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Ask to Join University of Fairy Tales RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Crimson Sun, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    @SS-I Never @Godjacob @Sarah316 @Rohan Kishibe

    University of Fairy Tale, also known as UFT, the school of students that are offspring of Fairy Tale characters. It's a school where these students can learn general education, but also learn how to be a proper fairy tale lead to follow in the footsteps of their parents. It's a wonderful place university to learn and socialize. However, not everything is happily ever after in the school. Not only the princesses, princes, and heroes go to the school, but fairy tale villains are also capable of going to the school. After all, every fairy tail offspring gets to go into University of Fairy Tales. This causes tension between the set 'protagonists' and 'antagonists' of each stories. However, in UFT, they try their best to ensure that every student is equal and gets the same treatment as every other fairy tale character would get. They aren't in their stories yet, they're only still students attending school, meaning no one is the good or the bad, they're all just...students.

    It was the week before Thronecoming. Everyone was setting up for the big school game, parade, and the Thronecoming dance. Not to mention, Thronecoming King and Queen are up for grabs once again this year. Last year the winner Thronecoming King and Queen were the daughter of Rapunzel and one of the sons of the Charmings. However, they graduated already, hence they can't run anymore, which would mean anyone can becoming the next King or Queen, even the villains.

    Everything was hectic around Leo Boots. He was anging out on the roof of the school, watching the students frantic movements below getting ready their parade float, the atheletes for the bookball game, and some even getting their outfits ready for the dance. May Leo mention it was only Monday and Thonecoming wasn't going to come in another week. Not that he minded of course, as he himself already had an outfit ready for the Thronecoming dance. For his float, he was working mainly by himself. Each float was centered around a Fairy Tale story, so people get to work together to make the Thronecoming Parade great. For people that don't have a set story, like the Charmings for example, they really can choose any story they can work on. Leo Boots was in the Puss in boots story, there wasn't many other characters that associated with his story, according to his father, the original Puss in Boots.

    Atlas Charming was down on the field, ready and encouraging his team for Thronecoming. Atlas cheered on for his teammates. "That was hexcellent! Keep up the great work!" Atlas called out. The latter went to the bench to take a small break. It wasn't a secret that each Charming were at least captain of one thing. Heck, Atlas' cousin, the Thronecoming King last year, was captain of the bookball team. For Atlas, he wasn't captain of anything really yet. Hopefully, something not too difficult for Atlas, but somewhere in the athletics department. He doesn't necessarily have a set story either. Atlas was hoping that he could have some float he can work on, but it doesn't seem to be that way yet. he was too focused on the Thronecoming Game right now. He heard their opponent was fierce, and he didn't exactly know what school they were up against still.
  2. "Heh, this should be amusing. Doesn't matter what school comes out way, I'll clobber them all the same."
    Sebastian Beast had been busy working against a tackle dummy in preparation for the big Thronecoming Game that was to come. Naturally, Sebastian had been eager for the event as it gave him a chance to "bear his claws" as it were and some good ole physical activity to boot. Though he cared little for the Charmings he had been teamed with he had been able to swallow that bitter pill to focus on the coming event.

    Bitter pill may have been harsh. More like a minor, annoying pill. As Sebastian had the attitude that the Charmings were stuck up or full of themselves. Too perfect, and for someone who embraced his inner beast as Sebastian had they were a natural contrast to himself beyond just physical differences.

    And he'd have it no other way.
    "So, anyone know whose butts were are gonna kick?" Sebastian asked one of his fellow Thronecoming Game teammates, Atlas, curious if he knew anything about their opponent.
  3. As Thronecoming was coming along, Mal Thorn, the demon queen of the University of Fairy Tales, showered her presence throughout the hallways with posters demanding the students to vote for her as Thronecoming queen. The poster showed the demon queen herself, posing in a dominating manner, with big texts saying "Vote for Mal Thorn for Thronecoming Queen! OR ELSE!!!" Mal Thorn had ordered multiple students who showered her with praise to put up those posters around the entire school, or else they would receive a devastating punishment.

    Mal was proudly walking around the hallways of the university, emphasizing her presence by having a trail of green fire follow her from behind. By the look on her face, anyone could tell she seemed pretty confident that this was going to be her school year.

    Meanwhile, the trickster Ashyre Cat was pulling yet another one of her pranks as she followed the trail of fire Mal had made, and vandalized all of her posters by drawing mustaches or goatees on all of the posters Ashyre so happened to lay her eyes upon.

    Meanwhile in the gymnasium, Damian Mermaid had begun decorating for the Thronecoming ball. Everything was planned all set in place, such as the stage, snack table, and other assortments of party games and activities. Though, he and the school committee were having quite difficult for what kind of theme they should use to decorate the gym for this years Thronecoming to spice things up. Damian suggested an underwater theme, though the committee said otherwise as that mainly centered around his mother's, Arial Mermaid, tale and they wanted to be inclusive. Though, they have yet to come up with a decision.
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  4. "Seems you guys are having a bit of a pickle with a theme huh?" Said the voice of Pepper Pan, as she observed from up high on the rafters of the gymnasium as she observed Damian as well as others as they had began to decorate for the Thronecoming Ball. Pepper had a grin as she used some gym rope to slide down as she appeared before Damian with a friendly if not playful grin on her face.

    "So, you water a water world theme or something? Fun but a bit biased, have you considered any other ideas since? Maybe I could help" Pepper asked Damian, as she appeared quite interested and even willing to help find a fitting theme.
  5. Mauli was lounging characteristically on the gymnasium bleachers, having finished her themed float with minimal effort. It didn't take much to make a float look islandy, after all. Her head resting on her folded arms, back to the bench and one leg crossed over the other, she looked for all intents and purposed to be sound asleep. Only her vague, but timely expressions,
    reacting to the conversations around her oftered any contradiction to the fact.

    "Could do an Island theme," she suggested, without moving more than her eyes as she glanced over. "You still get your water obsession in there. And honestly, who doesn't like a day at the beach?"
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  6. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Atlas snapped his head at the voice talking in his direction. His eyes glazed over the son of Beauty and the Beast, Sebastian Beast. He was supposedly to take over his father's story and have a princess to take his mother's side of the story. Atlas blinked, suddenly remembering the question at hand. "Oh," the Charming son said a bit too loudly, realizing what the Beast was asking. "Well, according to Coach Huntsman told us that we're playing a team abroad this year. Something like Mythos Academy or something like that." Atlas finished his information recall and gave the beast a flash of a smile. "Wish you luck for the game," Atlas said towards Sebastian, his fist bumping to the bigger guy's shoulder before getting ready to do some more practices.

    Leo jumped off the rooftop of the building and landed perfectly on the ground without getting injured. Despite the tall building and the high roof, Leo always did that whenever he wanted to, despite the school staff telling him how dangerous that is. But as they say, cats always land on there feet. Leo strolled into the school corridor, greeted by the smell of burning. Of course, that was none other than Mal Thorn's doing, with a green trail of fire behind her once again. it's been a whole week of Thronecoming and she's still advertising for her to be Thronecoming Queen. Leo's cat eyes landed on Ashyre Cat, who was following "her highness" and burning the posters that the Evil Queen's daughter had put up, avoiding being caught from the latter with her capability to become invisible. It was nice to see a fellow cat and fellow prankster at work." Leo's boots clicked among the school floor as he caught up to the duo, specifically the kitty. "Another fellow feline at work with the pranks I see," Leo said to the cat, not loud enough for Mal Thorn to hear.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Emily Witch was standing by her locker, admiring her hair in a mirror she kept in her locker, she closed her locker and saw Mal, she glided over to her and said "what up girl, setting fire to the corridors again." It was then that she spotted Leo Boots behind Mal and said "Leo what are you doing?", She gave him a very cold look and walked to him.
  8. Damian said hi to both Pepper and Mauli, and told them, "Thanks guys, I apprecoate your help. And Mauli, your idea could really work! But I'll have to ask the school committee before we actually start decorating for Thronecoming."

    Damian then changed the subject a bit, and asked Pepper and Mauli, "Who do you think Thronecoming King is going to be this year? I personally think it's going to be Atlas. I mean, he is pretty popular and is quite 'charming.'" Damian then chuckled at his own terrible joke.


    "Of course, I have to showcase my presence somehow." Mal answered Emily.

    Ashyre chuckled, and told Leo, "Ya' know it!" She was just as quiet as Leo.

    Though, it soon turned out to be for nothing when both Ashyre and Leo were spotted by Emily and were called out by her as well.

    "What is going on?" Mal asked sternly, when she noticed both Leo and Ashyre, and Mal especially had her eyes on Ashyre. "Ashyre Cat. What do you think you're doi-" Mal sternly said before she interrupted herself when she noticed all of her vandalised posters.

    "MY POSTERS!" Mal exclaimed in distraught, "How. Dare. You!?" With a quick snap of her fingers, Mal's magic got rid of all of the drawings Ashyre made on the posters. Mal then glared down the Cat, and told her, "You're lucky I'm in a good mood right now, because otherwise I'D HAVE RIPPED OF YOUR HAND!"

    Mal then scuffed and headed to her next class, but not before incinerating Ashyre's marker in flames.

    Ashyre had been trying her best to hold in her laughter this entire time, but when Mal left, she let it all out. "Did you see the look on her face!?" Ashyre bluttered out while laughing, "Priceless!"
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  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Emily looked at Ashyre and said "Really Ashyre? God how immature, are you" she turns, giving Ashyre a icey stare and jogged off after Mal, calling after her "Mal wait up" she just caught up with her and said "you ok or should I be ready to extinguish some flames" she looked at her friend and smiled as walmly as someone so cold can.
  10. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "I'm walking," Leo retorted back to Emily. "Is it against the rule to walk now?" A smug grin was plastered on the feline's face before the two. Mal and Emily, walked off, leaving the two felines behind. "Yep," Leo gave a small chuckle at Ashyre's antics. "That's the 'queens' of the school alright." Leo rolled his eyes while making two air quotes with his slender fingers on the queens. "Now that you're fun is over," Leo said towards the Chesire daughter. "What next?"

    frankly, Leo was bored. University of Fairy Tales doesn't provide anything fun and adventurous for the pussy to do. All he can do is practically do stunts and stop bullying in the school. But honestly. it was getting tedious and repetitive. He needed some flair in his life right about now. Knowing of practically everyone at school with his cat eye, he knew Ashyre should surely pull off something hexcellent for him to be part of or to watch.
  11. "Same to you. Should be lot of fun." Sebastian said to Atlas as he saw Atlas to go do some practice and decided to do the same. Sebastian had no real love lost for Atlas, or any of the Charmings, but there was no sense to dwell on that here and now. Instead he moved back over to a tackle dummy and began to work on some drills to prepare more for the game.

    Sebastian naturally was a defensive player, because it was infinity more fun to put a beating on the opponent rather than settling for making "flashy" plays. Linebacker was a natural fit for him, as evident by the extreme ferocity with which he tackled his tackle dummy. A proud, toothy grin was seen which only seemed to highlight his enjoyment all the more.

    Yeah, he was ready for the big game.
  12. "Oh it's gotta be a Charming. The award is practically tailor made for them and I believe Atlus seems to be the stand out among them. Being on the football only adds to the "pretty but tough" persona kinda thing." Pepper said with a grin, as while she never really cared much about the gossip topic of who'd be the king and queen, it did make for a good conversation topic and really her excitement Thronecoming in general was evident.

    And hey, who knows, might be able to pick up on interesting bits from these two along the way.
  13. "Pfft, yeah, Charming's got this in the bag. Since Preston graduated last year, he's the only 'Charming' we have left, isn't he?" Mauli rolled onto her side, head braced on her bent arm, to face the group. Despite turning, however, she seemed to be looking straight over their heads, lost in her own thoughts. But after a brief moment, a smirk pulled at the corners of her lips and she looked directly at her fellow students, mischief in her eyes. "Real question is, how much damage you think Mal will do when she doesn't win 'Queen'?"
  14. While Mal was walking down the hall with Emily, she had a clear sign of annoyance on her face. How dare that mere kitten think she could mess with a lioness!? Though, Mal took a deep breath and calmed herself down."

    "There will be no need for that this time, Emily," Mal responded, "There's no way anyone would even dare compete with me for the crown, anyways, unless their completely idiotic. Everyone here should know that I get my way, whether they like it or not." Mal then began to create more posters around the school with her magic to have her presence known.

    Ashyre pondered Leo's question, and thought about it for a sec. "Wanna help me vandalize more of the queen of reckoning's posters?" the fellow cat asked Leo as she held out an extra marker for the son of Puss of Boots.

    Damian scratched the back of his neck, and responded, "Yeah, I thought so. I mean, who else could you vote for?" Though, Damian was actually rather disappointed that the girls didn't choose him, but it made sense. Atlas just had that affect on people. It was as if though that every girl that wanted to be a princess wanted to be with him.

    Though Mauli then brought up Mal, and Damian's face quickly became that of disgust. "Don't even get me started on that," Damian said, "Last time she didn't win, she practically almost burned the entire school down. You don't even want to know what happened afterwards. She gives me the creeps."
  15. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Atlas watched as his teammate worked hard to be the best linebacker there is. Who is he kidding, Sebastian is the best linebacker there is so far. Atlas, as the quarterback of the University of fairy Tale bookball team, wanted to ensure that their team is the best of the best. They had a legacy to uphold, especially since they've held onto the winning school for approximately seven years by now. "Great job Sebastian," Atlas called out to the Beast, trying to give moral support to get the team going. Honestly, being team captain and bookball quarterback is no fun. What's worse? being a Charming. He had all these reputations to uphold and it seriously stresses him out sometimes. But you got to do what you got to do to make your parents happy.

    Leo gazed, his eyes narrowed upon Ashyre's proposition. "Brave of you to assume I haven't done so already," Leo said with a mischievous smile on his face. Taking off his hat, he revealed within the hat was a bunch of ripped up Mal for Thronecoming Queen posters. Quickly, Leo Boots wore them atop his head again before Mal Thorn or her lackie finds out.

    It was only an hour after school and everyone was busy. But suddenly, a loud cackle from the school speakers played out. "Ahem, ex-excuse me, may i have all your attention please?" A nervous voice popped out from the speakers. "I'm here to announce the official nominees for Thronecoming King and slash or Queen. And also, we have a confirmation on what school we will be playing against for the bookball game." The voice let a silent to let the tension ease in, and mainly for the suspense. "First off, the school UFT will be playing against is..... South East Mythics High, or SEMH. Good luck to our Griffins!" The announcement head said, naming the the UFT's mascot along the lines. Cheers and whoops could be heard throughout the school as University of Fairy tale is quite spirited.

    "Now naming the official nominees of Thronecoming Queens and slash or Kings." The voice paused for more dramatic effect. "The nominee's are: Atlas Charming, Damien Mermaid, Sebastian Beast, Mauli Maui, and Lindsay Ella. Congratulations on all those people!" Many people whooped for the sons and daughters of the Charmings, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Maui, and Cinderella. Suddenly though there can be whispered heard through the announcements. "What do you mean I have to announce her too? She got the barely any nominations so far.....L-last year?.....Thorn went crazy....." It was awkward silence behind the speaker. "A-and M-mal Thorn! Congratulations! Bye!" And the announcement ended with that abrupt pause as everyone went back to their daily lives.
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  16. "Thanks man, I'm all good and ready to smoke those clowns. Looking good yourself, sure you'll be having defensive backs running flap footed." Sebastian said to Atlas, even if he had been a "pretty boy" by his own definition he was still the team's quarterback and as such he valued being a good teammate in this instance as he gave him his compliment.

    Sebastian had been by his locker as classes came and went, when he overheard the nominations for the Thronecoming King and Queen. Sebastian hardly cared for such overly formal matters himself so he paid it no mind.

    The nominee's are: Atlas Charming, Damien Mermaid, Sebastian Beast...

    Sebastian had an eyebrow raised as his name had been mentioned. Next to only Mal Thorn, he expected his name to be the last mentioned for something like that given he worked to be the "anti charming" given his beastly nature.

    Ah great. To think I'm in the same camp as a Charming. Then again, I am teammates with one so....I shouldn't be too shocked.
  17. Ahem, ex-excuse me, may i have all your attention please? I'm here to announce the official nominees for Thronecoming King and slash or Queen. And also, we have a confirmation on what school we will be playing against for the bookball game. First off, the school UFT will be playing against is..... South East Mythics High, or SEMH. Good luck to our Griffins! Now naming the official nominees of Thronecoming Queens and slash or Kings. The nominee's are: Atlas Charming, Damien Mermaid, Sebastian Beast, Mauli Maui, and Lindsay Ella. Congratulations on all those people!

    Pepper had just gotten out of a math class, a dull subject to be sure, and had made her way to the lockers when she overheard this announcement. Some of the names mentioned had been expected, others were pleasant surprises. Either way, who she'd vote for was a more curious decision to make....

    What do you mean I have to announce her too? She got the barely any nominations so far.....L-last year?.....Thorn went crazy.....A-and M-mal Thorn! Congratulations! Bye!

    This had been enough for Pepper to pause in slight surprise. Mal Thorn? Not the person of ball "royalty" on her mind if you had to ask her and a "dark horse" candidate if you simply emphasized the "dark" part of it. Still, she could make the race more entertaining if all else failed and that had always been a bonus in Pepper's book. Pepper moved to her locker to gather her things as she thought over the Thronecoming to come.
  18. Ashyre snickered, and said to her fellow cat in crime, "Nice. I like everyone to know what I do, however, so I'll stick with my doodles for the whole school to see and admire...and hopefully get on Mal's nerves, which worked." Ashyre then went on her doodling spree and vandalized all of the dark queen of highschool's posters.

    The announcements then suddenly started announcing the nominations for Thronecoming King and Queen.

    Mal had been walking down the hall with Emily, but immediately stopped to hear what the announcer had to say. Her eyes were flaring furiously when she hadn't heard her name in the first part of the announcements, but quickly became delighted as soon as they announced her for last.

    "Of course, they saved the best for last," Mal said aloud, "Obviously I was going to get nominated, it was inevitable."

    Damien had also had been in the hallways, and was excited to hear he got nominated, but Atlas was a sure win, so Damien didn't even know if he should try or not. And who knows? Mal might be Thronecoming Queen, and would have to dance with Atlas. That was surely a sight Damien didn't want to miss.
  19. Pepper soon enough had gathered up items, but paused as she was curious over what to do next. She had no plans before the ball and big game, and honestly she felt she needed to socialize more with her classmates. With that, she soon came to a decision and began to gingerly skip along the halls; her aim to find either Damian or Mauli. Or both, she had not been picky.

    The two seemed nice, and if she was going to have any chance to make some friends around here. They seemed like a good place to start.

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