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Private/Closed Valiant Resonance (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Hallowed, Dec 5, 2019.


Should the academy have uniforms?

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  1. OOC: Well here it is, a story inspired by some of my favorite things. I look forward to meeting your characters if you decide to join but if not, then may it have been an enjoyable read at least. With that out of the way, I present to you... Valiant Resonance!

    Plot Summary

    Yrisse is a vast, newly discovered land thriving off the successes of a recently established civilization of humans, who simply prefer to call themselves “Yrissens”. In which every single Yrissen undoubtedly belongs to one of the “Three Great Nations”, also known as: Treista, the industrial empire that resides in the North, following that is Hvrelle, the snowy-mountainous region that lays in the East, and lastly Novelia, the grand kingdom of the South. In the beginning, all three nations were able to quickly advance and develop their own ways of living without interference.

    Therefore that way of peaceful living remained true for the following years to come, until roughly a decade ago from the present time. Kicking off a continuous cycle of chaos, was the death of Novelia’s well respected leader, King Claude II during a war between the Kingdom and the Empire. Which was carried out by none other than Treista’s very own Governor, Thomas Sullivan. The shear amount of outrage the crude act spawned, was just enough to end the war in Novelia’s favor.

    Years pass with a silent, ever-growing tension lingering over the two nations, due to the events of the recent war. That was until Thomas yet again, broke the stillness, declaring that Novelia give up all their land or suffer the full wrath of an improved Treista and their new, classified war-machines. Of course this sent King Claude III into a panic, being unsure of how to respond- until a few months later, Governor Thomas was mysteriously found dead with a bloody sword beside him. Judging from the weapon of choice, Treista blamed Novelia, but King Claude III denied every claim thrown at his kingdom. But feeling threatened, the king dug-up his father’s old research on the mythical shards called “Resonants”, that can grant their users fantasy-like powers. Furthermore, these strange shards also have the remarkable talent of being able to feel bonds and/or companionship, as the stronger the bond is with their host, the stronger their power becomes.

    Astonished by the shards, King Claude III incorporated an entirely new class, within the walls of their most prestigious military academy. With the main focus being of course, the Resonants. This allowed him to dedicate himself to finding suitable people who could possibly resonate with these strange shards. In hopes of forging a small, yet incredibly capable force, able to aid the kingdom in the next impending war. However in Treista, a new Governor has been elected: Edward Harrison, a vengeful man whom will surely be the catalyst to another bloody conflict.

    … But what if there was an even more imminent threat, secretly cultivating in Yrisse’s shadows, waiting for its opportunity to shroud the land in unrelenting darkness?

    Though for now, this story takes place in the kingdom of Novelia. Where we meet our new candidates for the Resonant experiment.
    Additional Information

    • Follow Pokecharm's Rules.
    • Don't make your character OP or play a Mary Sue. Since powers like these have never been introduced in this world until now. Because of that, I want to make this a teamwork based RP for the most part, so it wouldn't be fun if one character was significantly better than the others. (This applies for the lightning Resonant as well, because in reality every shard has the same potential.)
    • Romance is allowed, but there's a limit.
    • I don't mind occasional swearing, but don't make me see one in every post you make.
    • You must choose a Resonant, no powerless people.
    • Please try for at least paragraph responses, (5 lines) but I understand if you can't always do so. Just try not to make it a habit.
    • For now only one character per person, as there aren't that many slots.

    Weapons -

    Sword: @Foxex

    Spear: @Hallowed

    Twin Daggers: @Mr Fishykarp

    Bow: @Cmeriwether

    Prototype Staff (The newest weapon introduced in Novelia alongside the resonant pistols. This weapon was designed to fully bring out the power of the Resonants. It's superior in medium ranged combat.) : @Frontier Master

    Prototype Resonant Pistols (The first version of pistols that instead of firing bullets, shoots whichever Resonant element the wielder has. E.g. Fire bullets. These are perfect for medium to long ranged combat scenarios, however unlike the staff, this weapon requires a bit more accuracy.) : @Captain Cardboard


    Resonants -

    Resonants are mythical shards which contain various types of elements inside. These very shards somehow understand the concept of bonds or friendship, since they become more powerful, the stronger the resonance is with their user. Resonants that carry natural elements are more common and easier to resonate with than those that do not. Although people who know Resonants exist usually don’t look for the more rare kind anyway, because there’s no known way to remove a Resonant once the user bonds with it, even if just once.

    Finally, there are multiple levels of resonance that can be achieved for every user. Although anyone can increase the resonance they have with their shard. As long as the user can persevere long enough to actually do so.

    Resonance Levels:

    Res I: Beginner level magic, e.g. A flame imbued sword slash.

    Res II: Novice level magic, e.g. A stream of pressurized water.

    Res III: Intermediate level magic, e.g. Powerful gusts of wind, decently sized blasts of fire, thorn prisons, typhoons, earth armor.

    Res IV: Advanced level magic, e.g. Bursts of extremely quick movements, fire storms, earthquakes.

    Res V: Master level magic, e.g. Meteors, tsunamis, tornadoes.

    (I don’t want to give too many examples, because I want to allow people to be creative. I trust you all will know what type of spells fit in each category. Plus, these are all just really basic examples, so don’t feel pressured to be as bland as mine.)

    Fire - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who favor power, as this element allows the user to spread fiery decimations wherever they go. It is the best for taking out large groups of enemies at once.: @Foxex

    Nature - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who care about others as well as themselves. As this element allows the user to heal their allies’ and/or their own wounds. Additionally, they can manipulate living lifeforms and some non-living objects in an offensive way, excluding animals, monsters and humans. However it does include trees, plants, wood, flowers, etc.: @Cmeriwether

    Wind - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who are careful in battle. As this element allows the user to make a quick getaway, or forcefully create distance between themselves and the enemy whilst offering decent offensive capabilities.: @Hallowed

    Water - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who like a diverse style. As this element allows for a wide variety of approaches in battle. For example, the user can place puddles of water as traps, attack directly with the water, heal allies to some degree and much more. But be wary of this element, since it can carry out more roles than the others, it comes with the price of only being average in all of them.: @Captain Cardboard

    Lightning - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who like to overwhelm their enemies with a mixture of quick movements and a flurry of blows which are done in short bursts, in exchange for power. As this element increases the speed of the user, but the amount increased depends on how well the user resonates with the Resonant at that point in time. With the right wielder, it can easily be the strongest Resonant if the user is able to fully synchronize with the shard.: @Mr Fishykarp

    Earth - This Resonant shard resonates better with those who prefer a balance in their combat style. As this element allows the user to deal devastating blows with the powers of earth, while also preventing powerful blows from reaching them. This can be done by shielding themselves or allies, with the more than durable earth they have at their disposal.: @Frontier Master

    (Your character’s personality doesn’t have to follow every single trait given, which means that for example, you can have the fire Resonant and create a timid character. However, it may be harder to initially resonate with your selected Resonant in that case.)

    (Again, everything in this section is entirely optional to read. I just like world-building.)

    The vast continent of Yrisse has always been riddled with various types of foul beasts, or simply monsters if you will. Residing in the narrow mountain ways, lush forests, the great plains or even the strange towers rumored to be left behind by an ancient civilization. Thus, sparking the dawn of the New Age; otherwise known as the era when the Three Great Nations were established as safe havens from monsters, for the new and ever-growing civilization of humans known as Yrissens. The three nations thrived in their own bubbles of solitude during their first couple of decades, advancing their own technologies and each establishing their preferred types of governments. Even though they were mostly in a pre-modern age (surprisingly having modern clothing somehow), each of the three nations differentiated themselves with unique qualities.

    Residing in the North lies Treista, the “Industrial Empire,” lead by Governor Edward Harrison, which is by far the most advanced nation in the field of automatons and machinery by a longshot. Already producing prototype tanks and other weapons of tremendous power to use at their disposal. Though most of their devices are run on steam, so they’re not as efficient as they’d like but it won’t be long until they find a more beneficial way of harnessing energy. Since this nation never seems to be satisfied with their current way of living, believing that there's always growth to be acquired. Finally, Treista is littered with small cities with various facilities found within each and every one of them. Therefore, most citizens of the Empire tend to reside or work in a city. Though the nation’s capital: Rhesteim currently stands as the biggest city in Treista, as well as the entire continent of Yrisse, allowing Treista to truly live up to its name.

    The East is home to the mountainous, snow-ridden region of Hvrelle (ver-ull). Despite not being as equally advanced as Treista, the aforementioned mountains prove difficult for invading nations. Additionally, it’s cold defiant inhabitants are well known for their relationship with the monsters that coexist with them. Which came as a result of Hvrellians training the monsters as war-beasts, and even though they don’t have the firepower of Treista, they now had the numbers to make up for it. Thanks to the wise “Grand Sage” who dwells in the deepest, most frigid sector of Hvrelle, being the first to suggest befriending the feral monsters. Who is also believed to spend most of her days meditating in a massive temple, which Hvrelle’s capital; Helysca was built around. Helysca is an enormous snowtown, with a vast population to compensate for it. The townsfolk who live there usually take turns guarding the Sage’s temple, as she is someone of great importance to every one of them. Since most believe the only time she actually pauses her meditation is when there's foreboding shadow seeking to disrupt Yrisse in the near future.

    The Southern reaches of Yrisse is occupied by the grand kingdom of Novelia, Ruled by King Claude Cornelius III. In terms of land, the kingdom comes in second place, falling short to Hvrelle only. Although that doesn't seem to halt their expanding influence across Yrisse, which consequently almost always end in a dispute over territory with the other nations. This led Novelia to invest in a massive wall that barricades every inch of land they've claimed. But beyond such travesties, lies a nation that values honor and the courageous. Those who fight for the kingdom are guaranteed to receive better treatment than those who choose not to. But being a predominantly medieval nation, the kingdom had no choice but to adapt to the current modern ways of living or bear the risk of being overthrown. Therefore it is not uncommon to see a town that seems to belong in the Middle Ages, only to find some steam powered machinery intermixed, such as steam powered carriages or factories. Though, thanks to their outstanding ways of adaptation, Novelia is also known for their astonishing military prowess. For example; when Trestia revealed their first prototype tanks, Novelia quickly produced a counter: cannons. These weapons of mass destruction were placed along the walls that confide the kingdom, in the event of an enemy infiltration.

    The West is mostly claimed by a huge, untamed ocean. With a decently sized island in the middle of it, known as the "Inhabitable Land." Considering the fact that everyone who's ever attempted to reach the island were faced with heavy storms, crushing waves, powerful typhoons and sweeping tornadoes every single time.

    NA = New Age

    NA 1 - Hvrelle is established by it's first settler, the Sage.

    NA 8 - Novelia and Treista are founded months apart from each other, by King Claude (23) and director Federick (26) respectively, with Novelia being first. The new castle built for King Claude is the first structure in Novelia.

    NA 9 to 34 - All three nations expand without conflict and the temple of Hvrelle is mysteriously created.

    NA 35 - Treista makes technological advancements, using windmills to power their first small cities.

    NA 38 - Novelia expands the castle and every town currently built, in addition, their land expands as a result.

    NA 45 - Novelia and Treista fight for unclaimed territory between the two of them, with Novelia ultimately being victorious. Winning them even more land in the process, in which they construct a wall around, as well as all of their land shortly afterward.

    NA 46 - More people move to Hvrelle to avoid further conflict. Meanwhile, director Frederick begins to make various concepts and blueprints in hopes of making Treista stronger.

    NA 51 - Treista discovers gunpowder.

    NA 55 - Director Frederick reveals the blueprints for prototype musket-like guns. Which are later produced for the public.

    NA 57 - King Claude passes away at the age of 72, allowing his son King Claude II to claim the throne at the age of 31.

    NA 58 - Director Frederick retires from his position at the age of 76.

    NA 59 - King Claude II stumbles upon an ancient, worn map of Yrisse with specified locations and riddles written on it, in his father's belongings.

    NA 62 - Prince Claude III is born, while Thomas Sullivan is voted as the new director of Treista, at the young age of 19.

    NA 63 - Director Thomas Sullivan immediately resumes where Frederick left off, quickly finding a better alternative to wind power: steam.

    NA 64 - Thomas develops blueprints for new steam powered vehicles.

    NA 66 - Thomas establishes a new order, pushing for the conversion to steam power, instead of wind power in Treista.

    NA 69 - Thomas builds a new headquarters in Rhesteim, where he was given the title, "Industrial Governor." Meanwhile, the Sage leaves her temple for the first time in recorded history, in an attempt to warn the citizens of Helysca about an encroaching danger soon to take the entire continent of Yrisse by storm. Before the Sage retires within the temple’s walls once more, she demonstrates an unusual friendly bond between herself and a monster- causing a revelation within all of Hvrelle.

    NA 72 - King Claude II catches wind of Treista's rapid development and attempts to advance his military. On the other hand, the first prototype models of Thomas’ steam-engined vehicles gets released to the public.

    NA 73 - King Claude II's desperation for power leads the Kingdom to uncover the secrets behind the strange map left behind by his father.

    NA 78 - With the kingdom finally solving the riddle to one of the specified locations, an ancient tower, travelling inside the old structure reveals strange, different colored shards with tremendous amounts of power radiating from them.

    NA 80 - Upon further research, it's discovered that the shards were called "Resonants", as they require a host whom they resonate with, in order to unlock their power.

    NA 85 - Treista invades Novelia’s land once again, this time they’re accompanied by their new military exclusive steam-powered tanks, derived from the previous steam-vehicles and musket rifles.

    NA 86 - The war rages on with Novelia holding their ground until King Claude II, now 60 years old, is shot by Governor Thomas. Kindling the spark of the kingdom’s outrage when the news of the king’s recent death spread. Thus, Novelia’s military switch war tactics as a response, quickly creating cannons and deploying them around the walls of Novelia. The powerful weapons barely manage to drive Treista away, for a time. Also, Prince Claude III becomes King Claude III at the young age of 24, directly after the war.

    NA 87 to 96 - Tensions between Treista and Novelia only continue to increase with each passing day.

    NA 97 - King Claude III receives a letter of declaration from Governor Thomas, demanding them to give up their land or suffer the full might of Treista and their newest warmachines. Upon hearing this, King Claude III is at a loss for action, until he recalls the ancient map that his father’s research embarked upon. Though later on, Governor Thomas is found dead in his office with a bloody sword next to him. The weapon of choice causes Treista to blame Novelia, but King Claude III denies every claim thrown at him. Nonetheless, that was the final chain that needed to be broken, in order for him to finally take up his father’s Resonant research.

    NA 98 - King Claude III incorporates an entirely-new class based around the mythical Resonants, in their most prestigious military academy. Thus allowing him to dedicate himself to finding suitable people who resonate with the shards. Yet in Treista, a new Governor has been elected: Edward Harrison...


    Age: (16-19)




    Weapon of Choice:


    My Character:

    Name: Rowan Grey

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: With his messy, shaggy, and dark-brown colored hair that reaches just past ear length and two matching deep brown eyes, he isn’t exactly what you’ll call unordinary, standing at 5’ 10” while weighing around 180Ibs. Despite that, Rowan does take pride in his well-toned body, thanks to years of doing yard work and manual labor for his family. Rowan also has slightly tan skin, because his family weren't always from Novelia, instead they lived in a small village faraway from the kingdom, but eventually his family settled into Novelia a few years before the last war.

    As far as his outfit goes it's a measly obviously-stitched brown hoodie, along with black cargo-joggers and plain white, low-top shoes to finish it off.

    Personality: Rowan has a realistic outlook on life, and can gauge the danger of certain situations. However, sometimes he doesn't care about the possible dangers and trusts his gut, rushing in head first. Beyond battling, Rowan bears a pretty basic attitude, as he doesn't seem to have too much of any one trait and can switch up depending on the situation.

    Weapon of Choice: Spear

    Resonant: Wind

    OOC: And... that's all. Any suggestions or criticism is welcome, of course.
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  2. Name: Mallick

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 5’11 with a relatively strong build, his eyes had initially been a warm hazel before turning orange following his adoption of the Earth Resonant. His outfit consists of standard light body armour with the exception of his forearms and shins which are all covered with thick bracers, he completes the look with a simple black hood.

    Personality: protective and slightly stuck up, Mallick has no time for people who can’t pull their own weight. In his eyes you either contribute to a group or he will leave you behind.

    Weapon of Choice: Prototype staff

    Resonant: Earth
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  3. Interesting combination @Frontier Master , I didn't expect an earth user to prefer the staff. Regardless, Mallick is accepted, welcome to the RP.
    I'll wait for a few more people to join, before I actually start the role play thread. In the meantime, do you have any questions so far?
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  4. Name: Beatrice "Bea" Brown

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Bea is short, with similarly short, and messy, chestnut brown hair. She has light skin and light brown eyes and prefers a plain white shirt with blue overalls and pants, being notably averse to anything too noticeable or fancy despite owning quite a few fancy dresses that she never wears.

    Personality: For reasons that she doesn't like to tell, Bea has a somewhat over-the-top need to 'prove' herself. This can sometimes lead to rash, unnecessary decisions, all-in-all it results in a determined and good-natured person. She often deals with tunnel vision, focusing on whatever goal she has in mind and allowing her to get tripped up on the way there. She's somewhat aware of this, but especially in the middle of battle, can't really help it. Even so, she is stubborn enough to keep fighting until she wins.

    Weapon of Choice: Twin Daggers

    Resonant: Lightning

    Edit: oh whoops added a bit from Bea's bio in a Pokemon RP that's gone now
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  5. Nice character, her personality goes well with the element. Plus a bit of mystery is always welcome, accepted. @Mr Fishykarp
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  6. Name: Jaycee (JC)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Standing at about 5'3", she is cute and adorable, with large expressive rounded, but slightly angular, ice blue eyes, a small button nose, a rounded face with a slightly pointed chin, and very fair skin.

    Her light blonde hair is slightly past shoulder length and almost all wildly styled back into rough feathered spikes, held back by a white hairband. She has locks of hair framing either side of her face parted from the right that both hand just above her shoulders.

    She wears a light pink over-sized jumper with a navy blue sailor’s scarf and white neckerchief. The jumper fits her almost like a dress going down slightly past her thighs, it has white stripes around the sleeve cuffs and bottom opening. And gold two rings that circle each upper arm sleeve, which usually only her fingers poke out of. For her pants she wares a two layered black skirt with mid shin length neon blue socks, and a pair of pink and neon pink high-top sneakers. She carries a light blue soft backpack that she carries her belongings and supplies in.

    Personality: Ruthlessly ambitious, and fiercely determined at what she peruses, she’s easily excitable and is always on the search for what’s next. She prides herself on her creativity and the ability to adapt to many situations. She's very loyal and generous to her friends and allies, and merciless to her enemies.

    Weapon of Choice: Ultra Great Sword
    @Hallowed I got a question about the sword, what kind of sword we talkn about? because if it's like an Ultra Greatsword from Dark Souls, I'll be down for that love small frail characters with huge weapons lol (Greatsword main in MH), if not, the I'll go with the pistols.

    Also tag me when you put up your MH RP I love MH.

    Resonant: Fire

    EDIT: Decided on Sword (Ultra Great Sword)
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  7. @Foxex Everything checks out with JC, she seems like a cool character, accepted. Regarding the sword question, since I didn't specify what type of sword it was, I'll allow her to have a great sword. Naturally this means you'll be trading speed for power but don't worry, I don't intend to have the enemies constantly avoid your attacks regardless. Plus, I figure her flames will be able to help with her shortcomings in the future.

    And no problem, when I make the Monster hunter RP, I'll be sure to tag ya.
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  8. Sweet, Sword it is then, that's fine ill take the draw backs for large sweeping hits and strong powerful aoe hits lol
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  10. Alright, I'll begin writing the introduction to the actual RP thread. It should be up fairly soon, but I'll put the link to the thread in my next post, whenever I get around to it.
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  11. Hey, this seems pretty cool! Looks like I was just able to snag a spot!

    Name: Kyle Oakson

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Kyle stands at about 5'7", with tan hair. He's rather scraggly, and looks rather weak and pathetic. He's got green eyes, and while he doesn't look at all muscular, he's got about average strength. He's got more of a runner's build. He weighs in at about 165 lbs. He prefers plain clothes that don't impede his running, wearing basic jeans and a dark green cloak, along with tennis shoes. His cloak is kept together with a pin of his family's crest, a tree that looks as if it had been split in half.

    Personality: Kyle tries to stay down to earth. He enjoys getting out and meeting new people, but isn't too confident in his abilities. This whole resonant stuff is completely new to him, as he was expecting to be just the basic son of a scholar. Even though he believes he's pretty weak, he's always willing to help out people that he thinks are in need. But when it comes to fighting, especially close combat fighting, that's something he's wholly inexperienced in. But the whole reason he's joining this school is because his parent want to get as much information on these strange "resonant" as possible (so they can write an academic paper on them), and Kyle is their way in to get info.

    Weapon of Choice: Like I said before, Kyle does not like to fight. But he's going to end up getting stuck with the pistols :D. So yeah. (Revolvers would be nice) (Also hehe water guns)

    Resonant: Water
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  12. @Captain Cardboard nice that you could join us, accepted. Also yeah, just like with the great sword situation, you can get super soaker revolvers, no problem.

    Just one more character to go now, I'd say it's moving along pretty well.
    Edit: Oh right, since the majority of us want uniforms. Any suggestion on what the color for them should be? I'm thinking of giving the rest of the academy beige uniforms, but since this is a special class, I figured they should have their own color. I have no idea what the academy's name is at the moment, but I'm planning on making the mascot a dragon, if that helps any.
  13. I offer this character for the last spot.

    Name: Clair Greene

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: brown hair and green eyes on a 5'10" frame, she has more muscle in her arms due to being trained in Archery. She wears a lot of browns and greens, usually in the form of a long sleeve shirt and leggings. She weighs about 175 lbs, and is considered semi-attractive.

    Personality: She is very shy, wanting to socialize but has difficulty with it, more relaxed in nature, knowing a lot about it. She is the daughter of a zoologist and a marine biologist. She can do both close combat and ranged combat, but is better at ranged. She also is good at information gathering, but only if she is not alone, due to her shyness.

    Weapon of Choice: Bow

    Resonant: Nature
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  14. @Cmeriwether nice, I was wondering if you were going to join in, accepted. Alright, all slots filled- check.
    ...Now I don't have any more excuses for being lazy and not creating the RP thread, heh.
  15. Personally the simpler the uniform the better since it seems to be militaristic it should generally neat with only two to three colors tops
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  16. Yeah. Maybe some armor thrown in as well?
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  17. Maybe if it’s just a uniform they use for class and stuff having armor is a bit strange. But if it’s less about classroom stuff and more hands in than sure m
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  18. Good ideas so far, I was also thinking of going with just a few colors on the uniforms. I'm settling on white and gold. Although, for the armor, I'll leave that up to you all. Because I'm only going to require that they show the school's emblem or wear the jacket, I don't care how they wear it, no sleeves, unbuttoned etc. This way our own individual outfits don't go to waste.

    Also I think I'll call the academy "Valoros" and our class will be called "Valor 6" or something, unless anyone has a better class name.

    Lastly, I roughly sketched the classes' emblem and academy's uniform jacket haha...
    20191213_164503.jpg 20191213_164520.jpg
    I imagine the normal academy emblem looks similar to this, except there's no weapons on the dragon head and also no "VI".
    But enough about that, I'll post the RP thread in about 10 minutes.
  19. Just a friendly reminder, if anyone is busy let me know. That way we can continue on with the RP without waiting too long. I understand important business can pop up at unexpected times, so don't worry, I'll make sure to fill whomever in when the time comes and allow an opening for your character to hop back into the story. Just be sure to notify us, otherwise I might jump to conclusions.

    I apologize if I sound impatient, but I do wish to get past the exposition. Since that tends to be the most stale part of many RPs, as I'm sure you're all aware, haha. As always no pressure since real life priorities should undoubtedly come first, but try to inform me whenever time allows.
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  20. ill try to get something out soon
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  21. I’m on vacation and the Internet is kinda spotty I’ll see what I can do
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  22. I know it's already been said, but... I'll try to get in a post in the next day or two. In the mean time, merry Christmas!
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  23. Wow, I appreciate the fast replies, but actually don't worry too much about the RP. Forgot that most of us are on vacation right now, so I'd say enjoy the time off before anything else and post when it's right for you all. Also, thanks and Merry Christmas as well :p
  24. I think I'll do a timeskip to when we actually get our uniforms and resonants in class, later today. That way we can start our first arc soon.
  25. Trek it out lads, after everyone chooses their resonant, I'll do one more time skip to the field where they'll do their first battle exercise (which won't be that long.) However I'm not sure if I want it to be the students vs each other, or the students vs a "monster." Then after that, the first arc will truly begin and hopefully pick up speed from there.
  26. Quick question about the weapons. I assume for the Staff and the Resonant Gun they'll be provided, since they're prototypes, but can the characters with the regular weapons provide their own?
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  27. @Mr Fishykarp Indeed they can bring their own weapons, but my next post will show that Hera has an extra set of weapons provided by the academy itself, just in case.
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  28. Welp, this sort of died suddenly, but seeing as all of us are still active on 'charms, are any of y'all up for a continuation of this? (Mainly Hallowed seeing as this is your RP and all)
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  29. I don't mind continuing, I honestly felt kind of bad as it was mostly my fault the RP died. It was the beginning of the school year, and I underestimated just how much work I would have. Seeing what's going on currently though, plus the school year almost being over, I believe I can manage this better than before.
  30. I liked this RP, so I would be down to continue!
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  31. This was something I was waiting for plans to continue, this will be a good idea.
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  32. yea, i've actually been thinking about this one every now and then lol i'll be down
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  34. The RP may become "Ask to Join" again, in order to fill the void of the earth resonator. Just a little heads up.
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  35. *coughs in earth resonator*
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  36. Oh this is even better, I thought you had lost interest in the RP. Good to see your still here though, do you plan to post soon? As I stated before: "I'll make sure to fill whomever in when the time comes and allow an opening for your character to hop back into the story. Just be sure to notify us, otherwise I might jump to conclusions."

    So beware, I am one to jump to conclusions haha. Anyway yeah, just let me know if you can't find an opening, or wish to have a special entrance for your character.
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  37. I really would appreciate a special entrance. Perhaps he is introduced with the prototypes and already somewhat adept with the staff
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  38. I'm fine with that, just as long as he isn't miles ahead of the other students, as I still want them to grow together. However, I can accept that he is somewhat more capable in staff usage. Anyway, I think I know of a good way to introduce him, it'll happen a little after the current predicament though.
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  39. Sounds great, let me know when it’s my time to shine
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  40. @Hallowed So... Can we control the people we are fighting, or is that going to just be you?
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