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USB Charger

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by RafuRum, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. RafuRum

    RafuRum Formerly Raf-A-Rum

    So I made my own USB charger cord for my 3DS XL.... a 3DS XL requires 4.6V to charge... and a standard USB has 5V output... Does anyone know if it will still charge the same? Or if there would be any disadvantages in doing this?.. cause I'm planning on charging my 3DS XL on a power bank.. for traveling purposes
  2. Teapot

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    If it wants 4.6V, give it that. Nintendo are using a proprietary cable, which would suggest that it might not like anything that isn't exactly what it wants.
  3. RafuRum

    RafuRum Formerly Raf-A-Rum

    well I tried using the one I made by plugging it on a PC it seems to charge though... Oh and the monster hunter 4 ultimate edition power bank got released here just lately.. I checked it out and it had 5v output as well... any thoughts on this? I'm having mixed feelings for USB charging on nintendo products now... ;_;

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