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Unpopular anime opinions

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by JayTaku, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I'm not really a fan of the mecha genre, with the only ones I like being Gurren Lagann and neon genesis evangelion
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  2. Baccano! is overrated. Ryohgo Narita tries to be avant-garde with its lack of a main character, treating them all equally and not focusing on one, but he doesn't understand that main characters are an essential part of a good story. Setting, plot, main characters, climaxes -- there are reasons we have things. Baccano! treats them like they're silly rules to be broken and somehow people think that's innovative when it's just... dumb. The anime is also all over the place; if it just happened in chronological order, it would be a much better show. Also don't get why they did that.
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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I mean I love Baccano, but I don't think it is a masterpiece, like what everyone else says, and in some aspects I much prefer Durarara
  4. I don't get the hype over Tokyo Ghoul personally. I mean it wasn't bad or anything, but it wasn't AMAZING either.
    I didn't think Yuri on Ice was as good as what people were saying it was. Kinda lost interest around 6 episodes in and I gave up watching it.
    Lastly, I don't think that My Hero Academia or whatever it's called looks that interesting tbh. Probably won't watch it.
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  5. I will fight everyone talking smack about Baccano here, aka my favourite anime. Also, it does arguably have a main character which they set up in the first episode - the Daily Days - but I still don't think a main character is necessary for storytelling at all and is much more like how real life works, plus having it in a non-chronological order gives the entire story a stronger sense of mystery because it's up to the viewer to pay attention and try to put the puzzle pieces together and oh man I should really stop before I derail this thread.

    I can't stand Overlord actually. I've watched the first season but I never really got into it, probably because I came into it expecting a Light Yagami style protagonist and instead got the "oh he's an evil overlord but he's actually a really nice guy we promise", which just came across as chickening out on making a hateable main character and going full light novel cliche which I'm bored sick off (I enjoyed Masumune-Kun's Revenge for exactly that reason... at least until it started to chicken out on this later on).

    My most unpopular opinion though would be that I don't think One Punch Man is that great. I will admit I got completely overhyped for it which probably didn't help things, but I found that the premise got kind of old quickly, since the first episode said everything the entire show needed to say and everything else was just window dressing. It's not a deconstruction either, merely calling attention to some superhero tropes/that being overpowered would suck and then proceeding to play them completely straight (which is why Mob Psycho 100 is a better show in that it's genuinely pulling a lot of shonen/overpowered character tropes apart).

    ... Okay I could be here for a really long time so let's rapid fire these out: 5 Centimetres Per Second is a perfect portrayal of people drifting away from each other, everything in the Fate Series is overrated especially Saber, Log Horizon is the only Isekai show worth watching, Recovery Of An MMO Junkie was a really awkward romance, Pokemon Sun and Moon is great, and your waifu is shit.
  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Here are some more: A silent voice is better than your name, Samurai Champloo is better than Cowboy Bebop, I don't like gundam and Yuri on ice is only popular because it's gay
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  7. That's why real life is boring lol. Main characters make an interesting story because we have someone to relate to, see it from their point of view, instead of having several characters to focus on in Baccano and us being pulled in all directions/points of view and not connecting with anyone. Baccano is impersonal...

    There's a reason why almost every show has a main character and this is one of the few that doesn't. It's because that setup is a time-tested method, while Baccano's is merely for the purpose of artistic experimentation.
    Or it's just unnecessarily confusing. I'm watching a rewind of the same scene every episode, which is more painful to watch than Naruto's fillers.
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  8. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Dragon ball GT was good, and some Naruto filler was bearable
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  9. All of Dragon Ball sucks :p

    The whole show is about power, more power, even more power, still more power, a bajillion new super Saiyan forms. Nonstop power and it never ends, same thing over and over! When people say Dragon Ball has no character development they mean that strength is the only character attribute that matters; no one in Dragon Ball (except for some exceptions like Guldo) succeeds based on qualities other than strength, like intelligence, cunning, resourcefulness, etc. Give those a chance to shine.

    The show is all about bigger and bigger muscles and the ripped bodies of the characters are so exaggerated it looks like they have boobs Dx
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  10. Eh, Dragon Ball is good in the sense that it went out and accomplished exactly what it wanted to do. You don't watch Dragon Ball for the plot, character development or any of that stuff. You watch it to see a bunch of guys beat each other senseless, if you're looking for something else then, of course, you'd come out sorely disappointed.

    Yuri on Ice; well, besides being one of the forerunners for the LGBT+ community, it seemed to have had some insanely well-animated Ice skating scenes. I haven't watched the show itself but the animation is usually what gets the most praise in the reviews I've seen. I'll leave it at that since I haven't actually watched the show and my opinion on it wouldn't be completely validated.

    For Baccano! I'll have to agree with Aura, a main character has its merits but isn't a necessity. I also haven't watched this one yet so I won't be commenting too much.

    Now for an unpopular opinion..? SAO is actually a pretty good anime.
  11. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    SAO was good, in some parts

    Also with the dragon ball thing, as Kyuuketsu said, you don't really need to take the show seriously, you just sit back and let cool shit happen
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  12. My last word on Baccano, all I'm saying is that it would've been much better with a main character and in chronological order ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    If an old gangster film setting wasn't boring enough, the fact that I can't get attached to it makes it even worse​
    (also in response to the show arguably having a main, it's actually painfully self-aware about not having one, I'm pretty sure there are even moments in the dub when it's said either explicitly or along the lines of "there is no main character," so its intention from the beginning was to treat its characters like impersonal pawns on a chessboard)

    244 you say don't take the show seriously, but then I look at Naruto which has both cool shit happening and character development, centered around fighting yet not feeling oversaturated with it. Then I look back at Dragon Ball and I'm like wow Naruto shits all over you guys, why can't you do both? Then I get called a Narutard… A lot of these shows though have a common problem of introducing too many powers and stages, like in Naruto I remember when it was basic jutsus that you could follow then it turned into massive explosions. The worst example of this is in Bleach when Ichigo was fighting Ulquiorra's second form and pulled a new form out of his ass just to beat him

    I think it would be, if Kirito took a beating once in a while and if the show didn't skip over important events then refer to them later, also wish that Asuna had stayed cool and strong like when she was introduced instead of becoming dependent on her boyfriend but then again lots of anime portrays women badly :/

    And because you know I'm a sucker for romance, that's usually what I have to criticize in any show and the romance in SAO is corny and overly sentimental imo. Like when Kirito and Asuna got a house in the digital realm and she starts talking about how much she loves him and then... that she wants them to grow old together. Or Kirito's adoptive sister/actual cousin falling in love with him ingame and then finding out about her incestuous feelings irl then crying and being depressed, really don't know why they went that route, unless it's a rule that every girl including family has to fall in love with him (I know that love and even marriage between cousins is not uncommon in Japan but she's basically his sister)
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  13. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ok, I agree that Naruto is a better show than dragon ball in stuff like development, but my question is have you seen the original dragon ball, because in my opinion it did an amazing job with it's fights and characters
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  14. I've seen the original. DB could use a few fillers to take a break from the main story, relieve the stress, and allow more development like Naruto, the problem with Naruto's fillers is that some of them are recycled scenes so you're watching the same exact episode that happened 50 episodes ago, side arcs are all right though
  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yeah I remember one of the fillers was literally just a copy of zabuza and haku's arc
  16. Well, note that Naruto actually has some semblance of what can be considered a well defined plot, while DBZ has nothing of that sort. I'm not defending Dragon Ball for not having plot and fleshed out characters, but for the type of show it is, it did it's job well.

    As for SAO, it hits just about all the tropes that would be considered standard for a shonen these days, and if you look at it without a critical eye its also enjoyable. As for the romance..? Alfiem really killed Asuna's umph, and she was essentially absent for GGO, but she got her arc during Mother's Rosario, and Kirito did lose...once? To Yuuki.

    Romance in shonen is generally Iffy, but I particularly like the romance in Alderamin on the Sky, or rather the relationship dynamic between the main leads, Ikta Solork and Yatorishino Igsem.
    The development of thier relationship isn't really shown in the anime (They only have like one flashback to their childhood.) but the relationship that exists between them is nice.

    Thier relationship is a bittersweet one that I can respect for not having the female character abruptly change her values and put love above all else.

    It requires a bit of background to truly understand this and I'll try to go over it with minimal spoilers.

    They both hail from distinguished military families, but the real crux of the matter lies with Yatori's family, the Igsem. The Igsem have an inviolable reputation of valuing orders above all else, and that reputation practically dictates the actions of the clan and its members.

    I'll paraphrase the scene since the only clip of it on YouTube isn't English.
    During a particular battle they become allies with a tribe who they'd recently been fighting, and naturally, not everyone is too content about it. When a small argument breaks out, Yatorishino asserts that sometimes a soldier must put aside their feelings to accomplish the given task, and one of the side characters retorts with,

    'So if you were given the order to kill Ikta, would you do it?'

    Yatorishino states that the question is hundreds of years too late as the Igsem family is pledged to the empire, and will complete any orders assigned to it. A moment passes and Ikta follows up asking how she will dispose of him if she's given the order. Her reply, and what makes me like thier relationship dynamic so much is;

    'First I'll do everything I can to kill Yatorishino. I'll rip apart her soul, grind it to a fine dust and throw that dust to the flames. Ensuring that she's annihilated, never to return to life. Then, the one that remains, Igsem, will dispatch you.'

    And Ikta retorts with,

    'Then...until the moment those gleaming blades meet my neck, I'll think about how I lost you.'

    With that done; the next Opinion, Naruto has well written romance.
  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    All trolling aside, harem series are interchangeable garbage. You see one, you've seen them all. All they consist of is a generic male protagonist who has absolutely no personality just so he can be a vessel for male viewers to insert themselves into surrounded by one dimensional females known only for their single personality trait. Tsundere? Check! Genki girl? Check! Shy girl? Check! Girl who will stop at nothing to get the D? Check! And don't forget the loli! Add a yandere for shits and giggles. Bonus points if one of these is the childhood friend or even his cousin/sister! I don't care what coat of paint they use, high school, hot spring inn, or if all the girls are monsters chasing after a mere human. The worst part is you generally know which girl he likes from the very beginning, he just lacks the balls to tell her that he likes her and tell the rest to fuck off and stop interfering with. It's all the same nonsense over and over again every season.
  18. I don't get the obsession with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Don't get me wrong, I do tend to enjoy them, however I feel they are not as good as they claim. They drag way too long in the story-line and the fight scenes can be repetitive and boring. I tend not to watch all the episodes and focus on some of the main part of the story, avoiding fillers and just down right annoying fights.
  19. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Time to raise this thread from the ashes with three glorious words: Fairy Tail sucks

    I'm not the biggest anime fan in the world, but I can usually see why other people might like some of these shows. Fairy Tail is one where I honestly don't have a clue what the appeal is supposed to be, I gave it a shot after hearing good things about it and what I got was a series that was 90% boring and 10% fanservice.

    Naruto Shippudden is another one that can eat shit. I quite liked the first season minus the massive filler arc that ended it. Then Shippudden finally started at long last and after a promising start decided that spamming flashbacks was more important than progressing the plot. I don't need flashbacks, I was there, I saw the first season, I haven't forgotten any of these things. It got better near the end, but by then the damage was done.

    Also because I am obligated to say this whenever appropriate, the Pokemon anime has been garbage since Johto.
  20. Ahaha, well Fairy Tail is your standard Battle Shounen and I know quite a few people who are just suckers for the appeal of the power of friendship and all that good stuff. It has it's good plot twists at times and also utter disappointments, but overall I would say its a good enough show. It did pretty much what it set out to do, and in that regards its pretty amazing. Personally the ending of the Manga combined with the fact that Fairy Tail (2018) was almost entirely composed of filler arcs....kinda killed most of my interest in the world.

    As for Naruto... well, I won't even argue that point. The ending is rather controversial even among those who like it.

    I'd say try your hand at one of those new Shounen who are supposed to come in and replace the likes of Naruto, Bleach, and FT which either are ending or have already ended. I've heard mixed views about Black Clover, but I haven't watched it yet so I'll stay quiet. Rising of the Shield Hero is one I'd recommend, but I'm going based off my memory of the Webnovel rather than the Manga, the latter of which is what I hear the anime is based off. It's more a niche interest since people tend to disagree with the cynicism the show tries to paint the world in, but hey, for those who can enjoy that it's a good show.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd argue against you, but you're KoL. :'(
    (I do love Fairy Tail though despite all of its faults, so haters gonna hate~)

    Right, this is my first time noticing this topic, so time to have some fun!
    • Eureka Seven is too long and outstays its welcome. I cared about it in the beginning but had to drag myself through the final 15-some episodes. The main character's romantic relationship bored me, too.
    • Makoto Shinkai continuously makes the same movie, and Your Name was the first in ages that actually felt complete. As a side note, beyond Your Name the only film of his that I've truly loved was Voices of a Distant Star (which desperately deserves a remake with updated artwork).
    • Some isekai are golden. That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime, for example, is utterly lovely and one of the best new anime of 2018.
    • Digimon Tamers was better than Digimon Adventure 01/02. (May or may not be unpopular opinion)
    • Studio Trigger has only made one excellent series (Kill la Kill), and most of its series since have been flawed - if not outright boring in places. Even Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is often labeled a Trigger series despite being a co-production, loses its way during the second half...
    • Today's Menu for the Emiya Family is quite possibly the best anime within the Fate franchise. If anything, it's an incredibly refreshing watch and actually makes sense! :p
    I think I better just post this now and get back to my job. :'|

    Side notes: Despite its flaws, I love the Sword Art Online universe, overall Naruto ended up being an excellent shonen series, Dragon Ball GT is nowhere near as terrible as some people make it out to be, I liked Yuri on Ice well before realizing the main character was gay (and continued liking it after discovering such), Black Clover is a poor man's Naruto, and I love My Hero Academia.

    And I agree with @Aura. All waifus who aren't my waifu are trash. :angel:
  22. I like SAO, it was a good anime. At least the first half of season 1 after that it was still fun to watch but the character relationships got weird with the whole little sis in love and all.
    Though I would have loved it more if it stayed true to its title and only focused on the SAO game instead of just going around to different VR games. So have the entire story in just SAO and not have it end in only 12 episodes before moving to a new game.
    Like the romance is nice and all but I would have enjoyed it even more if I got to watch the characters struggle and fight for freedom up those 75 floors, the creation of the guilds and the grieving of friends after every boss raid. I heard SAO progressive is gonna be about the journey up Aincard but I also heard that it is only sub-par
  23. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has become my favorite anime of all time, but I prefer the dub over the sub.
  24. My Hero Academia is better in the Dub, as with Ouran High School Host Club.
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  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's actually an interesting opinion, and not the first time I've heard it - for either shows. I've not watched any of MHA dubbed yet but if I was ever to rewatch it from the beginning, I think I would.

    Some dubs are pretty good! I prefer Cowboy Bebop dubbed over the original Japanese audio, but I'm not sure that's an unpopular opinion...
  26. Dubbed over subbed is a pretty unpopular opinion unless you're talking about something universally agreed upon, like Dragon Ball Z dubbed is just wayyy better than the subbed xD

    Likewise, I haven't heard the MHA dubbed so I wouldn't really know.

    Hmmm, unpopular opinion, Goku's pretty weak in the wider world of Anime, so people should stop pitting him against Superman and then using that as a basis for the general strength of anime characters.
  27. Naruto was my first fandom and while I love a lot of the characters, I wished the fandom stopped kissing the ground Kishimoto walks and defending him with excuses. At most, I enjoy Naruto out of nostalgia, however it is so poorly written that it's infuriating to look at with a literary lens. Of course, the fandom will rage quit if you dare suggest Naruto isn't perfect and assume you're just somebody that's a Naruto hater. Naruto as a concept is great, but the execution is absolutely terrible and just because it has some well-written characters, a few smart chapters, or stimulating character development doesn't erase its mountain of flaws.
    *illiterately gets off my soapbox*
  28. Retarded Otaku

    Retarded Otaku Previously Retarded pokémonfanboy

    I am a DBZ fan, but I hate that other DBZ fans say stuff like „Goku is stronger than Superman“. If they would actually read the Superman comics they would know that Superman is stronger than goku.

    I don‘t really like those edgy characters in anime (Karma, Todoroki and more). I don’t get why everyone loves them, like seriously, would you like a person who wants to kill or hurt you for no real reason?

    Btw everyone likes the dubbed version of DBZ more than the sub, but I actually prefer the dub because I think some dubbed voices are either too deep or the script is just bad.

    PS. Sorry for my bad english.

    Another unpopular opinion: I like both, Naruto AND DB. Every time I say something like that people call me a DBZ-Tard and it is soooo annoying! :( Why can‘t we just relax and respect each other’s opinion? They are just cartoons so why do people get triggered when I like both of them?
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  29. In bleach a lot of people hate the bount arc "too long", "it's boring" or "ichigo should have been stronger". I thought the bount arc was really cool. Yes I seen the arrancar arc it was great however the bount arc is still one of my favorites.
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  30. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Am I really about to argue with a year old post?

    You're damn right I am.

    Okay, Dragon Ball, while being fairly simple, has FANTASTIC characterization over the series. I know this will probably sound like the typical DBZ-Tard arguments, but characters like Vegeta and Piccolo have tangable and noticable growth. While Piccolo's is shorter, it is very effective. Him and Gohan's early training sessions before the sayain's arrival, where he learns from Gohan's young optimisim, starts to see him more than just a another fighter, but as an actual person. Gohan is the first person to not see him as the new incarnation of Demon King, and that includes himself. He gains a bit of humanity from Gohan and in turn, Gohan respects Piccolo's wishes, and trains to become a fighter. In the end, Piccolo activley sacrifices himself for Gohan, with no regrets.

    Touching on Gohan himself, his growth from reluctent fighter, to accepting his natural power and using this power he was given for good in the fight with Cell is stellar.

    Then theres Vegeta. Listen, everyone talks about Vegeta, and its for good reason. Hes the poster child for development in DB. You can't tell me a character who went from willing to back stab his allies and only caring about getting stronger, to risking and eventually sacraficing his life for his new home doesn't have development.

    Okay, thats all I got for now. Yeah, Dragon Ball can be Shonen Trash, but it can also be really damn thoughtful. Also, its one of my favorite illustrated Mangas.
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  31. Well, you're not really arguing with my post. What I'm actually criticizing is Dragon Ball's excessive focus on power to win fights and never-ending forms to the point that it becomes a clusterfuck. A show wouldn’t need to pull another new form from its ass if it just uses the ones it already has more smartly.

    Anyway thanks for responding. I'd forgotten there were other things to talk about here than RP, which I'm already sick of...
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  32. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    While there is a lot to crtitisize DB on when it comes to power scaling and fights, I still think there are a lot of cases where it does boil down to more than just "I have higher number" Early Dragon Ball is probably the best example of this at work. A lot of it is clever techniques, or just straight up fun martial arts. But to be fair, most shonens do fall into this rut. Early Nartuo was pretty good, but by the end the power scaling was just too ridicious. Dragon Ball and Naruto are a lot a like, and I think the one thing that makes me like Dragon Ball just a little bit more is the characters. I love a lot of Naruto characters. Even when I was in my edgy "I hate ALL Naruto things" phase, I still fondly remembered many of the cast. With two notable exceptions. Naruto and Sasuke. I just can't get into these characters or care about their conflicts. While DB has a consistent enjoyable cast of characters that I like seeing in these situations. Now I don't wanna seem like a DB Tard, I'm just sharing my opinion. And I respect yours as well.
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  33. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    If I were to add another unpopular opinion to this it would be that I don’t get the hate towards Mineta from BNHA. I like perverted characters, even if it’s an overused trope, and I think Mineta plays his role well. He’s pretty funny and I love his and Kaminari’s friendship.

    And is it an unpopular opinion to say I’m not the biggest fan of Naruto Shippuden? Cause I’m definitely not. Naruto part 1 was great, but when it got to Shippuden it started to lose its charm in my eyes and became less interesting, even if it still kept its great fights.
  34. clearly a civilized person... *cheers*

    Dragon ball was cool. Krillin is one of my favorite characters in dragon ball... He's never going to be as amazing as goku ,but he was always there for goku. He trained with goku when they were itty bitty things.

    Goku and krillin were ballin in their youth...

    He got his *** handed to him on a regular basis like groceries ,but he took those beatings like a champ!

    and despite how many people wish tien was the strongest earthling he's not. Ya boy krillin has always owned that position and always will.

    besides... you can't tell me this dude ain't cool!

    I'm not trying to hate on ya boi naruto ,but naruto was obviously a fan of krillins work.
  35. Stroheim from Jojo Part 2: Battle Tendency is still a horrible person, even if you think he was respectable for what he did. Because Stroheim was a nazi, and nazis are bad. Like, really bad.

    He's in general a cruel jerkass who did killed all the people of a Mexican village except for one boy, and turned at least one person into a vampire knowingly. Who's probably traumatized for the rest of his life. He's also responsible for waking up Sanviento/Santana, despite knowing the Pillar Men where a threat in the first place. He also tortured Old Man Speedwagon which is similarly a douche move. He 100% deserved to die however he died in the battle of Stalingrad, and certainly doesn't deserve better than some of the characters who died in cruel ways throughout Jojo.

    Yet a lot of people tend to think Stroheim was "respectable" because he teamed with Joseph in the end. No. No, he's not. He's literally ensuring the survival of all of humanity. Which he is a part of. None of the Bizarre adventure really changed his ways other than being a cyborg, considering he immediately went back to the battlefield after the whole Pillar Men incident. Though I do wonder what ended up killing him in the end. Supplies ran out? A russian super cyborg?

    tl;dr Stroheim is an entertaining Nazi, but he's also a goddamn Nazi.
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  36. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Some of you are talking about Naruto, so I guess I'll pitch in...
    I personally LOVE Naruto. It has great fighting scenes, characters, and it can be very sad. I know this because I've cried during most episodes...hehe...*sigh*

    And for SAO, I like it as well.
    JJBA, never seen it...
    Dragon Ball, also never seen it...
    Fairy Tale is great!!
    AND, I like The Haunted House, it pretty kid friendly, a little dark but eh...
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  37. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’m not big on SAO (as stated before.) They trick you every season thinking it’s gonna good or at least ok, and theeeen you have you have a realisation...it’s shit. Kirito is the dictionary definition of a Mary Sue, I liked Asuna at first, but then she just pretty much became a damsel in distress. Klein is the best character in the show and should’ve got more screen time and that’s all I’m gonna say about SAO, just know I gave it ALOT of chances.

    I think Fairy Tail is meh, and has bullshit power ups, though I gotta say it was pretty charming in the beginning.

    I highly suggest you watch both Jojo and Dragon Ball, maybe not super, spoiler: It’s not that good.
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  38. okay so maybe this doesn't count but....

    pokemon xyz is amazing.
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  39. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’d say it does. You don’t really here people call the Pokemon anime in general amazing. Though people do seem to agree that XYZ is the best season, so I’m not really sure there.

    I personally think it’s ok, better than SAO and Fairy Tail. It has awesome Pokemon battles. Ash Greninja is pretty dumb, but also pretty cool.
  40. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    I thought Ash Greninja was awesome! Never seen anything like it!
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