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Open Undertale RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Random boi, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Greetings! This is one undertale RP the same things in the real game Will happen,6 peoples Will join,each one with one soul color

    Romance is allowed
    Follow the normal RP rules
    All the humans fall at the same time

    Name:(your name)
    Apparence:(what you charachter look like)
    Soul color:(yellow(Justice), Green(kindness),Orange(bravery),blue(calm),dark blue(integrity),purple(preseverence)
    Age:(wich is your characther age)
    Why fell:(why he or her fell here?)
    Gender:(boy or girl?)

    Name: Clover
    Apparence:cowboy hat,Brown hair,Black pants, Brown shirt
    Soul color: yellow
    Why fell:he was with all humans when the bravery soul Challenger him to Go to MT.ebbot making the 6 fall

    Clover wake up from the fall in the underground seeing his friends "Guys Are you okay!?" He said looking at the humans specialy the preseverence soul because he haved a crush on her
  2. Age: 11
    Name: Zyphle (zI-ful)
    Appearance: Wears a Purple, light coat. Purple Jeans. Mini lab coat as the shirt.
    Soul color: Perservearance (Cloudy glasses, torn notbook)
    Why fell: was looking around MT. Ebott
    Gender: Female
    Zyphle woke up. "Wha-? Clover? What happened?" She said drowsily. She looked around. 'I must be inside MT. Ebott.' Zyphle thought. She saw most of her friends still asleep.
  3. Teapot

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    Right, what I've done here is reset this RP back to its first couple of posts, because none of them afterwards really follow the rules. Remember, kids: Please write at least a full paragraph per post, remember your punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and try to keep OOC posts to their own thread or profiles/private conversations.

    Please let me know if there's anything I can help with or clarify :)
  4. "I guess one person Challenged me to Go here but we all falled" he said to Zyphle "I'M sure we have to wait others wake up" He said looking at the others humans
  5. Age: 11
    Name: jack
    Soul color: kindness
    Why fell: was looking around when he lost his footing and fell
    Gender: male

    Jack lifted his head "ugh wh-what WHAT" he looked around to see two other kids one a boy and the other a butiful girl
  6. "jack! You woke up" he said to Jack alivied because at least two off the humans aren't dead "do ya know what happened?"
  7. "Uh ugh"he said rubbing his forehead "I think we came down here as a challenge" he said thinking hard "but that's all I can remember... sorry"
  8. "wait...........HE CHALLENGED ME!!!!!!!" He said very angry looking at the bravery soul picking his gun almost shooting at the human "SOMEONE HOLD ME TO I NOT KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!" He said very angry
  9. Jack reacted quickly and novked the gun out of his hands and grabbed him "woah calm down" he said trying to calm him down "don't over react
  10. Clover calmed Down "okay,okay" he said a bit furious "I guess we have to wait the others wak-" when Clover was talking flowey reached "howdy! I'm flowey the flower!"
  11. "Holy... what uh hhhiiii" he said half heartedly "I'm jack the human nice to meet you" he said looking at flowey "do you know what type of flower you are?" He said interested
  12. "that don't have importation now" flowey said "anyway "flowey" where is the exit of here?" Clover asked "there is no exit!" Flowey said "Jack........Give me my gun"
  13. Jack looked at clover "what! Why" he said terrified "he's just a flower let him be" looking at him "you know what" he said grabbing the gun "this is mine" he said putting it in his bag "it's for your own good"
  14. "are you New to the underground arent'cha?" Flowey said noticing the others humans "there are another humans with you Guys?"
  15. "Yep there with us but they might be dead" he said worried "and yeah we just fell down here" he said going in to inspect flowey "do you mind if I look at your petals" he said valuing flowery as a human
  16. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!........ I mean, of course!" Flowey said "hey Jack Give me my gun please I swear I Will NOT KILL anyone" he said lying
  17. "No no if you don't want me to touch you I won't" he said backing away with a smile he looked back over at clover "look we've know each other for ages and your into having the gun"
  18. "don't you remember? When I reached in the School I said 'guys you wanna see something really cool?' when I showed the gun you asked 'where you get It?' don't you remember It was from my dad?" He said Sad "he said I could NEVER Give to someone so........ Give me"
  19. "Look I understand but your gonna turn around and shoot someone and I don't want that" he ended the conversation there and turned to flowey "hey mind if we stay here for a while if you do I understand" he said with a smile
  20. Clover looked at flowey with one weird face and said "Okay, Guys I think is Better we woke up the others" Clover Said because he was worried with the others
  21. Zyphle said. "Let them sleep. It's good for them." She pushed up her glasses. She took out her notebook. It had torn. She wrote down about flowey. She wrote "Your best friend.". "He seems nice. He's kinda our best friends at the moment.

    *BATTLE MODE activates for Everyone*

    "You see that heart? That's your SOUL! The very culmination of your being!" Flowey exclaimed.
  22. "weird, anyway flowey continue" Clover Said in heart form "your soul is weak at the beggining but you can get strong If you get LV. What LV means? LOVE of course!"
  23. "Woah awesome what do I do" he said amazed looking at the heart with a smile then looking at flowey with a smile
  24. "Here, have some LV! Run into the Freindliness Pellets!" Flowey exclaimed. He through the Pellets at the three. Zyphle dodged. "I don't trust him..." She whispered so quietly no one could hear. She waited for the others to make their move.
  25. Jack saw the pellet "cool" he grabbed it and absorbed he then felt like he had been jabbed in the gut "ugh hey that hurt!" He said to flowey angrily
  26. Clover picked his gun from the bag and shooted in the pellets "This Guy is Bad I fell It"
  27. Jack immediately looked at clover and said calmly "drop... the gun" he looked at him he and smiled faintly "just drop the gun"
  28. "And If I NOT want to?" Clover Said shooting in the pellets It was going hit Jack on the back
  29. Flowey dodged the shot. "You IDIOTS. In this world... It's KILL or BE KILLED! DIE!" Flowey surrounded Zyphle, Jack, and Clover with bullets. The Bullets got closer. A fireball appeared out of nowhere. It knocked into flowey, sending him flying. A goat came. "What a horrible creature, torteuring some poor, innocent, childeren. I am TOREIL, the care taker of the RUINS." She said. Zyphle took notes. She wrote "Caretaker of the RUINS.".
  30. "thanks Mom-I mean Toriel!" He said blushing a bit "anyway where we are going?" He said to Toriel,after he whispered to Jack "saw It was going to bem usefull?"
  31. Name: Kayla
    Age: 12
    (can her soul be black for hate like glitchtale? With a grey outline so its visible? Her weapon is a kitchen knife. If not she will be Integrity)
    Her hair is brown and her eyes are gold and she wears a black hoodie and skinny jeans and sneakers and a pink t-shirt with the yin-yang symbol and her voice is very recognizable due to her irish accent, she has a scar across her face
    She followed Justice here...

    Kayla woke up and sighed "Well crap.." Kayla said angrily "What now? May as well explore.." She said
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  32. ((OOC: I'm pretty sure it has to be a Human Soul. Like Bravery, Integrety, Patience, etc.))
    Zyphle looked around. No other monsters was around. It wasn't a big room. She leaned over to Jack and Clover. "Guys, that flower disapeared. Where'd it go? It didn't go through the door." She whispered.
  33. "Probraly Toriel flame burned that flower" he said noticing Kayla "Kayla you woke up!" He said happy because another people were alive
  34. "And that surprises you because...?" Kayla asked
  35. OCC:withouth hatred because This is a UNDERtale RP NOT a GLITCHtale RP

    "Maybe because you falled in a moutain?" He said following Toriel curious of what her was gonna do
  36. (she's integrity then. ) "I've survived Bravery's crap before." Kayla said
  37. "so you can survive anything" Clover Said remembering
  38. Kayla shrugged and took off her hood and took off her bandage on her eye revealing a huge scar
  39. When Kayla showed the Scar he gived a really HUGE girl scream "huff.....Puff......Don't scare me like that!"
  40. Kayla snickered "You sure your a guy?"
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