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Ask to Join Vampokes: Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Vampokes. Pokèmon who are normal in the day, but in the night, they are blood-thirsty killing machines (Not really). There were rumors about these things entering people's homes and draining the life out of pokèmon and trainers. Some say they have seen a Vampoke. Some say they are fake. Some say that if you believe, then they will become real. Most people ignore it. Vampokes is not something that can be passed around by a bite. A Vampoke is born like that because their mother was ill or fed the wrong stuff while they were getting produced. But every Vampoke has something in common, something that makes them stand out. Yes, they have sharp fangs, but it's not that. They are normally a lighter shade of colour, even if they are a shiny. Some are born with one blind eye and some are born mute. Vampokes are efficency weaker in battles, but they have one move that will end the battle right away- Blood Drain. Vampokes cannot turn into a bat or fly. They haunt many children's dreams. A man that goes by the name of Hyde is capturing these Vampokes and experimenting on them.


    Escape the 'Ruthrus' (Witch is what the Vampokes call their prison) alive. Find a safe place to hide and always be on the move. Once you find a place where everybody can stay safely, the roleplay will get shut down because this objective will be complete.

    1. NO Legendaries.
    2. No god-modding.
    3. Romance only limited. Hugs and maybe a peck on the lips only.
    4. All the general rules that is not stated here.
    5. No Vampokes must be the same species.
    6. NO trainers.
    7. One character only.
    8. Your characters should be in their first evolution stage.
    9. Please don't be mean to other rpers. If your character is mean, try to not go to harsh, mkay?
    10. Put in Vampokes in other to show that you have read this.
    Full Name:
    Gender: (Male or Female?)
    Species: (Example, Vulpix)
    Shiny or Normal:
    Appearance: (What do the look like? Take the lighter shade of fur into account!)
    Identifying Features: (Anything else that makes them stand out? Please, don't put any sort of fangs that stick out of their mouth)
    Clothing: (What do they wear? Do they wear anything at all?)
    Backstory: (Tell us how your character became a Vampoke, from when they was born and how it felt to be with Hyde)

    I will be posting my Vampoke later, just to let you know. Well, I hope this gets a kick start, also, before I forget- Only ten role players will be allowed in, including me, so- that's actually nine. First come first serve~
  2. Full Name:Victoria "Vic" Rose Van Allen
    Gender: Female
    Species: Purrloin
    Shiny or Normal:Yes (If That's Okay, But The Reason Why is Shiny Purrloin looks more like Vampire to Me.)
    Appearance: Vic Never really sits down, so she is seen mostly on her back two legs. Her fur is a bit messy and well, she pretty much a normal Purrloin besides that.
    Identifying Features: Vic Has the Normal Features Of a Purrloin Only Two Thing, It's Canines Or "Fangs" Are a bit bigger than normal. They do not stick out of the mouth but are bit large for the devious Pokemon. Her Fur is a Bit Lighter Than A Regular shiny Purrloin, Being More of a Light Blue Grey than a Dark Blue Grey
    Clothing: Vic Has A Ruby Collar From Her Previous Life As a House Pokemon
    Backstory:Vic Was Born To a High Class, Rich Couple In the Unova Region. Her Mother, A Liepard had unfortunately died during childbirth. The Mother, a young Liepard was Rather sick during her pregnancy, being overfed lots of "Magical Herbs" By this man who had sold to them to the couple saying they would make the baby pokemon "Strong" and "Beautiful or Handsome". The Mysterious Man also said they would the baby pokemon would bring the family good luck. When the baby was born, it was a rather odd color and had fangs larger than normal. The couple was a Bit concerned, but didn't really pay attention to that. Now, The Couple were a pair of high class pokemon breeders who specialized in Cat-Like Pokemon. They Had no children and would treat the Pokemon they had like their own children. Vic had a wonderful life at the mansion with her "Parents".SHe would play all day in the gardens and when her "parents" would come home, they would spend all evening together. But all that would change one day. One terrible day, a man Vic had never met had come to the house. Apparently the man wanted to see if he could buy the Purrloin. After a whole lot of arguing and bickering, Vic was sold to the man. The man took Vic to his van and injected something that made her sleepy. When she woke up, she was in a cage.
    The man was not Hyde, but A Guy paid by him to retrieve Vic.

    Please tell me if I did anything Wrong
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  3. Ooh, consider me interested. I'll get right to work on my character~
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  4. It's purrfect! Get the pun? No? Alright- But you forgot something~ Something in other~

    Full Name: Excalibur. Cali for short.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Eevee
    Shiny or Normal: Shiny
    Appearance: Pale blue/silver fur. Paper white mane and tail tip. Sharp, slightly larger, white fangs. One unusual crimson coloured eye and one pale blue eye. (Like a blind person's eyes)
    Identifying Features: Excalibur's nose is a pale pink.
    Clothing: He wears a iron shock collar around his neck.
    Backstory: Excalibur's mother, a Shiny Espeon that goes by the name of Prism gave birth to a trio of shinies in an abandoned farm silo. Two girls and one boy. The two girls were normal shiny Eevee, but the boy was different. He looked sickly pale and had a pink nose. He couldn't suckle from Prism because of his two slightly larger sharp fangs that kept on piercing her sensitive skin. Six days after their birth, the trio could walk around and see. That's when they found out that Excalibur was blind in his left eye. His other eye was a startling crimson red. Prism was worried about her boy and her family's health so shedecided to abandon him incase whatever he had was contagious. The poor Vampoke had to fend for himself. A Vulpix tried to attack him, but he drained her blood by accident and realised that he got fueled by the blood. After a few days, the sun started hurting him, so he killed off a family of Rattata and took their home as refuge that was made under a tree. Hyde found the Eevee a month after that and obviously took him to the laboratory. He put a shock collar on Excalibur and left him in a giant, empty cage.
    Other: Vampokes~

    And alright @Hisseki!
  5. I did It! Sorry About That, I should probably start Reading rules of Roleplays more carefully. I have been kind of slacking off and not reading every single rule and just making a character with what I understand of the rules.
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  6. My character:

    Full Name: Erin Demuth
    Gender: gender neutral
    Species: Growlithe
    Shiny or Normal: normal
    Appearance: like an average Growlithe, except much smaller, and the paler orange fur is practically white, and the darker orange fur is also paler than usual. Sharper canine teeth, deaf in left ear. Large scar across back, strechting between both flanks. Deep blue eyes.
    Identifying features: paler fur, scar on back, deaf in one ear so has terrible hearing and says "what?" And "eh?" A ton.
    Clothing: has a little rainbow bracelet made out of what seems to be rather tough string.
    Backstory: Erin was born into a Growlithe puppy mill. Their mother wasn't very well taken care of, and he had three other siblings in that litter. When the time came for them to take the puppies, their mother hid Erin. They were her weakest pup, and was dead in one ear, and she didn't want to see them get killed. Unfortunately, they were discovered. Erin's mother was killed for 'rebelling,' and Erin's back was sliced open. They were thrown into the street to die, but was discovered and healed by an old Serperior, who took care of them until her time was up. When she learned of their... 'condition,' she tried her best to cover it up and help them not get caught. When she died, Erin went in search of someone like them, but was found by Hyde.
    Other: Vampoke
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  7. Perfect! You're in!
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  8. Woohoo! Thanks. ^.^ if there's anything I need to change or explain, just tell me
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  9. No prob. Bur literally. You're post was perfect!
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  10. Mind if I join? ^^'

    Full Name: Zero A'raas
    Gender: Male
    Species: Zangoose
    Appearance: Zero is not considered shiny, but not normal either; he's pitch black, but the markings are white. His claws are silver and his eyes are yellow. But due to being a Vampoke, his fur is now a dark gray (because a 'pale black' would be dark grey...probably), and his markings are still white.
    Indentifying Features: Zero's claws seem to be like daggers, and he's strangely silent in movement; he'd make the perfect thief...probably.
    Clothing: Zero wears a black cloak of linen (because I like cloaks) and often wears the hood over his head. Not just that, he also wears an eyepatch over his left eye.
    History: Zero's mother had fallen ill just before the last days of her pregnancy, and his father was...gone. He was born in a forest and just when he was born, his mother, a shiny Zangoose known as Lily, died.
    Zero doesn't remember much of his past, nor does he want to. He was found by Hyde, horribly ill for unknown reasons. He would cough up blood every now and then, and his breathing was...low.
    When the Zangoose got to the lab to be tested and such, he was almost already dead. He lost vast amounts of blood and could hardly breathe.
    One night, Hyde noticed that the Zangoose was just clinging onto life, and just before Zero's last moments, Hyde managed to save him. Zero is now locked up, hidden away from the world because of his condition. He thought that Hyde did this just because of Zero's condition and how much of a horrid monster he would be...
    but he was wrong; Hyde had actually feared for the Zangoose.
    Zero had gotten the condition from the illness, and was given said illness by a strange poison he had found on the ground...which changed him to be the silent, blood-thirsty Zangoose he is today.
    Other: Vampoke (for life).

    If anything was done wrong, I'll fix it~!
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  11. Full Name: Amanda Brimsworth, but her friends call her Mandy (or they would if she had any)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Skitty
    Shiny or Normal: Normal, as far as normal can go for a Vampoke
    Appearance: Her fur is white as snow where it should be pink, and pink where purple should be. Her eyes are clouded, but she can see perfectly fine. Her stomach is a bit redder than the rest of her thanks to experimentation and touching it causes pain. She has sharper teeth than that of a normal Skitty, which is brought upon because of being a Vampoke.
    Identifying Features: White fur, reddish stomach, can't speak.
    Clothing: She wears a "scarf" which is really a blanket that she tied around her tail. She normally sleeps on it to lessen her stomach pain.
    Backstory: When Amanda was born unto a terminally ill mother Delcatty and a grieving father Purugly, she was only one of five to stay alive after birth. Her parents knew something was wrong with her and tried to hide her - to no avail. She was found by Hyde weeks after she was born, and was almost immediately subjected to experimentation. Hyde's experimentation brought him to a realization about Amanda. It was her speech ability that was impaired. Being a Vampoke rendered her mute, forced to stay completely silent save for noises she makes with the rest of her body. Amanda had no recollection of life outside of Hyde's workspace, which caused her to stay closed up. Within her heart, she feels an inexplicable need to be friendly to others, but she knows that she wouldn't be able to interact with others because of her inability to speak, as well as the fact that she's a Vampoke. She would sooner die than take the blood of others willingly, but she still does it when she needs to. It haunts her, but she never lets it show.
    Other: Vampoke

    If something makes no sense, tell me and I'll try to remedy it. I'm kinda tired (yay, not sleeping!) so if things make no sense, that's probably why. I'll be happy to fix any errors I've made.
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  13. Thank you xD
    I like making strange and creepy characters.
    Also, the 's' in Zero's last name is silent xD
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  14. Alright, thank you~
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  15. @Steven quarts universe, I'm sorry, but almost everything in your bio is incorrect. If you can't change it, then again, I'm sorry- you won't be able to join.
  16. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Please may I reserve The pokemon Slowpoke for this RP? I will post a form later when I have time.(do you get the joke vampoke, slowpoke?)
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  17. First Reaction: VAMPOKES YES!
    After reading rules and all existing Vampokes: NOO EEVEE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY DREAMS...

    Full Name:
    Lily Lund Nissen



    Shiny or Normal:
    It's complicated.... (see Appearance)

    Lily has pale yellow fur at the tip of her regularly top red, now paled to pink fur, and light yellow bands of fur around her legs. The rest of her body would be black, now paled to a gray. She has a sort of baby blue pair of eyes.

    Identifying Features:
    Aside from her distinctive yellow fur, Lily's right eye is lighter than her left, and although she is not blind in that eye many humans assume as such. Parts of her tail seems to have been cut off.


    She wears a turquoise Rayquaza-shaped amulet around her neck, but no other articles of clothing.

    They became a Vampoke purposely, being born in Hyde's captivity he tested her limits and forced her into turning into a Vampoke. Her family is Hyde's Zoroark family of Vampoke hunters, but since they had died almost as soon as she was born, in his anger he made her his new test subject. He does prioritize her over others on occasion, but mostly treats her like a regular Vampoke. She knows Hyde more than anyone else alive.


    Other Other: @Vulpine_Eclipse I just realized my character is named after your character's mother, I promise it wasn't intentional! Hopefully this doesn't make things confusing.
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  18. Full Name: Cadence.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mimikyu
    Shiny or Normal:Shiny
    Appearance: Other than being a shiny, The rosy color ment to represent a pikachu's cheeks on the rag is completely missing, and most of the marker is faded, the rest of it is a pale color.
    Identifying Features: There are a couple small red stains on the bottom of the rag
    Clothing: Just a terribly worn and marked rag, covering her true appearance.
    Backstory: Cadence had a truly terrible life, destined to be full of mistakes. She was bred and sold to a small child, who always wanted her to look like her favorite pokemon, Pikachu. Soon, he was colored yellow and had marker smeared over the rag. In the morning, the little girl was found dead, with a bloody stain on the carpet leading from her bed. The mimikyu was nowhere to be found, and had escaped in the middle of the night, She wanders aimlessly, wondering if she was bred with these newfound powers, or if she had just obtained them.
    Other: Vampokes!
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  19. @Meepy, you're in! Perfect post!

    One Spot Left!!!!
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  20. Don't worry about it, @Anchiale ! ^^ I'll change the mother's name because she will not appear; well, maybe. Maybe she will as a spirit (I love bringing the spirits of the fallen into roleplays and stories for some reason. It's just fun to toy with the past and make a plot twist!).
    Zero's mother will now be known as Tavriin A'raas.
    I really love to make weird names.
    It's just fun because first of all, it's often unique, so you won't lose much memory of the character, and second of all, it's weird, but fun to pronounce (and watch everyone get it wrong XD ).
    So no worries friend ^^ After all, the names Lily and Zero don't seem to match like mother and son. Liky is a rather popular name, while Zero isn't; now, they both have weird names (well, Zero isn't exactly weird, but Tavriin is!) ^^
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  21. Name:Olly
    Normal or Shiny : Rare Normal
    Typing: Electric/Ground
    Bio:A Pichu That Got Mud Stuck On Eartips And The Strongest Pichu`s Out There

    Attached Files:

  22. @OliverTheMatrix, I'm sorry, but you're post is very random and you didn't describe anything. You didn't even follow the rules or character sheet. If you can't fix the mistakes, then, again, I'm sorry but you can't join.
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  23. Wait! Does that mean there's still a spot open? I'm super interested in this, but it's alright if I'm too late.

    If I'm not, though, could I possibly reserve the last spot? ;)
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  24. @The Ringmaster, you sure can reserve a spot! There is still one left!
  25. Cool beans! Thanks a bunch! :D

    I'll get to work on my character's bio as soon as I can!
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  26. Quick question! The virus(?) doesn't affect gender ratios, does it? I'd love to have a male Steenee character...
  27. Full Name: Sterling Ezra Belrodir
    Gender: male
    Species: Steenee (Thanks a bunch for this!)
    Shiny or Normal: normal
    Appearance: He has shorter leaf hair, a longer stem, and a thinner bud(? the thing above the legs). Not to mention his not-so-oversized fangs, of course. Also, all his colors are a shade lighter than normal.
    Identifying Features: All the red or pink on his body has been switched for different shades of blue. This doesn't include his eyes, which are instead a sparkling grey.
    Clothing: He keeps the leaves on the top of his head tied back in a low Ponyta-il. (Sorry. I had to.) Usually, a plain red, oversized t-shirt hangs from his shoulders.
    Backstory: Before he was born, Sterling's mother, a stray Tsareena, had already had a child with an also-stray Cacturne. The Cacnea, named Princess for her 'crown', was the one to find food for her mother while she lay with the Bounsweet in her tummy, but young Princess never quite thought much about what exactly she was grabbing. From the forest, she traveled into the city, coming across an open field next to a set of condos. In the dead center of that field, a Berry bush grew, but they were unlike any Berry she had ever seen before. Paying that fact no mind, she'd grab as many of the Berries as she could, carrying them back to her mother. After a couple months of this, Princess never once bothering to look for a different bush, the Tsareena grew deathly ill, now completely unable to fend for herself. The Cacturne was by her side 24/7, and Princess felt awful. Soon enough, Sterling was brought into the world. In the middle of the birth, though, his mother passed away. The newborn couldn't quite understand the wailing that came from the unusual Pokemon in front of him, so he began to cry alongside them. The Cactus Pokemon didn't notice Sterling's odd color scheme, but they didn't quite care at the moment. Even though their mate/mother had died, Sterling was alive and healthy... for the most part. Once the immediate mourning was finished, they finally got a good look at the baby. The Cacturne knew of Bounsweets' gender ratio, so he immediately thought Sterling was a girl, to which he was greeted with a loud noise of disgust from the baby himself. The three had never been parted since, and the kinds of Berries they ate were closely examined before doing so.
    It was only after he evolved that things began to turn for the worse.
    The biggest accident that sparked fear in his family was one night, while the three were casually strolling through the forest. A tiny Joltik hopped out in front of Sterling, twittering a bit too loudly. As his eyes grew a darker shade of gray, to the point where they almost went pitch black, the Steenee threw himself to the forest floor and nearly bit the tiny creature in half. Both the Cacturne and Princess were so horrified, they actually ran from Sterling, never to be seen again.
    Some family they turned out to be.
    In a bit of a rampage, Sterling stomped over to the city, where Princess would take him sometimes. That's where he found Hyde- just when he stabbed his fangs into the side of a Pidgey, after he had found an old, red shirt on the side of the road, tattered and ripped. He liked the color, so he called it his own, taking it before anyone else could claim it- not like anyone else was going to, though. Of course, Hyde grabbed him as quickly as he could, making sure he was careful with the rampaging Grass-type, and took him to his lab.
    Other: Vampokes~!

    Just tell me if there's anything I should change, alright? Sorry the backstory's kinda beefy... :'|
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  28. No, it's alright. I loved it. You're in!
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  29. Thanks a bunch! :D
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  30. No, sorry. All the spaces are taken.
  31. Alright thanks anyways I'll just watch how it plays out then

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