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Open Used for terror

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Luminescent, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. (all form and info are here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/used-for-terror.14209/ (Open - Used for terror))

    Moon never met her family. Her and her siblings were taken when they were very young by a group of evil scientists. The scientists ran all sorts of experiments on Moon and her siblings. They managed to turn her siblings evil, but Moon refused so they locked her up. She watched for countless days as her siblings terrorized the world, and she couldn't do anything. Finally, the scientists thought they have found a way to make moon evil.
    "Come here," the scientist said while grabbing moon from the cage. Moon bit the scientist, which the scientist threw her on the table and grabbed a glaceon and put her on the other side. They attached tubes and wires to each of them and flipped a switch. Moon yelped in pain as she started gaining features of a glaceon. The machine stopped, and out came a fused pokemon which was passed out. They picked up Moon and threw her in a cage.

    Ice was always evil in heart, even before she was taken. She always tortured her siblings and refused to be nice. One day the scientists happened to come across Ice and decided that she was the one. They grabbed her and put her in a cage, and then fused her with a fennekin. That was the day where a pure evil spirit was made.
    "I feel the power!" Ice yelled with an evil laugh. She tested her power by roasting another pokemon with flamethrower. "This is perfect!" the scientists said. They decided to keep Ice to test on her and see her true power.
  2. Rose was a Happy Roserade. gentle and Motherly she would take care of orphaned Pokemon and raised them as her own. She loved all of her children and was known around the Community as The "Kind Mother." Live was good for rose till a Group of scientist captured her and put her in a lab. They Force-Fused Her With a Gardevoir. It was horribly painful but Rose was not a Pokemon of Vengeance and Hate. She was loving and forgiving even of the Scientists. During her time at the Lab she Met a Small Fusion named Sugar. Sugar was rather young and she was a fusion of a Pikachu, her original form and a Togekiss. The Scientists wanted to see if she could fly but she couldn't. She had wings, but she was too weak to fly. So she was abandoned with Rose and they were apart of a group for the scientist to test later on, but they were not a priority. "Mama, Will we ever Leave this awful place." Sugar asked her mom. "I'm Not sure my child, Maybe. I hope so".....
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Unit was a fusion of a Porygon-Z, a Musharna and a Magnezone. Originally, the Porygon-Z belonged to the great scientist but it's power shrank, so they decieded to fuse it to improve it's powers.
    Unit awoke in a dark room full of tall glass cylinder. "Define location." He said, robotically. He looked towards his body and it seemed he was floating above the ground. Then, he attempted to move, glyding slowly in the air. However, a second into the glyde, there was a glass wall curved around him and he seemed to be in one of the glass prisons himself. Rage flowed through him and a spark of electricity came from both of his hands and hit the glass wall then reflected. "Error!" He cried, in a confused state he banged on the glass rapidly. He had no idea that he was being kept prison, then he fell to the ground into a deep sleep again.
  4. Lucky was a fusion of a turtwig and a kangastan he always Lived a normal and happy life as a turtwig even tho he was a proffesers Pokémon But one day a group of evil scienctist broke in, at night and kidnapped the turtwig once he was fused he was thrown into a cave he is still happy and would never give in to evil and darkness. he was really confused as he woke from a slumber.

    "Ugh..How long was I out for?"

    he said scratching hes head

    "damn this glass how am I gonna see what freedom is..?"

    He cried and then layed back down on hes bed which was not nice to sleep on but had to live with it he was there a couple Hours and he fell back to sleep.
  5. Moon sat and waited for anything to happen. She noticed a eevee and fennekin fusion fighting everybody. "Stop harming them!" she cried. She accidentally shot an ice beam at the bars, which froze. "This might work!" she thought. She used dark pulse and broke the bars and she jumped out.
    The scientists tried to grab her, but she dodged them. She jumped on the leader and rammed his head into a window, which knocked him out. "call back up!" they yelled and went running for their lives. Moon went around unlocking the doors, and then went running for the doors.

    Ice trained and trained until she became a very strong pokemon. She went through many experiments and tests until they made the perfect weapon. They unleashed Ice into the wild and told her to attack everything that moves. The only thing that she didn't know was that there was something that will stop her.
    "Nothing will ever stop me!" she laughed. Ice was unstoppable by anything. She managed to defeat mostly everything, except for water types, which made her weak.
  6. Lucky saw a figure Jump out a window and decided to do the same.
    the fused creature broke the bars with a energy ball and smashed them
    he captured the scienctist in a rock slide so they cant escape and it jumped out the window and followed the cold hearted creature.
  7. Shua was awakened to the agonizing pain in his head, it was if someone was beating him over the head with a table. He groaned weakly as he began to take in his surroundings,
    Dark ... Metal bars ... Cramped ... Cold ...
    As he touched the object that enclosed him he came to an obvious conclusion, he was in a cage. He stared blankly, with a dumbfounded expression,
    "A cage..? why? Where am I?"
    As he held the bars of the cage he noticed his hands for the first time, there were small rose petals sticking out of them. He stared in shock.
    Rose petals? Coming out of my hand? Impossible! I'm a Meowstic how could I have rosepetals sticking out of my hands?
    Shua was now well beyond mere confusion, but at that moment his memories came rushing back. As he stared at the walls he gradually calmed down,
    "Scientists... It was them, I remember now... They force-fused me with a Roserade.." His voice seethed with hatred.
    Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do at the moment, he would need to bid his time. As he plotted his escape Shua took further notice of the surroundings outside his cage, and his eyes fell upon rows of other cages, some empty, but some contained other pokemon who were just as unlucky as he was, or even worst.
  8. Ares sat on the opposite side of the two oddly shaped objects in his cage. He held out his hand to them, as if that would do something. They levitated and started to draw near, but soon, they dropped back to the ground. He was a psychic type, so of course he would be able to move things with his power. But why did it fail?
  9. Slasher ran with the backup squad into the lab. He ran around the lab, eventually reaching the unconscious leader. Slasher did the signal he was taught for this. Flamethrower, Bark, Flamethrower. Slasher wasn't used to the Flamethrower, because he had been recently fused. Two months ago, was it? He didn't remember, but soon medics came rushing in and got the leader onto a stretcher. Slashed noticed an open window, jumped out it, and started chasing after the two runaway Pokémon.
  10. Aria got up off a bench in the lab with a slight smirk on her face, wondering who she will kill. She then walked out the door with the scientist trying to get her by sending his other evil Pokemon. She took out a dagger and set it on fire and shot it on the front door making it collapse before anyone could get out but her. She then ran. Then she made a binding circle around the place which shook the entire facility with news around the place getting to all the Pokemon inside. "Fools, you cant control me. I will cause some chaos of my own." said Aria as she had a slight smirk on her face as she walked away.
  11. Ares had gathered his strength, and held the two blades in his hand. He shot it at the other side of the cage with incredible force, The blade pierced through, making a hole wide enough for ares to climb out. He looked around, until the entire facility seemed to shake around him.
  12. Lucky turned around to see someone chase after Him

    He shouted as the fused Monster walked towards Him

    "Step One more closer And you lose your head"

    He said ready to shoot sharp and powerful razor leafs towards the unknown follower
  13. Planet woke up tired with her head ringing with pain. Planet tried to get up with a lot of effort, when she finally got up and saw her feet, there were spikes coming out of them. Spikes? But I'm a Zoroark, unless...... Suddenly terror took over Planet, she knew why. She once was a Zoroark but now a Zoroark and Lucario fusion
  14. "Heh... is that a threat?" Slasher said. He could see that the pokemon was a fusion of a turtwig and a kangaskhan.

    "You see, I can do extra damage to you because you're part grass and I'm part fire. So, you shouldn't attack." Slasher explained, seeing that the other pokemon was preparing a razor leaf attack.

    "If you do attack, though, I will just burn through it. And I won't miss one." Slasher told the pokemon, because it was true. Slasher's highest stat is speed, and he was the best in focused attacking out of his backup squad. Ok, out of the whole lab.
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  15. "Ugh fine"

    He said as he rolled hes eyes

    "you do Know I also have ground and rock moves so I could crush you"

    lucky looked at the cold creature running through the forest

    "Well were free now Lets go"

    he said as he started running towards the forest
  16. "Idiot. You can't run nor hide," said Slasher as he used a quick flamethrower, but aiming at the forest.

    As the forest burns, trees fall all over, blocking the way. One small flame still burns on a fallen tree, and it sets the grass aflame, blocking the path.

    "Heh... 'whoopsies'." Slasher said before preparing a nightslash.
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  17. A door opened up in her cage and Planet saw a man standing there with an collar

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