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Underwater - A Pokemon Scuba-diving RP?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Storybook, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. So. I like scuba diving. I like fish. And it's just so darn cool describing being underwater, how things move, and the strange foreignness of this underwater world.

    ... let me start again.

    I'd really like to do, simply, a descriptive roleplay, and I've always wanted to see how the Pokemon world would handle its reefs and such. I'm a huge fan of oceans and the fish tank business in general and how everything works in the environment, the cause of invasive species, the need for keystone species, the things that lead to endangered species and extinction. Most importantly, there's a large amount of awareness in the aquarium world and incredible surges of research and money in order to help the environments they adore so much and the fish, invertebrate, coral, you name it that the world has slowly begun to destroy. So I've been thinking, what would this be like in the Pokemon world? Who would the environmentalists be bringing awareness to?

    Trainers, of course. They are the force of the world, the sport, and the power, and even though a lot of people aren't trainers, there are a good number of trainers in the world. In the end, trainers are kind of like the celebrities of the Pokemon world, and the ones who affect the underwater world the most.

    So my idea was to create an event and bring lots of trainers together in order to spread the knowledge, magnificence, and fragility of the world beneath the surface. We'll be going scuba diving, and every Pokemon and trainer are welcome, with special suits developed for those who can't normally go in water, even for those with open flames as a feature on their body. I want to go on a descriptive adventure to explore the magnificence of this world beneath the surface, and I was wondering if anyone else would like to join. A party of scuba divers cannot exceed five, so I'll be looking for two to four people other than myself, preferably three.

    If you have any questions, please ask! I know I'm being very jumpy in this, but I hope you understand the idea of the RP.

    I'll leave you with the flyer for the event. If I can get at least two people on it, I will create the thread and we can have some fun C: Just a warning, however, that I'm creating this with the intent of being light hearted yet detailed. Posts should be long, and if you won't be able to write two to three good paragraphs minimum of description than you might want to leave this one off of your RP list.

    Beneath the Surface is a once in a life time experience for everyone, Pokemon and trainers, to go scuba diving and explore the protected reef of Keystone Bay on Idiom Island, off of the coast of the Kalos region. (Note that there are no keystones in the bay and it is named after the all important keystone species. We are sorry communication can be so misleading.)

    The event will contain a short tour of our SRR aquarium and a four hour dive in Keystone Bay, where trainers will have the opportunity to learn about the underwater world that they often fish in but rarely visit in full. There will be chances to catch invasive species that have overtaken the reef, meet many water types up close and personal, and, to the lucky divers, even help in our SRR program: Search, Rescue, and Rehabilitate. During the dive we will also visit the Ash Reef and learn about the coral project and why you need to be careful when battling and catching your water type Pokemon.

    At the end of the event, the monthly coral spawning is scheduled to occur. Don't miss the spectacular yet fragile beauty of the spawning reef.

    A few things to note:
    - Keystone Bay is a protected area and no Pokemon battles or catching are allowed to occur without supervision. You may only catch the invasive species, no matter how pretty some Pokemon might look.
    - The event is free.
    - ALL Pokemon are able to scuba dive thanks to our wonderful inventor Mr. Myparentscouldn'tthinkofagoodname. We have specialized suits for those weak to water and are even able to account for those with things like open flames. If you are looking to dive with your Pokemon but it is of abnormal size, please notify us beforehand so we can create a suit especially for you.

    Thank you for coming, and we hope you will have a wonderful time exploring Keystone Bay!
    ~ All of those at the Aquatic Preservation Research Center including Wilson, Samantha, Mollie, Randal, and Phi.
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  2. I'm sure my character would be interested. She's a marine biologist. Sure I'll give it a try I guess...
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  3. I have to say that I really like the idea and, if you are still planning on doing this, I would really like joining!

    I know I still have some issues with my posts but I could put efforts to make it more detailed! I really like the idea of a sea oriented RP!
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  4. Alright:D This'll do for now- I can get up a beginning post by the end of tomorrow, I think.

    Sonic, is your character or the company she works for, if she does, well known in the field/ I'm planning on using Phi and, if your character is, she certainly would have heard of the name.
  5. She does work for a company...but since even thee region she hails from is still a WIP...

    She's the newest member but she knows her stuff. She's also saved the region from a rogue AI enslaving all of humanity so she would be known at least a little.
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