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Open Universe 27 RP (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Notzuru, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. We are the Universe 27 and we are being attacked by the Universe 1 which is the strongest of them.
    To survive we need to evolve!
    Your character options:
    Weapon:(You can dual wield if you want.)
    Universe:(1 or 27.Universe 1 is evil since they are conquering the Universe 27.Universe 27 are the good ones)

    Still deciding on mine character .3.
    I will try to make a website so people dont confuse the races powers and that xD
    I will try to put there what just happen and who died and who is winning the fight.
    The deaths destroyed cities from Universe 27.
    I will try to make a map too :D
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  2. Race: elf
    Age: 27
    Power: speed (she is extremely fast)
    Weapon: Scythe and knife (for hand to hand)
    Name: Kathleen chaser
    Universe: 27
  3. Race: dragon
    Age: 354
    Power: fire breath
    Weapon: claws wings
    Name: Aragon
    Universe: 27
  4. Sure. This seems interesting, why not?

    Race: Dragon
    Age: Unknown.
    Power: Unlike a stereotypical dragon (and somewhat ironically due to her name), Pyre cannot breathe fire. She appears to lack a breath weapon entirely, resorting to using her wings, claws, and tail to attack (which makes her somewhat of a laughing point among larger, typically powerful dragons). To make up for this, she has the ability to cause a sudden and harsh blast of light from the scales around her eyes, temporarily blinding those who aren't prepared for it. Staring at the scales for periods of time has the same effect, and as is any double-edged sword, can go both ways. Unfortunately, this ability renders herself blind as well due to constant exposure to such, now guided solely by her other senses.
    Weapon: Typically uses her tail to knock enemies off balance before torching them, but often misses due to her lack of vision. Thus, she has a difficult time acting on her own despite her superior sense of smell; she prefers to have a non-dragon handler of some sort to work in conjunction with.
    Name: Pyruvith ("Pyre")
    Universe: 27
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  5. OMG!I never though you would enjoy an idea like this xD
    But iam still thinking on mine character xD
    Forget to tell you that you can put story if you want.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Race:A new race from Tiefling and Aasimar parents.
    Power:Jado recently find out about his powers.So his powers will reveal themselfs in the rp.
    (Actually Iam thinking about the powers xD)
    Weapons:Iron Gloves.
    Name:Robbie Smith(When a demon or angel see him they call him "Impure Child" for reasons you will find out in rp :p)
    Universe 27
    Tiefling(Its a human that have demon blood on his veins.Aasimar its a human that have celestial blood on his veins.)
    Story:Robbie was found in the florest by a Old Man that taught him some martial arts.He grew with the Old man teaching him how to survive,defend himself and etc.
    One day the Old Man died and Robbie decided to go to the city.
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  6. Hmmmm...Want to create it now :D?
    Iam waitinf for your answers xD
  7. First let me just say…
    I haven't heard those terms (or read, in this case) in forever. I see I'm not the only one who's played DnD in this case.

    Secondly, I personally would like to wait for a couple more people before jumping into roleplay, but if you guys think it can fly with what we have now, I would be fine with starting.
  8. So the only terms are...
    Respect the General Role Play Rules.
    You can have more than one character but try to be active with both of them.(Having 2 characters which are brothers may help)
    Remember we are in the Medieval Age.
    If you want to become strong you need to train in the rp unless you are a king or something that high.
    Have Fun!
  9. Race: Demon
    Age: He's been living for almost as long as humans have been around
    Power: Feral instincts and an analytical mind make for a savage warrior. He can manage various complex curses, although his reserve of arcane energy is very much cut off by the sheer distance between the two universes. Thirdly, a pair of deceptively leathery wings provide him with the ability of flight.
    Weapon: Aside from using his own body as a weapon, arm blades that connect at the forearm and protrude from the elbow are his primary choice.
    Name: Murxou
    Universe: 1
    History: Legend says that Murxou is the son of Eve, the first woman, and Lilith, the first demon. His age makes him eerily hard to trace, although he's known to fall under Asmodeus' court. Murxou fell into a near thousand year slumber after being all but slain by an angel and has only recently awoken in the midst of this battle, unbeknownst to his brothers-in-arms (all of whom believe him to be dead). He's attempting to learn the nature of this war from those of the 27th, not yet ready to reveal the fact that he's still alive to the 1st.
  10. I dont see the rp thread. Did you make it yet?
  11. Not yet.I will do it tomorrow I think xD
  13. You will never finish in 3 minutes. I will time XD
  14. That took one minute not 3!!!!!!!!!

    I am disappointed in you XD
  15. I am going to wait, since I dont have anything to run off on. :/
  16. You can already post on it xD
  17. Thought I'd disclaim something: I know a bunch of time has passed in my first response and to avoid you guys forcing your own characters from moving through the same timeframe, my response first takes place in the past and progresses into the same period as everyone else.
  18. Race ~ Dawnling ( A genetically engineered super solider built to assassinate. They are created using a combination of advanced magic and mystical stones know as Soul Gems )

    Age ~ 37 Human Years ( Looks around Mid to Late 20's, doesn't physically age at all. )

    Powers ~

    Enhanced Senses / Reflexes ( The users sense of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing are greatly increased along with their reflexes becoming extremely fast allowing them dodge or completely redirect attacks. )

    Soul-Weapon Generation ( The user can summon a weapon made of nothing but soul energy they can shape it into any weapon they like such as a whip with tons of huge spikes , throwing knives that can pierce pure diamond, An unnecessarily long sword Ect. )

    Weapon ~ Well, just read the last power again.

    Name ~ 0048-A ( Nicknamed "Eris" the Locals )

    Universe ~ One

    Origins ~ She-"it" wasn't born by normal means, nor was it ever in a womb. It was "Engineered" you could say, created using a form of magic called Matter Generation. But how did they do it with just some magic the truth is they didn't, you cannot make a living thing without a soul. So they sent many knights on a quest to find "Soul Stones" Anceint ores said to contain the powers of life. After centuries of searching they found it a huge patch of Soul Stones big enough to make an army, the elders attempted to create warriors but failed 47 times.

    So with the last of the Soul Stones they decided to not make a warrior but a free-willed being with emotions and their own views and choices. Thus they created the first and only Dawnling which they called "0048-A" Since that day they've been looking for more Soul Stones to create an army of these beings.
  19. Updated application to be more original before posting in the roleplay. I hope this is okay.
  20. Is it ok if my character is in univers on but just for a visit not like living there?
  21. Well...You may be a rebel from Universe 1 and came to help Universe 27.

    My Power is...Robbie can create anything through his mind xD
  22. Hm..... Yea I will stick to univers one then :p
  23. Go to the Universe Rp xD dont be only in the discussion you can fall on the ground while you try running from Universe 1 chasers
  24. Yea my my idea was just to look at the demon and be like: wow your no dead and stuff, but yea I am heading over now to post ;P
  25. @Notzuru have you seen this?
  26. I'll take that as a compliment.
  27. I was simply trying to point out the fact that you have been neither accepted nor denied, but yes, it is an interesting concept and a lovely piece of writing as a whole, so take it as you wish. :)
  28. Yes I saw that.Its lovely since its from Universe 1.Universe 1 have alien tecnology while Universe 27 have medieval one.Like magic and that.
    Universe 1 have...laser guns,ships and that things xD
  29. Too late to join?
    Storm Sterling
    Powers unknown, but very strong
    U 1
  30. Let me just say that I laughed unnessicarily hard at this.
  31. Is that rude?
  32. No, I found the fact that the scent based on viewpoint meant pretty much the same thing but on the flipside funny. If it was taken as rude, I sincerely apologize.
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  33. Nah, I was just curious what was funny.
  34. That's the reaction I was going for lmao
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  35. OK then...

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