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Open Unova Region Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by limebird444, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Hi! I just returned to this site after being gone for over 2 years! I don't really see many Open roleplay's on the site, so I thought I would just throw one out there. It's just going to be a laid-back roleplay about a journey through Unova since it has always been my favorite region! I would also prefer 2-3 Paragraph's as response, but I understand that that is hard for some people!

    One thing to note before filling out the character sheet, I haven't played Sword or Shield so I won't personally be using any Pokemon from the Galar Region, but you are free to do so! Make sure you read the site rules for RPing and if you're ready, let's begin!

    Character Sheet:
    A Brief Physical Description:
    Brief Personality Description: Optional
    Pokemon Team: Maximum of 3 Starting Pokemon

    My Character Sheet:
    Name: Edith Duisburg
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    A Brief Physical Description: Long Ginger Hair, usually pulled back into a high ponytail, bright green eyes, and freckles. She is very short, standing at 5'0 and usually wears a pale pink crop top and white jean shorts. She wears pink thigh high socks and black Doc Martens
    Brief Personality Description: I doomed myself putting this here. Will be found out through RP!
    Pokemon Team:
    - Opal- Clefairy (F): Cute Charm/ Life Dew, Metronome, Moonlight, Sweet Kiss
    - Bandit- Purrloin (M): Limber/ Scratch, Fake Out, Growl

    Edith carefully sat down on a bench. She looked around Nuvema Town cautiously. She was new to the region, having just arrived from her home region of Kanto. Her parents had told her it would be a good idea to train in a new region, seeing as she had been everywhere in Kanto by the time she reached the Trainer age.

    After arriving she had asked around for where would be a good place to start looking for traveling companions and everyone had told her Nuvema Town would be the best, seeing as that's where the region's Professor lived. After chatting with Professor Juniper for a while and receiving a Pokedex the Professor had to go, but she promised the young trainer that other Trainers would be on their ways here soon.

    So here she was, a Purrloin resting on her head and a Clefairy sitting next to her. Opal was also glancing around and then fixed her gaze on the first young person to come into sight.
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  2. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Freddy Taker
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    A Brief Physical Description: Slim build with a white shirt, black jacket and trousers cut at the bottom, a black sweat band on his head with smooth spikey blonde hair. Blue eyes. About 5 foot 3
    Brief Personality Description: He can try and act quite cool, he's often dashing from place to place, since he has had the job of delivery boy for multiple companies
    Pokémon Team:
    -Venipede (M): Speed Boost/ Poison Sting, Defence Curl, Rollout, Fury Cutter
    -Vanillite (F): Ice Body/ Harden, Astonish, Autonomize, Ice shard
    -Pawniard (M): Defiant/Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Metal Claw

    A swooshing sound could be heard in the skies of Unova as the Cloud-Deluxe flew through the airs. It was a massive metallic plane capable of carrying many trainers. It stopped at a nearby stop, an airport near Nuvema Town. A boy walked onto the scene in front of Edith. He was wearing a black bandanna on his head and had spikey blonde hair and a sleek build. He seemed like he was in a hurry but his fast paced walking was accompanied with an air of coolness, as if he was used to rushing onto the scene in a dramatic yet cool way.

    This experience was new to him. An actual pokemon journey. He was used to running around and exploring different areas near his home, a bit further north in Unova. He was from an upbeat urban family. The sight of the bare Nuvema Town, the country town with barely any life or buildings surprised him. His normal experience was in the bustling cities of Nimbasa, Castelia and Virbank, though he had journeyed outside with his family on various occasions to receive his Pokémon. He had an ongoing delivery boy job on hold which allowed him access to these three big cities, but Nuvema was different, his first experience of peaceful country towns and villages. He didn't know how to react. All he knew was that his parents sent him to receive a new pokemon for the journey and then journey around competing with other trainers. He had battled before and was scouted out as being an extraordinary trainer by a veteran who watched him battle that fateful day. Freddy was the name of this young trainer and he wanted to get this journey over and done with. He was happy with his pizza delivery job. He didn't want to be the very best like noone ever was. Certainly, he was very negative towards the idea of 'catching them all' and receiving a pokedex. It was all nerdy stuff at the end of the day. Prehaps girls could come onto him if he became a good trainer.

    Seeing Edith he laughed. "You lost?! Point me in the direction of the lab so I can get out of this dead-end of a pointless village!"
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  3. Edith blinked in the direction of a male. She looked him up and down with a look of mild disdain on her face. She looked at her Clefairy. Opal shrugged and hopped up. Bandit hopped off the girls head as she stood up and stood at her feet. He was eyeing the male too. Edith pursed her lips when she realized the male had a good 3 inches on her per usual.

    “You shouldn’t be so rude you know. Many people like this way of life.” Her voice was Soft and didn’t match her manner of dressing, but it definitely fit her height. She picked up the Bandit as he started to poke her leg. She set him back on her head and allowed him to play with her long hair. “Anyways. The Professor left to do...Professory stuff I guess? She won’t be returning for a while. What did you need from her?” She asked.

    Meanwhile Opal had walked past the male and was looking around for any Pokémon accompanying him. She had always been nosy and wanted to scout out any competition she could.
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  4. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    “Ha ha.” Freddy sniggered. “Nerd went out to go and nerd out...typical when there are Pokemon needed to be given out...” His voice in contrast to Edith’s was rough and urban, different enough. It was also quite deep but it sounded as if Freddy had not quite git puberty, as it appeared to be half broken.

    Freddy stood next to Edith and tapped his left foot. “I’m from the city, the place where the big boys play around. We never had any tine for slacking or personal ‘research’ issues. It was all work no talk. No time for any of this worthless waiting or stuff like that. Take for instance...” A yellow poke ball appeared in his hand and a Venipede emerged from a red light. “See my buddy over here? We’ve been through a lot. Ny first Pokemon... yet when I caught him, I was so in a hurry with my job that I had to catch him in a quick ball . He wont take no for an answer and won’t waste time in battle staling. He’s so suited to me and my busy schedule that he’s got the hidden ability speed boost to make sure I do my job on time!”

    He looked at a cheap looking watch on his right wrist. “She’s still not here...typical lazy country folk. Haven’t been out here much but my parents had been and they told me the people on the outskirts were terribly unaware of things going on in the centre and were very sleepy in the way they did it. I saw firsthand the lazy ness of the country folk when I ventured outside of Virbank city to Flocessey Ranch for a pizza delivery. Arceus knows why then folk want delivered food such a long way away when they make food or themselves, the greedy... anyway, I soon found the ranch owner asleep on the hay. He was fast asleep and wouldn’t pay me so I had to run off without pay to get to my next job, which was all along the otherwise of the region!”

    “Listen, the reason why I’m here. It’s simple. My parents have sent me on a journey. They wish for me to get a ‘starter’ so that I can make some doh in competitive battling. My dad wants me to choose Oshawott so I can use its scallop to cut food, but I won’t take it. I think I will choose Tepig. It’s fiery and it evolves into a stronger Pokemon. It’s the best one after all!”
  5. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    This sounds fun! Can’t wait to get into it!

    Name: Sadie Eliza Frost
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    A Brief Physical Description: She’s 5’0” and fairly petite, with long, light brown hair that’s often styled any way possible, if it’s comfortable and practical. Her skin is pale and her eyes are mint green.
    Brief Personality Description: It’ll be explained as we continue.
    Pokemon Team:
    Alolan Vulpix (F) - {Valentine} Snow Cloak / Powder Snow, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Baby-Doll Eyes

    Sadie adjusted the pure white and lavender satchel slung over her shoulder, confirming that Valentine was able to continue lounging in there without struggle. She tucked a loose strand of light chestnut hair that’d escaped her high ponytail behind her ear, and beamed, mint eyes glimmering in the pristine sunlight. This was it. From what seemed like a few millennia spent at her cozy home in rural Akala, bare Nuvema Town was a bustling metropolis. Now all she had to do was find the Professor’s laboratory and receive her Unovan starter, ideally a Snivy, to begin her true adventure.

    Since she didn’t know her way around, she scouted a pair of trainers, one sarcastic and slightly agitated, the other bewildered and shrinking from him. Clutching her bag, she sprinted up to the two. “Hello! I’m Sadie, from Alola, and this is my partner, Valentine,” she explained with a brief gesture towards her snowy Vulpix. “I was wondering if either of you know the way to the professor’s lab? Or his name, for that matter. I’m about to become an officially licensed trainer, and I need to see him for my starter Pokémon, hopefully a Snivy.”

    Her monologue roused Valentine, who blinked brilliant misty blue eyes and immediately curled further into the satchel. She shivered, but Sadie lifted her and pressed her against her chest whilst stroking her, the jittering easing progressively.
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  6. Edith's top lip raised slightly in disgust. "Okay...Thank you for your life's story. I didn't really ask for it but whatever. You know your job wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the people in the country. No flour to make dough, no tomatoes for sauce. and definitely no cheese. People everywhere like pizza and are allowed to order it when they want. So don't be rude." Edith might look timid at first but she had no time for people who thought they were better than others for no reason.

    Opal looked at the Venipede. She puffed out her chest in an attempt to look bigger. "Fair-fairy-fairy-fair." she said angrily. She seemed to feel threatened by the Venipede, which was not surprising based on his trainer. Bandit jumped back off his trainers head and made his way over to the Clefairy's side. He hissed softly at the large bug like Pokemon.

    Edith's green eyes flicked to a girl the same height as her. She looked mildly surprised at not being towered over. "Oh! Hi! I'm Edith, and the Clefairy and Purrloin over there are mine. Their names are Opal and Bandit.", she said gesturing towards her two currently growling Pokemon, "And the Professor here is actually a she! Her name's Professor Juniper! It surprised me at first too, since I am from the Kanto Region. I'm here looking for trainer's to travel with! Not really looking for a starter, since I have two Pokemon already."

    She looked at the Vulpix and furrowed her brows. "What a peculiar looking Vulpix! I've heard of Alolan Pokemon, but never really seen them with my own eyes! That's so cool! The professor is currently out on business as I was just explaining to this...not very respectable human being over here." She decided to choose her words very carefully.
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  7. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “Mom never told me Professor Juniper was a girl! That’s really cool, actually, I never did particularly like Kukui. He was a bit too eccentric. I got Valentine here from our local Trial Captain on Melemele, Ilima, not him,” she mentioned, winding Valentine’s icy fluff around her finger. “And... you are?”

    She turned to the individual Edith had been bickering with, backed up by a Venipede. Sadie nervously clutched her Vulpix tighter. Knowing that people with Pokémon could challenge her at any minute, she wanted to keep Valentine safe.
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  8. Hi, this RP sounds fun, and I've been looking for a new adventure anyways :)

    Name: Damian Millis
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    A Brief Physical Description: Curly brown hair with freckles all over his face. Rather lanky, standing around 5'6". Wears a black beanie with a pokeball icon. A blue jacket with a black shirt underneath, black shorts with red shoes.

    Brief Personality Description: Pretty extroverted and clumsy (This will be seen more later on)

    Pokemon Team:
    Scorbunny LV 13 Male Flame charge / Double kick / Ember / Quick Attack.


    Damian rode his bike through town, on his way to professer junipers lab. "Well, I should have brung the map..." He sighed, finally coming to the conclusion that he's lost. His Scorbunny looked at it's trainer in disbelif that after clear directions were given to him by multiple strangers, he still ended up lost.

    All of a sudden, Scorbunny looked to it's side. Noticing three trainers talking to each other. Out of curiosity, it hopped off Damian's bike before walking over to the three.

    It took Damian a minute to notice that his pokemon had left his side. He looked up to see him standing near a bunch of trainers, he ran over and scooped up his pokemon. "I'm sorry if my Scorbunny is disturbing you!" He apologized, bowing multiple times. "He has a tedency to wander off at times..."
  9. (OOC: letting everyone know that I'm not very good at roll playing so if I make some mistakes I'm very sorry but I did read the rules so I will make sure to do my best and follow them!)
    Name: Christian Gallant
    Age: 16
    Gender: male(straight)
    A Brief Physical Description: He has white tan skin, jet black hair, and his pupils are dual colored with emerald green on the top that fades to golden yellow towards the bottom. He wears a white short sleeve shirt, a blue hoodie, a red bandanna around his neck, black sun glasses, camo pants, white socks, black and white shoes, and a black and white backpack.
    Brief Personality Description: on the out side he seems to be a lazy, pun loving, slacker but in reality that is all a ruse and he is really energetic, pun loving but is very observant and can come up with multiple battle scenarios in his head before the battle even starts. He also is really good at remembering things. He is very kind towards pokemon and younger kids. He also has a strong sense of justice and he hates criminals and people who are arrogant and bullies.
    Pokemon Team:
    Cinder(Raboot) gender:male ability: Libro(hidden) nature: Quiet and takes plenty of hits/ moves: swift, flame charge, sucker punch, and high jump kick
    Chomp( Gabite) gender:male Abilty: rough skin Nature: Bold and likes to fight /moves: dragon breath, sand tomb, iron tail, and rock slide
    Storm( shiny pikachu) gender:male ability: static Nature: naughty and hates to lose/ moves: thunderbolt, brick break, iron tail, and volt tackle


    Chris got off the plane with Cinder and went to leave. As he started towards the exit he noticed a group of trainers nearby. He decided to go towards them. He decided to observe them before interacted with them. He noticed two girls who seem to radiate an aura that told him they were nice while the guy seemed to radiate pride and maybe a little arrogance. As he observed them a scorbunny(which interested his Raboot) ran up to them and then what looked to be his trainer coming up and apologizing. Then Christian decided to join in. He walked over to the group and addressed the two girls and the guy with the scorbunny( He really didn't like the vibe he got from the other dude)," Hello my name is Christian Gallant. I'm from the Galar region. My dad wanted me to come here to receive a pokedex from professor Juniper since my dad used to work for her dad and I was wandering if you knew where she was?".
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  10. Character Sheet:
    Name: Drew Steel
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    A Brief Physical Description: He has dark black hair, dark skin and his eye color being light blue. He's 5'2, and he wears a red t-shirt, black jacket, a baseball cap with the pokeball icon on it, black jeans, and black shoes.
    Brief Personality Description: He's brave, smart, yet somewhat arrogant and energetic, he knows a lot about pokemon, yet isn't the best at battling. However he wishes to challenge every Unova gym, and become the toughest trainer. He loves fighting type, and steel type pokemon. He likes to swim, and bike, but hates standing still. He also lives in Unova.
    Pokemon Team:
    Riolu (M)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moves: Metal Claw, Counter, Quick Attack

    Snivy (F) (if it's fine for him to have a Snivy, from before the professor went out)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moves: Vine Whip, Tackle, Leaf Tornado


    "Haha!" Drew Steel chuckled, as he ran down the street alongside his Riolu, he'd come here to Nuvema town sometimes to see his aunt sometimes. As he ran around town swiftly, He took in the sights, and the ocean breeze which hit his skin, he looked look towards the ocean with glee, he loved Unova with all the cities and towns. Drew and his Riolu raced around together until they saw a group of people talking, he examined from afar. He hadn't been to Nuvema too many times, but he knew there were not too many people that lived there. He began to walk towards the group of people slowly. Making sure he and his Riolu didn't get too close, he didn't want to meet anyone annoying.

    "Huh, that's unusual..." He spoke to himself in a quiet tone. He certainly didn't see pokemon like those Scorbunny and Raboot in the Unova region, they definitely weren't from here. He questioned to himself, why on earth were there all of a sudden so many trainers from different regions. "Yah don't see many people with weird Ninetails like that too." He moved closer to the people. He didn't really want to talk, he just wanted to hear what the people talked about.

    Admin edit: You slipped into future tense a few times here. I fixed that for you. Don't do it again.
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  11. Name: Liza
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    A Brief Physical Description: 5' 5", Blue Jeans, Jacket, White T-Shirt
    Pokemon Team:
    • Izzy (Pikachu,F)
    • Snowy (Glaceon, F)
    • Rosey (Roserade, F)
    • Inky (Inkay, M)
    • Fletchy (Talonflame, M)
    • Boney (Gible, M)

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