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Ask to Join Unova Contest Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. "Hello new trainers. Well I should say coordinators. I have spoken with each of you and you have expressed interest in performing. Well I someone I would like you to meet. This is a friend of mine. His name is Ty Winters. He is a breeder who has taken care of providing a second pokemon for your journey. You will each be getting a starter and the pokemon that Ty has provided." Professor Juniper had gathered the new coordinators. She was happy to send out new people to start their journey.

    Ty was a tall man. He is kind of pale, with shoulder length white blond hair. He wears a dark purple v neck t-shirt, under a black leather jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, and black combat boots. He has a bag that goes over his shoulder. It held the pokeballs that he would give out to each person. He spoke to the group. "Hello guys I will be giving each of you a few things to start your journey. These will be things that have not been given to trainers." He motioned to the table. There were boxes that contained things that would give each person a head start. "In this box will contain an egg container. If you come across an abandoned egg then you will have a way to keep it safe. It will set the right temp for the pokemon inside. There is also a booklet that will help you learn to care for your pokemon. It will also teach you the proper grooming technics for each pokemon. There is also a cooking guide for homemade pokemon food. You will also find a few jars of food for your pokemon to start you out. I will let you take over now Professor."

    Professor Juniper had taken the time to gather the starter pokemon she had for each new coordinator. "Well I will be giving each of you a starter pokemon as well as your starting items." She had each starter on in their pokeball. She had a name in front of each pokeball. "Besides your starter you will be receiving your pokedex. This will help you to identify each pokemon you encounter. You will also be getting a pokebox. It will hold pokemon that you can not have in your team. It will hold pokemon that you have caught. So this way you will have all of the pokemon you catch with you." She took the time to set a box like to on that is on the other table that Ty is by. She also took a box that contained a multitude of colored pokedexs. "When you come up to get your starter you will also pick out a pokedex and get this box. You can open them and store them in your bag and leave the boxes stacked against the wall over there. This way we can reuse them for others."

    Royal took his time to go over to the pokeball with his name in front of it. He picked up the ball that contained a Fennekin. He then picked out a light purple pokedex. He took the items from the box and placed the box on the far wall. He then walked over to Ty. He recieved a list of pokemon they had available. He picked an eevee. He walked over and took one of the boxes. He turned to both the breeder and Professor. "Thanks for everything." He took his time to sort his bag and place the second box on the wall. He then walked out into the sunshine of Nuvema Town. He walked along until he came to route leaving out of town.
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    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Sasha waited patiently for her turn, looking over the other coordinators in the room. She noticed the first to step up, a boy with super long blond hair. She made a note to compliment him on such a good job taking care of so much hair so well. It was beautiful. She stood when her name was called, smiling at both the Professor and Ty as she took her respective items. Her pokebox, a red and black pokedex, and two pokeballs containing her starter, Torchic, and a Rockruff from the friendly breeder. She was excited to begin her journey. "Thanks, this is a great way to start out. Appreciate it, guys!" She said as she waved goodbye, eager to head out and get to know her new companions.

    She hurried outside of the building, not far away from the entrance, and immediately releasing the two. A small Torchic opened his eyes to see Sasha smiling at him and the Rockruff, who began to bounce around happily when she realized she was free. "Hey there guys! My name's Sasha. Hope you don't mind you'll be traveling with me from now on. It's great to meet you both."

    The Torchic stared up at her, unsure of the idea of having a 'trainer', but simply nodded in response. "Tor..." Meanwhile the Rockruff was happy to have a new friend, and ran up to Sasha with a bark of cheery acceptance. Sasha chuckled, petting the Rockruff's head. She couldn't help herself and scooped the both of them up into a hug. "You guys are so cute!" She said excitedly. Rockruff barked happily, her tail wagging away, as the Torchic struggled against it. She soon put them down, allowing them some time to adjust.

    "Tor! Chic-torchic!" The Torchic shouted at her. Rockruff smiled and licked the small chick pokemon in greeting. Sasha smiled at the two with her hands on her hips. "It's cool little dude, we'll all be good friends in no time." She thought of some possible names she could call the two as she waited for someone else to come out. She was hoping she could make some friends to travel with, and maybe catch up with the other coordinator who'd had a head start so she could give him that compliment soon. She had a good feeling about him, and pretty much the whole journey in general. Of course, there wasn't much Sasha didn't have a good feeling about, really.
  3. Clementine was towards the back of the group, but by no means was she not listening. She caught every word, peeking lightly from under her sun-hat to the the Professor, Ty, the Pokeballs, the boxes, and the Pokedexes. She had in mind which starter she wanted- it was made clear to her ever since she was told of this opportunity. The Pokemon she wished for? Turtwig. The tiny tree Pokemon would be a wonderful companion, as it was small enough for her to care for easily. Every moment of her life had come up to this, anyways. The many years of her life that she spent wishing to be a coordinator- even if she couldn't become the best of the best, it was all she ever wanted to do. She quickly snapped out of her internal thoughts, however, as the Professor told them to take their picks on what Pokemon they'd like. Clementine grabbed ahold on her black, looming hat with her right hand, pulling it down to shield her face as she moved around the group to choose. First she looked at the Pokeballs- the names were printed in clear text and she had to skim to find the ball labeled 'Turtwig'. Clementine picked up the ball, feeling the smooth, metal texture against her cold fingers. She then looked towards the table with the Pokeboxes and Pokedexes, picking up an orange Pokedex and the box labeled with her name, in the same style of the Turtwig's Pokeball.

    Clementine then turned towards the guy with a list, Ty, was it? He offered her the list on the clipboard, and all Pokemon were free, except for 'Eevee' and 'Rockruff', which had lines through the names. Eevee and Rockruff were probably the Pokemon taken by the last trainers, who she had seen gone before her. Skimming down the list, she didn't see any Pokemon she liked until- Chatot. Chatot was perfect. The Songbird would probably get along well with the Tiny Leaf Pokemon. She had no doubt in her mind, handing back the list to the man with the platinum blonde hair. "Er...M-May I choose Chatot?" Her voice was shaky- it had been awhile since she had last spoke, ending the call with her mother on her Xtransceiver the night before. Clementine was then given the other Pokeball, and her hands were a bit full- but it was nothing she couldn't handle. "Thanks.." She mumbled, turning around after giving a light wave to Professor Juniper and Ty.

    The white-haired girl then exited, the harsh light of Nuvema hurting her eyes. She then paced for a bit, stopping by the Professor's lab to place her things in her bag. The box was placed lightly in, surrounded by a few Pokeballs and other items she had packed in advance. Closing her bag, she proceeded to let out the two Pokemon she had chosen from the two kind persons. "Chaa-tot!" The Music Note Pokemon cried as soon as it was let out of the Pokeball, and the Turtwig began to thrash about, stumbling around. "Huh?" She then reached to touch the tiny Pokemon, but it quickly knocked her with its head, as if it was scared. The Chatot seemed worried too, digging it's flexible claws into the undergrowth. "Hey, buddy, it's okay..." Clementine then got onto her knees, looking into the Turtwig's eyes. Her tone of voice was light and cheerful, as her mother had taught her that frightened Pokemon do not react well to deep or low-pitched voices. She then let the Tiny Leaf Pokemon sniff the back of her hand, the Turtwig then calming down. Clementine then lightly scratched it's chin, receiving a happy cry. "Twig...!" She then approached the Chatot, trying to seem gentle. The Songbird didn't seem quite as apprehensive as the Turtwig, letting Clementine lightly stroke its head feather's with her finger.
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  4. Royal decided to walk back to the lab. He wanted to wait for the other coordinators to get out. He should have stayed to introduce himself. When he got there he saw a girl with white hair and a turtwig and a girl with torchic. He walked closer and let out his pokemon he let out a small yellow fox and small brown fox. Fennekin danced up to Royal. He knelt down and let the her sniff his hand. She smiled and climbed up his arm to nuzzle the side of his neck. Eevee took her time to step up to the guy with flowing blond hair. She instantly loved him. She jumped into his arms and was hugged back. "Well hello girls. It is nice to meet you guys. My name is Royal. I am glad you guys would accompany me on my journey." Eevee climbed her way to Royal's other shoulder and nuzzled into his hair.
  5. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Sasha looked up from her pokemon to notice another girl had come out, and the boy from earlier had returned and was now speaking to them both. "Hey Royal, it's nice to meet you too. Name's Sasha, I'd love to have some friends to travel with." She gave him, as well as the other girl a friendly smile, then added, "By the way I love your hair!" She could now mark off the compliment from her To-Do list.

    Rockruff barked in greeting to the new faces, running around in a circle with excitement. Torchic, on the other hand, hid behind Sasha, who was the only person he knew he could trust in such a situation, despite his prior feelings. He was a bit apprehensive with everything going on.

    Sasha smiled at the small chick pokemon and picked him up, setting him on her shoulder. "It's all good little guy, I'll protect you." She said with a pat to his head. The Torchic blushed a bit at the nice gesture and smiled. "Torchic!"
  6. Clementine quickly snapped her head up as the others around her began to talk, one a ravenette girl and the other a boy with strikingly long, golden hair, as if it was something from a fairy-tale. She wasn't one to be immediately friendly, so she quickly grabbed her sunhat, pulling it over her face. She then peeked out, seeing that these people meant no harm- they were fellow coordinators, of course. Placing her hat back on her head, she rubbed the birthmark on her face and then got up, brushing the dirt off her knees. Her Turtwig seemed a bit frightened, placing it's forehead on her leg. Clementine would greet them now, but she bent down, letting the Pokemon sniff her hand again before she picked him up. Her Chatot then released her grip on the grass, going airborne to shake the undergrowth from her claws, the debris littering onto the ground. The Chatot then landed onto Clementine's shoulder, letting out an excited cry. "Chat!"

    She then supposed she would speak, as she stayed quiet as the other two conversed. "H..Hi." Clementine spoke, waving lightly to the two. She saw their Pokemon- they were what she suspected, as the missing Pokeballs gave her all the answers she needed. She then looked at the Turtwig in her arms- it seemed terrified, it's eyes staring into hers. But...those eyes weren't normal. They were blurry- oh dear. Was he blind? Clementine knew she had to take him to the Pokemon Center to check on him and the Chatot perched on her shoulder, but she didn't want to just leave the conversation rudely.
  7. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Anastasia stood in line with her usual fake smile on her face. Every now and then however a hint of a genuine smile would show. Even someone like her would be happy at finally getting pokemon. She had delayed this event for eight years while she was pondering what she wanted to do. The first time she heard of fighting with pokemon she didn't know how to feel. Eventually, she had found Contests and gradually fell in love with the concept. Now, she was standing in line listening to the long speech the professor was making.

    She watched as three people went up and received their pokemon. Not wanting to wait much longer, she walked forward. She picked up a simple black and white Pokedex, proceeded to pick up her box, then walked over the pokeballs. She browsed through the options, noting those that were already taken. She had always liked serpentine pokemon so choosing Snivy was an easy choice. Her hand closed around it and she paused for a moment. She suddenly felt happy along with excitement and a bunch of other feelings mixed in as well. Shaking off the feeling, she walked over to the professor.

    Sometime later, she spotted a nearby pool of water and headed over. She wasn't sure if feebass could survive on land, and she didn't want to risk it. Sure there was a Pokemon Center in the distance, but that would be embarrassing to have to go so early. Deciding to let them out, she let snivy then feebass out. Figuring it was weird to stand and talk, she sat down so that she could be closer to their height and began speaking. "I know this is sudden, but I'm your trainer now," she began to say. "I'm not going to make you fight, I just need your help. Together we can win these things called contests," she said looking at their faces for their reactions. I'm not going to force you to do what I say, in fact, let's go bond shall we?" she asked genuinely smiling for once. There was no need to rush things, and trust required time. It seemed so easy to talk to her pokemon compared to talking to humans. I suppose I am a little weird.
  8. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Sasha noticed another girl quickly exit the building, ignoring the three as she made her way to a place with water to release her pokemon. She left it alone for now, chalking it up to nerves and a need to meet and play with her new pokemon. She could definitely understand that. Looking back to the girl with white hair, who seemed very shy and unsure of her and the friendly boy now known as Royal, she smiled reassuringly. "It's okay, you don't need to be nervous. What's your name?" Rockruff ran in a circle around Sasha, then plopped down next to her new trainer, wagging her tail happily.
  9. Royal was a little embarrassed. He was talking to his pokemon. Though he would not turn down the opportunity to travel with someone. "I am sorry I was talking to these two on my shoulder. You probably can't see them much. Also thank you for the compliment. Though if you still want to travel with me I would enjoy that." He then turned towards the girl with white hair. "I am sorry if I made uncomfortable. That was not my intention. I wanted to come back to introduce myself."
  10. Clementine began lightly playing with her hair, a bit nervous meeting the others. Another girl rushed by, but she went to fast for Clementine to know who it was. She then looked to the black-haired girl, who was the first to greet her. "Ah..eer.." She stumbled, she didn't really know how to react to the question. No, wait, duh. Introduce herself is what she had to do. "I'm Clementine," She spoke, continuing the toying of her hair while she held the tiny Pokemon in her arms. "Clementine Truefire." Clementine tried to sound polite, even if she was unsure of how they would react towards her. Chatot let out its cry of greeting- it seemed one of her Pokemon was more social than that other. "Truefire! Trufire!" Clementine then chuckled lightly at the Chatot, before she quickly calmed down.

    The guy with the long hair then spoke, and she listened intently to his words. "I..I don't mind..." She stammered, and held onto her Turtwig more firmly, seeing the others so confident made her a bit nervous. She then nodded to the rest of his claim. "I was just a bit disheveled...by the sudden loudness, is all. My Turtwig was quite frightened too...but there's no harm done." Clementine then flashed a scared smile, rubbing the right side of her face again.
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    Upon Royal's statement, Sasha laughed lightheartedly. "Oh, my bad dude. It's cool though, I'd still love to have some company." She looked back to the white haired girl, hearing her gently state her name as Clementine Truefire. 'What a cute name,' She thought to herself briefly. "It's a pleasure to meet you Clementine. I'm Sasha Withers. And hey, you have some really pretty hair too." She commented, trying to break the ice to try and make her feel more comfortable. She then sent a friendly smile and a wink towards the Music Note pokemon who happily mimicked her.

    "Ruff!" Rockruff joined in, while Torchic chose to stay quiet. He had his eyes on the Turtwig in the girl's arms. Something seemed a bit off about the Tiny Leaf pokemon.
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    Anastasia scooped Snivy into her arms before standing up. Feebas would have to stay in a pokeball until she found a solution to keep her out. She had wanted a feebas ever since she laid her eyes on one at an early age. She had heard they were largely abandoned, and she wanted to take care of one somehow. "Don't worry, I'll try and find something soon," she said to the pokeball. She turned around, ready to start her journey. She looked around for a route entrance, but her eyes landed on the three figures in the near-distance. "I wonder if I can sneak around them?" she thought aloud. "Probably, right snivy?" she asked looking down. Snivy stared back as if she were judging her heavily.

    She glanced into the distance, making it seem as if she had somewhere to go. If they would stop her to talk to her, she wasn't sure if she was going to be normal or fake a personality. She continued to walk by them, and almost got past before her feebas pokeball slipped from her hand. She groaned internally as she bent to pick it up. She clutched it tighter as she wondered if she could get away with ignoring them. Sighing in defeat she uttered a quick sentence. "Sorry, I'll get going,"
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    Sasha tilted her head a bit, curious of the girl who seemed so eager to leave. "Hey, slow down a bit, it's alright. You don't have to go so soon if you don't want to. Hang back and smell the roses, y'know?" She smiled at the girl. "Man, and what's up with everyone havin' such pretty hair?" She chuckled warmly, deciding to go full circle with her compliments. She was hoping the girl wouldn't find her too forward, she seemed even more timid than Clementine. Sasha was just excited for a new adventure and all the things that came with it.
  14. Royal took the time to look at the little leaf pokemon. He knelt down and moved his hand slowly towards the turtle pokemon. He want to give it a chance so it does not freak out on him. "Sorry if I am in your space. Do you mind if I look at your pokemon. I have never seen a turtwig up close before."
  15. Talia and Allie pored over the starter selections momentarily. Talia decided to take the ball containing Chikorita, looking at it with a smile.
    Allie crossed her arms. "How did you decide so fast?"
    Talia chuckled. "I knew ages ago what I was going to pick."
    Allie took much longer to select her starter. Finally, she took the ball holding Popplio.
    Both girls grabbed their Pokedexes and Pokeboxes, smiling at each other. They took the items from the boxes, and placed them in their bags.
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    Anastasia deadpanned as she heard the girl speaking. Should I pretend to be nice or should I not? "Thanks for the offer but, I have something to do," she said briskly, her face stoic as she spoke. She did infact have to find a way for feebas to stay out of the pokeball, but it wasn't that urgent. Still, she had to have some sort of excuse for leaving. Usually she might've not bothered explaining, but she had to make sure her first impression wasn't fully horrible. She listened to the girl complimenting her, and eyed the girl's hair as she spoke. "Your hair isn't bad either. I suppose if we wish to win, we have to look the part right?" she asked rhetorically. She looked back at the lab, It seems as if two more people are coming out soon.
  17. Clementine's eyebrow lifted, was her hair really all that pretty? She lightly grimaced, taking her other hand and firmly wrapping it around the Turtwig as she thought. Truefire tried to be more optimistic though, trying to smile through her clear doubt. "Well...to that I thank y-" She stopped at the end of her sentence as the new face snapped towards the girl who introduced herself as 'Sasha'. Clementine wouldn't intervene, though, she was much too timid to be so confident anyways. However, as Royal approached, she was quick to take a step back- she didn't know if she could trust him being so up close with her Pokemon.

    "Put the back of your hand towards him first. He's a bit anxious, and I don't want him to get scared and hurt you." Clementine gave a word of fair warning- she had never tended to a blind Pokemon before but the experience with approaching Pokemon she'd had before was all she needed to get the introduction of her Pokemon to the others to go smoothly. She then outstretched her arms to let Royal see the Tiny Leaf Pokemon, but she still kept a fair grip on him. The Turtwig didn't look straight at Royal- but instead in the opposite direction- as if it was meaning to look towards Sasha. Clementine was trying not to show her visible worry, but her expression kept turning rather grim, no matter how hard she tried to make herself seem content.

    Truefire's Chatot carefully got off of her shoulder, as if the Pokemon itself was trying to keep the girl from getting hurt. The Music Note Pokemon then squawked, however it sounded much more like singing than a regular bird. "Chaaa!"
  18. Royal put the back of his hand towards the tiny leaf pokemon. He wanted to show the pokemon that he ment them no harm. He did not really need to do a complete look ad to see what was wrong with the poor thing. He backed away. He did not want to bother the girl much more then he did already. "I am sorry for getting too close. Turtwig seems to be in good health other then his eyes. Which I am glad you want to take the time to care for him. He seems like a great pokemon to have. Your Chatrot seems to be protective of him already. That has the makings of a great performance team. I am sure that there are pages in the breeders book on how to care for pokemon with disabilities. Though please don't take this the wrong way. It is not an insult at all to your pokemon. I was just saying that there could be things to help you out in there. That is if you needed them of course." Royal was nervous that he may have over stepped his bounds with how he was acting.
  19. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Sasha blinked, her smile fading slightly as she was so simply shrugged off, but lightened up when her compliment was reciprocated. Maybe there was hope for the seemingly cold girl with similar black hair. She subconsciously ran a hand through her own hair, tied up in a high, but loose ponytail. "Hey, thanks. Yeah, you got that right." She gave her a friendly wink. "So, I mean, if you got somethin' to do, go ahead, I won't stop ya. But don't feel like you need to be a stranger, alright? We can all be in this together, y'know?" She turned to the timid Clementine, and the friendly Royal, "and that goes for you guys too. I mean, sure, we all only just met and all, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the company of others, y'know? A friend can make all the difference when you're gettin' out there and outside of your comfort zone."

    "Ruff!" Rockruff added with a happy nod. Torchic was staring at his new human, amazed at the ease in which she spoke so freely to these others who seemed so unsure of themselves. Maybe his first impression of her was... wrong. "Chic!" He added cheerily as well. Maybe he would enjoy this journey more than he originally thought.
  20. Clementine nodded towards Royal's words, pulling Turtwig back towards her chest once her was finished looking at the Tiny Leaf Pokemon. "I plan to have a look- but I dont want to play up his...er..." She flinched when he mentioned 'disability'- she didn't want her Pokemon to feel left out and different because he couldn't see. At that, she looked into the Turtwig's eyes, seeing the blurry, almost lifeless gaze stare back up at her. Clementine felt a little more comfortable around the others now- she knew their names- except for the rather rude and brash girl- and their Pokemon seemed particularly kind as well. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to bond with these guys and make some true friends. Sasha's statement only reinforced her thoughts, and she let out a small cheer and looked at both of her Pokemon. They seemed happy, so why shouldn't she be happy as well? She had always wanted to be comfortable around friends, wanting to have people to talk to- or anything, really.

    "Hey, you guys. What do you think you're going to nickname your Pokemon? It'll be easier to bond with them if they have specified names." She spoke rather proudly, asking the question to see the choice in names the others had. However, as she asked, Truefire thought of a nickname or two for her Pokemon companions. A few names popped into her head. She didn't like and of them until- yes, that was perfect. "My Turtwig I'll call Navine, and Chatot is Tiana." At the claim, her Chatot flew back towards Clementine, and landed on her shoulder, spreading her wings in a happy manner. "Tiana, Tiana!" The Music Note Pokemon began to chant her own name, as if she was extremely happy about being given a name of her own. The Songbird then looked to the newly named Turtwig. "Navine, Navine!" Clementine laughed, as the Chatot seemed enthusiastic about her and Navine's new names, as suggested by her cheering the names of the two. She then looked down. "What do you think of that name, Navine? Truefire lightly scratched the Turtwig's chin- he seemed to appreciate that as it was the only thing he'd respond to other than sudden interaction. "Tur!" The Tiny Leaf cried, similar to the way the Chatot reacted to her name. Or it was the happiness of being pet, Clementine couldn't tell. "I'd like to know what you've decided to name yours, to keep it more simple?" She sheepishly smiled, her face covered with a blush from the embarrassment of being so excited about such a thing- some Coordinators didn't give names to their Pokemon, so she wanted to see if they would. She then pulled down her sunhat, probably out of more embarrassment.
  21. A young boy was watching the procession happen before him in the back, standing and leaning against a wall. He was pretty excited, but his bodily demeanor didn't portray this, Instead, he looked calm and ready for anything thrown at him. He looked up to Ty, as he was an awesome breeder he only just recently heard about. It didn't take the young boy long to like anybody whose profession was in breeding. He almost seemed a bit naive about the whole deal, as he never talks about the bad breeders. Either he didn't know or he refused to think about them.

    After the whole deal was up, he watched people go up and take their things before leaving. He decided to stay behind a bit, as he didn't want to rush, but this soon became his downfall as he made his way through the chairs and aisles, only to be stopped short because a girl was having too much time deciding which Pokemon she'd want. Looking at the other things around the place, he noticed some people didn't put away the containers like asked. He just slightly scowled at the mess before he began to tidy everything up. He made sure there was nothing else inside before he set them up on the far wall.

    Now that the way was clear for him, he looked about at the starters. Thankfully, a Piplup was ripe for the picking. Score! He picked up the PokeBall for it and felt it wobble a bit to the sudden movement of being picked up. This one was going to be a lively one, wasn't it? He looked back at the other things that he needed. He went over to Ty's boxes and picked out a Pidgey. Even though they were probably common everywhere else, he's never heard of a Pidgey in Unova. He also preferred bred Pokemon that were specially cared for from a breeder, as it ensured a better quality of Pokemon. He went to the other boxes that were for starting trainers and put everything he could in his backpack. He counted to make sure he had the egg container, the breeding booklet, and cooking guide, along with the jars of food in his backpack. He then put the sky blue Pokedex in his pocket and the PokeBox in the backpack.

    Now that his backpack was stuffed with more things than the usual rations, a couple of filled water bottles, several sets of clothes, and another booklet about Pokemon Contests he nabbed from his mother, as well as a sleeping bag hooked on to the underside of his backpack, he was all set. He thanked the adults and ran outside, happy to start out on his journey. He clipped his two Pokemon on his new trainer belt, but wanted their company. He released them from their confines by poking the buttons at his hip and both a brown bird and a light blue penguin ruffled their feathers as they came out, happy to able to feel fresh air again.

    The young boy knelt down and greeted his new friends. "Hey, guys. I'm Skylar, but most people call me Sky. I chose you guys to go on an adventure with me. Is that alright?" He looked for acceptance from his two Pokemon, who seemed to almost debate as they looked at each other before chirping with glee. Smiling happily, Sky rejoiced. "Yes! My own contest team will be made a reality!"

    At the sound of contests, the Pidgey ruffled her wings happily, but the Piplup was less ecstatic. Almost as if the creature deadpanned, he stared up at the man in disbelief. He wanted to show off his power and strength, but contests? Wasn't that a show made for sissies? He defiantly crossed his flippers in front of him before turning his head away. Sky noticed and looked at his new friend, confused. "What do you mean you don't like contests?"

    The Piplup chirped back to him in a deeper sound than the Pidgey, but Skylar being human, he had no idea what Piplup was actually saying. He could tell that he was mad about the contests, but why? He then decided to ask Piplup again. "Well, I just realized I can't read Pokemon's minds and can't understand them all that well, with me being human and all. So can you do a thing of charades for me to help me understand?"

    Piplup looked back at his trainer and was honestly quite surprised that the human wanted to take the time to understand a creature he had little understanding of to begin with. Starting to warm up to him, he began by crossing his flippers in an X. Sky nodded, and Piplup began to dance around all pretty like a ballerina, even though he hurt his own pride by doing so. Sky raised an eyebrow before nodding. Piplup then pointed to himself and began to slice the air with his flippers and madly pecking about.

    Thinking he understood the Piplup, Sky then repeated what he understood back to the Piplup. "Well, you don't like contests because you think it's all about being pretty and graceful, when you want to show off your power and how cool you are. Am I right?"

    While not completely what the Piplup was thinking, Sky understood enough to earn a nod from his Piplup, who was quite surprised that he even understood that much. Sky just chuckled and shook his head, earning a confused look from his new bird. "You got contests all wrong, buddy. Yea, you can be beautiful and cute in contests, but it can also be about showing off your power and coolness, as well as your intelligence. It's not just for girls either. My father used to be big in the contest scene in the Hoenn region. It's not all that bad."

    Piplup gave this new information some thought before shrugging his shoulders and agreed to participate in a contest. Sensing his trainer's excitement at his agreement, Piplup just scratched the back of his head with his flipper as he saw his human hop about with jubilee, like a Doduo that learned how to walk correctly without its stick-like legs folding over each other.

    After he calmed down, he thought for a name for the two. "Well, I'm not really great with names, but how about these. Pidgey, I'll name you Pidge. Piplup, I'll name you Prin. How's that?" Pidgey tweeted happily, while Piplup put some thought into it before agreeing. Smiling, he picked up his two newfound buddies and set them on his shoulders. "Well, now that we are all set, let's go!"

    It was then he realized he was literally near the foot of the entrance and people were hovering about the entrance to the first route. Smiling, he walked briskly up to them, obviously super excited about his new adventure. As he got closer, he noticed that the people here seemed familiar. Maybe they were the ones inside? Probably, as he tended to forget faces after seeing them in a day.

    He waved at everyone, his voice booming forward with as much enthusiasm as his walk. "Hi, everyone! I'm Skylar Robinson, but you may call me Sky. I'm going to be the best bird breeder and coordinator. How are you all?" He noticed then that there were some shy people here, and he immediately regret speaking in such a loud, excited tone. "Oh, uh... Sorry, if I scared anyone. I'm just excited." He chuckled before scratching the back of his head while his Piplup facepalmed.
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  22. Royal looked towards Clementine. He had not really given any thought to names yet. "Well I have not really thought of names for them yet. I might name them later on. Once I get to know them better." Royal looked towards the boy who exited the lab. He was the only other boy who was going on this journey. Royal watched as he talked with his pokemon. He seemed to understand them really well. When he came over to talk, Royal could tell he was excited to be going on his journey. "Hey there Sky. My name is Royal and these are my to pokemon. Fennekin and Eevee." Fennekin and eevee popped out Royal's long golden hair. They wanted to get a good look at the newcomer.
  23. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Anastasia looked at her stunned for a moment. Most of the people she spoke to didn't want to spend time with her after realizing her horrible her attitude was. She continued to listen and wanted to point out that only one of them could possibly win, but she just uttered a weak "Yeah, thanks." She listened to the other girl ask about nicknames. I was thinking Jade for snivy and Mizu for feebas. She saw a store in the distance and planned to go there to look for a container for feebas. Just as she got ready to leave, she saw a new figure approaching. She listened to his words with a frown on her face. He seems so bold, but I guess some people are like that. "Well, this talk was interesting but I have something to go buy. I guess I'll see you guys around then," she said as a parting before walking towards the store. She wasn't sure if they heard her, but she didn't want to have to socialize anymore in this current hour.
  24. The pair decided to select their second Pokemon. This time, Talia was stumped. She hadn't known what the choices would be beforehand, and hated being on the spot.
    "Having trouble, big sis?" Allie teased. Talia playfully elbowed her arm.
    Allie was first to pick, selecting Ralts. Talia took a minute, holding two Pokeballs in her hand, before putting one back. The one she had chosen contained a Togepi.
    The girls sat cross-legged on the ground, and released their Pokemon - Allie's Popplio and Ralts, and Talia's Chikorita and Togepi.
    Popplio looked happy to see her new trainer. Ralts hopped up in the air with excitement. Togepi rushed up to Talia and cuddled in her lap. Chikorita, on the other hand, greeted her new trainer with a light whip in the face with her leaf.
    Talia rubbed her face. "Hey, what was that for?"
    Chikorita laughed mischievously. "Chik, chik!"

    Meanwhile, Allie was trying to think of names for her two eager Pokemon.
    "For you, Popplio.. what about Melody?" she asked.
    Popplio clapped her flippers with excitement. "Popplio!"
    Taking this as a yes, Allie moved on to Ralts. She took longer to decide for this one.
    "Luna?" she asked, only to receive a head shake from Ralts.
    "Princess?" she asked. Ralts looked like she'd been slapped.
    "Zelda?" Allie tried. Ralts nodded approvingly.
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    "Well alright. See ya later then. Maybe next time we can learn your name!" Sasha laughed cheerily, waving goodbye to the girl who was quick to rush off. She then looked back to Clementine, who mentioned nicknames for their pokemon. At this, she beamed. "Hey, I was thinking the same thing. Those are some great names!" She looked at Torchic still perched on her shoulder, humming in thought. After a moment, she smiled. "You seem like a total Edwardo to me little dude. What do you think?"

    Torchic looked at her and blinked, tilting his head a bit as he thought it over. He kind of liked it. He chirped in acceptance, a fond smile forming.

    "Alright! Edwardo it is!" Sasha cheered. She then turned to her small puppy pokemon Rockruff, who gave a big smile at the sudden attention, her tongue slightly hanging out. "Ruff!" She shouted, sitting up on her hind legs with her paws up politely, like a good girl. "Holy Miltank, you are so cute!" Sasha laughed, picking her up and holding her to her chest. Rockruff snuggled back, already feeling very fond of her new human. "I know a great name for you. You're strong and assertive, like a leader. How about we call you Alpha?" She asked, pulling the rock type to eye level. Her tail immediately began to wag and she licked Sasha's face, who then let out a little giggle. "I'll take that as a yes, huh girl?" She beamed, bringing the Rockruff now named Alpha back into a loving hug. Edwardo watched the interaction in content silence, his hopes and happiness rising steadily.

    Sasha jumped a little as a sudden new voice happily shouted, presenting another fellow coordinator. She looked to the boy--Sky, he mentioned--and grinned at his enthusiasm. "Yo Sky! Good to meet ya!" She greeted him, setting Alpha down. She hopped around Sasha in excitement. "I'm Sasha," She continued, placing her hands on her hips confidently, "Sasha Withers. And I'm going to be the best of the best of coordinators! No flash photography please!" She joked with the boy, a big ol' friendly lopsided grin on her face.
  26. Sky beamed happily when he realize he was actually making friends, and he waved happily at the Fennekin and Eevee that peeked out of Royal's hair. His Pidgey flew up to Sky's shoulder and waited there until it was alright to socialize, while his Piplup walked straight up to Royal and waved his flipper at him and his Pokemon. Sky looked over to see a girl running off away from the group and he thought it confusing for a second before setting that aside and focusing what was happening in front of him.

    Sky smiled at Sasha, who introduced herself and expressed her enthusiasm to be the best there ever was and he smiled a cheeky smile before joining in on her contagious bubbly excitement. "Oh, there can only be room for one person on that pedestal, deary. I'm going to be the best bird breeder and bird coordinator there ever was, and maybe be we'll see who is better. Of course, we obviously can't see that now, but later on our journies, it would be great to have contest battles with you all."
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  27. Truefire then stepped out from the seemingly shaded corner she had nuzzled into- she didn't want to seem as shy as she made herself out to be already. Tiana perched back onto Clementine's shoulder, as if the Music Note Pokemon enjoyed being there already.

    Clementine looked over towards Sky- she hadn't formally introduced herself in any way shape or form, which she felt bad for. She had gotten a bit defensive over Navine, so she decided to calm down and say hello. Sky had quite adorable bird Pokemon, her favorite being the little Pidgey sat on his shoulder. Her own Chatot was a bird- perhaps they could be friends through the birds that perched on their shoulders. She fixed herself up from the field of embarrassment, running her hand along the left side of her face as to clear her blushed exterior. Truefire of course heard how he was going to rival Sasha in being the top coordinator- the 'King' or 'Queen' of performing, they would call it- and how they would fight against eachother to win that title.

    Clementine then waved, realizing she was the last to introduce herself. "H-Hiya. I'm Clementine Truefire- and these are my Pokemon- Navine and T-Tiana. Nice to meet you, Sky." She tried her best to keep her composure- she wanted to make a good impression, if anything. Navine let out a small chirp for once- the Pokemon peeking out from its perch in Clementine's arms to sniff the clearing. Her Chatot reached down with it's wing, guiding the Turtwig's gaze towards Sky as if trying to help. "Best Coordinator, best Coordinator." Tiana chirped, merely repeating the phrases Sasha and Sky exchanged with one another. Clementine laughed lightly at her Pokemon- they seemed so invested into helping one another already- or at least it seemed that way to Clementine herself.
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  28. Sky looked over to see the shy girl with her Turtwig introduce herself and he quickly switched attention from his rival to Truefire. He could tell she was really trying to be more social and he appreciated her for that. He knew what it was like to be shy. "Well, hello Clementine. It seems like your Turtwig may be blind, but that's no biggie. It seems like you got a cute bird that could help your Turtwig cope with its problem. Making a Pokemon's weakness their strength is a great thing to do. Like, if your Turtwig really is blind, it won't have to worry about getting sand or mud or smoke in its eyes, and it would rely mainly on hearing and smelling than anything else. It would just have to get used to it, but it won't be that bad."

    He stopped himself from continuing on that topic, but he had some experience with Pokemon with a disability, but it wasn't his Pokemon and he didn't take care of it for long. Although, hearing the Chatot calling him the "Best coordinator" made him puff out his chest with glee and sent a gaze over at Sasha while teasingly rivaling her. "Ahh-hah, her Pokemon know what's up."
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  29. "Well, I.." Clementine trailed off. This was the second time someone had mentioned the blindness of her Turtwig, but she tried to put that behind her. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. We're gonna have to get over some things first, but I'm sure with time we'll become great coordinators like I know you guys will." Clementine smiled- trying to brighten her withdrawn and uneasy exterior, standing up as straight as she could and letting her smile take over. Sky's remark made her confident- well, about as confident as someone as reserved as herself could allow herself to be. Of course, that was saying a lot- Clementine had never allowed herself to be so confident around others, it was only when she was with her mother did she show her true, kind and caring self.

    She was clearly the shyest of the bunch, and it showed. All Clementine had ever wanted in life was friends, so she was going to try to fit in with the norm of the group, a bunch of peppy and almost overly-confident individuals. Always too quiet and mousy to be friends with the other children- Clementine was more determined now to show that she had the potential to be a good companion. Tiana seemed happy, the Music Note Pokemon had received even more positive attention (seems to be her favorite thing), which had boosted her spirits. "Best Coordinator, what's up, what's up!" The Songbird didn't seem to know what she was saying- her mind couldn't comprehend human language, but she sure did understand that she received attention for her ramblings. Navine, the Tiny Leaf Pokemon in Clementine's arms, chirped lightly, it's head now pointing towards the Chatot, curiosity emanating from the starter. "Twig!"

    Clementine kept a careful grip on Navine, but removed an arm to stroke the Chatot's black head feathers. Tiana- was of course- thrilled, spreading its wings as if she had won a thousand contest ribbons, or had become the queen of the Pokemon world in a second. The Chatot didn't let out a cry this time, but her expression and her show of pride gave all the information one would need. Clementine smiled at her Pokemon- they had been one of the one true things that made her happy. She then lowered her arm, wrapping it around the Grass- type starter Pokemon.
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    Sasha gave a hearty chuckle at Sky's response, then paused to look at Clementine, smiling as she watched the shy girl attempt to break from her shell. She barely knew the girl, but she still managed to feel proud of her in that moment. She could tell this girl would make a great friend once she felt comfortable enough. And Sky definitely seemed like he would make for a fun companion and an interesting rival. Watching the exchanges between the two, she couldn't help but beam. "That's the spirit you guys!" She chimed in, wrapping her arms around the two's shoulders to bring them into a lighthearted sort of group huddle. She didn't really think much about personal space or boundaries in that moment, but her intentions were clearly kind. "I can tell we're all gonna have a great time on this adventure!"

    When she broke away from the huddle, she looked to Clementine and her Turtwig. "So what do you say we head over to the Pokemon Center to get Navine and all our pokemon checked out, make sure everyone's healthy and all that. Then we can get goin!"
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    Anastasia walked into the store that she was eyeing from a distance earlier. She heard the little bell ding above her head as she walked in. An employee welcomed her in but departed before they could be of any help. Sighing in defeat, she looked around the store for anything that could be of use. Many minutes later she finally gave up. She walked out of the store, muttering a weak "Thanks," as she passed the clerks. It seemed like Feebas would have to stay in her pokeball for the time being. She looked up and was surprised to see the group still talking. She knew that she'd have to talk to them again eventually, but she didn't want to rush anything.

    She approached the pond once again. She would continue her journey once her pokemon were nicknamed and once the coast was clear. She allowed Feebas out of the pokeball and glanced at her Snivy. Snivy was green, and she had always been fond of jade gemstones. Not to mention, it seemed like the perfect name for such a pretty pokemon. "Jade?" she asked looking for a reaction. Snivy nodded her head seeming to approve of the name. She grinned before turning towards the Feebas who seemed happy to be in the water. She crouched down as she racked her brain for water names and started rambling until she got an approval. "Cascade? Coral? Pearl?" she asked receiving a negative reaction each time. She paused for a moment to think. "Mizu?" she asked finally receiving an act of approval. She sighed in relief as she sat down on the grass. Time to play the waiting game.
  32. Clementine looked at Sasha as she gave a laugh, and then embraced her and Sky. Clementine gasped lightly, but she tried her best to return it- despite the fact her Pokemon were a little bit squished. Sasha released them, and Clementine took a breather, as she had been squeezed rather tightly. Navine sniffed around, her didn't seem to be affected by the hug whatsoever. "Twig!" The Turtwig finally felt comfortable enough, lightly headbutting Clementine's arm to get down. Clementine let down the Tiny Leaf Pokemon, and Navine moved around, sniffing around in the circle of friends, or at least, that's what he picked up, and walked forward, placing his forehead onto Sasha's lower leg. He tried to look up in the right direction, and chirped, as if he was happy with the trainer's high tone. "Tur!"

    Clementine laughed, she was beginning to love her Pokemon despite the fact she had known them for such a short amount of time. She let out a small giggle, pressing her hand to her lips. She then recomposed herself. "I'm excited to go along with you guys, being with friends and Pokemon is much better than being alone."

    Tiana looked back towards Sky, as if interested, but she quickly moved to Clementine, nuzzling her beak into the petite trainer's hair. "Clementine, Clementine!" The bird squawked, quieter this time, as if she was, herself, trying to befriend her trainer. Clementine would've returned it, but Sasha's words distracted her. "Oh..err..sure! I was planning to go anyways." She smiled, starting to toy with her hair once more as soon as her streak of excitedness wearing off. She would happily go along with them, but she still felt a bit nervous about how the others saw her.
  33. Sky smiled at Clementine, who seemed like she was trying to get out of her shell to have herself fit with them. Even though he knew that it was okay to be shy, he was at least grateful that she was trying to be more outgoing. He kept his chest puffed up as he smirked at her reply. "Of course, I'm right. We are all going to be pretty great."

    Sky's Piplup, Prin, was staring up at his trainer, completely in awe at his own huge self-confidence. It almost rivaled his confidence. He puffed up his chest just like his trainer trilled happily, saying he was going to be the best in his own kind of language. Sky's Pidgey, Pidge, flapped up her feathers, as if she was pumped for this journey. Looking over at Route 1 nearby, Sky could see the many Wild Pokemon roaming about. None of them really interested him at the moment.

    His attention now back to the group, to which he was now in a sort of group huddle with Sasha being the obvious instigator behind it, while Clementine joined in and closed the huddle. Pidge flapped off of Sky's shoulder to avoid the arm and then landed on Sky's head to keep herself safe. Prin smiled up at the happy group of eager trainers, while Sky just chuckled. He wasn't really used to this kind of attention and kind of had a slight little pink blush rise on his cheeks, but that disappeared as Sasha let go. He heard what Sasha had to say and nodded.

    "That would be a good idea. Make sure our Pokemon are alright before we do anything else. Of course, that means traversing through Route 1, but I'm pretty sure we can make it there in time."

    As he said this, he noticed the same girl from earlier come back to the pond and spend some quality time with her Pokemon before relaxing. Knowing her disposition with the group, he didn't really feel inclined to yell at her to get her attention. It was time they leave for Accumula Town anyway.

    "Anyway, we should probably start heading somewheres. Come on, we wouldn't want it get dark before we head to our first town in our travels," he began to lead the way, with Prin walking with his trainer pridefully before he got too far behind due to Sky's stride, to which he had to pick up the pace a bit. This comical scene of Prin walking pridefully, only to be running up to stay by his trainer's side occasionally, made their walk together seem interesting. Pidge began flying around Sky's head and began exploring the route they were traveling through, keeping a close distance between her and her trainer.

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