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Open Undertale rp?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Wolfcastfreya, Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. Idk it just sounds like a good idea, it'd have to be an oc but it can be of any monster species and any age. I'd like to get some ideas going for such an rp to see how we could set up a story for it e.g one of the previous humans before frisk coming down? I'd like to see different opinions on the idea of an undertale rp
  2. Id like to Join, as either Sans or Flowey/Asriel. If I cant use any of the orginal characters, then Ill use my Own.

    Carlos, his soul is filled with Patience.
  3. ok that sounds interesting, we'll have to see what happens if more people join but that sounds good. I'm ok with people taking characters already in the game, just have to make sure it's all figured out ^w^
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  4. Might be up for it too! Not sure if I'd play one of the Undertale character's or insert my own, I'm pretty chill with either depending on how it'd help the plot along.
  5. Oh, man! I have to join this! I could probably be Papyrus or Mettaton, and I have my own OC I could use, too!

    As far as plot goes, I dunno what we could do... Maybe the barrier's already been broken and monsters and humans are just getting used to each other? Just spitballin'.
  6. these sound good and yeah I don't mind either way if you go for an oc or canon character. the barrier idea is a good one as long as some people are cool with playing as humans although they can probably just be side chars to the main monster ones
  7. I'll join, probably, with my own character. I think you should set up an bio example or something. ^_-
  8. hmm possibly, sounds like a plan. you have any takes on story scenarios first?
  9. Maybe with the barrier just being down, there's a whole divide going on with some humans for the monsters and others still fearing them and insisting a war will just start again and stuff like that. Though would need to build more on that.

    I don't mind being a human! Maybe one of the first humans they run in to not far from the mountain? Torn between "Oh damn this is cool but also should I be running the hell away from here?"
  10. sounds awesome! ok well if you guys could give me some character bios or suggestions I cans et up the thread
  11. Here's the form for the character I mentioned previously!

    Name: Eboni

    Gender: female

    Age: 25

    Species/What Are They: human-like leopard monster {stands on two feet and had opposable thumbs}

    Soul (Color): light purple


    Attack: 10

    : 25

    : 9

    : 0 {she HATES fighting}

    Powers/Attacks: razor-sharp claws raked across the opponent (only when absolutely necessary)

    Weapons: her claws and teeth (also only when absolutely necessary)

    Fighting Style: hit-and-hide


    Friends With: the Skelebros, Mettaton, Napstablook

    Neutral With: Toriel, Asgore, Frisk, Flowey/Asriel

    Enemies With: N/A

    Family: father: Indi, mother: Shiba

    Crush(es): N/A {for now >3<}

    Single, Taken, or Talking: single


    Personality Towards Humans/Strangers: kind-hearted, loving, sweet, caring

    Personality Towards Friends: same as above, treats them like family

    Strengths: N/A

    Weaknesses: balls of yarn, mice {I guess >3<}

    Flaws: a bit too nice at times, fairly quiet actually

    Likes: hanging out with her friends, performing with Mettaton, trips to Grillby's with Sans, making spaghetti with Papyrus, laying on the floor and feeling like garbage with Blooky and Mettaton, pop music, ballet

    Dislikes: being alone, silence

    Fears: thanatophobia, monophobia, atychiphobia, autophobia {she'd rather use the scientific terms}


    Eye Color: mint green

    Clothes: pink flower-patterned peasant top, blue flower-patterned skirt, knee-high lace-up gladiator sandals, light pink flower crown, bracelet ~ black cami top, short pink tutu, lace-up ballet flats, pink flower earrings ~ light blue layered spaghetti strap tank top, denim shorts / black collared sleeveless dress with light pink bow in middle {both with black lace choker necklace, black ball stud earrings, and black lace-up boots} (Here's a pic~! Yes, I know it's titled "Meela", but it's for her.)

    Hair: short, dark purple fluff

    Skin: {fur, you mean?} light purple, darker purple leopard spots on back

    Other: one dark ear, one light ear, medium purple-furred muzzle, dark purple fur streaks under eyes


    Goals/Purpose: to make everyone happy

    Job: performing

    Items: spider donut, butterscotch pie, Nice Cream, Temmie Flakes, instant noodles, hot cat, Glamburger


    Backstory: Eboni was born and raised by a very colorful pair of leopard monsters in Waterfall. In the war against the humans, her father died, and soon after, her mother of depression. She sold her house, due to not having enough money to pay for it, and left to find a new place to call home. That's when she met Alphys, who took her in almost immediately. Eboni helped the short dinosaur monster build Mettaton, a performing robot, and they soon became best friends. Mettaton and Eboni perform for the monsters of the Underground very frequently, and it was during a show when she was introduced to a very shy ghost named Napstablook. For the most part, the three are inseparable. That is, until the day Eboni wanted to check out the Underground library. She walked alone to Snowdin, and in the library, she found an energetic skeleton, who was looking for books about humans. He introduced himself as Papyrus, and brought Eboni to his house, where she met Sans. As close as she is to the Skelebros, her bond with Mettaton will always be her strongest and most important.


    Also, yeah, I like that idea! It's kinda like my earlier one, actually... :p
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  12. Ok they sound good, I'll add some of those in but possibly not everything >w< the one thing I think you'd have to change is the exp/atk/def etc. just because you've given your character defences and attacks and even sans (who I know is technically op) still has defences so you'd have to raise the stats by a bit even if it's similar to a froggit etc. ^w^
  13. ^w^ glad to help when I can
  14. Wow uh, mine is not THAT detailed I'm afraid! But I'll add as much as I can.

    Clara has always been a character that started off living on the streets, so figured she'd be perfect to toss in here. Also, it's a good excuse as to why she's out in the wilderness on her own since she wanders wherever she can/wants to. Also, big emphasis on not having faith in 'humans' so there's a good reason right there for her to become accepting of the monsters.

    Name: Clara
    Age: About 15-18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Skin: White, pale
    Height: 5'1"
    Typical Clothing: Old jeans, tshirt, hoodie. Has some old jackets, scarf and a beanie hat for when it gets pretty cold. Most she got from going through trash and cleaning them up best she could.

    Soul Colour: Bright Orange
    Friends: None
    Relationship Status: Single

    Home: On the streets, so wherever she can hide.
    Skills: Fast and light on her feet, Climbing. Puts more focus on escaping conflict than fighting but will if cornered.
    Ref: Here -- Very old but little has changed in her appearance.

    Likes: Climbing, Running, Nature, Animals, Reading
    Dislikes: Crowds, Other Humans

    Appearance: Green eyes, long brown hair, slender build. Basic clothes.

    Bio/Backstory: For as long as Clara can remember, she was moved between numerous foster homes her entire childhood, each with what she deems lame excuses to give her up (ended up having their own baby, wanted a different kid, their own kid didn't like her, endless list)
    The last time she went back to the children home she became so sickened by the whole thing that she decided she needed no one and ran away to live on the streets. Trusting people is hard as none so far have kept up any promises made to her.

    The streets have taught her many survival skills and her best skill is climbing, pretty much nothing she can't climb to escape a bad situation, scaling fences, walls, drain-pipes etc, sometimes even just for fun and to keep herself fit. IT's a hard life on the street, but she tries not to wallow in self-pity.

    Personality: Quiet, mistrust in mankind, suspicious. Despite all this she is harmless but hasn't had a reason to really open up to anyone.
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  15. OMG! I love undertale! I'll Join!! Here is my character description (I might not use it though)

    Name: Eli
    Personality: Shy, Always exited, Trys to stay away from other humans, But LOVES monster kind
    Soul color: ...... r a i n b o w ......
    Bio: Eli Can't remember his past... the last thing he remembers is when the barrier broke a bunch of different colors went flying towards him and BAM! He had a rainbow soul. (The six souls went flying at him.)

    Apperance: Dirty blond and short hair, Pure blue eyes, Often wheres black sweatshirt (With hood on ALL the time) and red and blue short sleeved shirts underneath.

    Hope i could Join!!
  16. ok Clara sounds good and could definitely become a friend of the monsters? idk you do what you like with her. Eli's I'm not so sure about the whole rainbow soul thing as it sounds like a reason to be op, interesting idea but not too sure, can I ask what his strengths and weaknesses are?
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  17. So I guess I'll set up the bio like this for the thread:

    (human or the kind of monster you want to be eg. ghost, skeleton,l izard, goat etc)
    Soul Colour:
    (These will be linked to the colour traits in the original game but can be different shades or linking colours like a turquoise for a character who has traits of both blue and green)
    Fight levels : (atk/def/lv/exp etc. If you're human it's expected to be decently high especially if your an adult. As a monster it can be quite low but it has to be higher than san's stats with 1 atk and 1 def even if it's only by a bit)

    Small Backstory:
    : (family/friends etc.)

    If you guys think I should add anything please say, and put yours here so I can see what characters are around before I start the thread ^w^
  18. Ok... I think i can add to my character

    You see Eli has very slow reaction time and low Def. he only has 4. his rainbow soul can't do much for him, all those traits just slow him down. his atk is 7. He is Very weak to any type of fire or ice attack. despite his colorful soul he can be pretty weak. hes has 5 love, but only from the rainbow soul. he hates fighting and perfers running away or sparing

    And just like i said i might not use him. i can use a regular monster from undertale though, like sans or papyrus. or i can create a different character. Let me Know!!
  19. age, only 20, no friends and Remember, hes a human.
  20. hmm ok, well that's fine then and we just have to see what happens with the story, the barrier may not even be broken heh ^w^
  21. Yep yep! I'm fine with that, fit her in wherever you like too, I'm game. If the barrier isn't broken I'm also up for her ending up in the underground.
  22. If the barrier DOESN'T break i have an idea, i can be sans or such, or a fallen human (Can i have the justice soul? its my favorite soul color)
  23. READY!
    Name: Violet
    Species: Human
    Age: 14
    Soul Color: A very dark purple. ;3
    Height: (just because) 4'12"
    Fight Levels:
    Atk: 14
    Defense: 18
    Experience: 20
    Lv: 5
    Description: (I'll just assume the Appearance) Violet has long brown hair and aqua eyes. She has pale skin and an slight scratch near her left eye. Her normal attire consists of faded jeans, red sneakers, and an black hoodie.
    Bio: For all her life living on the surface, Violet thought humans were more monster-ish than actual monsters. Hearing many strange rumors about Mt. Ebott, she ventured there often. When Asriel Dreemurr broke the barrier, and the monsters and their savior rushed out, she was hiding behind an tree. She's gotten more or less used to monsters, and still considers herself an outcast among people. But she can at least say her life's livable now.
    Personality: Violet is tomboyish and impulsive, mysterious and lonely. She shies away from everyone around her and is most likely, at an normal day, would be sitting under an tree somewhere in Mt. Ebott.
    Relationships: Violet's parents were a hotheaded self centered couple with no care for their child. An argument one day caused Violet to erase her family namesake and live out in the nature, instead. Rumor has it she has an stepbrother who freed himself from their parents before Violet was 12.
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  24. Looks awesome! great example of a bio and yes description is appearance ^^' sorry if that wasn't clear. tbh I think we're going for the storyline of after the barrier is broken, everyone good with that?
  25. Yep! I can live with that.
    Honestly, I like how different our characters are.
  26. Uwa! I almost forgot that I, too, have a human OC I can use! Here's her form~:

    Name: Tempo
    Species: human
    Age: 16
    Soul Colour: a maroon-ish/red
    Fight Levels:
    • Atk: 30
    • Def: 20
    • LV: 0 (I would assume, right? Since she's never killed any monsters? Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
    • Exp: 0

    Description: Freakishly skinny and pale, Tempo's cheeks are littered with freckles, and her bright red eyes contrast greatly against her snow-white hair. Her hair has a right-side part, bangs that fall to the middle of her eye, and it's oddly-cut just down to her shoulders. She has a large scar that stretches from just above her right eyebrow to beside her nose. Here's a picture. Oh, and here're her outfits. (She'll be wearing her pjs.)
    Small Backstory: Tempo was born into a family of criminals. When they learned that she feared committing crimes for her life, they instantly began to harass her. That's why there's a scar on her face- from her dad, who didn't hesitate to beat her the first time he saw her in a dress. When she turned 16, Tempo knew she had to get away from her family members, all of them- her mom and dad, her two brothers, even her sister. She packed only a few things, those being her phone {which is a hand-me-down slide phone- y'know the ones with the hidden keyboard?}, and her wallet. If she wasn't going to use these things, nobody would. She headed to Mount Ebott, a mountain she had seen a few times on car rides, but otherwise had only heard about. What she had heard about this place wasn't very pleasant, which is exactly why she went there in the first place. She had heard that whoever dared do to the mountain never returned. {Maybe she could be there when the barrier opened? Like she was the first human the monsters saw above ground?}
    Relationships: She honestly wishes that she was never born into her family. Poor Tempo hates every single one of her family members and would report their crimes to the police the moment she had the chance.
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  27. I'm ok with the barrier breaking! I changed my mind on my character. anyone else can use it though! Can i be sans or papyrus. they are my favorite. :p
  28. sure you can be one of them I need to make a list on who's going to be who >w<
  29. Just sign me up for one of those two, or both if you want! :D
  30. i know a lot about both so i don't care which one i am.
  31. Fine with me too! Will Clara be around the mountain and see the monsters coming out, or will it be after they have already started to settle in to human-homes and stuff? In most Undertale RPs with friends they always liked for me to play one of the monsters, so it'd be a nice change to be a human.

    Also, listening to this on repeat is totally getting my psyched up for this RP
  32. You and me both. I've been listening to Error!Sans's Megalovania and themes for other AU characters. It also doesn't help that I just sprited Tempo... now I really wanna make her in the other AUs! Help meee. xD
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  33. "You cried out for help... but nobody came"
    Teehee. Man, I often just find myself endlessly clicking on remixes to find ones to toss in a playlist, there's a sort of 'Jazz style' megalovania I keep listening too also.

    Edit: Eek, tried to not have it show as the media thingy in case it makes the board look cluttered.
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  34. Oh, man! I love those electro swing remixes! I actually have that one saved on YouTube, along with Bonetrousle and Death by Glamor. Oh, and Gaster's theme. xD
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  35. Wow. Then has anyone here seen Waters of Megalovania?
  36. I think ive seen it
  37. got to love electro swing. And we'll probably do it once humans have settled with the monsters or there'll be a ton of political stoof about the monsters settling in. you can be anybody you want as long as you post your bio which is based on my template as your first post >w< I'm hyped too!
  38. Works for me! Clara can then run in to a monster easily still, could have stayed low until all the drama of sudden monsters settled down.
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