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Open Varstech City Discussion (Lots of Stuff RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by EnigmaticMissingNo., Apr 14, 2018.

  1. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    Varstech Brochure
    Has your town exiled you?
    Are you hated by those around you?
    Are you considered an outcast and/or freak of nature?
    Well than you might just have a place in Varstech City a beautiful city located on the eastern seaboard of Ultrane, the nation of freedom!
    Simply fill out the ID Card below, go to Varstech City and ask a local officer about where to go from there!
    So Hi There...
    Well that was... a start... anyways welcome to Varstech City RP, I came up with the idea after I thought "Hey wouldn't it be cool if all the genres of books/video games/tv/movies could live in one place at one time."

    So first off I should probably give some background to the actual world.

    Some time in the 1980's a group known as the Mystique appeared and waged war on the US using magic. The US fell and the nation of Ultrane was established, at first magic reigned supreme until the Clarkson family stood up to the Mystique ending their magic society and replacing it with one of great technological advancement. Their capital became what is now known as Varstech. It is now 2034 many years have gone by since that day and many evils have arisen to devastate the city of Varstech, the leaders of Varstech look outside their walls for help, summoning anybody willing to help.

    What is this RP
    Well this RP allows you to be whatever and whoever you want to be (within reason). Want to be a bipedal pig? Go ahead. A robot from Japan? Sounds great! I think you catch my drift. Advance technology, arcane abilities, wacky characters all can be found and used here. If the above stuff didn't explain it well enough the Varstech City representatives have set up a programs for people to join up and protect the city in one large group in exchange for free housing and such. Anyways the ID Card is below.

    ID Card
    Country of Origin (US is the only country that is gone/replaced):
    Personal Objects Tied to Class (Can be none):

    What's a Class?
    A class is a grouping describing which type of abnormality you are, below are the ones recognized by Varstech.
    Normal - Do you have nothing besides Normal to your name, no powers, no abnormalities, no nothing, you're probably a normal (Doesn't make you useless)
    Intelligent - Are you a cat who suddenly could speak to humans or a box that started to float around and think for itself, you're probably an intelligent
    A.I. - Are you and A.I. who's gained sentience and has been shunned by your creator and home, you're probably an A.I.
    Magic User - Are you chanting unintelligible words, summoning skeletons and casting fireballs, you're probably a magic user
    Mutant - Were you born with the ability to break walls in one punch or bit by a spider and can now shoot webs, you're probably a mutant
    Other - Are you not fitting into any of these categories, you're probably an other

    1. Follow general RP rules
    2. More TBA

    Other Note
    These people are important and I don't have them fully fleshed out yet, but the below descriptions should give a good enough background
    Max Clarkson - Billionaire, inventor, and mayor of the large city, good friends with Zack

    Zack Zakkory - Mysterious figure that appeared one day, the new group being formed to defend the city was made partly in his honor for his heroic acts protecting the city, currently missing

    Saber-Cape - A superpower wielding teen that appeared in the slums of the city, not much is known of the young hero except that he brings a much needed justice to a poor part of the city

    Knuckle Flash - Another superhero, apparently working with Saber-Cape, he is very recent news and again not much is known

    Anything here I didn't explain well enough ask me about it in a post and I might already have the answer, if I don't you may have just added to the lore of the game.
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  2. Name: Azure Song
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Azure has short, dark blue hair and matching eyes. He wears a white button up and blue jeans. Over his shirt, he wears a black vest and holster for Spark. His footwear of choice is a pair of black loafers.
    Personality: Having been shunned by his small town, Azure isn’t too personable mostly keeping to himself. He doesn’t share his thoughts freely or often.
    Class: Magic User
    Country of Origin (US is the only country that is gone/replaced): U.K.
    Personal Objects Tied to Class:
    • Spark: an arcane handgun capable of firing bullets that can be enchanted by spells cast by Azure.
    • Slipstream: a sword that has a blade that Azure can channel magic into, changing the blades properties and giving it elemental powers (fire blade, lighting rod, etc.)
  3. Still want to do this?
  4. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

  5. Allright, I will make a character later. Questions though:

    -what is the ratio of normal people : weird/powered beings? Just want to measure how rare powered being should be.
    -So there is a Hero Association thingy that actively seeks powered being from the outside?
  6. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    1. Well that actually depends on where you are in the world, since this RP takes place in Varstech City I'll assume that's the ratio your looking for. A.I. and Intelligents have the highest count for special beings, these two are in high demand as they are typically used for entertainment and in completion of jobs for Normals, for every 1 person there are about 2 A.I. and 3 Intelligents, the city holds roughly 200,000 Normals so there about 400,000 A.I. within the city and 600,000 Intelligents. While this may seem big, and some A.I. are the size of adult Normals, most of the A.I. are simplistic and no more bigger than a toddler, they all still hold emotion and free will. This is a similar situation with Intelligents, most are not even bigger than a cat and those that are, again only make up a small percentage of their population.

    Magic Users and Mutants have the lowest count, they are despised for having helped in the invasion of the U.S., many were hunted in the years after the Clarkson Rebellion. For every 1 Magic User there are about 20,000 Normals with the city holding about 200,000 Normals, there are about 10 Magic Users, the same is true for Mutants meaning their about 10 Mutants in the city.

    Others are somewhere in the middle, they are more widely accepted since they didn't help the invasion of the U.S., and though the population is constantly fluctuating it tends to stay near there being 1 Other for every 10 Normals, making their population count within the city about 20,000.

    2. Well that program is not so much turning these people into heroes, more so they are turning them into a police force, this program won't make you famous or respected unless you do something to stand out from the crowd. Also "actively" may not be the best word to describe their method of finding these people, they are really just sending letters to countries asking that they send it out to the public or put up some kind of announcement about it. Really its a wonder how they even got enough people for the program to stay afloat. (Not sure if the "actively" part was needed but it can be nice to know how they're actually getting these "people" to join the program)

    Hopefully this answers your questions.
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  7. Name: Abigail Mallow
    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Appearence: Abi is 5'2 in height. She is a fair-skinned girl with tired-looking black eyes and neck-length brown hair. She usually wears oversized hoodie and likes to sucks on lollipop.
    Personality: Abi is a cynical college drop-out that makes a living by becoming a storekeeper, or flipping burgers, or cleaning toilet, or dang, she believe that she's a person surrounded by bad luck that she can never get a permanent job. She likes to sit in the park and contemplating the meaning of life mulling over trivial facts.
    Class: normal
    Country of Origin: Varstech
    Personal Objects Tied to Class: none

    Name: Dex
    Gender: none. For the sake of simplicity though, call Dex a 'he'.
    Appearence: A smartphone with black casing that is too smart for his own good.
    Personality: A bunch of algorythm, probably. He is so smart that he can calculate the number of rolls needed for a donut to travel around the world, the fact that this info is irrelevant is irrelevant.
    Class: A.I
    Country of Origin: unidentifiable
    Personal Objects Tied to Class: electronical devices and network.
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Winston Morrison A.K.A. Detective Morrison A.K.A 'Detecter Dectective'
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Brown haired, blue-eyed human with white skin. Normally seen wearing formal clothing, including a white buttoned shirt and a tie. He wears either a brown leather jacket or one of the black colour, which covers his whole body. Not particularly strong looking.
    Personality: Extremely Smart, able to work things out quickly on his own, Kind, Always wants to help wherever he can, Highly-Determined, Extremely focused on his work.
    Class: Mutant
    Country of Origin (US is the only country that is gone/replaced): The U.K (But he has strong ties to France and Ultrane)
    Personal Objects Tied to Class (Can be none):

    -Magnet-ifier: A Magnifying glass with extremely robotic properties, being able to think when the Detective asks it to do something. It can zoom in very well and it gets it's name because it is attracted to highly magnetic materials, meaning the Dectective uses it when in an investigation involving magnets and metal mainly. Detecter Detective's powers already give him the ability to spot criminals using x-ray vision and infra-red vision, with strange scoping lenses, so he does not neccessarily need the traditional type of magnifier.
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  9. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    @Glûk the Bard
    Okay let's figure out the class, can you describe what ability/abnormality he has.
  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Yeah. I forgot to mention specifically. I think he'd be a mutant, since he is kind of like Xavier from the X-men

    He is able to 'change' his vision to that of x-ray vision or infra-red (heat sensative) vision to track down criminals. His eyesight is therefore also much better. He also has brain abilities, being able to speak to people through their mind (though choosing to speak out aloud most of the time as most people don't have the brain power he has). He is extremely smart, being able to figure out/point out the clues of a case in mere seconds. This is because his eyes and brain are extremely quick and are able to scan a room with just looking at it once, almost like a robot. He's a dectective, so most of these skills came naturally as he did the job. He has a group of nemesis' who, when they try to confront him, attack him using their brain powers and passers-by have seen the mind battles physically in front of them because of the projectiles and waves coming from their minds and Morrison's mind. Morrison's arch-Nemisis would be a Mutant simply known as 'Brainwave', who can fire projectiles from his mind too, stronger ones, and vibrating waves, which travel through the air.
  11. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    Yep, Mutant is the class you're looking for, just change it in your character bio and you can consider yourself Accepted!
  12. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Okay! Will do!

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