want to see a few games that Nintendo might not exactly give a damn about. Also, Personally, I really pity companies that try to milk the consumers for all they're worth by actually selling their ancient abandoned games (Remakes with added features don't count - I'm talking about direct ports here) - that, to me, is quite definitely beating a dead horse. A lot of people nowadays wouldn't buy outdated games as is, and for the rest of the nostalgia maniacs out there - that is what the Internets is for. You stopped making money from these games years ago. Live and let fucking die.

    Not to mention that sometimes popularity of a title online as a hack creates silent revolutions. Take Enterbrain, for example, a Japanese game company known for its RPG Maker titles. Fan-translated and distributed for free online for years. When they saw the great fan following the program and creations made with it had in the English-speaking world, Enterbrain released one of their latest products, RPG Maker XP, in English, for a small fee online, and most of the game developers who used it actually bought it. Some companies decide to remake games depending by how popular they were in the world using the internet as research material.

    Regarding the portability argument made by Aipom - are most home consoles portable? Not exactly. Regarding portable-consoles like the GBA and the DS, the portability value may be lost on an emulator, but how many people would buy a console for just, I dunno, one or two games they might be interested in? Every console has its few gems amidst a great sea of trash (though one man's trash is another's treasure). Plus, some consoles are not available in some places, and when it's either importing or emulation, sometimes emulation can be better than importing. Who would spend infernal amounts of cash over a potentially unsafe online transaction to import a console which, after you finish the game a few times, will just sit there and rot unused? Point for thought.

    As for the viruses argument - Many ROM sites are indeed infected with Trojan horses and viruses, but, begging your pardon, downloading ANYTHING online is not risk-free. There will always be crap and viruses online, and if you're not protecting yourself properly, well, you're screwed anyway. Even if you're downloading innocuous, cute fuzzy pink bunnies in wallpaper form. They might be hiding a chest-bursting xenomorphic worm virus. Which will promptly latch onto your face and eat your soul.

    So yeah. What I'm really trying to say here is this. The economy and game makers AREN'T hurt that much because some corporate butter-monster doesn't get paid ridiculous sums of money, ROMs and emulators are not pure evil and they have their place in the world. Maybe newer, contemporary consoles may be a bit eyebrow-raising as far as emulation is concerned nowadays - but in a few years, when these consoles go the way of the dodo (fuzzy, tasty and alas, fatally dead), someone will be very happy that someone preserved these games in a form that allows them to be playable out of their original system (There's a limit to how much you can go with backwards compatibility without weakening a system's overall performance. Sooner or later, the Playstation 7 will not be able to run PS2 titles, the Nintendo Holycrapitsapyramid won't run Gamecube titles, and the HoloScreen Immersive Portable GB3DS will NOT run old Game Boy games) - or in cases of some games that were pure unrefined gold in spite of not being highly popular, preserved them at all.

    This is StellarWind Elsydeon, your ROMMUNIST Ranting Shapeshifter, And that's all I have to say about THAT!

  9. I reread my posts...
    I sound like an idiot at 2 am in the morning.. ><

    And Stellar (EDITED), I see your point.

    I agree, no need to beat a dead horse, yet I am only thinking legally when I saw if you originally never owned the game, they you should pay some sort of fee, like fifty cents? To compensate for bandwidth?

    But on a whole, I agree with your post (and chuckled at the humor).

    But meh... I'll come back and edit this later, after I have slept more then two hours.
    /reseved for arguement later
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Err... Just a quick note: StellarWind does not abbreviate to Stella. ^^; Last time I checked, I wasn't female.
  11. YOU AREN'T? I think I need to sit down and rethink my life ;)

    Mans, so i completely got my lazy ass around to registering to vote? I AM SO CHANGING MY PARTY AFFILIATION TO ROMMUNIST. :O!

    *shamelessly repeats this phrase incessantly for the next 3 weeks*

    Ok, for serious? I never had a N64. I envied my cousin for years and years because she had one. Like I'm seriously going to go out and buy one? Same with the DS. I want it for one purpose and one alone: I am a pokemon whore. i'm going to blow, what, 170, 200 $'s one a system I'm only going to use for one game? If anything, my punishment is in the form of ROM glitches and viruses. that's what we naughty hobbitses get for cheatings the system, precioussss. And I do feel a loss, playing my DS emulator with a mouse? it takes everything away from the system. I guess it's really a personal choice.

    A lot of companies have launched complaints, and it is impossible to get the roms for those games now. Pokemon among them. took me 3 hours to find a ROM for emerald when i was looking for silver. 'nuff said. (thank the gods i already have R/S/E . . . if only i could get ahold of Blue, Yellow, G/S/C. . . pinball. . .)

    Man, I had a nightmare my brother stole my PTCG game and fried it last night.

    back on topic. . .

    I would have brought up the vicious cycle in this post had Stel not already done it himself. No matter what you do, you'll have people who want something for nothing. (oh gawds, here we go. a cat for a hat, or a hat for a cat. but nothing for nothing.)

    Download the roms onto your school computers. that's how i get around the viruses ;)

    I personally still agree with emulators when you don't actually have the system on you. I can't take my (not that i have one) N64 to school to play with my buddies, but we can sit there at work and all get in on the Super Mario action on the laptops at work.

    I'm actually trying toget a version of "Mother", is it? just because of HM's references to it. I must say, i'm intrigued now. could I do that otherwise?

    I'm loyal to the companies. I in no way want to deprive them of their profits. But you just can't buy some of the good old games anymore.

    I actually keep my emulators and ROMS on my Flashdrive. If i have a computer, I have a SNES, gameboy and any game i could want on me.

    Another point. . .it's not like I've gone out and downloaded every game ever made. I have, maybe, 5 or 6. 2 not released in america until recently, 1 I can't get because i refuse to buy a DS, and one I can't get anymore (OT). the others = pokemon.

    I don't think i actually contributed anything to the argument with that. And I still think this should have gone into "debates" XD
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    Mother 3 is the sequel to a game you have a much better chance of having heard of - EarthBound, for the SNES. EB was, in itself, a sequel to Mother, for the NES. With the exception of EB, none of the series were released in English, although there is a translation patch for Mother called EarthBound Zero. If you don't want to use a ROM, you're outta luck on this series unless you can read Japanese. Even so, a Mother NES cartridge'll be pretty hard to find. Mother 3 is less rare - you can get it from a lot of import sites - but again, if you can't read Japanese, you're stuck. ...Kind of. I own M3 in Japanese and I beat it without knowing the language, so it's not impossible.
  13. Oh, I'd definently get a ROM of it. (I'm poor and lazy and don't know japanese)

    I actually ran into a rom of Mother 3 online, but it was a dud. wouldn't run. *grr*

    And My DS emulator keeps crashing on me, but I suppose, once again, that's what I get for using Emulators.

    But me and Mathias bond over my Pokemon Ruby emulator . . . she names all my pokemon for me, and on several occasions, while playing it before class, i've had a crowd of about 5 or 10 around me, watching me incessantly train my pokemon. Bobby sits in the other room and plays pokemon on his DS, but it's just easier to watch on a computer. *feels cool*
  14. Doctor Oak

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    Not entirely true. They're still reverse engineerings of a system that is illegal to modify and/or reverse engineer. They're more legal than ROMs as they're 100% impossible to govern laws for specifically - down to the fact that Nintendo, etc all use emulators themselves to run ports of games on other systems. Like the SNES games on the Virtual Console, for instance. Emulators can be turned a blind eye to legally because of that loophole, but 'perfectly' legal is totally not the right word.

    Actually, you don't legally own anything when you buy a game other than the box, collective pieces of paper and the media the game comes on. The game itself is yours by means of a licence, but legally, it's owned 100% by the creators. (Well, that's a lie as there are publishers and shareholders and stuff to take into account, but you get what I mean). It is illegal to create a copy of that game on any means at all - just as it is for music, movies and TV shows.

    It's very much illegal to create a ROM dump of any game, for whatever purposes.

    Like ripping MP3s, of course, it's impossible to control without stuff like DRMs, but that doesn't mean that one should take solace in the fact that they aren't breaking the law - 'cos it aint true.

    These are just myths like the "Delete within 24 hours" nonsense that still manages to pervade across many ROM sites.

    The solutions, so far, have all been heavy handed and done nothing but hurt the user (DRM on CDs, and worse - on tracks downloaded specifically for the use you're being controlled over is just... abysmal.). Eventually, we may see sense prevail and the solutions will work with the end-consumer rather than against them. But expect to see games go down the same route as music and movies in the process.

    I think you've taken a wrong step there, the real story goes:

    Distributors/Publishers over-charge for their media, no-one buys that media because of the price and the price has to go up further to cover that cost. Rinse and repeat.

    By not buying, you're not helping push the price margins down for future purchases. Plus, when it comes to games, I think it's fair to say that the days of over-pricing are behind us now. Considering that analysts have reported that to even make a profit on a game developed for the 360/PS3, that game has to clock up a million sales to work its way back. As Pokemon fans, where we hear about Pokemon games clocking up 5 million without breaking a sweat, it may not faze us as much, but it's a stranglehold on the games that aren't from major franchises, and people downloading ISOs of those games and running them on modded 360s isn't helping keep those games alive.

    That's a bit of a misplaced argument. Sort of. The music industry is... horrible. Especially the American industry. It's built solely for the benefit of the RIAA and other fatcats. The actual performers are taken in, used, abused and kicked out when they stop making money for the guys upstairs. They, meanwhile, make a tiny fraction of the money their image and name makes in total. It's an awful situation and needs to change - but it's not really the way with the Games industry.

    Generally speaking, game designers make a tidy return on their games per sale - publishers are the ones who suffer more often than not, even. Though, of course, there are the notorious stories of the actual people that work behind the scenes on games getting abused for barely suitable pay for the amount of work and hours they put in - but that's a changing scenario and mostly the relics of an industry that changed as much as others would in 50 years in just 10.

    Otherwise, the games industry is a decent profit for all involved. Certainly, with Nintendo, who design and publish all their own games and get a cut of every single game sold on their systems, it's more profitable for them than most.

    Really, the worst thing that's happening to the gaming industry economy wise is the second-hand trade industry in Game shops. It's stunting sales of new games and preventing money going back to the publishers and designers. Good for us, bad for the people working to give us what we want. Exactly like ROMs.

    Anyone downloading games out of protest shouldn't be fucking playing them. They don't want to support the people making the games then don't play them. They don't deserve to. I'm sure not one of them would like it if their work was stolen and not paid for "out of protest". Protest with your mouth, not your mouse.

    That is true, and I've done it before myself. Take the Xbox 360's Live Marketplace for example, almost all of fairly big and a few of the not-so-big releases have received a demo of the game available to download for free before the game was released. It's a fantastic option, and is so much better than relying on reviews and previews online or in magazines. It's a pity that the DS download stations have all but been a massive flop - it could have been fantastic to have the option to try out DS game demos before committing to the game. It's also a pity that Nintendo is retarded when it comes to all things online, otherwise they could have implemented a demo download system for both the DS and Wii. I expect that with working emulators for the DS now coming out of the woodwork that the practice of try-before-you-buy will continue for the DS.

    I can't argue against it really. It's still illegal, but it's got more chance of getting someone out to buy that game than it does of them not, so it's a fairly positive use.

    It appears that the Virtual Console will continue to be updated weekly throughout the rest of its lifespan (which could be more than 5 years, I know Sony and Microsoft would much rather wait this time around and try and make as much back as they can. Especially since they're both fortunate enough to have consoles that will continue to expand and grow without needing to have them replaced. Hell, the VC could even be a permanent fixture on all Ninty consoles.), there's every chance that every game that can legally be released on the system will be. And even games that will require some legal wrangling too.

    It's never going to be a complete library of every game ever released in any language, but neither were the original systems.

    Unfortunately, it's an incredibly simple business model to use. Whip out a game that was made 10/20 years ago, slap it onto a new form of media, stick it through an emulator and sell it on again with ['RETRO'] stamped on it. Costs are low, revenue is relatively high. They'll never make a further million copies from it, but they'll make some quick cash. And there's got to be some audience out there to keep buying them anyway. Hell, I guess I'm even one of them considering how many times I've paid for a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Overall, I have this to say on the subject:

    I have used emulators and ROMs in the past. Sometimes for specific purposes (Screenshots can be taken in one of two ways, you either get extremely lucky when speaking to Nintendo and get your hands on a DevKit, or you download an emulator and screenshot a ROM), sometimes purely to play a game I've never had the chance to play through never owning the system. (I'd have never played any SNES games without an emulator until the Wii came along).

    Nothing beats playing the game as intended, and keyboards are definitely not how those games were intended. On that fact alone, it's worth paying for the games you want to play.

    But as something I love, I can't really just sit back and steal from the gaming industry when it gives so much back to me. I used to play games pretty much every day. That's kinda been cut back to just pretty much every week as the real world kinda catches up with me, but it's still a massive part of my life and I'm happy to pay for that and give back to the people providing me with this form of entertainment.

    I really think that anyone thinking otherwise should probably be outside kicking a football or something around - 'cos they really don't deserve to be playing someone's hard work for free.
  15. Personally,when my parents wouldnt buy me anything,i used emulators like no tomorrow.I also probably would never of touched great games like pokemon,fire emblem,or such without it (my parents didnt get me anything unless it was birthday).

    Now that i can buy games,i usually will unless its a jap game or horribly rare.Another great advantage to emulators is just theres some games that are IMPOSSIBLE to find,such as earthbound zero,DBZ 1+2 (gameboy) and Goku Den 1 for snes (the fighting system on this game is BRILLIANT,fighting+RPG is just a cool concept).

    If i could buy these games,i would in a heartbeat.But since Wii will never port most of these games,i will probably continue to use such

    Its the roms,and fake roms normally.There are legit rom sites which will never contain a virus.Most emulators are already set on stone,i simply would not trsut ones that arn't commonly used,or downloaded from awkward sites.

    And they're not porting mother 3?This is just cruel to me,i've been waiting forever to play that game,its one of my favorite RPG series.
  16. emulators are awesome
    not only are they for playing the game but they're for testing games aswell
    it's cheaper than buying a real DS or GBA SP
    like Goemon said you can use them for games you can't find like when Pokemon Emerald came out i couldn't find it at the stores so i got it on an emulator
    and yes i'm one of the few people who have a working D/P emulator
    aren't emulators awesome
  17. Linkachu

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    They are awesome for some things, but not others. I admit to not having much to add to this thread, nor have read through all the views, but I very much agree with Alex on emulator usage. I use them mainly to test out games that I'm either unsure about purchasing or haven't been released outside Japan yet. Otherwise... I don't like them. I find that they take away from the proper experience of playing a game on a handheld or console unit, and using them just doesn't feel natural. I couldn't even play FR/LG pre-US release for more than an hour or so because I realized it was just tainting my future experience of owning the games. When I play games, I want to play them how they were meant to be played.

    PC games are for PCs. Handheld games are for handhelds. Console games are for consoles. Simple, but that's how I view it. Even console games gone PC I don't really enjoy unless the PC version adds something more to 'em (which, often times, they do).

    But I'm not going to go anti-emulator on anyone. I admit to being happy that they exist for English-patching reasons on games like Mother 3, but otherwise... I'm fortunate to live in Canada where basically every game I want, I can get, even if its a few years down the road once I've finally gotten the cash together. Used game sales ftw
  18. you're still forgetting that some people can't obtain a DS or particular games through either cost or parents
    and that i think is where the emulator falls in
    i've never had a DS, so I don't know how it feels to play a game on it and I'm probably going to stick with the comp version until i get or even if i get one
    A downside to this is i can't trade or use the DS's WiFi connection
  19. Linkachu

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    No, I'm not forgetting anything... and I totally knew someone would reply with something like that >>

    Like I said, I'M fortunate enough to live in Canada and have cash from good jobs. I can't speak for the rest of you (people like Stel are screwed simply by location). I tried to get that point across, but I guess I failed. Either way, it doesn't change my personal views on emulators :p

    Cost isn't always a factor either. If you're dead poor and your family is dead poor, so you work to help provide for them... I feel for you. I truly do. Otherwise, we can all save up money. I know I have. I still don't have all the DS games I want, but someday I will... Until then, I can wait, because it'll mean a lot more once I finally own the games.

    But again... just my thoughts here. I know some people can't wait, and that I was fairly spoiled as a kid (me and my sibs shared all of our games, too). Since I've been able to work for my money, though, I've been buying all of my own stuff aside from presents. That's how I like it to be. Even as a kid, when I didn't get a game I really wanted to play and couldn't talk the parent into buying it for me, I rented it. If we didn't own a certain console, I tried to find someone who did or just went without playing it. But I digress.

    If you don't have a DS but have some money saved up and live in an area that actually sells them, or have been sitting on the purchase, BUY ONE. Don't sell your D/P experience short. If that's not an option for you, though, I won't say anything against people for using the emulators, because if I was desperate enough I know I would too.
  20. Admittedly, I have played my fair share of games using an emulator, but only because

    a) I can't afford my own console
    b) My parents absolutely detest my gaming habits already

    In certain scenarios, emulators can be considered illegal, where in they allow you to experience games for a cheap, if not nonexistant price. But than again, the emulators can only go so far, as play the game, and not really, enjoy the other features such as linking up with other portable systems.

    In this case, I think emulation is fair in giving you a taste, but not the complete experience of the game.
  21. Im sure this has been said many times over and i admit to not reading every post but heres my opinion on teh subject.

    ROMs are illegal but illegality doesnt mean right and wrong.

    For me people here saying "i live in an area where they dont sell the console and or games/I dont have the money/it gives me a chance to play rare games" are basicaly saying "I dont want to Pay for it when i can get it for free"

    and i cant argue with that, thats sound reasoning.

    To me its just wrong, Because i care about gameing and where its going. people say that one person wont make a difference but your wrong. By having one more person downloading the game your adding to a community of piracy. One sale is the difference between a sequal being made or not.

    In closing, if you want want something for nothing than ROMS are for you. The makeing of ROMS of Rare games may seem good for you because youll get to play it. But if you had the real cartridge of the game you aint gonna be to pleased that people are downloading it and playing it because thats its value down the drain.

    If you care about gameing then don't download roms...Good Night and Stay Safe

    ^(Slipped into some form of PSA near the end there but you get the point)


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