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Private/Closed Valiant Resonance

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Hallowed, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday

    As the voices of cheerful townsfolk, accompanied by the sounds of their morning duties filled the skies, travelling inside a certain young man’s home would reveal the complete opposite. Tossing and turning in his own bed, was a boy named Rowan Grey; a recently selected participant in an entirely new military academy class. Surely receiving a letter from just any academy trying to make a name for themselves wouldn’t have bugged him so much. After all, Rowan had convinced himself that he’d spend the rest of his days working to provide for his family, once he was old enough. The problem with this letter, however, was that it wasn't just some random academy who had scouted him- it was the military academy: Valoros! The boy shot up in his bed once again, as if he’d just awoken from a nightmare. Rowan would let out a sigh carrying a mixture of emotions, before turning to face the letter that lied promptly on his nightstand. As the brown-haired teen reached out for the letter, he could literally feel the same nervous sensation welling up in his chest just like last weekend. Regardless, the boy’s hands somehow managed to open the letter again, which allowed Rowan to re-read the invitation.

    To the family of Rowan Grey,

    I certainly hope this letter found its way to the correct household, if not, do me a favor and give this to its rightful owner. Okay, since that’s out of the way! This letter was sent to inform you, that you’ve been chosen to participate in Valoros’ newest class. A class built around the concept of recently discovered shards known as “resonants,” which I will explain more about in person, but know this, they have the ability to grant powers beyond anyone’s imagination. The reason you’ve been chosen, is simply because Valoros saw the hidden potential you possess. Of course there's a lot more to it than just that, but I'm afraid the rest is too confidential for a little invitation letter.

    However, if you decide to attend, there will be a steam carriage arriving at your house around 8 AM on Thursday. Boarding it will take you straight to Valoros’ gates, where you'll get the rest of your answers. But don’t be alarmed by your fellow classmates who might also be on board the carriage, if they haven’t their own ways of transportation. You'll be seeing them a lot from now on, so don’t be shy!


    Rowan’s face held an expression of disbelief and skepticism, it was still the most informal letter he’d ever read. Half of his mind registered the letter as a prank, but the envelope actually had the Valoros stamp on it… so it was real? Shaking his head, the boy reluctantly trudged out of bed and checked the calendar on the wall. “Yep, it’s Thursday alright. But what time is it?” Rowan checked the clock that also resided on his nightstand, “7:26…” He had time to do his routine and get ready, though he could never be truly ready, since this was Valoros they were talking about. Still, Rowan did what he had to do, brush his teeth, wash up, eat and put on his everyday clothes. By the time he was finished, it was exactly three minutes before eight o’clock. He gave his family a quick goodbye, to whom luckily supported his decision and watched him step out the door. Though as he did, Rowan's eyes were immediately fixed upon the steam carriage, bearing the famous dragon emblem.

    “Rowan?” The man piloting the vehicle asked.

    “Yeah that’s me, Rowan Grey.”

    “Welcome. Get’n back, kiddo.”

    Climbing in the back of the carriage, revealed a decently sized space with only two, but capable long seats that could easily fit at least three or four people each. Since the carriage was empty, with an exception to himself, Rowan sat on the right seat and scooted all the way down to the end. Though once the carriage began to move again, Rowan couldn’t help but to twiddle his thumbs. “Ah man, this is already more nerve-wracking than I thought.”
  2. A few weeks ago...

    "The Resonants!" The older man in a green cloak exclaimed. "What are they? A weapon? Magic? A new technology?"
    Kyle watched from the other side of the candlelit room as his father stood up dramatically, beginning to prance around.
    "I don't know, dear." Kyle's mother, a woman with dark black hair and the same green cloak said. Kyle's father jumped over and took Kyle's mother by the hand, spinning her in a dancelike motion. Kyle watched as the two began to dance to no music, carefully avoiding the candles and stacks of books.
    "Exactly!" Kyle's father said as the two tangoed. "No one knows! But whispers have been spreading!"
    "You have an idea, dear?" Kyle's mother asked.
    "Well, it's quite obvious my dear! If we managed to figure out enough to write a scholarly article on whatever these things are..."
    "We would be the talk of the academic community!"
    "We would cement our names in academic history!"
    "It would be the report of the century!" Kyle watched as the two adults he called his parents danced around the room.

    "Look... I'm glad that you guys found what your next paper is going to be on. But is there any reason I needed to be here for... this?" Kyle said, indicating whatever the heck it was that his parents were doing. Kyle's father spun his wife to the side before pointing at his son.
    "Why of course there is!" Kyle's father said. "The only news about these 'Resonants' is that they're creating a special class for them at Valoros."
    "Valoros... Isn't that, like, that military school or something?" Kyle asked, confusion plain on his face.
    "Yes! We've applied you to join!" It took a moment for what Kyle's father had said to sink in.
    "You WHAT?!" Kyle exclaimed, jumping to his feet. "You applied me for a MILITARY SCHOOL?!"
    "Not just any military school! The school holding the class for Resonants!" Kyle's father announced. Kyle was at a loss for words.
    "Wha... Bu... I... I thought you wanted me to follow in your guys's footsteps! Become a scholar!" Kyle said.
    "And that you will!"" Kyle's father responded.
    "It's going to be hard for me to become a scholar if I'm DEAD FROM FIGHTING IN A WAR." Kyle said. "And what makes you think they're going to accept me, anyway?! I'm... I'm pathetically weak! I get shoved around by the day! I... I can't fight!"
    "You're a smart boy, Kyle! I'm sure that you'll be able to make it! You don't even have to make it into the Resonants class! Just buddy up with the people in that class! Learn everything you can, and send it to us!"


    One week ago...

    Kyle sifted through the mail as he walked back into the house. Academic article... scholarly article... Kyle paused when he came to the last letter. He recognized that stamp... that was the symbol of Valoros. Huh, probably a rejection letter. Tearing it open, Kyle quickly read through the letter. His eyes grew wide.
    "Uh... Mom? Dad? You're going to want to take a look at this..."


    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday

    Kyle stood outside his parent's home, wearing his family's green cloak and crest with a small leather pack in hand. He felt... well, he felt numb. A small part of him wanted to wake up from this nightmare that he was currently living. A military academy?! He'd be lucky if he were able to make it a week without dying! Running a hand through his tan hair, he looked around. Nearby, some younger kids ran around playing and laughing. Kyle had never really liked his home... But now he was wishing more than anything that he could stay. He had heard these academies were really strict. Hopefully, they would let him keep his books.

    Kyle had only been waiting a couple minutes when the steam carriage arrived. Right on time.
    "Kyle?" The man piloting the vehicle asked. The boy opened his mouth to answer, but no words came out. The man looked at Kyle, staring at him. "Are you Kyle?"
    "Y... yeah." Kyle managed to get out.
    "Welcome. Now get on."
    Kyle slowly walked towards the vehicle. He looked like someone walking to their death. Stepping onto the carriage, the teen in the green cloak looked around his home once more before entering. Kyle felt sick.

    There was already someone in the carriage, another student for this "Resonants" class. The young man looked quite strong, and Kyle was glad that he was wearing a green cloak to cover his weak-looking self in comparison. Not really in the mood to talk, Kyle simply sat down in the other seat and scooted all the way to the window.
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  3. Several weeks before, Clair had applied to Valoros, but for some odd reason, she was thinking she was rejected.

    The week before, an letter appeared at the door, her parents had opened it, and decided to tell her about her acceptance.

    The Day of the first day of school, Clair Greene woke up to a letter on her face, and opened it,

    To the family of Clair Greene,
    Did the letter make it to the Greene Residence, if not, please send it there, where its rightful owner, Clair, should be, if you are Clair, then, Welcome, you have been selected for a special class at Valoros, built around the recent discovery of Resonant Shards, if you accept, a carriage will arrive at your house. Be there by Eight o'clock.


    Clair got dressed, after washing up, brushing teeth and the usual, in her usual clothes but with a different twist, she had a green skirt on for the first day. She then said goodbye to her parents and eventually found a steam carriage at the door of her house, bearing the symbol of Valoros.

    "Hi, Clair Greene," Clair tried to say without being nervous.
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  4. Jaycee waited by the road in front of her family's manor gates with her packed trunk behind her, and her favored weapon sheathed within a long protected white cylindrical casing and slung over one shoulder. No doubt that she's probably one of the younger students that going to be in the class, but she didn't mind, what he made up for in the small physical stature she did in raw physical strength and speed. Though her preferred weapon was an over-sized great-sword much to the dismay of her parents and trainers. Jaycee was ecstatic to have received her acceptance letter from Valoros a few weeks ago and as a member of a special class.

    Jaycee looked to the sky as she waited for the steam carriage, this would be the first time she would leave her home and be on her own, she was slightly anxious, but the prospects of meeting new people, learning, and honing her skills outweighed her anxiety. The steam carriage arrived shortly after.

    "JC?" the pilot asked as another attendant stepped around the carriage to strap her trunk onto the back of the carriage.

    "That's me!" Jaycee opened the door to the carriage, "Do you want to put this with my trunk or can I keep it with me?" she pointed to the long cylindrical sword container that was almost longer than she was tall.

    "You can keep it with you, if it gets too crowded then we can put it out back."

    Jaycee gave the man a thumbs up as she climbed on. As soon as she stepped on the steam carriage visible tilted slightly to her weight, despite her petite size. There were already three other passengers inside two boys, of which were sitting by the far windows, both looking a bit standoffish, and a girl that was slightly fidgeting from nervousness. "Hello guys!" She greeted happily as she took a seat next to the door and slid her sword case so it rested vertically slanted between her legs, nearly pushing into the ceiling despite being slanted enough to reach the seat across from her.
  5. August 1st, NA 98 - Thursday
    Of all the things that she could be doing on a pleasant Thursday afternoon, Bea considered reading mail a very low priority. Typically, not a single letter would be addressed to her anyways, but it still fell on her to answer it. Dull flattery to her parents from lord something-or-other, complete with a short-sighted business proposal. Various mind-numbing details of transactions and income, all of which her mother and father would end up having to sift through themselves. So why make her do it?

    The gardens outside the windows of father's study shone enticingly in the sun.
    "Father? As usual, this all seems to be addressed to you." Bea said. "May I-"
    "No." Her father replied, managing his own set of papers from a desk opposite hers. "You must learn the way we manage our trade, Beatrice. Do you desire the collapse of everything that your mother and I worked for?"
    Bea sighed. "No, father. I do not."

    At least, this time. One letter stood out. An envelope with the seal of the Valoros Military Academy. Most shockingly, it was addressed to her. Without hesitation, Bea ripped it open.

    To the family of Beatrice Brown,

    Beatrice rolled her eyes, of course this would have something to do with her family. Heavens forbid anybody addressed her directly without the need to get her wealthy parents involved.

    I certainly hope this letter found its way to the correct household, if not, do me a favor and give this to its rightful owner. Okay, since that’s out of the way! This letter was sent to inform you, that you’ve been chosen to participate in Valoros’ newest class.

    The introduction was informal, to say the least. All things considered, it was a welcome change from the overly embellished language of everything else she'd read that day. The rest of the letter went on about Resonants and Steam Carriages, but she mostly glossed over it, too wrapped up in her excitement. She raised an eyebrow at the notion of hidden potential, but decided not to look that particular gift horse in the mouth.

    "Father," she said tentatively. She needed to word this in a way that he would definitely accept. "I think that a potential learning opportunity has just presented itself."

    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday
    After a week of restless waiting, and reassuring her mother and father that it'd be a good idea, Bea finally could see the steam carriage arrive. Without waiting, she walked up to it, trying not to visibly strain at the weight of her luggage. Even trying to convince her parents that she'd need to learn to be resourceful without bringing a ton of stuff, they still forced way more fancy dressed into her bag than she'd need at a military academy.

    Even so, a heavy bag couldn't sour her mood. She entered the carriage, dodging an absurdly large sword case to take a seat beneath it. Hey, maybe there was one good thing about being short.
  6. Kyle sat with his head in his hand, watching out the window as the world went by. This was his first time on a steam carriage, which was something to think about. Something else he could focus on. But it really was only a momentary distraction. Like looking at a flower while an entire storm front was rolling in. Shaking his head, Kyle glanced over to the other guy in the carriage. Just like he had thought, the guy looked tough and well-built. Even looking at the guy made Kyle nervous for the upcoming trials he was about to face. What if he tried to drop out? Well... then his parents wouldn't speak to him again, unless he got some dirt on these 'Resonants'. But if he stayed, he'd probably end up getting drafted. It was a terrible dilemma.

    The carriage stopped, picking up more students. The first one was... was a girl. A rather cute, small, normal-looking girl. Kyle expected everyone in this class to be tough, battle hardened, scarred warriors. But this girl, she looked... well, normal. That was, until Kyle realized what she had with her. The girl carried with her a giant cylindrical sword case, most likely holding a weapon that stood taller than Kyle did. The son of a scholar looked at Jaycee in shock as she sat down, jamming the weapon case diagonally so it fit in the carriage. How... how the heck was she holding that?!

    The next person was another girl. And like the one that had came on before, this one also looked quite normal. But Kyle had a sneaking suspicion that she was more than she appeared, just like the huge sword girl. She was carrying a lot of luggage... What all was in it? Weapons? Was she some sort of super assassin that specialized in nearly every type of weapon imaginable? Kyle was starting to panic, just a little. His breathing grew quick and shallow as he looked away, trying to desperately to calm himself but only managing to get more and more stressed.
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  7. Rowan noticed his hands stop twiddling with each other, once more people started to come on board. Suppose these were the "classmates", that invitation mentioned. Upon hearing the doors shake, the young man's eyes instantly focused on who'd be coming in, a clear amount of intensity was held within his curious glare. In the next moment, a boy named Kyle would step into the small room. Rowan figured out his name by the simple means of eavesdropping, since the carriage driver said a name along the lines of 'Kyle.' Names were always good to know, but Rowan knew that it wouldn't be wise to say it, unless they told him. It would suck to be suspicious on my first day. Shaking him out of his thoughts, was none other than Kyle's attire. That green cloak.. it was unlike anything he'd ever seen before- he had to get one of those! Although there was a huge problem, Rowan wasn't really known to talk with strangers much. Instead, the brown-eyed boy looked away from Kyle, as if he was uninterested. However deep down, something wished that his time at Valoros would help him break out of his shell.

    Soon enough Rowan found himself drifting off slightly, until yet another person came on board. Glancing up, he'd find a girl this time. However when his eyes finally readjusted, she didn't seem much younger than himself. Actually she didn't look half bad either, and she had some strong looking arms. Could she have possibly been a warrior of some sorts, before decided to come here? That was pretty cool if it was true, and also slightly intimidating...
    From that point on, the intimidation factor only seemed to get worse and worse. A relatively small girl stepped on board next, with her parent seemingly accompanying her. Wait a minute, that isn't a person..! Rowan's eyes instantly grew wide as he realized that was no person- but a gigantic sword that shook the whole vehicle with it's presence alone! The boy attempted to calm himself by shaking his head and turning away from the monsterish-girl.
    Although, It really didn't take long for his eyes to be back on the carriage's entrance, as more commotion could be heard coming from outside. To be honest, it sounded like a stampede of furious wild animals. At this point Rowan learned to keep his mind open and to expect anything, that way he wouldn't be surprised when he saw an animal jump on board. But what he really saw possibly surprised him even more than an animal ever could, entering the carriage was another girl carrying a massive amount of luggage. Well then... Okay. The first moments with his new classmates already made him abandon his common sense. This was surely going to be a fun time, no doubt about that.

    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday 9:25 AM

    After approximately an hour of driving through various sections of the kingdom that Rowan never knew existed, the carriage began to visibly slow down. As the sounds of hundreds of people wearing beige and gold uniforms could be heard talking, laughing, or whatever you could think of, quickly filled the air. They all seemed to be headed towards the gate that bared the massive white, gold and red building that lay comfortably inside it's walls.

    "Alright. This is our stop: Valoros. Good luck with your classes." The carriage conductor told. Honestly it was probably something he said after every ride, but at least it still sounded genuine.

    Rowan glanced out the window and then towards the exit of the carriage. He'd let out a sigh following that, since there was no way he'd be able to squeeze through the sword and the luggage, while still being in one piece. Guess this is what I get for choosing to sit on the far end... I'll just have to wait a bit.
  8. Clair had noticed a boy looking at her, and slightly blushed, due to embarrassment, as she sat down across from him. Clair had been fidgety and nervous, trying to look around and see her new classmates, next to her was a girl with a giant sword. When the carriage arrived at Valoros, Clair sat and looked at the boy sitting across from her.

    "Hi, it's looks... Like we are going to be the... Um... Um... The last ones off?" Clair, trying to at least converse with someone, asked the boy who sat at the end.

    Clair was fidgeting still, but a little calmer.
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  9. "Woops, sorry guys, I'll get out so you guys can get out." Jaycee laughed as the steam carriage door opened. She easily hoisted her sword case back over her shoulder after she hopped off the carriage and looked around admiring the school. "C'mon guys, we're finally here! Isn't it exciting!" Jaycee spun around with joy, her arms out to her sides. She had to stomp down on the ground to stop the momentum of her sword case from throwing her to the ground. "heheh." she laughed waiting for her fellow classmates exit the carriage.
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  10. So... here we are... Kyle had somehow managed to calm himself down during the drive. And now it appeared that they were finally here. Valoros. The military academy. Kyle looked out the window, but was surprised at what he saw. The son of a scholar expected to look out and see strict regiments, a yard for marching, training grounds, terrible living conditions, a mess hall... But what he found was this place looked more academy than military. Sure, the students wore uniforms. But they were a lot less... armor-y than Kyle had been expecting. Students were relaxing and talking behind the walls, and Kyle managed to catch glimpse of the large building inside. That sure didn't look like the military complex he had been expecting.

    The boy in the green cloak watched as the girl with the monster sword exited the steam carriage. That was nice and all, but there was still a load of luggage blocking the way out of the steam carriage. Lovely. Taking another deep breath, Kyle decided to use his thin frame to his advantage. Spotting a small crack in the impenetrable wall of luggage, Kyle let out his breath, sucked in his stomach, and carefully managed to squeeze his way through. It might be a little rude, but he just had to get off that carriage. Stepping off the vehicle, Kyle watched as Jaycee performed a laugh and a spin.
    "What's so exciting about it?" Kyle asked Jaycee, putting his bag back over his shoulder. "It's a military academy."
    He didn't mean to rain on the other's parade, but Kyle didn't really know what else to say. Didn't this girl realize that this place was training them to fight and kill and die for their country?
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  11. Rowan attempted to quell his anticipation by gazing out the nearest window. Silently watching the plethora of students going about their new lives, seemingly unfazed by the grand academy. At this moment, the boy’s brown eyes bared everything but hope, as he peered at the fearlessness these students seemed to display. Get it together, man… I may have never dreamed of going to an academy but it doesn’t mean I can’t be successful. Yeah, I- To his surprise, he heard someone’s voice trying to make small-talk… with him? Turning around only added to the surprise, since it was the brown haired warrior girl from earlier. Goodness though, she looked pretty nervous. “Uh, yeah… but that’s probably a good thing honestly. I’m actually nervous about this whole thing.”

    Rowan naturally awaited a response from the girl, but something strange was going on outside. As it became eerily silent, with absolutely no trace of the chatter that was just taking place. Instead, a single man’s voice could somehow be heard clearly. Of course this intrigued Rowan, causing him to look out the window once again. What he saw was a tall man sporting a fancier version of the beige and gold uniform, while beholding wavy-combed black hair, brown-slightly orange eyes, and a prominent but kempt beard. The man words carried a deep, raspy voice as he spoke through a device that amplified his voice.

    “Attention all youth. I, Reignor E. Amherst, present myself before the brave sons and daughters of the great kingdom, Novelia and all of Yrisse. To inform you of the orientation event that will be taking place in the Grand Hall in approximately ten minutes from now. Everyone is expected to be present during the whole duration of the event. As always, we’ll be having absolutely no excuses if you’re late, but if you get lost beforehand, ask one of the many guards to help you with directions.” With that, the man smoothly spun around with his back now facing the students and despite his lips being crafted into an almost sinister smirk, the man decided to end off on a good note before slinking back into the academy’s gates: “I certainly wish all of you a prosperous time here at Valoros.”

    After the short speech, Rowan sighed as he looked at the brown-haired girl sitting in front of him. “..Guess that’s our cue.” Standing up, Rowan walked towards the exit of the carriage, hesitantly moving the luggage out of his way. “Sorry.” Soon enough, his shoes made contact with the dirt outside, while his eyes adjusted to the light. “Alright, the ‘Grand Hall,’ huh? Must be some kind of auditorium.” He’d say aloud, so he could mentally note the location.
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  12. Bea zoned out around halfway through the trip, mostly out of nervousness. This was what she'd been waiting for, a chance to do something other than managing the family business. She had to do well. Her parents had paid for some extensive self-defence lessons throughout her childhood, but she had very little in the way of actual combat experience. Would that be enough to succeed in the Valaros Military Academy? She was always a fast learner, and she hoped that it'd be enough. Learning to fight is what a Military Academy is for, right?

    She was snapped out of her thoughts by the Reignor E. Amherst's speech, and Rowan exiting the carriage.
    She glanced around the carriage, noticing everybody else patiently waiting for her to remove her bag. Her eyes widened.
    "Oh- sorry, I didn't mean to-" she stammered. "I'll, er, move now."
    She stumbled out of the carriage, pulling her luggage behind her. Stupid! She'd barely even begun at Valoros and she'd already made an idiot of herself.

    She took a deep breath, Valaros was a big school, so what if she slightly embarrassed herself in front of less than a half-dozen people. This was fine.
    She decided that she should probably help the others figure out the location of this 'Grand Hall'. She looked around, spotting a guard only a short distance away. "I'll go ask where the Grand Hall is." She said. "My name is Bea, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you."

    She picked up her bag, and walked over to the guard. "Hello, sorry for the intrusion, but I was hoping that you could point me in the direction of the Grand Hall."
    She glanced back at the group, still within earshot, while she waited for the guard to reply. This was fine.
  13. Kyle's attention was brought to a speech by someone who Kyle assumed was the headmaster of the academy, or at least a senior instructor. They were to head to the Grand Hall within ten minutes. That was not a lot of time, expecially since Kyle had no idea of the layout of the Academy. Kyle did not want to find out what would happen if they didn't make it in time. It suddenly struck Kyle that it would have been a good idea to comb through the vast expanse of books his parents owned for any information on Valaros Academy. But no, the youth had spent his whole time stressing instead of studying. He would have to remember not to make that mistake again.

    The light brown haired girl that had brought on a literal ton of luggage introduced herself as Bea, and said that she would go ask where the Grand Hall was. Keeping his small bag hidden under his green cloak, Kyle decided to walk alongside Bea as she approached the guard. He would prefer to hear where the hall was from the guard himself, rather than have to rely on this girl passing it on. Hm. Another thought occurred to Kyle as he waited for the guard's response. It would probably be a good idea to befriend some of these people he would be taking classes with. If the books he had read had shown him anything, it was that schools could be a very dangerous place for people who were loners and also not tough looking. Which Kyle fell into a bit of both of those catagories. Perhaps it would fall on him to make the first move when it came to socializing. So far, it seemed pretty good. In fact, the others seemed to have not really taken any note of him yet. He'd just have to do his best to not... antagonize any of them.
  14. Clair got off after everyone and followed Rowan initially. She stayed silent, until she decided it would be a good idea to ask where this Grand Hall even was.

    "Rowan, do you have any clue as to where this Grand Hall is?" Clair asked, a little calmer.

    She was still nervous, with all the people around, she had her luggage sorted, since there were a couple of things she had to get, like her bow. She had the bow on her back after she had gotten it. Since she is used to Archery, and nature, those two things are helpful in calming her down.
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  15. Even though Rowan noted the specifics aloud, he was still clearly at a loss. The emotions deep within began to eat at his core once more. Dang it, I knew I wasn’t cut out for something like this. In the distance Rowan could overhear someone introducing themselves, but he didn’t quite catch their name, due to the overbearing self-negativity shrouding his mind. However as if a spell was cast, the nearby voice of Clair brought him back to reality, as harsh as it may be. Glancing over at his new acquaintance with a deep breath, he simply shook his head. “Nah, I’m lost too.”
    He accepted that much, but he wasn’t ready to just throw in the towel on the first day regardless of what his conscience believed. “That man told us to ask the guards if we’re lost, so I guess we should do that..” Although upon turning around, he noticed that the girl from earlier was already questioning a guard. Without hesitating, Rowan inched a bit closer and gestured Clair to follow along.

    “Oh, hello there! You must be new then?” The young, excitable guard inquired. “Well truth be told, this is my first year on duty here.. Buuut thanks to the strict training I had to go through, I think I can at least give you directions.”

    He held his hand up to his chin as if he had just entered deep thought. Though it didn’t take long for him to begin speaking again. “O.K. If I recall correctly, once you enter the main gates here.. You’ll see a path, eventually leading to a crossroad, continuing straight forward will lead you to the main building. Going right will lead you to the dorms, but choosing to go left will lead you to a large building with a lot of windows- that is the Grand Hall. Ya can’t miss it!” The guard nodded with a smile and resumed his former position.


    Rowan tried to memorize the guard’s advice, but something told him that he should still go along with a group anyway. Right. I’m here now, gotta break outta my comfort zone. Walking up to the girl with chestnut brown hair, Rowan lightly sighed. “Hey, mind if we join you? I would say something like it’ll be better to search in a group, but I just really don’t wanna be left behind.” He would glance at the girl, hoping she’d offer a little pity.
  16. Jaycee listened to Reginor’s announcement before turning and answering Kyle’s question. “There’s plenty to be excited about! We will receive training that will transform our minds and bodies into deadly weapons against our enemies. We will gain the power to protect ourselves and more importantly to protect others. I don’t know about you, but Valoros academy has been a part of my family for many generations, and serving and protecting the Kingdom is a privilege and honor, not a chore for us.” Jaycee explained while adjusting her sword case on her back. “Anyways, we should head to the Great Hall, ten minutes is not a whole lot of time.” Jaycee smiled walking up to Rowan and Clair, “Mind if I join you guys? I’m Jaycee, or JC.” She laughed to herself, "Sounds the same either way huh?"
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  17. While the green-cloaked teen didn't show any sign he had paid attention to what Jaycee had said, her answer had definitely caught Kyle's attention. She sounded like quite the patriot. While Kyle's family was a family of scholars, it sounded like this girl's family was a family of soldiers. It certainly explained the big sword. And while he wasn't a big fan on how cheerful the girl had been about 'turning her mind and body into deadly weapons', perhaps it would be a good idea to buddy up to her. She might be able to help him with the fighting stuff he was probably going to learn here.

    It was about then when the guard Bea had talked to spoke up. Kyle listened carefully to what the guard had to say. Stay on the path, taking a left at the crossroads to get to the Main Hall. Easy enough. Kyle was about to head there on his own when the others began to group up once again. It was probably a good idea to simply stick with them.
    "We should probably get going. We don't have much time." Kyle said to the group.
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  18. Clair followed, kept close to Rowan, shyly, she noticed another girl from earlier, her name was Bea if she remembered correctly.

    "We need to hurry," Clair called out, still somewhat nervous.

    Clair had her bow with her, and she spotted some trees, this was helping but not enough.
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  19. Down the path, left at the crossroad. Got it. Wait crap, didn't that one guy ask me a question?
    "Y-yeah!" Bea said to Rowan. "We should all go together. And quickly too, we don't wanna be late."
    With that, she picked up her bag and hurried through the main gate, in the direction that the guard instructed. When she arrived at the crossroads, she stopped. Both to wait for the others, and to think.

    At the very least, nobody had seemed all too bothered with her blocking the door to the carriage by accident. So that was a plus. Still, everyone else seemed so calm, while she was still freaking out internally. The one named "JC" seemed really passionate about going to the academy and the others seemed mostly focused on actually getting to their destination. Meanwhile, she'd already gotten too wrapped up in her thoughts and missed something specifically said to her, twice. She took a few deep breaths. This was fine.
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  20. Rowan was relieved to hear that the luggage girl accepted his request. It was a pretty selfish request at that, he contain the few chuckles that fled his lips. Though he sighed right after, due to the slight nervousness that began to well up in his mind once again. He took a pause and nodded to himself, agreeing with the rest of the “group”, if that’s what they were. “Right, we probably have less than 10 minutes by now.” He shrugged as if it wasn’t that big of a deal… but in reality it really was, and Rowan knew it- but he figured it couldn’t hurt to act “cool” sometimes.
    He followed along, ultimately finding himself stopping at the crossroads with the others.
    “Most of the other students are turning left, so I guess we should too.” Rowan deduced, because admittedly he had forgotten what the guard told them already. Despite that, Rowan began to make his way to the Grand Hall, or so he hoped, but his worries dissipated sooner than he’d expected. Since there it was, the large building with a bunch of small windows on the sides and a four enormous ones on the roof. “Well shoot then...”

    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday 9:42 AM
    Location: Grand Hall

    Within the doors of the great auditorium, revealed a beautiful but powerful array of white, red and gold decorations ranging from the simple red stage curtains, to the white floor carpet that’s complemented by the elegant red and golden seats. Additionally, thanks to the windows being tinted a shade of black, plus the scarce but more than enough light sources from above, the Grand Hall held a certain low light aesthetic, that allowed everything contained inside to still be visible to the untrained eye. Furthermore, there were hundreds of seats which were occupied by students and visitors alike, both on the first floor and the balcony.
    However on the stage this morning, stood the hosts of the show that was bound to begin soon. The familiar black haired, amber-eyed man stepping forward was enough evidence that this was indeed the beginning. Perfectly placing himself behind the mic that was in front of him, the man offered to give himself a proper introduction.

    “Hello every youth before me today,” The man bowed with the same mischievous smirk he wore earlier. “I am the appointed Chancellor, as well as a former lieutenant who served in the last war: Reignor E. Amherst.”
    Reignor took a quick pause as if to gather his thoughts, returning to his speech shortly afterwards. “During my time as Chancellor, I’ve heard and seen many generations of bashful youths not unlike some of you sitting before me- turn into prosperous, high-ranking soldiers. Therefore I am more than certain that I was fortunate enough to serve with many members of your families, that graduated from this very school, without ever noticing in the past. Unfortunately, I was not among the few that were able to attend such a prestigious academy such as this… but that didn’t stop me from becoming Chancellor, with the fact that I could become the one who awakens the sleeping dragons of Valoros in the near future, was more than just a dream for me. It was my aspiration. Just from a quick glance, I can see each everyone’s untapped potentials restlessly waiting to make itself known to the world. If you doubt yourself or my words, keep pushing, striving for success, you were accepted here for a reason. However what that “reason” is, lies entirely in your hands alone. Of course we’ll be there to support and push you towards your goals. So tell me dragons, what will you become once you’ve finally awakened?” Reignor asked, stepping back and allowing a young blonde haired, blue eyed man to take the mic.
    “Thank you, Reignor. I’ll be brief, I am from the royal heritage of whom’s ancestors built this very breathtaking academy. I am the king’s son, Arthurre Claude. And even though my debut into society two years ago was filled with controversy thanks to the spawned rumors about my father, I am now 18 years of age and wish to lay out my own legacy. Starting with this school.” The prince seemed content with his words as they exited his mouth, only taking a pause to catch his breath. “What I mean is that I wish to give you all a little more freedom on the soil my ancestors laid out for us. With permission from my father and approval from the Chancellor… combined with a lot of hard work on my end, I am proud to announce the recent addition of clubs, a student owned store and a few more natural decorations such as trees added around in an attempt to make this academy feel more inviting.” Arthurre softly shuckled at the shocked gasps from returning students, before explaining his reason.

    “I did this for a reason, not just because I felt like it. The reason is, I believe that if you can combine discipline with freedom and fun, you’ll grow more attached to where you came from when it’s time to leave, which in this case is Valoros. Therefore, when you become attached, you start to feel a longing to protect what is dear to you. And when you have a solid reason such as this, your combat efficiency skyrockets more than it ever could before. Yet in my honest opinion, I think the fond memories are worth more than combat efficiency. But that’s enough about my pitiful views, wouldn't you agree? Since that’s settled, you’ll be dismissed to your classes with your designated instructors, your uniform’s badges should tell you which instructor you’ll be going with.”

    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday 10:36 AM
    Location: Class VI

    Ms. Hera was blatantly confused in the Grand Hall due to her class’s special case of not having their uniforms yet, but they eventually found the class and she was able to fulfill her duties. Granted when she unlocked the door to the newly installed class and found the uniforms and resonants laying on the desks, she was justifiably surprised. The young lady was good with going along with things as they came however, and instructed the class as if this was all part of her plan. “Go ahead and sit anywhere you like. Every desk has a uniform and a unique elemental resonant, so choose wisely.” Hera’s curly blue pigtails bounced as she walked over to her desk, her bright yellow eyes curiously watching her students all the way.
    When she finally made it to her desk, she was at a spot in which the light from the window clearly revealed her pale but fair complexion. From that alone, it was obvious that she wasn’t from Novelia, but her smile displayed that she didn’t mind. “Fire, nature, wind, water, lightning and earth are the elements! Once you all have picked, I’ll introduce myself.”
  21. Kyle made his way towards the classroom. The speech had left him with, well... conflicted feelings. The Chancellor's speech mentioned how everyone here was accepted for a 'reason'. But that 'reason' laid inside the students. Kyle had his doubts about that. After all, the 'reason' that Kyle was here was to just get information about resonants. That was it. Then, of course, there was the king's son. Kyle didn't understand his speech at all. 'fond memories are worth more than combat efficiency'? They were supposed to be elite soldiers! While Kyle didn't exactly like the idea of war, he was smart enough to realize that 'fond memories' weren't exactly going to stop enemy forces.

    Thinking more about it, Kyle began to realize what a poor plan this was. This was a military academy, after all. Would he be branded as a deserter if he dropped out of this school? There'd go his plans of becoming a scholar. After all, deserters and traitors can't become renown scholars. So that merely left delibretly failing out of the academy. But was that really possible? Moreover, was that practical? He wouldn't be able to get any respect if it was known he had flunked out of an academy, even if it was a military one. Was he... was he actually going to have to become a soldier? Once again, his skin began to pale as his breathing began to increase. No. No! He had to stay calm! He was smarter than this. He could figure this out.

    Kyle had managed to calm his breathing by the time he made it to the classroom, but the sight that greeted him, well... It was one he hadn't expected. In fact, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. Six desks, each with a uniform and unusual-looking shard resting on them. Their teacher was a young woman, one with curly blue pigtails, yellow eyes, and pale skin. That was one thing. He certainly expected their instructor to look a lot more... tougher. Was this really the person that was in charge of teaching them how to become hardened warriors? And those shards... were these really the mysterious resonants his parents had been going on about. Not to sure on exactly what all was happening, Kyle sat himself down in a random seat. The unusual shard seemed to glow with a rather pretty, calming blue light. Although he had convinced himself to calm down, on the exterior Kyle still looked quite nervous and confused.
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  22. Before Ms. Hera even began speaking, Bea's attention flickered to the yellow shard. Something about the way it shone and crackled erratically almost mirrored the excited nervousness that she'd been feeling since she'd arrived at Valoros. As her new teacher begun her explanation, Bea stepped wordlessly over towards the seat with the yellow shard, and sat down.

    Sitting there at her desk was the first chance she got to just sit and digest the Chancellor's earlier remarks - she had been too busy taking in her surroundings on the walk over - and boy was that interesting. The Chancellor seemed nice enough, though it was too soon for her to accurately judge his competence. The prince was where most of her attention was focused on. Clubs, student stores and decorations were all welcome, any chance to build a reputation among her peers was. His remark about fond memories over combat efficiency seemed utterly stupid in her opinion, though. What could be more important than one's abilities? She couldn't measure herself based on 'fond memories', and only being the best of the best could prove her own worth outside of her family. That's how that worked, right?

    Still, his wish to lay out his own legacy? That intrigued her. She definitely understood the pressure of living up to some family legacy, and what greater pressure could there be than being the son of a king? She shuddered even thinking about it. Well, if that prince could step out of his family's shadow, than she could with hers. Yeah, she was going to prove herself here at Valoros. Absolutely nothing could stop her.
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  23. Kyle glanced over as one of the students sat next to him, the luggage girl. Bea. She looked like she was deep in thought. Alright. He could do this. It was important to make allies in this setting, and now would be the time to start. Just talk to her. It's easy. Was there a way he was supposed to do it? The books he read didn't prepare him for this... He just had to start simple. Small. He hadn't introduced himself yet, so he'd just start with that! Shifting in his seat, he cleared his throat softly as he looked over to Bea.
    "Um... Hello." Kyle said quietly to Bea. "I don't believe I've introduced myself. I'm Kyle Oakson."
    Kyle paused, feeling pretty good about that. Except he then realized that just saying his name doesn't prompt a conversation. So he shifted in his seat once again before continuing.
    "Uh... Um... So... what do you make of all this?" Kyle asked Bea.
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  24. JC looked around the new class room taking everything in. The Orientation speech was rather inspirational but nothing unexpected, if she wasn't so excited she'd probably had fallen asleep.

    JC was quite surprised that the uniforms were at the desks and they were in a class room rather than outside. Being told to sit wherever JC took a seat at the desk with the fire Resonant, propping her sword case against the side of her desk. Why not? Fire’s always been useful. JC sat down and waited looking at the fire Resonant.
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  25. Someone was talking to her! Someone was talking to her! Someone was talking to her! This was it, a chance to make a good first (second?) impression. A chance to impress!
    "Oh- hi!" she whispered. Good start... "This is all... it's a lot, right?"
    W a i t n o. Admitting how overwhelmed she was would only make her look weak in front of this 'Kyle Oakson'
    "Nothing I can't handle, though." She continued. "That's why we're here, right? To become soldiers? Of course it's going to be a lot of hard work."
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  26. Alright, things were looking good. Bea had decided to engage in the conversation, instead of simply brushing Kyle off. Step one complete. In Kyle's experience, that was usually the hardest step. Now to simply continue the conversation... which was another thing that Kyle wasn't too experienced in. Great.
    "Uh... yeah.... Of course..." Kyle said, echoing Bea's comment. Kyle's mind raced as he tried to determine what to say. What did they do in the books he had read? 'Small talk'. Kyle only paused for a moment before asking a question he thought managed to fit with the flow of the conversation.
    "Do you... have any experience with any of this sort of thing? With fighting, or military things?" Kyle asked Bea. Another slight pulsing glow from the blue resonant caught his attention, and Kyle found his attention drawing back to the unusual artifact.
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  27. "Yeah! Plenty of fighting experience!" Bea lied. "I have a set of daggers from Treista that my father got during the war. I've been training with them for years."
    She wasn't technically lying, but she definitely wasn't telling the full truth. Her father never actually fought in the war, and only acquired the knife at an auction during the tail end of the war. She was pretty sure that the daggers weren't even primarily used for combat, the blades weren't sharpened when she got them. Even so, she'd convinced her parents to sign her up for self defence classes, which she hoped would be good enough until she could learn more at Valoros.
    "What about you?"
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  28. Kyle ran a hand through his hair, looking away. Training for years, huh?
    "I, uh..." Kyle muttered. "I've... I've never actually thrown a punch in my life."
    What was happening. Why did he feel so embarrassed by this? Well, because it was a fighting school, dummy, and you need to know how to fight. Which was something that Kyle had no idea how to do. He glanced over to JC, with her giant sword leaning against her desk. It was likely just as he thought. Everyone in this class was most likely highly trained or incredibly tough. Surely this was a mistake, right? Why would you pick the son of a scholar for an elite class?
    "It appears that I, uh... have a bit of catching up to do." Kyle said, clearly a little shaken by Bea's response.
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  29. After gazing at the green shard in awe, admittedly Rowan had eavesdropped on the two other students’ conversation for quite some time. He intended to join in at some point, but that thought went out the window faster than he could recall. “Hey, Ms. Hera, how do we go about activatin’ these things anyway?” He held the shard in his hand as he asked, yet nothing seemed to happen, no sparkles, no noise, nothing. Even giving the shard a little shake, prompted naught but more confusion and disappointment.


    The blue haired lady giggled softly at her new student’s interactions with their resonants or each other. However a question sprang up, which put her back in “instructor mode.” She followed up with a few claps, in order to get her students’ attention before she began to address Rowan’s question by pulling out a thick textbook. “Okay everyone, listen up! I’ll be passing out these textbooks and once you get one turn to chap--” Hera’s attention was abruptly diverted towards the window, in which muffled but synced shouting could be heard from the other classes' soldiers.
    “On second thought, I bet you’re all dying to do something practical after sitting through two speeches in the Grand Hall. So we’ll be going out to the field, but first...” She silently took note of the students, before lightly palming her hand. “Great! Most of you appear to have a weapon on hand already, but don’t fret if you forgot to bring one. I have extra, Valoros crafted weapons.” She made her way over to a closet in the corner of the room and displayed them as if to merit her trustworthiness.

    “One piece of advice: be wary of the staff and the revolvers. They’re the latest prototypes and they seem practical but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if something goes wrong.” Hera nodded to herself, almost like she was going through a mental checklist. “Last thing, be resilient out there, the other soldiers may make remarks or try to downplay our worth, due to the unordinary focus of the class. That's just something we'll have to pull through together, at least for now. Anyway, enough about that- grab a weapon if you don’t have one or just follow me.” After putting away her serious attitude, the instructor softly hummed whilst she made her way down the hall.

    August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday 10:52 AM
    Location: The Field, A.K.A: “Valor Court”

    A nice breeze accompanied the class outside on the sunny Thursday, yet Hera’s demeanor seemed to change regardless. “Form a line, turn and face me!” Hera's voice now carried a commanding tone alongside it as she gave out her orders. All the while, she waited for them to get situated before continuing on. “To finally answer your question, greenie, in order to “activate” the bond between you and your resonant, you must simply ask the shard if it wants to venture alongside you. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if it says yes or not. So just give it a try.” She gave off a smile of encouragement as she anticipated the results of her students.


    Once Rowan had lined up, he let out a sigh because of two things: one, he forgot to bring his spear from home. And two.. Did she seriously just call me “greenie”?
    “Come on instructor, I know you’re pulling my leg. We have to asssk them, really?” Rowan snickered, but he quickly fell silent, obviously bewildered once he understood that she wasn’t kidding.
    “Ah… what the heck.” He had a look that questioned his own sanity, as he held the shard in front of himself. “Hey, wanna be my brother in arms?” A cringe worthy silence followed after his question, causing Rowan to sulk in his own despair. Until the shard suddenly dispersed into nothing but a fierce, roaring wind that quickly headed inside of Rowan’s body, which lifted him off the ground and made him radiate a faint green light. Then suddenly, he was launched into the air, that consequently resulted in a crash landing. “Oww.. don’t let my dignity be in vain. So please tell me that meant yes...” Rowan slowly rose from the ground with a scowl and a few grunts, only to realize a small, green, tattoo-like diamond on his wrist.
  30. Being outside was definitely preferable to the classroom. More open space, more fresh air, less need to blunder her way through conversations with near-strangers. Bea took a deep breath. Yes, this was good.

    She watched Rowan bond with the air shard, and took a look at the lightning resonant in her hand. Was she gonna get hit with lightning or something, when she tried to bond with it? Would it even bond with her in the first place? She shrugged, only one way to find out.
    She held the resonant shard in front of her. "So." She asked it. "Will you fight for me?"
    The resonant shard shattered in her hand, each little piece turning into a tiny bolt of electricity that shot into her chest. She felt herself flung backwards as electricity coursed through her body.

    She coughed as she got up and dusted herself off, and looked at her wrist. A small, yellow diamond. She grinned.
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  31. Clair had her bow and Shard as she followed along.

    "Will you help me, going forward?" Clair asked.

    A Vine shot out and wrapped itself around her, and when the vine retracted, in her wrist was the green Nature Shard. She was going to test it out, but it had other plans.
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  32. Upon the word 'textbooks', Kyle quickly looked up to the teacher. Textbooks... Textbooks he could deal with. Textbooks he could most definitely work with. A smile began to creep onto Kyle's face as the woman pulled a very thick-looking book from behind the desk. It was a rather large one, but Kyle had seen worse.

    But Kyle's mood suddenly took another dive when instructor changed plans. Instead of going through the textbook, they were to be going outside? Classes weren't meant to be outside... Well, at least it sounded like they were going to be learning more about the resonant. But it also sounded like they were going to be needing... weapons. Kyle looked over the display of weapons nervously. They all... They all looked so sharp. So deadly. So real. He wasn't sure he'd even be able to wield most of weapons in there. He scanned the closet before his eyes fell on what the instructor called the revolvers. Kyle had never seen a weapon like those before... Small, no blades, yet it seemed like they weren't meant to be used as clubs either. Projectile based weapons? Although they were weapons, Kyle couldn't resist his curiosity. They came in a pair, both on some sort of leather belt that held them like a scabbard. Kyle slid the revolvers under his cloak, attaching the holster as his belt and followed the group.


    Kyle lined up with the group in the field, looking down at the other students as they each connected to their resonant. He began to take mental notes on everything that was happening. The students had to ask the resonant to activate the bond between themselves and the resonant. Was it possible for the resonant to refuse this request? Did this mean the resonant had its own agency, its own ability to make its own decisions? Required further investigation.

    In the meantime, Kyle looked down to his own resonant. It pulsed with another, peaceful blue glow. Each resonant so far seemed to be based off some sort of element. Blue tended to mean water, but Kyle was a little nervous. What would happen?
    "Hey..." Kyle muttered to the resonant. "I... I'm going to need your help. They're going to expect me to fight, but I don't know how. I'm going to need all the help I can get. So please... fight with me..."

    The crystal seemed to pulse in response to Kyle's request, and the teen found himself being almost drawn into it. He stared into the resonant as it pulsed, unconsciously holding it closer and closer to his face. It seemed to begin to melt... No, turn into water. With one sudden movement, Kyle tossed his head back and swallowed the resonant. It was a purely instinctual action, with Kyle staggering back in realization the moment the crystal entered into his mouth. But it was too late. Instantly, the crystal had turned into water and was swallowed. Kyle began to cough uncontrollably, falling to the ground. He couldn't breath! The teen began to cough up water, but after only a moment the choking sensation was gone. Breathing heavily, Kyle slowly got back to his feet. He looked over to the other students, who appeared to be observing the diamondlike tattoo that had appeared on their wrists. A quick inspection showed that Kyle now had one too, a blue diamond. It appeared that whatever had just happened was a success. There would be no turning back now.
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  33. August 8th, NA 98 - Thursday 11:05 AM
    Location: Valor Court

    Ms. Hera applauded the small group with a series of claps and a genuine smile, after their successes in bonding with the resonants. “Woohoo! You’ve all just activated what I liked to call: your baby powers.” Hera settled down before going on to explain what her words really meant. “What I mean by that, is that you all can now use magical abilities that have only existed in fairytales-- until now. However, since you’ve just activated your resonants, they’re in their ‘baby stages’, which means you really can’t do anything too crazy yet, but I’d argue having magic is already crazy.” Hera giggled lightheartedly. “But try them out for yourselves, all you have to do is picture yourself doing whatever you want, and if it’s within the resonant’s limitations, it will work. I want you to successfully do this three--”

    “So these are the freaks from the new class, hm?” A stern, blonde haired man with a beard, wearing a slightly different variation of the classic white Valoros uniform interrupted. Behind him stood a group of students with various types of weaponry in their disposal. “I still don’t accept leaving a group of foolish, untrustworthy kids with this.. newfound power.” He bluntly stated with a frustrated scowl. “My 2nd year students, versus your 1st years. If they’re really as strong as they’re supposed to be, then this should be a breeze.” The blonde haired man then laughed with malignity. “I’ll show you, we don’t need these kids in our ranks, that I can assure. So Hera, what do you say?”

    Hera turned back to her students with a slight smile, although this time it was just a facade for her annoyance. “Well class, I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to.. So I’ll let you decide for yourselves. Would you like to battle with Sergeant Millers’ class?” She asked politely, but her voice carried just a speck of resentment.
  34. Kyle inspected his wrist and made mental notes of everything that was happening so far with the other students. Nothing felt different, to say the least. He listened carefully to what the teacher was saying. Just picture what he wanted the Resonant to do? Holding out his hand, Kyle looked at his palm and focused. He wanted water to appear. That was it. Just a little bit of water. Watching closely, Kyle noticed as a small bead of water began to form, floating lightly above his hand. It began to slowly grow, but Kyle lost his focus at the sound of a louder, much harsher voice.

    Once again, Kyle felt the pangs of panic start up again as this 'Sergeant Miller' challenged his class against them. Bad... bad idea. Bad idea. Kyle did not like this. Second years? So each of them had at least a year of training, while Kyle had... none. It seemed like the students outnumbered them as well. Kyle scanned the 2nd years. All of them looked confident, tough, and very well armed. While Kyle had... Well, he had the 'revolvers'. No clue as to how they worked, but he had them. Kyle thought back. They had a trigger mechanism, much like a crossbow. So a point and fire? Whatever they shot was rather small, but perhaps at rather high speeds. However, it most likely had a limited capacity in which it could store ammunition, and Kyle did not have any.

    The more he looked at the group and compared it to their own, the more afraid Kyle felt. Fight these students!? This was a terrible idea! He didn't want to vocally say anything, however. That would show weakness, and weakness would make him a target. Then again, he was already a target now thanks to the resonant. Still, if he said anything, that would put him as a coward and a weakling, instead of just a weakling. Completely indecisive about the whole thing, Kyle only looked at the teacher with a panicked expression.
  35. When Sergeant Miller confronted Ms Hera, Bea saw red. How dare he interrupt their lesson, and accuse her of not being good enough? She drew her twin daggers from their sheathes in her belt, and pointed one at Sergeant Miller.
    "If Sergeant Miller wants us to prove our worth, we will." She said. She felt the crackle of the lightning resonant under her skin as she spoke. "Come on, then? Show us that we're just 'foolish untrustworthy kids'!"
  36. Clair had perked up when a sergeant walked in, she had been trying to work with her resonance, it wasn't easy, but she managed to make a daisy sprout out of the ground. Her Archery skills were above average though.

    "What the heck!?" Clair yelled out in shock.

    Clair had her bow ready in case someone tried a preemptive strike. She glared at the second year students, trying to get a point to back off.
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  37. Rowan stood a little ways back from the group, taking everything in at once, with his fist calmly situated underneath his chin. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that irritated about the whole Sergeant Miller thing, most likely because Ms. Hera warned them beforehand. That's not to say, that he didn’t act out however, since he had a different agenda in mind. Rowan quickly noticed that most of his classmates were ready for combat, except for the only other guy currently in the class-- Kyle. The wind resonator jogged over to the tanned-haired boy, and firmly put his hand on the guy’s shoulder, whilst he held a rather big smirk.

    “Man, this is some pretty scary stuff, huh? I get that, but sometimes... you just have to shake off your fears, so the girls can acknowledge you. Y’know? ..Like watch this.” Rowan half-sarcastically whispered his advice to Kyle, before focusing his attention back on the imposing class. After performing a series of twirls with his spear, Rowan spoke up with a confident grin. “You guys talk big game. I just hope this beating you’re about to receive, doesn’t hurt your egos too much.”


    “Ugh.. such impertinent little insects. Finally taste some power, and instantly think they’re hot stuff. Very well..” The sergeant spun around and faced his students with a look of blatant anger. Miller called the names of four students, in which they stepped up to the challenge: the blonde haired, dual-axe user, Chris. Alongside the other three, which had varying shades of brown hair, Eve the crossbow user, Leonardo the sword/shield user, and Carol the halberd user.

    “I’ll give you a 30 second prep time, then combat will begin once I say so!” Miller told, crossing his arms, as he counted down in his head. Once the thirty seconds were up, he furiously exclaimed the signal to begin combat. “Go!”
  38. Barely hesitating, Bea immediately bolted towards the student with the halberd. She brought daggers down, one after the other, aiming at Carol's head, but the halberd-user swiftly sidestepped her attack and slammed the flat end of the halberd onto the side of Bea's head. Bea tumbled to the ground, wincing in pain.

    She stumbled to her feed, but didn't have much time to catch her breath as the sword wielder, Leonardo, went on the offensive. He brought his sword down, and Bea hastily brought her daggers up to form an X and block the strike. She grit her teeth as Leonardo pressed his attack, this would be harder than she thought.
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  39. ~Earlier~
    Jaycee stared at her new weapon in wonder, it had been a while but she still couldn’t believe it.

    Touching the red Fire Resonant stone it had set her entire ablaze in a brilliant white and yellow flame, though it didn’t burn her, instead she felt massive amounts of energy rush through and into her, her stomach felt light with the sensations of butterflies, her heart felt like it was fluttering, it was like she was in a constant state of adrenaline rush. Jaycee loved the sensation her ice-blue eyes were a burning gradient from a brilliant fiery red up to the blue.

    Then it happened, the Resonant in her hand drifted out of her grasp as it exploded into its own inferno. The flames around the crystal formed into a massive elongated shape forming into the familiar shape of a massive Greatsword. Jaycee reached out into the inferno and grabbed the blade by the hilt, as she did so, the flames around the blade faded, revealing an enormous Greatsword in a design that she had never seen before. The hilt was in two parts, the front near the blade was stationary with a protective guard at the end connecting to a hand guard separating the two parts, while the second part of the hilt was collapsible into the first part of the hilt effectively doubling its length. Next to the first part of the hilt was another smaller lever in line with the hand guard that was easily accessible. The blade itself was massive, being several inches thick, and quite a bit longer than Kari was tall. The blade was mostly completely straight only curving very slightly near the end into a hard reinforced point, perfect for piercing and stabbing.

    The reason for the blade being so thick was due to the fact that along the entirety of the blade was a strange mechanism built intertwining with the blade. Near the end of the blade were seven thrusters’ two smaller ones on the sides, and slightly larger ones on the top and bottom and a largest one in the middle forming a T shape along the entire upper half of the blade. The thrusters were housed in a protective metal case that appears to be able to expand as the thrusters ignited, along the rest of the blade were intricate but solid cooling tubes that ran diagonally along the sides of the blade further adding to the thickness profile of the blade. Then further down the blade encased and set within the blade was the red Fire Resonant stone, except this one was much larger, big enough to be set comfortably within the enormous sword, glowing brightly and proudly, powering the entire weapon. All along the blade were intricate etchings and designs of bird wings and feathers resembling a large phoenix being intertwined along the blade, the design faintly pulsating with a red glow from the power of the Resonant stone. The blade alone was over eight feet in length, and the hilt and handle were a little over two feet in length, all together it was a colossal and impressive weapon that no ordinary human would ever even hope to lift.

    Jaycee held the blade with ease in hand angling it down wards as she looked at the thrusters and the strange contraptions that ran along the length of the back of the blade, the balance was perfect despite its size. The weight was slightly more than she was used to, but the blade was much larger than what she had been using as well something she could easily adapt to with a bit of practice. She hadn’t even noticed that the fire engulfing her had faded and she was standing there holding her new blade. She could feel the energy of it coursing her body, and it was exhilarating.

    Jaycee didn’t mind the challenge from the teacher, it was common for the military for individuals to spar one another. At home her own mother and father would frequently spar against her, and she herself would seek to spar against others on their family estate, their head butler was quite the challenge, and often beat her with relative ease. So a challenge like this in a military academy is only expected. Looking around at her own classmates, most of them seemed unprepared, inexperienced, or ill disciplined. Though taunting the students the way that Sergeant did was a bit uncalled for as this was not boot camp did irritate Jaycee a bit, but his rank is to be respected as well as his students, they are technically her superiors.

    She smiled at Rowan at his attempt of a pep talk at Kyle, “Don’t worry, we’re in this together.” Jaycee’s chest began to glow red with the power of her Resonance. She held her hand out forward as the massive Greatsword reformed with twisting fire that shot out of her chest. She pointed the weapon at her would be enemies. “Never underestimate….” Jaycee said under her breath, her voice was emotionless and cold, she was ready to fight. She lowered her blade all the while still one handing the colossal weapon. As she rested the front end of the blade onto the stone tiled floor of the court she noticed they cracked under the weight of the sword as if the actual weight of the sword had landed on it, despite it weighing only slightly more than what she was used to in her hand. Jaycee took notice of this small yet strange interaction. Jaycee watched and observed as Bea lunged out and attacked. Clumsy and uncalculated. No feints to test the enemy… has she fought before? Jaycee though as she watched her block Leonardo attack.
  40. Kyle was surprised when Rowan suddenly spoke to him. Shake off his fears so the girls could acknowledge him? What the heck was that supposed to mean?! Kyle was more focused on trying to survive than impress ladies! Kyle swallowed nervously as he watched the rest of his classmates draw their weapons. Bea, with the two daggers she had mentioned before. Rowan himself had a spear. The girl with the large sword, which Kyle could now see was made of some sort of contraptions. If Kyle wasn't in fear of his life right now, he would've been extremely curious as to what exactly that was. Jaycee gave him a word of encouragement, but that didn't really help. At least she knew how to use the giant sword she carried! Kyle knew nothing! But now it was too late.

    Kyle looked back at the group of Second Year students. Just as Kyle had scanned them, a few of them were scanning their group. Kyle accidentally locked eyes with the girl with a halberd, one that was called Carol. A grin of recognition spread across her face, and Kyle quickly looked away.


    Kyle stumbled back as the fighting began. For a moment, his mind went blank with panic. What should he do? What should he do? The feeling of something against his thighs reminded him. The revolvers! Kyle quickly attempted to draw one of the revolvers, getting it stuck on the first pull. At that moment Carol had knocked away Bea and had turned her attention to Kyle, grinning once again. She charged towards the green-cloaked student. On the second pull, Kyle managed to draw the revolver from the holster. Put as he brought it up to aim, he realized it was stuck under his cloak. Before he was able to untangle himself, Carol reached his position.

    With a sickening crack the training halberd slammed into Kyle's side. If that had been a real halberd, it was rather likely that Kyle would have been cut in two then and there. The blow lifted Kyle off his feet, knocking the tan haired teen back a couple feet. He landed on his back, in quite a lot of pain and gasping for breath. The attack had slammed his head against the ground, cutting his cheek. At the same time, the shock of the blow had caused Kyle to drop his revolver. Unseen to both him and Carol blue light faded from around the gun. Carol continued her push, running over to Kyle and kicking him while he was down. The teen let out a pained cry as Carol looked down at Kyle. The halberd user bent down and picked up Kyle by his collar with one hand.
    "I thought I recognized the crest on your cloak. You're an Oakson alright." Carol said. "How does a nerd and a wimp like an Oakson even get into Valeros?"

    Out of desperation, Kyle attempted a punch to the halberd-user's head. But Carol saw it a mile away, and before Kyle could even throw the punch Carol slammed her forehead into Kyle. The tan-haired teen let out another pained cry as blood began to drip from his nose, going limp again in Carol's grasp. She grinned down at Kyle.
    "Just like I said, pathetic. You don't deserve that Resonant." Carol said, her grin turning to a snarl. Resonant. That's right, he had a resonant. Lifting his head, through a pained look he glared at Carol. Suddenly, blood leapt from Kyle's face onto Carol's. It landed in the halberd user's eyes, and even seemed to cut her face! Now Carol was the one letting out the pained cry, dropping Kyle to rub her eyes from the unexpected attack. Kyle crumpled to the ground and began to scramble away, attempting to draw the second revolver he had from its holster.
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