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University, College, Whatever You Call It

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Cody, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. University/Uni/College -- whatever you call it your part part of the world, that's what this here is about. There's already the thread for High School courses, and that's not what this one's about.

    This is for College. Tertiary education, further education, continuing education -- whatever you call it.

    I'm a Sophomore in High School. (Grade Ten...I'm two years from graduating. I'm not sure what year that'd be in other school systems around the world. That's one thing I'm completely ignorant about :\)

    I'm curious as to how those of you who are in, or who have finished with your higher/further/continuing education chose where to go and what you wanted to major in. It's something I'm beginning to think about constantly, and I figure the people of 'Charms would have some things to say about it.

    And if you're comfortable sharing, maybe mention your SAT/ACT scores? (And...other scores for other parts of the world? Golly I'm ignorant.) But if you're not comfortable, don't feel like you have to at all. I took the pre-SAT (which is pretty much designed for Sophomores) and scored a 192, which they (being the test-makers) say would to a 1920 on the actual test.

    Or, if you haven't started your continuing/further/higher education, do you have any plans as of now?

    Personally, all I know for sure is I want to teach...but really, that's about it ^^;;
  2. I'm currently in my sophomore year of uni. More specifically, I'm at the University of Central Florida- I believe by enrollment stats we're number two in the nation in terms of size. I'm a part of the Honors College, which is a much smaller group of a few hundred per year. I really love it, because any honors class is capped at 20 people, which is a refreshing twist from classes of 300.

    The thing with me is, my GPA in high school was terrible. I was (and, to an extent, still am) one of those genius slackers who could write up a storm, but couldn't be arsed to study. It was my writing and letters of recommendation that saved me, because even if my grades weren't the best, my personality and intelligence shone through. My SAT scores were good as well ^^ Pity I don't remember them anymore. If I find the grade report, I'll update this post. I probably threw it away by now |D

    As for the current status of my education, I am a biology major who is very interested in mathematics. I'll at least have a minor in such when I graduate. I also am planning on graduating with Honors, which would include doing an undergrad thesis my senior year.
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Biology major, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, second-year of a three year program. Well, I had to repeat a few first year courses last year so I'm doing it in four years rather than three. But such is life. Hurrrrrr.
  4. Ba'derm, Senior in High School here. Going to BYU-I (Mormon school) in the fall after graduation. Unfortunately it doesn't have the program for the Clinical Lab whatever thing, but my sister figured out all the junk so I can take the right classes and transfer to a school that does (like the normal BYU).

    On my first ACT I got a 28, with a 32 in Science and a 23 in Math... yeah (Calc 1 totally wasn't on there anywhere). But this tech school I never heard of tried to get me to go there and stuff cuz of that science score I guess.
    'Cause you can take it twice, I took the ACT again and got a 27 this time, but with a 32 in Reading and a 25 in Science. Got something similar in Math, which was the section I was trying to improve. Shoulda looked at that but meh.
    [ACTs have a max of 36 points BTW.]
    Teehee, the adds are about college.
  5. Linkachu

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    We don't have the SAT/ACT/etc. scores in Canada, so can't give that information. But as for the rest...

    I was at UPEI, the only university in Prince Edward Island (didn't really feel like moving off the island, so it worked for me). Started my undergrad in 2002, and graduated in 2007. My major was a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which grants you the rights (after passing an additional exam) to practice as a Registered Nurse.

    While I considered picking up a minor (a Philosophy minor would've been fun), I didn't end up doing so. My core courses cost me far too much time, energy, and sanity to worry about anything else, and I didn't really have the cash to take extra courses anyways.

    I didn't enjoy my major. Quite honestly, I started going a bit nutty throughout it (that's an understatement, but not getting into it). Why did I take it then? Because I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated at 17, and everyone told me what a great opportunity nursing was. I attempted to change majors in my third year of the program but was told that I'd need to take an extra 2-3 years of courses to get something else. Couldn't bring myself to do it, so I stuck with and obtained the BScN.

    Nursing might be wonderful for cash and easy access to jobs, but the reality is that it's not for everyone. Definitely wasn't my calling. Safe to say, I'm not working as an RN now and I'm endlessly happy for that. My degree helped me get my current job, so it wasn't a total waste either.

    I've since been back to UPEI to take additional courses, three for my own interests and one for my current job.
  6. I haven't decided what college I'm going to yet, but nothing in NY because NY is a giant fucking /shithole/ so I might move down south to go to a college.

    I want to major in ancient/American history and anthropology with minor in geology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. I would take biology but with what I'm going to become, I really can't afford the load. Archeology is what I want to do and within the US you need to major in history and anthropology so that's what I want to do.

    NY has a certain program or whatever they like to call it up in the higher offices called Regents and they are a bitch. (mostly because if you don't bother to show up, the school will spam call your cell phone to get your ass up to take the exam)

    Basically Regents are exams that apparently test for extreme knowledge in a certain subject like biology or American history and if you pass them, you can graduate with a Regent's Diploma that all "New York Colleges" want which is complete horseshit because New York is the only state to recognize Regents and you can still go to college in NY.

    I'm graduating with a typical run of the mill diploma because I never took a language due to being in special education due to having two learning disabilities. I also never had to take the SAT exams due to the fact I was in special education.
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  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My ultimate goal in life as far as a career goes, is to be a Marine Biologist. To that end, I go to Coastal Carolina University located in Conway, South Carolina, USA where I major in Marine Science and minor in Biology. Because I did a little thing called community college to get an AA degree in Biology, I have the credits of a senior but I'm only a sophomore in my major. Average it out and I'm a Junior :D

    When I finally graduate in the distant year of May 2013, I'll be going to Grad School to get my Masters in Marine Biology, though not before I have a job so I can let them pay for it ;)

    I took the SATs and ACTs back in the day, but I hardly remember what I got. I don't care anyway, those tests are silly and mean nothing anyway.
  8. I got into Ohio Wesleyan University to be a zoology major. However, with my years of post-secondary high school work, I have the credits of a college junior or senior, depending on the college. I hope to transfer some of my credits so I don't have to work as hard on the gen eds.

    My overall ACT score was a 28. I was aiming for a 30, but my math score of 17 pulled me down. I got a 32 on science, by the way. :D I did much above average in the other subjects, but I don't remember the exact score.
  9. Going into a Masters Program in History at the University of Western Ontario. Go Mustangs!
  10. Weelllllllll~
    Some people might know that last September I started my college career at the Florida Institute of technology- either because they know me well or have heard me bitch about the course load. I do this to myself though so I shouldn't complain :V

    I'm a Forensic Psychology major (it sounds cool, but it's really just psychology when applied to the law. Think Criminal Minds), which essentially means that I'm taking your typical psychology courses (Cross-Cultural, Child, Human Sexuality, Learning and Motivation &c) along with courses like American Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse, Juvenile Delinquency and so on. Most of the people in my major are planning on trying to become a profiler for the FBI, and best of luck to them; hope they enjoy their 3425236 billion language requirements. I personally intend to graduate from here with a focus in pre-law subjects and afterwards attend Law School in the hopes of becoming a prosecutor at the DA's office some day.

    Normally, this major is not a difficult one. Basic science and math courses with extensive classes in Research and Statistics, and some of the more major-oriented classes later on. However, I intend to take a semester to study abroad in Italy, and want to take six months to apply for an internship as a Disney Princess. At Disney World. Awwriigghhhhttttt.
    As such, I'm taking 19 credits this semester, 19 next semester, and likely 19 the semester after that. (For those not in college, typically and at most schools you'll see students taking between 15-17 credits on average. I believveeee.)
    That, and for my electives I'm taking classes not actually relevant to my major like, at all. Like Logic, which ordinarily is a class for Computer Science/Engineering majors.
    lolololololololol I don't know what I'm doing to myself either <33
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Belledgeworth. And you didn't even need to have a parent killed by a self-important douche who looks like Dracula.

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