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~Using Legendaries~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Satoren, Jul 2, 2010.


How often do you use Legendaries?

  1. All the time.

    9 vote(s)
  2. Lol mine's an HM Slave

    9 vote(s)
  3. Occasionally.

    28 vote(s)
  4. Not at all.

    13 vote(s)
  5. All the time.

    9 vote(s)
  6. Lol mine's an HM Slave

    9 vote(s)
  7. Occasionally.

    28 vote(s)
  8. Not at all.

    13 vote(s)
  1. How often do you use Legendaries, main story, competitive or otherwise? Do you even bother catching them, or just let them faint and go on with your ingame life?

    I always make an effort to catch legendaries, it'd be a waste not to. It can be an annoying experience at times, especially if you're obsessive and want a decent nature for the thing, but there's no denying that its power comes in handy from time to time. For instance, I used Kyogre for my first E4 run-through back in Emerald. To be fair, I didn't really level it much from when I caught it and it still did fairly well. The reason I used it in the E4 was because I didn't want to waste my only Ice Beam TM at the time, and Kyogre had the move already at hand..err, fin. It also demolished Drake's team so I have no complaints. I've never played competitively or on Wi-Fi so I can't say I'd ever use a Legendary there. Besides these instances, most Legendaries just sit pretty in my PC box for bragging rights, since most of them were caught using the cheaper poke-balls (helluva annoying experience, but I feel accomplished somehow)

    So, what's your say on the matter?
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I catch them all, but I never use them in battle. I've never used one competitively, and aside from the one time I had an Articuno in Red for flying purposes and the occasional Ice beam, I've never used them in-game either. I can't say that I'm overly keen on most Legendaries, so that's probably why.

    I remember back in Red that catching MewTwo was like, the ultimate test. If you'd caught him, you had instant respect from the other kids at school. Everyone would ask to see it and such XD

    Most of them are caught and placed in the 'Legendary' box in my PC and then promptly forgot about. I always make the effort to get them all though, even when the events for them are far away. Every Gen I like to complete the 'Dex, so catching/getting them all is a must.
  3. I always make it an effort to catch the Legendaries. Especially since there are only one of them in the game and it'd kind of suck to kill it and just forget about it. Though, I would never use one in competitive play, when battling another person it should be a test of how well the PokeMon have been trained and how well you know how to use them. A legendary PokeMon just undermines that since it's (most of the time) so completely uber.

    I have used them in-game, when battling the E4 for money or if I need a specific type that I don't have anywhere else, like a dragon type so that I can beat that one Elite Four trainer who always has nothing but dragons. I remember using Groudon to beat the E4 on my first run through in Ruby, and I used Palkia as a fail-safe in Pearl. But for the most part, I only use them occasionally, or to fly >>;
  4. My team is half legendary. I have one legendary Bichon Frise and two Legendary Parakeets. Just sayin'.
  5. I use a latias in competitive play, unless it's a no legends battle at all. I checked off occasionally because I only battle occasionally 8D

    And other than that I don't use legends often. I've only used Dialga, and Giratina (that I remember) in game 8D

    Then I ditched them after the E4. :p
  6. Nim


    I always catch the legendaries because I don't feel as though I have finsihed the game properly if I dont. However, I never use them to battle or train in-game. I just collect them and let cob webs grows around them in the PC.
  7. All of mine have morphed into HM slaves ;D . I never use them beyond their slave purposes, in-game or competitive.
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  8. I make an effort to catch legendaries, but I use only use them occasionally and even then it's only ingame. The only time where I really used a legendary prominently was in Sapphire and that was because I found Kyogre to be extremely useful for battling those Reporters to level up a weaker Pokemon...and it made a cool Surf Slave. I have no problems with people who use non-uber legendaries in competitive play; I just don't do it myself. Heh, I used to have a problem with people using legendaries in battle (rawr legendaries are cheap rawr) but I was ignorant and naive then and have since learned my lesson.
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I've always used a legendary in-game since the beginning. In my first playthrough of Blue Version, I was naive and foolish so I fainted Zapdos and Moltres before I knew their worth. When I realized my mistake, I used the Master Ball on Articuno and used it the rest of the game. In my second playthrough, all three birds and Mewtwo just sat in my PC as I used a nonlegendary team that time.

    From all the games GenII and up, I used the version mascot in my in-game team. The only exception is in Emerald since Rayquaza was still Lv.70 and I wanted to save my Master Ball for Latios. That time I used Ray in my post game team, but only for Steven since it wasn't allowed in the Battle Frontier. I very much intend on using Zekrom in White as well.

    I never battle cometitvely or on Wi-Fi so I never had a reason to find a sixth member to fill in for my chosen Legendary.

    Like most people, I've "gotta catch 'em all" so no legendary goes unaquired. I was even forced to hack Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys in Gen III to obtain that goal >=)
  10. I always love to catch legendaries, though I don't use them for things other than Box trophies and in-game sweepers. They are a challenge, as well as looking rather flashy in the contests.
  11. I occasionally use the non-Uber legendaries on my teams, like the birds/beasts. I used to avoid legendaries altogether, but nowadays my policy is to use the pokemon that I like, whatever their strengths. It does feel kind of cheap to use the uber legendaries to WTFPWN everything though, I have to say.
  12. Well, legendaries are fine to get through tough battles. Though they are very hard to catch.
  13. In my first playthrough of HG, I used almost all legendaries. But I started the game over and decided to do a no-legendary run.
  14. Eh Occasionally. If it's actually used on my team, it'll just be a bird or beast like Raikou on Crystal and Articuno on Leaf Green. Rayquaza on my Emerald right now is more of my Flyer right now, but I use him a lot for fighting Secret Base Peoples that also use him (♥<3 for him being faster than the others). I'm doing Battle Frontier right now so yeah :p.
    Ruby version, which is the second version I ever got, I used Rayquaza. Oh I'm a cheater. But now I feel bad cuz he's for ever lost on Pearl.
    I usually just get the 'mons for "Gotta Catch 'em All", and AR has helped me achieve that goal somewhat.

    Alllllllllsssssssso: I used some of my Legendaries from 3rd gen in Super Contests cuz they actually had good Pokeblock stats. I suck at making Poffins, pressing a button over and over is so much easier!
  15. I don't use ubers, like Rayquaza and Giratina. I use the Dogs, Birds, N Jirachi ♥.
  16. I always catch the Legendaries, I mean... pokédex? XD but I only used them for battling or HM Slaves in Sapphire, where at the end Rayquaza and Kyogre were my strongest ones. But these days, I'm not in to using them, the effort you've to make to get the right nature is just... to much, not mentioning the fact you're screwed when it doesn't work out. But I'm planning to used Jirachi for my Sandstorm Team, he isn't uber anyway and cause of the event, his nature is easy to get.
  17. I always catch legendaries, although I don't use most of them post-story.

    Darkrai and Jirachi/Mewtwo (once I bother to catch it) are in my main team.
  18. I just rape them with my over-leveled Pokemon and move on. I used to be one of those "uber users", but those days are gone. The most recent "legendary" I've caught was Latias in HG, and I don't really consider Latias legendary.
  19. I don't use legendaries on my team at all, or at least I don't anymore. When I was younger I used to try to cram them in my team anywhere I could. But I find that it makes the game too easy for me if I put more than one in my team, so I just avoid them all together now.

    As far as competitively using them, I haven't really done much competitve playing quite yet, but I'm pretty sure that I'll never use any (unless they are part of a trio of Pokemon, like Zapdos or Entei - never Pokemon like Mewtwo or Rayquaza though).
  20. I RARELY use legendaries just due to the fact that alot of people use it in their party pokemon. It gets annoying to keep fighting the same legendary pokemon with every trainer. I for one prefer using pokemon that hardly people use or even care to level. Being seperate from the rest makes the battle interesting and unique. And that what makes it fun.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I voted occasionally, but my usage of legendaries spans generations. In the past (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) I was a huge Mewtwo fan and thus loved using it in my teams (Spike, Morgoth, Armageddon... I miss my various Mewtwo D:). After awhile I got sick of ripping everything apart, tho, and finally retired it from the ranks. The same went for my haxed Mew, which I adored as a Pokemon but couldn't bring myself to use once I realized how cheap it was. Just the fact that it was haxed alone made me decide to box it for good.

    This realization of the sheer power of certain legendaries led me down a dark path. Instead of accepting and using some of them, even if they were favourites or were no more powerful than our pseudo legendaries, I rejected them all in battle. Oh, I collected them obsessively alright, and I loved seeing them in the Anime movies. They could be really fun to use in fanfics, too. But I would not battle with them, and disliked it when anyone else did. I remember my debates against certain people who defended the usage of legendaries... How jaded I was to just blanket ban them all. =/

    As of Gen 3, my opinion had softened a bit (or should I say, expanded). I started paying attention to stats/move pools more clearly and considering things in a more competitive mindset. Fact was, some legendary Pokemon truly weren't anymore powerful than non-legends. If anything, some of 'em were weaker. There was no denying the power of ubers like Mewtwo and Lugia, but Pokemon like Articuno and Suicune really weren't that bad - thus there was no reason to restrict myself or anyone else from using them. To commemorate this new view on legendaries I raised a Suicune on Pokemon Colosseum, simply because I love the bugger. Safe to say it didn't steamroll everything it went up against, nor out shined my other teammates. It was just another Pokemon.

    Nowadays I still don't use many legendaries in my teams, but it's mostly because I generally don't train Pokemon simply for competitive battling. Most all of my competitively raised Pokemon were originally bred for my in-game teams, either because they are favourites of mine or they looked interesting to train. The fact that legendaries don't evolve and are typically caught at higher levels makes them less appealing to me teamwise, but I wouldn't put it past myself to EV train something like a Latios/Latias if I ever caught a decent one. They're two Pokemon I really like, especially Latios, so why not train favourites? :)

    Summed up, I don't mind the idea of training legendaries but I still generally don't due to how I play the games. I adore collecting them because it's something to do and can be quite a challenge to assemble 'em all, and I really like how the Anime series portrays them. The lore of legendaries has always intrigued me, too, and some of 'em are downright nifty critters. ^^
  22. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Totally forgot about Colosseum, where I raised all three beasts. Totally just blown my previous answer out of the window XD
  23. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Way back when in the days of R/B/Y I would catch all of the Legendaries and use them at will and as much as possible. I even continued this to a slightly lesser degree in G/S. I mainly used them because I liked them and thought they looked cool, but didn't fully understand how powerful they were.

    Nowadays I always go out of my way to collect every legendary that I can reasonably get and they go right into my "Legendary" box in the PC to collect dust and hang out with their brethren. Occasionally if I have a legendary with a superb nature I'll contemplate EV training them, and have done so with one or two in the past (most notably a Latios). I never really use any ingame anymore, but if I ever get any good natures I would certainly consider using a non-Uber legendary in the metagame.
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  24. I used to use them constantly, my favorite was using Groudon in the Pokemon league, but now I hardly ever touch em cept to fill the pokedex, Granted I use Garchomp, who is technically an uber, but not a legendary. I stopped using them because some people kept on saying that I cheated, so I decided to create badass teams usings regulars, and now those same idiots are using Legendaries in there teams! Here's an example:
    Sam's (my friend):

    and another


    Yeah.... Kinda unfair. Especially when they say that they are good battlers, and yet they have to rely on 4 legendaries to beat my teams.
  25. I got a Mew from a friend of mine and I had it in my team on Platinum for a time. But, when I caught Giratina, I used him for the E4. Then I alternate different Legends for all the times after that. In HG I had Ho-Oh with me, and later on a kept my TRU Arceus with me at all times. He's not really a HM slave, but a powerful battle slave. ;)
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  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I tend to catch the fuckers for collection's sake but I don't train them unless I need a high-level damage sponge. I think the only legend I've ever used is Suicune in Crystal, but Gen 2 is Gen 2. >>;
  27. Lolz first and second Gen, you didn't need to watch at any natures or IV's XD you'd just catch it, train it and off you go, no worries about all those other things. These days, I don't have the patience to catch a pokémon who's not even easy to catch 465x to get the right nature XD
  28. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I use legendaries on the odd occasion, but not all the time.

    In-game, the legendary mascots usually end up on my team, purely for their power. I used Palkia in Pearl, Giratina during one of my Platinum runs, and Ho-Oh to beat HeartGold. This is the only time I'd ever use Uber legendaries outside of VGC (where they're allowed) in my party.

    As for competitive battling, I've occasionally used non-Uber legendaries against opponents, most commonly Zapdos and Regice. I don't tend to use them that often though, mostly because you can't breed legendaries for good IVs, which does hamper the potential power of the legendaries somewhat when you have to rely purely on what the game gives you.
  29. I just have them so I can have them in my dex. The only time I used a legendary in more than a few battles was Lugia Soulsilver.
  30. For me I catch them, and then decide latter if I use them or not. However I do use all legendaries in at least one trainer battle just to say "I used [insert legendary] in battle." however some I train to level 100 these include my favorites like Latias, Articuno, Cresselia, and Ho-oh. But mostly they just sit there until I decide to take them out and why I do its not for long and they are normally placed back after 1 or 2 levels gained.
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  31. I always take the time to capture them. I try my best to, but on my teams? HEEECK, no. Legendaries are someone's excuse, or not even that really, to cheat without cheating. Legendaries are sometimes overpowered and they're just slackers. I mean, when you get a Legendary, it's already at a high level, with base stats that are okay (because all high-leveled pokemon, especially Legendaries) have somewhat alright stats, but by the time they are, say Level 100, their stats are mediocre unless you TOOK THE TIME to train them special according to what they needed. Otherwise, their just there for lackluster support.

    Now, I admit, in the Pokemon Video Game Championships this year, since they DID IN FACT let Legendaries into the mix, I decided to spring and use Ho-Oh after some hard training to up its attack. Now, did it help? No, I only used it in one of my battles, and that was because I thought it needed some exercise.

    I don't like using Legendaries for:

    1. In-Game Purposes
    2. Competitive Battling
    Or 3. All of the above and anything I can't think of right now.

    All in all-They're cheats. Underpowered...cheats. :-X
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  32. I used legendaries to battle ppl im not gona lie.. I was at the Toys R Us arceus event picking up my arceus and there was this kid standing there waiting for ppl that looked weak to battle (lol im not weak looking tho just cuz of my emo hairstyle, looks can be deceiving) so he asked if i wanted to battle after i got my arceus i accepted cuz i wanted to try this bad boy out. But lil did i know he was hustlin me. He already raised his arceus stats with calciums etc.. And taught him tms such as flamethrower. He was whompin half my team with arceus. Thats when i brought out my arceus and got his hp down to 1/3 but his arceus was stronger than mine and fainted it. So i thought i was in trouble cuz i had 1 pokemon left and he had 5 (cuz i killed his giratina) so my bro came up and askd whos winning? And i said i am cuz i was pretty confident in my last pokemon i been wanting to use it for so long but never got the chance i always called him my>>
  33. <<secret weapon. I sent him out with cockyness. And he was like "what? A mewtwo?" EVd in sp atk and spd with a life orb. His arceus was gona use the move judgment but my mewtwo used the move "me first" and bam knocked out his arceus. And then the next 4 pokemon he sent out got 1HKOd by my "secret weapon" lol. But thats when i was using legendaries.. I only use legendaries if my opponent is using em. But now i have a new secret weapon legendary and i havent gotten the chance to use it hehehe
  34. i have only used one legendary for my team, but i used him all the time. It was zapdos for leafgrean, he and my charizrd were invincible.
  35. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sinnysaurus, you get a warning for double-posting and butchering the English language twice in the space of less than 30 minutes.

    Read the rules and sharpen up your language skills while you're at it.
  36. I try to catch (or trade when I have failed catching them or can't get them) but I rarely use them
    I have some in my competitive team however, there non-ubers and I only use them for stratagy and type
    As I am a major fan of flying pokemon I tend to use the birds more than anything else, like my precious cant live without Articuno :D
    The others just sit in the box XD
  37. LOL I felt that way with my Articuno. It was a balmy evening in April...Sorry, anyway, Articuno was the first Legendary I ever caught, and I caught it in LeafGreen (Mind you, this was not my first game, but it still was my first Legend) and I didn't stop using it until Level 100, and even then, I traded it to Emerald. Then, I sent it to Diamond (which, in fact, is the game I started my end of using Legendaries in my team, not including Diamond where I used Dialga for a good portion of the end of the game >_> Anyway, I'm a fan of birds as well ^_^
  38. I only like to get Legendaries is to fill up my PokeDex. :p But I used some of my Legends that are my favorite (Ex: Giratina, Palkia, Ho-oh, etc.) I even used my HeartGold (Ho-oh) while I was facing the E4. Then (Today) I used Mewtwo for a E4 rematch. He's a level 100, but he is over powered. >:/ (Curse me Dx)
  39. I use legendaries EVERYWHERE! My main is my Lv.100 Darkrai. its too bad i cant use him in competition.
  40. The whole main thing in the games for me was to catch the legendarys. I never really use them in battle, only against the Elite 4 (makes everything soo much easier)
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