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US Platinum Release Date?

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not the type of person who likes to report unconfirmed information (I enjoy my official press releases), but considering how frequent leaks happen in the gaming industry it's worth sharing the news.

    Pokemon Platinum has received a tentative US release date: March 22nd, 2009. Our current source is these guys, Circuit City, which also shares a few new English names. The alternate world seen in Platinum has been dubbed the "Distortion World" (not a huge difference from the current translations we've been using), Team Galactic's new scientist shall be known as "Charon", and the undercover agent who plays a large role in the new plot has been given the codename "Looker".

    Again, I'll be waiting on my press release before completely accepting these details, but do with them what you will. It's just nice to have something.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Dec 9, 2008.

    1. Yami_Angel
      Well then, if this holds true... I'll get it for my birthday for sure! Er, if I don't get an iPod Touch. Anyways, exciting news, I love these little slip-ups. But Charon's a crappy name, why not Mercury, or at least another planet? And "Looker"... just perverted. Or maybe I am. But still...
    2. Linkachu
      Well, maybe I am then, too, but right there with ya... XD
    3. Yami_Angel
      And the rest of the at least double-digit-aged English-speaking world. XD

      But, more on topic, Distortion World sounds fine. I wonder what the Brains will be named? I'd be in favor of them keeping their names, but I feel at least Nejiki will be renamed. =/ (If Kate's renamed, that'd just be ridiculous.)

      Oh, and I definitely recommend the game! It's actually a fair bit different than DP. Kind of. Still very fun, even in Japanese.
    4. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      Distortion world? Eh, I don't really like it. It sounds like something a mom would say when she's trying to remember the name of a video game her kid plays and she's making random guesses. I dunno, that's just what it reminded me of...

      Anyways, I'm very excited for Platinum! I just hope I get as lucky on Platinum as I did on Diamond... [size=6pt]Female starter, 60000 as my ID number, female Eevee, and some other stuff I was grateful for.[/size]

      Not really sure what role Peeper plays but his name is a bit weird.

      March 22nd... Gotta remember that.
    5. Plapti
      Of course by now, the news leak has been fixed and Circuit City shows nothing about it now. Typical.

      Otherwise, the Japanese names are better. That and March 22nd seems doubtful to me. That or I'm sketchy about an unofficial press releases.
    6. Linkachu
      I love it when we catch these things before they notice :p

      (Considers editing news update but opts to leave it as is. Edit: Actually, I lied. I edited the main site's version of it noting this fact in case people click the link)

      March 22nd seems fairly appropriate in my opinion. We were expecting a spring-ish release, so that fits the bill. I'm just like you. I'll believe it when a more credible source states it.
    7. Rayn_Shyu
      Welp, that sounds relatively decent. DP came out in April soz... I guess I'm not too surprised about another Spring release. Looker is a weird name, and Charon doesn't really fit with the whole planet thing (unless there is a planet called that outside our solar system...) they had going for Galactic. But yeah... I'm getting it. Now I just need to get another DS D:.
    8. Yami_Angel
      Looked it up, and Charon is Pluto's biggest moon. And he was likely renamed to not get PUSA sued by Disney (Mickey's dog is named Pluto, I think). But... can the name Pluto be registered/trademarked/copyrighted? It's a planet's name, after all. Stupid greed. I still want Mercury... It's small, though not as much as Pluto. And, it's red (I think), corresponding to Pluto's pink hair (hair loses its pigmentation, whiting it, so as it's pink now, it may've formerly been red).
      And Charon... is it pronounced like "Sharon"? If so... *snicker*.
    9. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      It can be pronounced like Sharon or Kairon, depending on whether you want to use the greek pronunciation or not. ^^

      I'd kind of prefer an actual name for the agent instead of a code name, but ah well. And I bet us Brits'll have to wait for ages longer than the US -_-
    10. Plapti
      Technically Pluto isn't a planet anymore, but whatever.

      Should've named it something more common. Like something more significant.

      Click here for whatever information you care:


      And Pluto is Mickey's dog.

      On topic now, personally I was expecting a release in late April or May, just because of all the events coming out. But meh, you hear me not complaining. Now, just to make sure that we get Wi-Fi events too.
    11. Rayn_Shyu
      *Has been proved wrong* Well, it's not something that people know unless they Wikipedia it. The average ten-year-old isn't gonna know that. But I guess that Disney > Pluto the planet by now... Mercury would be better.
    12. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      I remember Diamond and Pearl came out on a 22nd, too. Is there something significant about the 22nd or am I just making it a bigger deal than it really is?
    13. Yami_Angel
      Meh, I have a similar view. Maybe Nintendo forgot it was April 22, instead of March 22? Because I think DP came out on September 13 in Japan, as did Platinum two years later. I may be wrong there, though.

      EDIT: Nope, September 28 for DP. Whatever... it was two years ago!
    14. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      In both cases the 22nd is the last Sunday of the month. It's purely coincidence.
    15. 112% Elusive
      112% Elusive
      .... Yes. o.O

      Not to mention Platinum comes 1 year and 11 months after Diamond and Pearl. (Diamond and Pearl came out April 22, 2007. Platinum's tentative release date is March 22, 2009. For now.)

      I mentioned the tentative release date on the official Platinum discussion topic, and I saw that on Circuit city too.
    16. Satoren
      For anyone that cares, Pluto is Hades' Roman name like Zeus is to Jupiter and the like. I'm fairly sure the Roman Mythos first claimed that name.

      Charon on the other hand is the person who ferries souls from this earth to the underworld.

      Now back on topic, I think a March release would be good. It coincides with my sister's birthday xD But then again, I won't really believe anything until we see an official say on it. While most things leaked on the internet have a tendency to be true, dates aren't one of them.

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