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Vaultie's Art Requests

Discussion in 'Requests' started by vaultie, May 17, 2018.

  1. SO since I've been slacking on my drawing and art as of late, I'm gonna be opening requests now.

    Try and keep it Pokemon related. (Either NPCs, OCs, or Pokemon themselves)
    Don't rush me.
    RQ Something simple, please. If you want a full blown, detailed, shaded picture, you're gonna have to pay me.
    If you want to make it an art trade, I'll do more detailing. Just give me a heads up beforehand and we can organize something.
    PLEASE give me references. Images work best, but if not, make sure your wording is very, very detailed.
    I am allowed to turn down requests.
    IF you want NSFW, CONTACT ME THROUGH DISCORD. I need the practice, but I will NOT be posting any nsfw on here.
    With that said, if you want nsfw, both YOU and THE CHARACTER youre requesting must be of age. I'm going to be very, very strict about this.

    That's all I can think of atm, so as long as you've looked over these rules, feel free to make a rq!
  2. wOa ok can we do an art trade? I'm thinking of just a simple waist-up/shoulders bust.

    Here's a ref:
    [​IMG] (I draw humans much better than this now tho .-.)

    I can do my part first if you prefer ;D
  3. sure, we can do an art trade! in return, I'd like a picture of my si Atty. (which is basically what im gonna ask for for any AT)
    i've got a ton of refs of her all over my gallery, so feel free to use those

    and as for preference, i don't mind who goes first/second, as long as both pictures eventually get posted, yknow? i'll start on yours today, but don't feel pressured to get yours done asap ^^
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  4. Alrighty! I'll get right on it-
  5. Finished already! here you go


    i'll be posting both the image and the creative corner link when i finish a rq, just a heads up for everyone
  6. Again, thAnk you and here's my part:

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  7. Hey, if you're willing to, could we do an art trade? if so, Could you draw Delta Rune, here? a bust from shoulder up is what i'd like, similar to what @Senrova asked!
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  8. sorry for no response yesterday, busy busy day

    sure, i can do a trade! like with Senrova, I'll ask for Atty, who I got a bunch of pics of around my gallery

    and @DaCerluanPerformerDawn, i got you added to the list too, so dw.
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  9. thank you, i'll start right on it! im assuming it doesn't matter which oufit i draw atty in, correct?
  10. yup, i'll take any variation, so don't worry about trying to perfect a single outfit
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  12. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Yo, yo, yo! Wassup Vaultie. How ya Scooby-Dooing! If you have the time could you draw my avatar? Not my Roblox one. This one. Draw that beautiful boy, but with black wavy hair.
  13. Can you draw Shadara and Stror? Obviously, just a bust. They are quite colorful though. XD I'll throw up their descriptions here for ya.

    Stror: He is 6'04" (1.9 m) and is 240 lbs (108.9 kg). Has spiky yellow hair with brick red roots and silver tips. Since his hair is gelled up and around into a series of spikes, nobody can see where the part is in his hair, but it is to the left. His eyes are silver with yellow and brick red specks. Lean and big muscles. Has been working out and training with dad's Fighting-Type Pokemon since he could stand (so for 27 years). He has a beige fighting motif hoodie, yellow tank top, dark grey sweat pants, black speedo that go down midway his thighs, black and blue sports shoes with athletic socks. Hand-made necklace made out of twine that holds the charms: Magnet, a Lightning Amulet, a Zap Plate, an Iron Ball, an Iron Amulet, an Iron Plate, a Black Belt, a Fist Amulet, and a Fist Plate and it dips right underneath his collarbone.

    Shade: She is 5'11" (1.7 m) and weighs 130 lbs (58.9 kg). She has long, straight hair that is pale purple with pink tips and black roots. She has no bangs, as they are as long as the rest of her hair, and it is parted in the middle. She has black eyes with pale purple and pink specks on the iris. Her skin is ghostly pale with a bit of pink here and there, and has very fair skin. She has dark circles under her eyes and she has more scars on her body than Pyros. She has a particular one right over her left eye, and her Chu has the same kind of scar over the same eye. She also has ear piercings on the lobes and has an eye tattoo commonly used to signify Mean Look in between her shoulder blades. Her fingernails are also a little long and are normally painted black. She is actually pretty buff and toned, and looks quite slim. She has a black T-shirt with pink on the collar and bottom edge and pale purple on the cuffs of the sleeves, pale purple booty shorts with a black and pink gradient on the edges, and black moccasins. She has a hand-made choker made out of twine with charms, them being Black Glasses, Darkness Amulet, Dread Plate, Spell Tag, Ghostly Amulet, Spooky Plate, Twisted Spoon, Psychic Amulet, and the Mind Plate. She commonly wears a white lab coat that drapes down below her shins, and keeps it buttoned up.

    If you want, you can make a little Joltik on Stror somewhere XD and if you also want, make Chu either as a Pichu or Alolan Raichu peeking over Shade's head/shoulder or doing whatever XD

    Now we play the waiting game XD
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  14. Hi there!! Would you be able to draw my OC Kayrana? Just a bust or whatever you're up to, I'll just be really glad if you do aha! I'll leave her references below on a spoiler. If you wish, you can also draw her along with her first Pokemon, Aurai, a Female Ralts. Aurai always climbs on top of one of her shoulders, occasionally on her head; or you could draw Kayrana holding Aurai in her hands. As for outfits, you can take a more modern approach if you wish! In this case, she always wears pastel clothes, and doesn't like stuff like dresses or very... restricting stuff? So maybe uhm a button-up pastel yellow Oxford shirt? Oh, and you can include her Aurai necklace if you want (it looks something like this: [x] Thanks for the opportunity, and have fun! :D

  15. i'd be happy to add you to my current list, but one question first: are the references images you provided things you've drawn or have commissioned/requested from other artists? i just want to make sure i'm not drawing an already existing character or someone elses oc. i'm not accusing you of this, but i've seen it happen plenty of times. also charms rules state that you can only use images that you don't own if you've gotten permission from the artist or the images themselves are already free to use.

    and as for everyone else: don't worry, i haven't abandoned this thread. i have another rq from a site off of charms that i've been working on as well, and combined with e3 + trying to fix my sleeping schedule + having to go out driving, i've been lacking on time for art. hope you can all understand!
  16. Oh, yes, they are requests I have made from other artists, so don't worry. Ahh and thanks :D. Take your time with it, there's no rush or anything of course!
  17. May you make my OC, Avon? He has a white undershirt, a overshirt that is like a jacket with pokeball designs on the sleeves, gray jeans, a hat that kinda looks like Ash's, and black sneakers. A red backpack, black and white gloves, and a belt.
  18. serenbun

    serenbun Previously Bunberry

    Hey there! I'd like to either get a request or do an art trade, whatever is good with you!

    My OC doesn't have a drawn ref, but I have a compilation of images to be used as refs

  19. Hi, I’d like to do an art trade with you. This is what my oc looks like upload_2018-9-23_10-0-47.jpeg please don’t steal, pokecharms community

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