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Updates from GameCrash and the first in a series of major Pokemon articles!

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    Today, our sister site GameCrash has received a bit of a make-over and with it, three new weekly feature series to keep coming back for.

    On Mondays, GameCrash Rewind takes a look back at games from the long or perhaps more recent past. We explore the pros and cons of the games as well as how you can get your hands on them today.

    This weed's first article centres on a Master System Disney classic, The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck:


    On Fridays, Version Control focusses on the era of gaming when games could be entirely different depending on which console you played them on.

    The first Version Control takes a long hard look at no less than five versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighter from 1993/94:

    Finally, on Wednesdays, we have the series I'm sure Pokecharms members will be most interested in. An extensive series of features detailing elements, people and the history of the Pokémon franchise.

    This week is the first part in a two-part special detailing the earliest history of how Pokémon came to be. Part one tells the story of Pokémon's creator, Satoshi Tajiri and how he came to create Game Freak, the company that makes the games.

    Part two, meanwhile, tells the story of Capsule Monsters, the early development of Pokémon Red & Green - and just how dangerously close the world came to Pokémon never happening in the first place!

    That, along with next week's GameCrash Rewind and Version Control will all be available to read for free as they're published next week. BUT, if you can't wait, you can read them today by supporting GameCrash for $5 or more a month on Patreon!

    Every week, Patreon subscribers can get early access to all of the next week's feature articles, as well as some exclusive content available only ever to them. Supporting GameCrash on Patreon, even for as little as $1 a month, can help guarantee more content like the above by funding the time spent on it. So every little bit is extremely appreciated.

    We'll continue to post some GameCrash highlights on Pokecharms every so often - and will share the latest To Be A Master weekly. To keep up to date with everything though, please make sure to follow GameCrash on Twitter and Facebook.

    We also have a Discord server, where we're chatting about these articles, our favourite games and much more. Please feel free to join us.

    Let us know what you think about any of the articles shared today down below - especially To Be A Master!
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