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Private/Closed Unova Under Attack!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PKMN Trainer Sedna, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Unova Under Attack!

    Pinwheel Forest, Unova

    The hidden society located in the forest known as Pinwheel Forest was up and running. It was near the middle of the night, most people had already gone asleep but some brave souls were up and taking watch. The houses were instead tree houses to better avoid detection from aerial units controlled by Neo-Plasma and the trunks of certain trees were hollowed out in spots to serve as guard towers and areas where someone could watch out from. A society of some two hundred men and women as well as children who weren't captured and forced to train a certain way by Team Plasma were gathered in scattered locations of the forest but each had a way to communicate with each other in times of danger. The sky was partly cloudy and the moon was out bright as ever, casting even the slightest shadows onto the trees and grassy lands.

    Vincent stood on the floor of the forest with the slight breeze blowing through his clothing. He was running his daily scout objective, making sure that Team Plasma hadn't discovered their hiding place but oddly enough there hadn't been a man or woman in sight. The forest was mainly quiet given the amount of people up in the trees, so he wouldn't hear them unless they were yelling or shouting. Flareon was at his side, sniffing the ground to see if she could pick up a track of any Team Plasma members but she found nothing. This was both alarming and soothing... Maybe Team Plasma had given up on looking for any sort of stragglers and moved onto structuring their perimeters? Vincent couldn't know and he wouldn't know unless they captured a Team Plasma grunt or something which, as inhumane as they are, would be just as bad.

    "Flar..." Flareon looked up at him with a calm look - his poor pokemon was probably tired already since they had been on scout for the last two hours. One more hour was left before the next person would take over, he didn't know. Since he knew everyone on the job, though, he knew that it was in well hands as everyone was well equipped with strong or agile pokemon to make up where their low ends lacked. In just this forest alone, you would hardly believe that there was a cruel world outside of it. Near towns were governed strictly with Team Plasma grunts always on patrol and anyone who was caught out in the streets after midnight would be given disciplinary actions of unknown kinds. It was rumored that people who are caught often disappear.

    "I know, buddy. Don't worry, just a little bit longer. I can have Serperior come out to take over if you're tired." Vincent said quietly, but Flareon shook off. She was likely only doing this to prove to her trainer that she was fully capable. The only problem with this was that it wasn't about proving - it was about being cautious and observant. If Flareon got any more sleepy, he would be required to call her back to avoid anyone discovering their hideout.

    Nacrene City, Unova

    Meanwhile, in Nacrene City, Team Plasma was fully aware of the presence of the "secret" base in Pinwheel Forest. They had just learned the location after a Plasma grunt snuck into the forest on accident and discovered the treehouses after someone accidently dropped something out of one of the buildings. Now, the night was coming to raid the forest. It was best to attack something while the night was young so that everyone would be caught off guard. The chance was now.

    "It will be done, Lord Ghetsis." Valerie spoke through her Xtransceiver, tapping the 'end call' function on the side before putting her hood up. Due to the darkness outside and the overhang of the hood itself, her eyes were shadowed completely and unable to be seen without proper light. Behind her, about a dozen Team Plasma grunts were stacked up in formation in a 6 x 2 formation forming a small wall behind her. "Let's go!" She barked with fueled determination to carry out the order that her boss gave her. Most grunts take their job seriously but to an extent, but Ghetsis believed in her and she wasn't going to let that go to waste. In the back of her mind, though, she hoped that she wouldn't see her twin brother in the forest because she would pull her punches too much and... that could mean trouble. They started out on foot.

    It would be an hour before they would arrive at an attack location.
  2. L'loyd woke from his sleep in a cold sweat, "something's wrong" he thought, "I know this is kina against the rule but I'm going on a walk, Zoro you wanna come?" He whispered to the fox pokemon beside his bed, Zoroark woke up an nodded. The two silently got out of bed and left the tree house. "It's so serene out here, but also somewhat eerie... does that make sense to you?" L'loyd said to himself and Zoro as they casually strolled through the night. "Last night... Last night I dreamt of Fire, but not just any fire." L'loyd shuttered, "Pokemon Fire, from team plasma. It felt wrong" Zoroark looked up at L'loyd with a concerned face. While they were walking L'loyd looked down and saw that Zoro had begun to whimper and transform into a Rattata, the two ran behind a tree, "What is it?"L'loyd whispered in a panic and he ducked. Zoroark pointed towards a group marching through the forest towards the camp "plasma..." he uttered
  3. Vincent picked up on the... off feeling in the forest. There never was a bulk of sound booming through the forest at night but the occasional Hoothoot or Noctowl. This time, however, there was hardly any noise which only happens when...

    He and Flareon looked up at the sight of L'loyd appearing in their vision. Nobody but guards were supposed to be up and at 'em at midnight without consent from the group to make sure nobody got lost or hurt without anyone noticing. It was a simple rule that up until now, practically everyone followed. Vincent thought about calling out to the boy but when the sound of a whimper as they approached confirmed their suspicions. Someone or something was approaching and whatever it was, there was no hope of democracy.

    "What's going on...?"

    The night was shredded, simply torn apart, at the sudden bass of voices coming from Pinwheel Forest's entrance.


    All of a sudden, a dozen men came rushing past L'loyd and directly at Vincent at full force. Thankfully, in the night time moonlight, they didn't notice him yet but he was able to duck out of the way behind a large rock in the ground. The problem was... Team Plasma never rushes out so recklessly unless they are about to attack. It was when the boy connected the dots that a sudden explosion of pokeballs erupting open and sending the contents of the pokemon inside - outwards, filled the air around the treehouse town in Pinwheel Forests. As if a killswitch was engaged, Houndoom, Garbodor, and Golbat all swarmed around the bases of trees with their fangs and weapons on the ready. All that remained was...

    Valerie stepped forward, her footsteps practically silent as she stood behind the mass of men and women all working for Neo-Plasma. "Flamethrower and Sludge Bomb." The killswitch was flipped at the female voice, as flames erupted from the mouths of pokemon and poison was hurtled at trees with force to quickly wilter and demolish all the living trees in the area if they weren't stopped.

    Vincent moved as fast as he could - not quite recognizing the girl voice behind the attack command, towards L'loyd with frantic panic in his actions. Just a few minutes ago it was peace... now, it was a warzone. People from all over the town jumped down through emergency exits and battled it out with the Team Plasma grunts - a battlefield nearly the size of the entire forest was becoming a bigger and bigger reality as Vincent gulped. "Come on! We got to help our friends! Flareon, let's go!"
  4. Riley pulled the jacket tighter around her shoulders, her breath coming out as a dense fog in the chilled night air. She was perched in one of the thick, hollowed-out trees overlooking the forest and her comrades below, watching for any sign of suspicious movement. Chimecho floated in front of her, eerie yellow eyes glowing slightly in the dark. Chimecho was almost always Riley's choice of partner when she was on guard duty at night; a naturally nocturnal Pokèmon, Chimecho could see reasonably well in the dark and possessed a powerful voice that could alert her and, theoretically, most of the camp to any threat she spotted. At least, that was the idea. They hadn't had the need for such alarm, even with tensions as high as they were. Riley yawned.

    The crack of the tree below her came a split second before Chimecho's startled, loud cries that echoed through the forest along with the snapping of wood. At first, Riley thought that the attack hadn't done much damage, but the tree shuddered violently and she realized that the poison was eating away at the wood. Startled at the movement, the young woman made an attempt to climb down to escape, but before she could get far the entire thing lurched to the side. She yelped as she fell the rest of the way down, landing with a grunt on hard packed soil. Vegetation scratched at her face and skin and she was left winded, but she'd managed to avoid head injury, at least.

    Riley rolled out of the way before the tree could have a chance to fall the rest of the way, and rose to her feet. She poised herself to fight, but the flames from Plasma's attack had been aimed at the trees specifically, and as such ignited much of the brush around them. It was disorienting, to say the least, and her eyes watered wiith smoke. There were still some people in the treehouses that would be trapped if the flames spread too far.

    "Pelipper!" She called between a fit of coughing, tossing a Pokeball into the air. It erupted in a shower of red, and the newly released Pokèmon squawked in alarm. "Rain Dance! Let's see if we can tamper these flames!"

    Pelipper's body glowed a faint blue color, and a deep crack of thunder was heard before Riley felt cold, welcome raindrops hit her face. The rain increased in intensity, but it was only to slow the damage; after all, Riley knew it wasn't guaranteed to put the fires out.

    Meanwhile, Mika found herself taking her place beside her comrades as they all sent out their own Pokemon. She called out Swellow herself, one of her more vicious Pokèmon. The Flying-type also wasn't as sensitive to heat as Scizor or Froslass, so it was a calculated move on her part. "Air Slash at those that are still in the trees," she told Swellow. She did as instructed, using the cover of smoke to strike at shapes that caught its eye in the trees with its sharp wings.
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  5. Wyatt’s contacts had been right about Team Plasma. They had also not only smuggled him into Unova but ensured a meeting between him and the resistance forces. Wyatt was...wildly unimpressed to say the least.

    Most of the resistance forces were barely adults. To compound that, some operated with a moral compass that had no place in a time of war. In Wyatt’s mind Team Plasma had crossed a line that they couldn’t come back from, he intended to take no prisoners.

    Despite his core beliefs clashing with the rebellion’s own, Wyatt still opted to work with them, albeit on his own terms. He refused to believe that these people could be so naive to believe that these criminals could be reasoned with. That was why he had volunteered for a long patrol route, to clear his mind and steel his resolve.

    However, when Wyatt reached the first checkpoint he recognized that something was amiss. The guards stationed there were absent and the forest was deathly quiet. Wyatt climbed up the ladder leading into the outpost and it was there that he found the two guards.

    Both sat motionless, expressions of terror etched into their faces with Crobat bite wounds on their necks. They had both died before even being able to stand. Wyatt’s eyes widened in shock, Plasma had found them!

    Wyatt slid back down the makeshift ladder, the rope singeing his hands as he did so. When his feet touched the ground, Wyatt drew forth a single Pokéball and tossed it forward as he sprinted towards the location his beast would emerge on.

    Hydreigon, back to the base! He yelled as he began to climb onto her back.

    The massive beast let out a single terrible roar before lifting off from the ground. Wyatt gripped on tight as his Hydreigon soared towards the home base, her speed matched the intensity of his command. In less then a minute, Wyatt saw the Plasma forces engaging the resistance forces and his eyes narrowed.

    Hydreigon, Flamethrower! Wyatt shouted, his voice barely breaking the roar of the wind. “And don’t spare any of these Plasma fodder! He continued.

    Wyatt’s Hydreigon let out a mighty roar as she approached from Plasma forces rear. Her three heads opened their mouths and would spew molten fire down upon their ranks. That is, unless they could react to Wyatt’s flank in enough time to avoid the destruction that would follow in his wake.
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  6. Team Plasma was going to work on the tree. In just a half minute already three or four trees were starting to collapse and certain treehouses were dropping into the ground in loud booms. The area was lit up like a campfire but the Rain Dance helped a lot, easing some of the more massive flames. It was obvious that more water would be needed but at that rate, it was helpful more than anything.

    The Hydreigon blasted a flamethrower at the grunts from behind and made direct impacts to them and their pokemon. The three that took the hit noticed their pokemon were down and called them back before sprinting full speed out of the forest.

    "Hmph." Valerie hummed to herself as she noticed the Hydreigon. Obviously it needed to be dealt with sooner rather than later but she had her pokemon focused on attacking any stragglers that would attempt to flee the forest.

    Vincent, however, had the Hydreigon's back as he ordered his Flareon to attack.

    "Flare Blitz on that Garbodor!" Vincent yelled out as his Flareon engulfed herself in a bright red almost blue flame before flying at the Garbodor. The impact sent the trash pokemon shimmering back and from there, unconscious on its back. The fire was spreading a little slower now due to the decrease in Houndoom and Garbodor. Now, only 7 members remained and they all condensed their power as one, aiming at single trees and vaporizing them with high speeds. "We need to do something about those grunts!"

    It was when Vincent approached that he noticed the leader, Valerie, standing with her back turned to him, watching the Hydreigon swoop around at the advantage height. She tossed up a pokeball that was dressed with black instead, it exploded open with a reduced flash of light and sent out her Volcorona.

    "Fire Blast, at that Hydreigon." Valerie spoke softly as the fire bug pokemon coiled in a moment to charge the flame move before carefully launching the fire blast at the moving Hydreigon, That is, if it hits.

    The battle was starting to look more fair and even now with the rebels earning their ground back so long as they deal with the flames.
  7. Travis had woken on the ground amongst wreckage and fallen trees. The sky lit up with bright flames and all around the resistance were battling both Team Plasma and raging fires which threatened the forest. Travis got to his feet and doing what he did best, rushed at the closest grunt. The grunt turned to meet him and unleashed his Golbat, an abomination of a creature, its fangs dripping with poison.

    "Eelektross, come out!!" Travis roared as his Pokemon leapt from its ball. It writhed in glee in the rain before rising to challenge the Golbat. "Eelektross, use thunderbolt!". Eelektross curled up and unleashed a stream of electricity from its body, lighting up the dark of the night.

    "Golbat, dodge and use poison fang." The grunt commanded, as Eelektross's attack flew past. Golbat screeched and flew towards Eelektross, sinking its fangs into its body then returning. Eelektross faltered, its strength waning. It slithered up but could barely fight, it was outmatched greatly by this Golbat. It was then that Travis noticed the rain and he had an idea.

    "Eelektross, use Thunder!" Eelektross's body glistened and then it cried out, a deafening cry which echoed through the forest and a a bolt of lightning crashed from the rain clouds, striking the Golbat and knocking it out. The grunt called it back and retreated. But there were still other grunts to face and a fire to stop.
  8. A lot of the men and women who lived in the forest were being taken by a select couple of the remaining Team Plasma grunts so the population was dying down quickly. However, with a new trainer helping out the resistance, the tides were turning quickly in favor of them.

    "Valerie!?" Vincent blurted out without thinking. Was this where his sister had gone all of this time? Had she been carrying out animalistic and evil missions at the word of Ghetsis? Best friends from birth, she was now working against him? This had to be fake. That was the only way he could cope with the fact that his twin sister was standing before him but with her back turned, watching the attack on the Hydreigon. "What are you DOING!?"

    Valerie recoiled and slowly turned around, also surprised at the sound of a familiar voice which she pinpointed as Vincent. She hadnt seen the boy in a year and here he was, standing opposite of her with a Flareon at his side. "I see you've been working against us. How unfortunate--"

    "What are you DOING working for Team Plasma!? Don't you know Ghetsis is using you like he always does! That's what he did to N!" Vincent blurted out, his voice dripping with anger and energy, just wishing to get an explanation out of Valerie but she wasn't going to. Instead, her Volcorona turned around to face Vincent as well and fluttered at her side two feet above the ground.

    "I'm sorry you chose incorrectly... But Eevee needs me. Your pokemon needs you too, but I know your heart is made of gold. So, you're my enemy now, brother." Valerie spoke with a charged attitude, feeling like she was going to snap at him at any second. "Volcorona! Fire Blast!"

    "Flareon, Fire Blast too!"

    Both flame attacks collided and exploded in the air, heating up the surrounding areas with immense flames. However, no trees caught fire. Instead, a Team Plasma member sent their Golbat at his Flareon. After he defeated it, he noticed that the woman he knew as his sister was gone and had disappeared while he was distracted.

    Now only a couple of Team Plasma grunts remain, and the fires were starting to die down now thanks to Rain Dance. It was almost guaranteed that they would have won but things were different now.
  9. "Crustle, use shell smash!"

    The stone shattered and Crustle leaped out at the Houndoom, taking it by surprise. It scuttled over its back and tormented it as it spewed fire which couldn't hit its mark. "Now use Rock Slide!" A hole opened above Houndoom and boulders began to rain onto it. Within moments the Pokemon could no longer be seen underneath the small landslide. The grunt withdrew his Pokemon and fled. Travis smirked but victory had not yet been claimed.

    Travis recalled Crustle and took off. He had not had time to heal Eelektross and it lay coiled around his neck, shuddering as the poison harmed it more and more. Over towards the remains of the camp, resistance members were fighting the few remaining grunts. Travis could spare them a few moments. "Come out, Accelgor." The Pokemon appeared at his side and looked up to him with a glint in its eye.

    "Please Accelgor, run into the forest and find a Pecha Berry." Eelektross tightened as the agony of poison consumed it. Accelgor nodded and sprinted into the forest with impossible speed. Travis knelt on the floor and held his Pokemon in his arms, comforting it. Tynamo was his mothers Pokemon and seeing it writhing in pain in front of him brought about a feeling worse than torture. A tear ran down his face and dripped from his cheek as the rain continued to drizzle around the forest.
  10. Just before Team Plasma unleashed mayhem, Wolf was roaming through the forest with his music blaring through his earphones. It was only when he saw unusual orange flashes of light he realized something was wrong. He called back his trusty Fraxure, who was sharpening its tusks on a rock two feet away from Wolf. He put the Pokéball in his backpack and sprinted towards the fire and smoke. Didn't my father tell me NOT to run towards fire?, he thought to himself as he felt the heat of the flames in front of him. When he reached what used to be his camp, there was chaos and destruction. Huts were burning, trainers were fending off incoming Golbats and Crobats and Team Plasma grunts were demanding even more Flamethrower and Sludge Bomb attacks.

    Wolf was uncertain what to do, only having arrived at the camp merely a week ago. He didn't want to put his Pokémon at risk, but didn't want to abandon the brave trainers that were fighting for their lives and those of many others behind. "Go, Bouffalant!" Wolf cried out as he threw the Pokéball in the air, the Normal-type Bouffalant bellowing loudly as he lands in front of Wolf. "Lets save some of those trainers." Wolf says as he climbs on the Pokémon's back.


    Meanwhile Alyssa was in the Team Plasma headquarters, observing everything on a large screen in the main area. She wasn't a fan of actions like this, her heart too pure to be a part of a deed so sickly. All the time she was wondering if Wolf was one of the trainers that were targeted by this attack. "Squad B1 and B2, you're up." A higher rated grunt commands as a dozen grunts, including Alyssa, get off their chairs and hasten into their assigned positions. They form two neat lines of six, pairing up with another grunt. "You have your orders. Follow them closely, you know what is at stake here." The leader of the pack says before marching out of the HQ and entering the Plasma truck. They drove towards the Pinwheel Forest, preparing the second stage of their vicious attack.
  11. The second phase of the assault arrived on the opposite side of Pinwheel Forest, catching the trainers off guard. Suddenly, the roaring of a truck cut Vincent's thinking in half as two dozen Plasma men and women came hurtling out of the back of the truck and all released their pokemon to attack.

    "Damn... I let my guard down too early...!" Vincent blurted out as he grabbed a pokeball. "Braviary! Come on--OUT!" He yelled afterwards, the pokeball exploding open and revealing his bird.

    The only problem with everything here was that if it continued at the rate it was, Pinwheel would be burnt to the floor. He could only hope that there weren't enough troops to keep constantly feeding the thread of attacks but if they kept coming it would be a nightmare that wouldn't end. The thought of abandoning the forest and finding somewhere else was coming to head but... The people were still fighting so he felt responsible to fight as well.

    "Braviary! Brave Bird!"

    His bird pokemon engulfed itself in blue energy before bolting at a Houndoom and sending it flying back at its trainer in a flash of light, an explosion. One down from the new group of opposing Team Plasma grunts. He could only hope his friends and allies were holding up.


    Meanwhile, Valerie arrived back at the Plasma HQ on the back of her Mandibuzz and entered. She would help with Alyssa at commanding the battlefield from a safe distance. There were enough troops to - if not capture everyone - atleast burn their housing down.

    "Alyssa." Valerie greeted her with a nod as she stood to her right. "How are we looking in Pinwheel?"
  12. Accelgor ran back through the forest carrying a singed Pecha Berry. It approached Travis with speed."Thank you Accelgor." Traves fed the Pecha Berry to Eelektross and returned it to its Pokeball. He stood up, and cleared his head. For now his Pokemon were safe. A screech of tires sounded the entrance of a vehicle. A truck bolted into the clearing and stopped. Plasma Grunts filed out and began to wreak havoc with their Pokemon. The camp was already in ruins, there would be nothing left if Travis stood and watched.

    "Lets go Accelgor," Travis muttered. Travis crouched in a shrub near the Grunts. They had the usual Houndoom and Garbodor, but Liepard and Scrafty were visible as well. A solitary Grunt and a Liepard began to approach their hiding spot. Travis readied himself and rose to challenge them. "Go Accelgor, use Water Shuriken!" Accelgor produced discs from beneath its robes and flung them at Liepard. It jumped back in surprise."Now use Bug Buzz!". Accelgor produced a wave of energy which hit the Liepard, fainting it instantly. The Grunt recalled Liepard and began to call for others. Travis looked around desperately for help.
  13. "Bouffalant, I want you to Head Charge at that Houndoom!" Wolf shouted as he jumped off his Pokémon's back, allowing it to obey his command and attack the Team Plasma Pokémon. It was one of the few remaining Houndoom's left, and with that one eliminated the battle would soon be won. Little did he know. The Bouffalant charged at the Houndoom, nearly piercing its skin with its long horns. The Houndoom flew back, dropping to the floor in agony and letting out a final cry before being recalled by its trainer. This side of Pinwheel Forest was almost cleared of grunts, and Wolf put Bouffalant back in its Pokéball.

    It was only when he heard the loud screeching of tires coming from the other side of Pinwheel Forest that his euphoria soon faded away. "Nuzleaf, it's your turn!" Wolf cried out as he released Nuzleaf from its Pokéball. Rather than landing in the ground, it popped out of its ball and straight into a tree, its natural habitat. "I want you to Feint Attack, catch them by surprise." Wolf commanded the Grass-type Pokémon, to which it swiftly jumped from tree to tree, gaining momentum on his way to the other side of the forest. Wolf tried to follow him as closely as he could, quickly losing his Pokémon out of his sight. Looking around to see if he could spot the Nuzleaf, something tackled Wolf which threw him off his balance and onto the dirt. Standing over him was a Liepard, readying an attack. He turned away, accepting his imminent death, when all of a sudden the Liepard gets hit by a Water Shuriken, followed by a Bug Buzz. Wolf scouted the area for the Pokémon and trainer responsible for that attack. "Thanks." He sighed as he rose back to his feet, an Accelgor proudly standing near its trainer.


    Alyssa kept her eyes on the screen, not missing a second of the ongoing action in the forest. "Everything is going according to plan, ma'am." She replied to Valerie. Valerie was just one rank higher than her, but she had specific orders from Ghetsis himself to address everyone with their respective titles. Alyssa's heart was beating fast while she saw the forest being burnt to the ground. She clenched her fists in her pocket, wishing there was something she could do about it. "What exactly is the plan, ma'am?" She enquired, glancing at Valerie by her side. She was scared to hear the answer, the idea that Wolf is in that forest in the back of her head. She couldn't imagine something happening to him. She thought he hated her, and he had every right to. That didn't mean she did not care for him anymore.
  14. Travis took his newfound comrade and ran through the forest. Their aim was to locate more trainers to launch an attack on the Grunts. They also needed to keep an eye out for Vincent, who was on patrol prior to the beginning of the ambush. Travis had seen the majority of the colony fighting Grunts or the Fire but he had yet to see Vincent. As they were running, the trainer introduced himself as Wolf. Travis exchanged his name and they split off.

    After a while, Travis entered upon a battle between a Horde of forest dwelling Pokemon and a pair of Plasma Grunts, one with a Scrafty, the other with a Whirlipede. "Leave them alone!" Travis yelled as he ran towards them with Accelgor. The Grunts sneered and launched their Pokemon at them. Travis called out Escavalier in response, which used protect to shield him. Then Escavalier coated itself in metal and used Iron Head, with Accelgor using Swift beside it. Meanwhile, Crustle tended to evacuating the endangered Pokemon.
  15. Mika's skin burned and she was left temporarily blinded by a nearby explosive attack. The hell was that? She thought with ire, scanning the trees. The minor irritation turned to satisfaction once she realized that the second wave had arrived. With the number of resistance members awake and fighting now, Mika's own small group had sustained significant damage and was starting to retreat back into the treeline toward the rendezvous point now that backup had arrived. She recalled an exhausted Scizor, whom she'd brought during the fight and called the distant Swellow back to her. After a moment the Flying-type returned with red-tipped talons and a few missing feathers. The pair vanished into the trees after their colleagues, content that at least the trip wasn't a waste.


    Several yards away through the brush and smoke, Riley also had to shield her eyes from the heat and light of a nearby attack, muscles still protesting from her fall.

    "Careful with those flames!" She barked at the fighters on her own side, though she quickly noticed that the wet timber wasn't igniting as quickly like she'd been worried about. Riley grinned wickedly. "Pelipper, Hydro Pump on those burning trees! Remember not to hit anyone without a Plasma uniform."

    With an affirming battle cry, Pelipper unleased a torrent of water from its massive bill, flames erupting in steam as they were smothered, little by little. Riley heard the sounds of battle in the distance. She furrowed her brows in confusion. The grunts had attacked from the Eastern side of camp, so what was happening on the Western side? Were they really being flanked?

    While she was momentarily distracted with her thoughts, Pelipper was hit in the side, the bird letting out a loud squawk of pain and surprise. He was knocked into the side of a tree, dazed but conscious. A Scrafty was landing from its successful High Jump Kick, a smug look on its face.

    "Pelipper!" Riley cried with worry. She gritted her teeth and grabbed Mienshao's Pokéball from its place on her belt. Once released, Mienshao landed deftly on her feet in a fighting position. "Force Palm, at that Scrafty! Cover Pelipper and I," she told her oldest partner.

    "Shao!" The Fighting-type barked before her paws glowed an ominous blue color. While she executed the attack on the Scrafty, Riley ran to Pelipper's side to check its condition.
  16. Wolf attempted to stay close to his newfound friend Travis, but soon lost track of him during his search of his Nuzleaf. "Leaf!" He suddenly heard, his Pokémon suddenly jumping down from a tree just in front of Wolf to charge at a Plasma grunt and his Scrafty. He hit him with a Feint Attack, but the type disadvantage was clear, the Scrafty unfazed by the attack. It jumped in the air, aiming its foot towards Nuzleaf and attempting to hit a Hi Jump Kick.

    "Nuzleaf, jump to the side!" Wolf shouted quickly, prompting his Nuzleaf to leap aside, the Scrafty hitting the tree behind Nuzleaf. "Now finish him off with a Razor Leaf!" Wolf followed up Nuzleaf's evasion with an attack of its own, rendering the Scrafty unconscious. The battle was not over just yet, but it seemed like the hiding trainers had the upper hand. Wolf recalled Nuzleaf and put his Pokéball back in his backpack with the others. He looked around to see whether he could help anywhere else, but the remaining trainers were fine on their own. He took Fraxure's Pokéball out of his backpack and threw it in the air, summoning his Fraxure onto the battlefield. "Okay buddy, there are a few grunts left, let's see if we can do some damage somewhere." Wolf says, eager to see his Fraxure perform in this situation.
  17. Whirlipede crashed into a tree trunk and lay on the floor next to Scrafty. Escavalier and Accelgor stood proudly over their defeated opponents and the grunts ran back to their forces. Travis took his Pokemon to search for Crustle and the forest Pokemon. They had wandered away from the battle and they wouldn't have gone back the way they came meaning they went to the...
    Suddenly, a column of fire blazed into life in a patch of forest just ahead of them. Travis sprinted towards the spot. Crustle lay hurt with its shell to Travis, sheltering a group of Sewaddle from a pair of Houndoom. Their Grunts were nowhere in sight but the fire spewing from their mouths was starting a fresh fire, just as they had extinguished the old one. Escavalier charged at the Houndoom while Travis ran to check on Crustle. It was weak and couldnt stand, its shell had cracked from the top from the bottom, a clear split. Accelgor leapt into the air and threw Water Shurikens out to combat the raging fire. Travis couldnt protect them all. Escavalier was outnumbered and very weak to fire and Crustle couldnt move or return to its Pokeball as it risks the Sewaddle getting hurt. Travis needed desperate help...
  18. " Dear Arceus, we're getting killed out here!" L'loyd though to himself "We need to provide some long-term solution!" He aid to Zoroark as the second wave of grunts began to emerge from a truck, "go Maga! And Ninetails! Use future sight, and Ninetails protect him!" Lloyd commanded. Maga floated still as it went into a trace, to try and alter the future.

    A couple grunts began attacking Maga, but any poison types didn't affect him and whenever a fire type attack would target him, Ninetails (with flash fire ability) would jump in the way an absorb the attack.
    Meanwhile, Lloyd, Zoro, and Tachanka went to help any survivor under burning debris. "Tachanka, go stop any further tucks from attacking!" he said as Tachanka used barrier, forming a protective circle around the town, slowing anyone who trie to enter, and stopping projectiles
  19. "I got an idea!" Vincent announced. "Destroy the trucks and block the road! We can figure out how to get out of here afterwards!"

    His Braviary darted back and forth between various Golbat and Scrafty, making impact at high speeds but taking damage for each Brave Bird attack. After the third pokemon K.O., the Braviary was practically exhausted and out of energy.

    "Damn..." Vincent muttered under his breath. "Braviary! Return!" The thought of everyone getting captured was starting to become a reality as he looked for any chance to provide a long term solution. If the trucks blocked the road than future vehicles couldn't get through and they could get away finally. Such a large amount of risk was involved in this scenario, with the chance of them getting blocked in and the chance of some of them getting captured was growing.

    "Go, Emolga! Use Discharge!"

    The pokeball exploded and his electric rodent took flight, avoiding embers and falling trees with swift agility. From there, it announced its own name and shot out a mass amount of electric jolts, hitting two Houndoom and paralyzing them on the impact.


    "We're simply here to crush the resistance." Valerie spoke softly. "I know how they operate - we'll likely need a parameter to ensure nobody escapes. They've been living here for ages judging by the amount of houses dropping."

    Valerie watched in detail as the scenario unraveled. The second team unleashed massive attacks on the trees while fighting back against the team of teenagers and young adults. It looked like the second team was starting to lose ground which was expected due to the huge amount of trainers in the area. They would need more power.

    "I shall go report to Ghetsis. Keep me update, Alyssa."
  20. Accelgor was able to stop the small fire from starting using water shuriken. Escavalier went back in its Pokeball and so did Crustle. Crustle had it worst out of all of Travis's Pokemon, it was burnt and hurt bad with barely enough stone on its back to cover its charred body. Accelgor didnt want to return, so it dashed with Travis towards the rest of the trainers. Travis called out Galvantula and Eelektross, they appeared with electricity surging through their bodies. They heard Vincent cry out and rushed to help create the road block. "Galvantula, use Electroweb on the trucks and Eelektross, use Thunder!". Galvantula spewed large webs with sparks flying onto the trucks, weighing them down and holding them in place. Then, Eelektross blasted the trucks with lightning from the sky. Crustle emerged on its own accord and used Rock Slide. Large Boulders crushed the trucks and blocked the road they had come from.
  21. Now that the road was blocked, the Plasma grunts were stuck in the forest unless they ran through the trees to escape. Vincent saw his opportunity and hand motioned for everyone to follow.

    "Come on, let's get out of here!" Vincent yelled as loud as he could over the combat sounds and hectic environments. The plan was to bolt out of the forest and find a way to some sort of cave or shelter so that they weren't discovered again until they could come up with some way to recoil back at the Plasma.

    Several people who were living in the town were captured and guarded by the pokemon. It looked like only a select few could escape, being everyone who still had pokemon up and running.

    "Come on, let's get out of here!!"
  22. Wolf rushed to the frontier of the battle, his Fraxure following closely behind. The three trainers before him came up with a brilliant plan which they executed to perfection, countering Team Plasma's offensive completely. "We need to get out of here before the forest burns up completely. I have an idea." Wolf said to the other trainers near the roadblock. "Fraxure, use Dragon Claw on those trees, make sure you hit them hard enough!" Wolf shouted, his Fraxure jumping into action. He unleashed a vicious Dragon Claw attack on the smoldering trees, the trees forming a block for Team Plasma grunts who tried to enter to forest on foot. "Now lets run." Wolf suggested, preventing any more damage being done to him or the other trainers.

    The attack was succesful in a way that there were now less trainers and Pokémon to oppose Team Plasma. The ones that didn't conform felt the consequenced. Wolf wondered how they could be so cruel. How she could be so cruel. He gripped the straps of his backpack tightly, looking around to see the destruction Team Plasma caused. It was a horrifying sight, the forest almost completely burned. Pokémon and trainers struggling to escape.


    Alyssa pressed her finger against the button of her earpiece. "Squadron A1, come in. What's the damage?" She asks through her microphone. "Copy, report to base. Over." She finished bluntly. She marched to Ghetsis' office, her hands behind her back, gripping her wrist. "Lord Ghetsis. The attack has been a failure. Both squads have been defeated." She confesses to an uninterested Ghetsis, who remains to stare out the HQ window. Alyssa looked at Valerie, still expecting a reaction from either one. She couldn't help but feel relieved in a way, the chances of Wolf escaping out of the forest unscathed increasing with the news she received.
  23. "Let them escape. We know where they'll flee to. Scan the area with additional units and report back anything you find. Dismissed." Ghetsis said with his grumpy, low voice on full display. Valerie gave Alyssa a nod, knowing that it wasn't their fault the attack wasn't successful. There was much too many trainers and even more ground to be covered with only twenty four units.

    "We'll find them, Ghetsis, my lord." Valerie said with a bow, even when he wasn't looking. With that, she ushered herself out of the room.
  24. As Travis approached the borders of Pinwheel, Crustle once again emerged by itself. "What is it Crustle?" Travis asked his friend. Crustle pointed a claw in the direction of the forest, where a cluster of Pokemon had gathered, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Deerling, and Pidove. Crustle looked into Travis's eyes and he knew what his Pokemon was asking him to do. He crouched to Crustles level and hugged him tightly. He remembered when he had first met it as a Dwebble, it was alone in the wilds being attacked by a flock of Vullaby. Travis shed a tear as he stood up again and watched Crustle scuttle slowly towards the forest. He was proud of his Pokemons endurance and strength. With a final glance, he placed Crustles Pokeball on the ground and crushed it - releasing it from his party. Travis turned and ran to catch up to the group, never looking back once.
  25. L'loyd heard the other trainers call so he gathered pokemon and ran for the opening they all left though. Before he could make it, a hand full of grunts surrounded him and a burning tree cut off his escape, "Crap," He ai to himself, "Maga, use Heavy slam!" L'loyd Commanded as the bell chared towards burning log destroying it. The future sight from earlier activated and threw the grunts out of the way.He charged through the woods to catch up with the others who fled. He arrived on the edge of Pinwheel without a trace of the others. "did you see where the others went?" L'loyd asked Zoro, as he recalled Maga Ninetail and Tachanka.
  26. "A lot of them were taken... we're too close to be safe now, Come on!" Vincent yelled as he sent out his Flareon once again. "Burn down the tree's behind us to block the path leading behind us!" He yelled again, the Flareon exploding out of the pokeball and using Flame Wheel to charge into two different trees which stacked up, blocking the path. "Now, let's move."

    Meanwhile, the Team Plasma took the remaining stragglers in with aerial transport and took them back to base. The rain dance from earlier was weakening the fire and dampening the forest effectively so it could be left alone with ease. Still, some of the other grunts kept searching the forest for any trace but the trainers escaped easily through the smoke and darkness.
  27. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    During all the chaos a Skarmory was watching the entire thing and decides to follows the group of trainers to where they were heading from the distance and from the trees is Nate keeping his distance from the group and to see if they're worth joining after what he just saw he wasn't very sure what to do at the point. "........... I almost feel sorry for them, maybe I should have helped them during that attack, nah it's better to get some data from them before I join them." Nate said as he slowly keeps up with them while hiding behind the trees.
  28. The forest was eerie to travel through, heat still coming off the many burnt trees in the forest. The fire was under control, the Rain Dance working effectively. In some areas the dense smoke stinged in Wolf's eyes, but they continued on their trail to leave the forest. "Where do we go to?" Wolf asks the group. Right now all they needed to think about was survival. The Pinwheel Forest stronghold was defeated, and now was not the time to build it back up. There weren't many places that Team Plasma didn't monitor and keep an eye on. And I'm sure that with their attack lacking in effectiveness, they'll double the security across the Unova region.

    Suddenly, Wolf feels a buzz in his left pocket. 'Hope you're safe. -A' The text message read. Wolf quickly slid his Phone back into his pocket, now not the moment to get caught up in feelings.


    Alyssa dismissed herself from Ghetsis' office and disappeared into her room, which she shared with another grunt. Luckily at this time, the other grunt hadn't returned yet. She sat in her room in silence, awaiting a response. She took her hair tie out, letting her luscious red hair flow over her back. "Stupid Wolf." She murmured to herself, checking her phone for a text message for the fifth time. She laid her phone on her nightstand and took the picture of her and her mother that was standing on it, a daily ritual. She stared at the picture of happier times, tears starting to form.

    Her moment was disturbed by her roommate returning from the battlefield, looking scraggy and dirty. "The operation was a failure." Alyssa says bluntly, covering her sadness. "The mission was to occupy the Forest, not burn it to the ground." She adds. Alyssa was not in a position of power, but her constant quarrels with executives and Ghetsis meant that every failed operation would be her reputation on the line.
  29. "There's a secret route to get into the sewers of Castelia City from out here... Maybe we can run into there and unfortunately breathe in nasty air for the next couple of days until we decide on somewhere else. Unless someone has an idea?" Vincent mumbled - this thinking not clear after his encounter with his twin sister. After a year of wondering where she was, he found out she was working against him and actually enjoying her job. It was a burden completely. He just wasn't sure what to do about it. He wouldn't attack his sister without good reason even while she would if she had to...
  30. "I have an idea" Travis announced. "The Skyarrow bridge has a maintenance shaft which is located directly under the footpath. The entrance to the shaft is a hut down on the banks of the river. We can crawl through it to the other side of and into Castelia City. There we should exit onto the Sightseeing Pier.If we wait for night there should be few tourists there to notice us. From there we can enter the Castelia Sewers. There is a secret tunnel called the Relic Passage deep in the sewers. Its how I got to Pinwheel Forest originally. The Relic Passage will take us to Driftveil City where we can escape into the mountains. The road is long but it provides us with a way to traverse Unova unnoticed by Team Plasma."
  31. "That's a good idea. Lead the way!" Vincent whispered loudly, not wanting to use his speaking voice incase Team Plasma had pokemon looking for them. The whole scenario seemed unreal once again, just hours ago everyone was fine. Nobody was hurt and nobody was captured but now... Nearly everyone but a select few people were taken and haven't been seen since. Vincent had no idea what would happen to them but he was also glad they got out in time. Either the fire was going to kill them or possibly Team Plasma.

    Both... equally terrifying.

    "Looks like we're getting out of the smoke area. It feels nice to breathe normal air... But once we find a place, we have to come up with a plan. Obviously, We'll need to rally up more innocent people who are tired of the Plasma abuse. If we can do that without getting caught, we may stand a chance..."
  32. L'loyd scurried up into a tree on the edge of the forest and thought to himself for a while, a Zoro scanned the area, "Where to go now? My house for the last year or soo..." He thought looking around at the area. Zoro barked, signaling safety, "I got it!" He whispered, "We can make a canoe and get Maga to pull us across the river!", Zoroark nodded in agreement and ran to fetch a tree.

    He came back a couple minute later with a rather large looking dead tree trunk and he began hacking away at it immediately. After about 5 minutes Zoro had carved out a canoe and laid down inside, huffing and puffing, exhausted from the work, "Alright Maga! we need your help to get across this river!" He said as he unsteadily placed the makeshift canoe into the fast-moving current,
  33. Travis lead the group down the hillside towards the Maintenance shed. The building was unguarded however an electric lock was on the door, forbidding their entry. "Eelektross, come out!" Travis's Pokemon leapt from its ball straight at the lock. It attached its mouth to the lock and began to feed off of the power. After a couple of seconds, the locks light went out and the door slowly opened. Travis recalled Eelektross and lead the group inside and up the ladder. After a short climb, they made it to a small shaft which was lit dimly by the Moon. They shut the hatch and began to crawl.

    An hour passed and the group arrived at the opposite end of the bridge. The underpass had a gap no bigger than 4 feet so after the descent down the adjacent ladder, they all took a moment to stretch out. They exited the hut and were relieved to find it was not yet dawn. The cover of dark was essential to the success of their plan.A thick layer of mist had blanketed the river. The group made their way across a footpath hugging a wall until they reached Castelia City. The city was lit up and it looked surreal for the trainers coming from a hideout in a forest. They reached the end of the footpath and walked onto the end pier of Castelia. It was shut for the night and the coast was clear. No boats were docked nor guards on patrol. They sewer entrance was open and the group was relieved. They ran across the pier and stopped outside the sewer entrance, crouching to avoid any possible attention. They were about to enter the tunnel when a figure glided through the mist towards them.
  34. "What the!? Did you see that?" Vincent mumbled, as he watched the object but was unable to discern any information on it. The path taken to get where they are at was risky and Vincent was on edge the entire way around but was relieved to find no pokemon or guards in Castelia City where they were. If there were, this would have been a tragedy. He waited to see what was going to happen with the object approaching.
  35. L'loyd and Maga glided across the river without a noise, but when he drew near to the doc Maga's eye lit up a group of people through the fog, not much older than himself, "Cut the lights Maga. I think those are Neo-Plasma grunts" He whispered as the group looked his way. "I think this is it, Zoro, prepare to use night daze... We might have to run" L'loyd said to his Zorark. Zoro sat still exhausted from cutting but got ready to attack anyways. "Who's there, I will not o own without a fight..." L'loyd threatened quietly as he approached the docs.
  36. Mika carded her fingers through her tangled locks with a grimace as she walked down the hall, ash and other debris drifting to the ground with the motion. She'd been concerned that she'd see a familiar face during the raid, even though Riley had told her she was going home to Icirrus months ago, but Mika knew that the girl didn't always do what was best for her. She hadn't seen her brought into custody with the other captured rebels, so she allowed herself to feel one small moment of relief.

    She opened the door to find her roommate already there. She appeared to be looking at the photo from her nightstand, but aside from a second look, Mika didn't mention it, nor the thin film of tears in the young woman's eyes.

    Mika huffed a small, deprecating laugh at Alyssa's words. "Oh, believe me, I know." She was pretty sure Alyssa had been with Plasma longer than her, but Mika didn't feel the need to mince words with her. "It was a disaster, and the grunts got carried away. Though from what I hear, it wasn't a total failure. At least eighty percent of the camp that was raided was taken into custody. Has interrogation begun, yet?" She asked, shaking more debris out of her ebony hair.


    Riley kept up with her group at a steady pace. She'd recalled Pelipper and Mienshao once an opening had been made to escape, as well as Chimecho when it returned with vicious scratches marring its delicate body.

    She brought up the rear of the group to keep an eye on anyone lagging behind. They seemed to finally be catching a break, with a clear shot through the tunnels, when Vincent brought their attention to a lone, approaching figure. "Is that...a Plasma patrol?" She wondered under her breath.
  37. Travis carefully extended his hand and called out Galvantula. It appeared before the group and scuttled to the roof of the tunnel, ready to launch an attack on the approaching figure. The group crouched behind a wall and awaited. As the steps grew louder on the brick floor, Travis motioned to Galvantula. It dropped from the ceiling with ease and as it was about to hit the target, a shadow tackled it away from the figure. The two began to spar in the water, sending splashes everywhere. Galvantula was pressing down on a black creature which was snapping at its face. The pair then rolled onto the brick and the creature forced Galvantula against the wall. It was then that its features became clear. It had thick red hair with black tips which dropped down to its feet and it had black fur which had blended in with the dark of the tunnel. It was a Zoroark. Travis recalled his Galvantula and turned to meet the trainer. Zoroark had shook itself off and now stood with its partner. The pair became distinguishable as they stepped into the light. It was L'loyd.
  38. Wolf stood behind the crowd with clenched fists, not exactly at ease. If those are Team Plasma members, we are in trouble, he told himself. "Frr!" Fraxure growled with exposed fangs, his tusks sharpened again after his short moment in the spotlight. The Pokémon was ready to engage, but stepped down when it saw the Galvantula take that initiative. "Travis! Be careful!" Wolf whispered, fearing that his idea could cause unneccesary trouble. He didn't listen to Wolf and the Pokémon carried out its command, leading to a battle with the opposing Zoroark. It was only when it was revealed that the trainer was L'loyd, the group of trainers were able to breath. Wolf sighed in relief and patted the Fraxure on its head, glad the tension had faded away.


    Alyssa set her photograph back on her nightstand and sat more upright. "I believe so. I saw Valerie make her way to Cell Block 1 with two grunts behind her." Alyssa said, finally looking up at her roommate. Wow, you look like a mess, Alyssa thought to herself as she looked at Mika from head to toe. "The ones who were able to flee, were you able to catch a glimpse of where they were headed?" Alyssa enquires, with double intentions. She knew where the next attack would be carried out, and was praying that Wolf wasn't headed to that exact one. She would be a part of the attacking group, so maybe Wolf should go exactly there though.
  39. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    "It would seem that they can't catch a break can they, I guess we're going to have to help them Skarmory and I'm hoping you know what to do right Skarmory?" Nate said as he is quite the distance away. "Scaarr" Skarmory said as she nodded and flies up into air above the two groups. As Skarmory flies up into the air nate looks into his notebook and write something down but one of the things he wrote down was divide and conquer. Skarmory is now in front of both groups in the air and uses a large amount of spikes to separate the two groups.
  40. "Geez. Don't scare us like that...!" Vincent whined as he looked around, making sure there wasn't any sound or people looking or watching. That was when he noticed the Skarmory. "Hey! Up there!"

    The Flareon at his side silently growled up at the metallic bird, challenging it from a distance while also waiting for a change to launch an attack on the creature. If it was a Team Plasma Skarmory, it would be a sure fight.


    Valerie leaned against the wall in the bottom floor of the HQ, her back leaning while she wrapped her arms and legs around an object.

    An Eevee. The Eevee was none other than her first pokemon, and it was part of the reason on why she started working for Team Plasma. Had the Eevee not have gotten captured, she would be free to fight back. In the back of her mind she of course hated the idea of working for Team Plasma but she doesn't run. From ANYTHING. While Vincent may have left while he had the chance, she was firmly against such an idea. It was unfortunate to find out that her own blood brother was on the opposite side of the war. One day, she would have to face him head to head and... she knew she could handle it. Could he?

    Nevertheless, she was happy to visit her Eevee every night at midnight, and treasured her time flawlessly.

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