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Unstable World [A Sonic RP]

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. (OOC: Kal suggested that we do a Sonic RP, and so I suggested my story and we went with it. This RP is by INVITE ONLY..Meaning this RP is between Testbug, Tangrow, Karu, and myself.)


    His head was pounding so hard, and the cold rain was pouring down, soaking his crimson and black fur. Only memories of the past came to him as Lucio struggled to open his eyes.

    Tikal, the beautiful, pure princess of the Echidna tribe was absolutely perfect. Her father, a greedy and power hungry leader, Chief Pachacamac had wanted to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to expand the territory of the tribe.

    Lucio had watched from within his prison, the Master Emerald, glaring down in anger and jealous rage at the tribe that he had always wanted reign over. He wanted the elegant Tikal to be his bride, and he wanted to watch her father, Chief Pachacamac suffer. He had been forced to stay trapped alongside Chaos while he fell in love with Tikal more and more every day.

    Lucio's anger grew to its limits when one night he saw Pachacamac's soldiers storming the shrine. They killed the Chao and forced Tikal to lock her soul away in the Master Emerald as well. On the inside, Lucio mourned.

    Although Lucio had been imprisoned alongside the girl he had thought of as an angel, he could not hear or feel her. Now he could not even see her beautiful smile as she talked calmly to Chaos and watched over all of the Chao. He had lost everything, and he fell into the darkness once again.

    Now Lucio awoke, his fiery red eyes opening to greet the forest around him. It felt familiar, yet distant. Where was he? Where was his love, Tikal? He slammed his spiked knuckles into the mud beside him in rage, then finally stood to his feet, shaky at first.

    He was cold and soaked to the bone, but he ignored the fact that he was so uncomfortable. He wanted Tikal to be beside him in this strange, disgusting world. He then turned slowly, to face the towering ruins of what used to be the Echidna Tribe. He sneered at the gray, stone walls. "You got what you deserved." He taunted the heavens above as he slowly walked up the steps, entering the temple.

    A voice came from behind Lucio. "What do you think you're doing?" Lucio turned quickly, glaring down at a slightly shorter, red echidna.

    "You dare speak to me in that tone, inferior being?" Lucio snapped at the echidna, holding up a spiked fist, his maroon, webbed wings opening.

    "What the hell do you mean by that?! You're an echidna too. A deformed one at that! What the hell are you doing in these ruins?!"

    "Knuckles? What's goin' on in here?" A blue hedgehog spoke as he stepped into the ruins as well, a group following him. Lucio noticed a two-tailed fox and a pink female hedgehog among others in the group. They all gazed upon the situation with both fear and curiosity.

    The creature apparently called Knuckles looked to his blue friend, growling. "This jerk was snooping around in the ruins of my ancestors, and there's something off about him." Without waiting for his hedgehog friend's answer, he swung up a spiked fist, attempting to connect with Lucio's jaw.

    "KNUCKLES!" The blue hedgehog shouted.

    It was too late. Lucio calmly raised a hand before Knuckles could connect his punch, a dark red glow forming around him. He could feel his power and strength coming back and he grinned. "It is very nice to feel so strong again after being imprisoned for over 3000 years. Pleasure to meet you Knuckles, but you and your friends need to stay out of my way."

    As his face changed into an expression of shock, Knuckles was surrounded by the dark energy, along with his friends, and they suddenly disappeared from the ruins.

    "Pests." Lucio whispered to the air around him.

    The stubborn wind pushed against Rain's bright pink bangs, uncovering her usually hidden left eye. She twirled around, her skirts whirling. She giggled as the rain that was falling slowly changed into snow. "Awesome! It's sooo pretty!" She caught a couple flakes in her gloved hand, frowning playfully as they melted. "How sad."

    "Rain!" Called her bandmate, Zap, his arms waving frantically. "Can you help me spike up my hair?"

    Rain stuck out her tongue, a small snowflake melting upon it. "Sure. Give me a few more minutes." Rain smiled, closing her eyes slowly as she began to warm up her voice a little, singing happily. Her song was cut short by a heavy, pounding pain in her head. "Uggh.. What the hell is this?" She groaned, putting her hands on her knees and bending slightly. "Ouch..."

    Rain was ready for a day-long migraine. However, the pain disappeared as quickly as it had come on. "Odd.."

    She looked up towards the apartment she shared with her bandmates. "ZAP! I'm coming to fix your hair now!"

    With one last look at the gray sky above, Rain couldn't help but wonder what the pain had been about. She felt as if something was going to go wrong. Shaking it off, she ran into her home, nearly tripping on the slippery sidewalk on her way.
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  2. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Sound materialised on a rooftop nearby. I don't believe I slept in. Anything could have happened...It's my duty to protect her! He'd been on the verge of hysteria for the past half mile with paranoid thoughts racing through his head as the result of a lingering nightmare. A small sigh escaped as cyan eyes found their creator and a sensation of relief washed over Sound.

    ..And she's fine! The unusual 'hog almost groaned at the feeling of stupidity that had overwhelmed him. He should have known better than to fool himself into thinking of what might instead of is. The nightmare was merely that. A bad dream. Sound passed over it in his mind once more with annoyance at himself. Unrealistic. Nobody would dare to try shoot down Rain.

    "Damn cold.." Were the only words to escape Sound's lips and frost on the air as he suddenly became aware of the weather. With a slight tilt of his head the hedgehod examined the dull skies and small white matter falling from bursting clouds. It called forward a memory, lost to time.

    A cold wind was in the air. Feeling of material over once non-existant body. The pain of light to eyes opened for the first time followed by the surge of a voice forming a plea for help. The first breath of a gaseous ice... This all reached Sound in an instant, followed by a flow of jumbled emotion.

    Once unsure eyes found sight, Sound was greeted by a strange creature, human in appearance yet carved in stone raising a fist to someone who seemed eerily familiar.

    Suddenly there was power. There was rage and a want to protect. A fist clenched as the legs moved of their own accord to meet the golem-like menace. As gloved hand clashed with stone head a shockwave erupted to shatter and demolish.

    Sound slowly lowered his gaze as the memory faded...Eyes widened with that overwhelming panic as Rain slipped, the words "Chaos Control!" roared within his head followed by the feeling of strength fleeing from his tensed form as the blue hedgehog appeared in an instant, a crunch as shoes made contact with thin layers of snow.

    Numbed hands prevented a fall with a word of, "A bang in the wrong place can spell demise for your mind or body, Rain." The 'hog silently cursed himself for the ignorance, becoming determined to not yield to the dream of the past so easily.
  3. "Oh it's cold and it's cold and it's cold so so cold and I'm cold cause it's snowiiiiiing~" Ethan giggled and hummed his little tune to himself over and over again while skipping through the streets. slung over his left shoulder was a shoulder bag which moved in time with the beat of the song and the skipping. He rubbed his blue mittens together and blew into them for a moment before stopping.

    A shiver went down his spine, from his light brown hair to the end of his tail, and Ethan clutched his sides for a moment, wincing. Of course, he felt he had no time for this, and continued humming to himself, not minding the rain or the snow, and so keeping his blue parka unhooded for the time being, Ethan skipped onwards. He never cared much for weather, being that it was really just a shower from above, as he would think whenever it rained, but he did like wearing the appropriate clothing. Toying with the strings now, he continued walking onwards, uninterested in the other surroundings for the time being. Until he hit the wall of a building, which the small monkey profusely apologized to, and so highly embarrassed, made a left to avoid the obviously angered structure.

    "Oh, oh my," Ethan peered to watch this lady, apparently named Rain, which he gathered from the person yelling at it. He giggled, but kept his volume down. "Remember Ethan, if you want to be a good spy, he said I have to keep my voice down! And stop talking to my...Oops! I did it again!" He covered his mouth, realizing what bad form it was. He looked at the girl again to see her nearly fall, and she looked as if she was in pain. He was about to help her, but then a hedgehog showed up to do the action. Ethan pouted inwardly, muttering to himself, "He said hedgehog's aren't nice! Ethan will feel the same way and make sure to get that data stuff he was talking about!"

    With this, Ethan opened his bag silently, and took out a half-circle with a smiling face on it. Pulling up his sleeve, he placed the object on his forearm, where it snapped into place, as if it had done the routine many a time. The monkey did the same for the other arm, and pulled down his sleeves, hoping nobody noticed the shine his arms reflected in the sunlight while they were open. Then the monkey crouched on both knees, and looked onward, ready to move if he was spotted, or if the moment called.
  4. The snow swirled down softly, mingling with Gheer's fur gently. His bare fur was a foolish idea, but he didn't particularly care. The matter at hand was the journey. Wrapped around his shoulders and neck was a blanket in partial tatters. He had worn it to the city, and had just began his trip back. Under his two arms, crossed furtively over his chest was a box of Airplane parts. He had purchased them with the funds he had saved up after a long time, and they were all exactly the models he needed and the size that would be optimal.

    The echidna wasn't afraid of making the long trip. Rain had been all naggy about the cold and how it would suck, but Gheer didn't care. He was shirtless, as always, and wearing a pair of brown cargo pants held up by a black belt with a silver buckle. Shoes today, oddly enough. Basic, black shoes to save his toes from freezing and falling off in the cold. His brown spikes were pulled back, but a few were hanging over his left eye, like always. His green goggles were pulled over the spikes to stop them from springing back forward, but even that didn't stop them. Gheer shrugged the blanket up on his shoulders, and trudged forwards.

    He heard someone call out Rain's name, so he followed the voices. He made his way into a clearing, where he found Rain standing amidst a rain of ice crystals. The sweeped around her softly, teasing the eyes to follow them as they seemingly flowed down her gentle curves and soft appearance. She said that the hair and face and clothing was built to stop her from looking soft, but Gheer still thought she looked soft, and almost delicate behind all of that.

    "Rain," Gheer called out. He twisted his arm around the box's underside and showed it to Rain. "I finally got all of the parts." His face pulled into a smile. A little uncommon for him, but not unheard of. "We can build that plane and get out of here."
  5. Rain flushed in embarrassment as Sound caught her from what could have been a disaster. She laughed anxiously, stepping away from him and steadying herself. She brushed her pink bangs from her face, her ears twitching lightly. She scratched the back of her head and huffed a bit. "Thanks Sound."

    Rain always wondered about Sound's strange way of talking, it always made her mind run a circular track. She also didn't understand how he was always around. He had been nowhere in sight, and suddenly he was there to catch her. Rain guessed it was what a good guardian did..But it was a little scary to her. Didn't Sound want to be free, to live his own life without having to make up for Rain's own clumsy acts? He was mysterious, but right now, Rain had a lot to get done. "I need to get ready, you can chill here if you want."

    Rain was about to step into her apartment and out of the snow, but she turned, sensing someone. Her eyes met Gheer's as he came up to her, announcing that he had the parts they needed to get away. She smiled brightly. Sure Sound was an awesome guardian, but Rain never felt safe unless Gheer was around. He was the brilliance and strength of her friends.

    She raised a fist into the air in excitement. "Awesome! I'm stoked!" She suddenly frowned, thinking. "Wait..I need to let Zap and Pyro know that you and I are leaving soon. I don't know how they will take this." She looked to Sound. "Also Sound...it may be time that you stop guarding me...I mean..this is your chance to be free from me." She smiled softly.
  6. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Sound stood obediant and steady, the feelings of worry and panic dwindling from his emotional scale. His breath had become mildly laboured with his rapid warping stunt punctuated by the cold snow upon fur sapping his energy somewhat. In an effort to show no weakness he took one deep breath posed as a sigh to cover his restored breathing.

    With a silent nod to his creator and a feeling of duty he straightened up with arms crossed to stand guard outside as if some autonomous robot.

    Only an adamant gaze shifted as footsteps fell upon the veil of white, the over-cautious 'hog tensing as Gheer neared. Admittedly, Sound was used to this one at least... Although it still roused suspision in his mind. The blue being knew it was foolish as surely this one wasn't about to do anything stupid.

    If he so much as dares, I can move fast enough! ... I hope ...

    The horrific nightmare glared up from the darkness of memory into his conscious eyes causing him to recoil slightly. As it ensnared his thoughts he tuned out of whatever was going on... Then his awareness was yanked clean back into perspective at his name. At the words given from Rain, he let his arms retreat to his sides. Unblinkingly he nodded in acceptance with a word given, "Somebody causes trouble .. I'll be a shout away."

    As Sound turned away, he was self-perplexed. Energy built as a core inside him, eyes turning to the rooftops then the sensation off all energy and strength fleeing from him for a second. The 'hog disappeared then felt energy and strength return as he materialised near four stories higher and across the road.
  7. "Huh...that was...weird." Ethan head spun. "A plane? Ethan always wanted to go on a plane!" Ethan giggled to himself. "Ethan is going to come too! Even if they don't-Hey wait where did he go?" Ethan cut off his sentence midway when he noticed his quarry had disappeared. "Where's the hedgiehog?" Ethan frowned in disappointment. He frantically looked around for the silver one, and was worried until he spotted a figure in the distance, fairly small, but he felt it was worth a shot. "Aha~! I gotcha'!" He jumped up and took off past the echidna and the other girl, paying no heed to them, and headed towards a tall building across the road.

    "Hah...hah...I'm almost there..." Ethan heavily panted as he climbed the staircase, ignoring the curious looks of the animals inside as he climbed it. He hadn't bothered to remove his parka or any of his items as he believed he would need it later, despite the obvious impracticality shown. He finally reached the top floor, with two doors that would open to the rooftop. Before he was about to do this, he noticed the elevator next to it open up, to which a tall squirrel in business attire looked at him a moment.

    "Took the stairs?" The monkey nodded wearily. "Y'know there's a-" he began to say before Ethan interrupted him.

    "Lets...not...talk about it please and thanks." He then opened the doors to see the flat rooftop, with the target hedgehog before him. Quickly hiding behind a barrel to the side, he peeked out to watch the hedgehog, and muttered to himself, "Mkayo...once the silly leave I can swab for RFLPs and that kind of stuff, and then I'll have the data stuff for him~!" Ethan giggled aloud a moment before clapping his hand over his mouth and ducking, awaiting for his move and hoping he was not heard.

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