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Private/Closed Undertale RP: Adventure Beneath

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SummerShaymin, Aug 30, 2017.

    RPers:Me, @Ziru , and @YourLittleSylvia
    Ok, let's start!
    Olive was climbing Mt. Ebott for a reason. Her curiosity had constantly wanted her to go there, and now, there she was. "If monsters are real, they can't be that bad." she said to herself. "After all, they didn't even take a single soul in the war, and it was humans who started the war in the first place." she muttered. She tripped on a vine and fell down a hole. As she fell, she said "Note to self: Try to look where you're going. If you survive.". And then everything went black.
    When Olive woke up, she decided to walk on. She came across a little flower. "Howdy! I'm Flowey. Flowey the flower!" it said. "You're new to the Underground, aren'tcha? Golly, you must be so confused!" Flowey said. At this point, Olive interrupted. "The thing I'm most confused about is why I've run into a talking flower." she said. "Well, that's a long story. Wait- I hear footsteps! Another human, perhaps?" Flowey responded. And Olive could hear footsteps, too!
  2. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Luke was also climbing Mount. Ebott, "Humans. Worst things ever, they started a war, for no reason! I want just-IIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCE!!!" He screamed as he fell. He looked around, "Augh, my head....How did I not die??" He asked himself as he continued walking. He saw a green soul human and a flower that appeared to have a face, ".....Hi...?" He asked as he warily waved.
  3. "Hi there! Well, we're just..Ok, what were we doing again?" Olive said. "Well, you probably know about your SOUL, right?' Flowey asked, and Olive's surroundings faded out to black as her SOUL appeared before her. "Yes." Olive responded. She had learned about this after an incident in elementary school. "Alright, down here, LOVE is shared through these little "friendliness pellets"!" Flowey said, summoning a little white pellet. "Run around! Get as many as you can!" he said, summoning several more. Olive followed his advice. "Ow!" she exclaimed. "You idiot. In this world, it's kill or be killed." Flowey said, his face taking on an evil expression. He summoned a ring of bullets. "Die." he said. Olive turned to Luke. "Well, that was unexpected. Any advice?" she asked. A fireball came flying towards Flowey, knocking him away. "Never mind." Olive told Luke.
  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "What a miserable creature, torturing such poor, innocent youths. Do not worry, small children, I am Toriel, Guardian of the Ruins. Come with me, I shall guide you." Said Toriel as she walked off, hoping Luke and Olive would follow her, "Well, looks like we're saved. Good thing I didn't touch those 'Friendliness Pellets'. Anyways, what's your name? I'm Luke." He sad calmly as he walked with Olive. His SOUL appeared, "This is my soul. I learned that I can do this." He said as he made a yellow bullet and threw it to the wall, "I don't use it much, though. You have a green soul, right? That means you can create some shield." He gave her an advice.
  5. Sonya was leaning against a tree, drawing in her sketchbook when she noticed something wrong. She saw someone climbing up a mountain. She didn't exactly know which mountain this was, but she noticed the person wasn't a hiker--it seemed to be someone around her age. Confused, she closed her sketchbook, strung her mechanical pencil back around her neck, and followed the stranger. They seemed to be muttering to themself about something. Humans being stupid creatures? A war?

    The next thing Sonya knew, the person fell. She gasped. "Oh no!" she exclaimed. When she realized there was no way to get them out, she backed away from the hole, about to call help, when something caught her ankle. Sonya glanced behind her. It was a vine. It was dragging her into the hole! "N-no! Stop! Let me go!" Sonya screeched, losing her grip on the land and being thrust into the dark abyss of the mountain. "Heeeeeeeeeelp!"

    Sonya passed out on the bed of golden flowers, yet to awake.
  6. "Thanks for the advice. I'm Olive." Olive said. "I wonder how big this place is. I like to explore." she added. Suddenly, a huge thump noise came through the hallway. "I should probably check that." she said. "That is dangerous, my child. I will observe. Please stay here." Toriel responded. "Alright!" Olive said. A little later, Toriel came in, holding an unconscious girl around Olive and Luke's age. "We shall wait until she wakes up. Then, we will move on, my children." Toriel said.
  7. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "OK, but what should we do with that dummy over there?" He asked curiously. Toriel deemed busy attending to the girl. Luke looked at the dummy, and it was entertainment time. He began talking with the dummy, "Hello, Mr. Dummy. Tell me about yourself!" He said to the dummy. Luke gasped, "What? You divorced two weeks ago. Oh no, how did Toriel not know about this? Wait, what? You have decided to divorce cause your wife was diseased? Oh no, you've got issues, man. I'm sorry." He stopped talking to the dummy and backed off, "Don't talk to that dummy, he's got stuff to think about." He suggested to Olive.
  8. "Alright." Olive responded. She decided to find another way to keep herself entertained. She found a bunch of sticks. "These will do." she muttered to herself. She took some leftover chicken she had kept in her pocket for Mt. Ebott, started the fire, and began cooking on her frying pan. Eventually, when the chicken was ready, she began to eat. "Want some?" she asled Luke.
  9. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Thanks!" He sank his teeth into the cooked chicken. It had been better than anything he had tasted, "This is heavenly! Where did you learn how to cook?" He asked curiously. Back at his home, at the farm, he would just eat milk, bread, vegetables and eggs. Mostly dairy food. But, he hadn't tasted meat since weeks! So, this was like, REALLY good to him.
  10. "Thanks! Well, my mom taught me." Olive responded, happy that Luke was satisfied. "I grew up in the city, but my mom grew up on a farm, so she's not used to grocery shopping for pre cooked chicken." she explained. "We moved back to the farm once the city declared a civil war. There was an overload of chickens, so my mom gave me a cooking lesson." She said. "Sorry, I think I said too much." she addded. "I wonder when that girl will wake up." she said.

    (OOC: btw i'm back)

    The girl stirred. She fluttered her eyes open, realizing she was in a strange room. "Nngh... w-what...?" she muttered, opening her eyes, when she realized that her eyes were straining to see. Where were her glasses? She tried to stand up, but her head hurt too much to think, let alone move, so she laid there, eyes barely open and examining her surroundings.
  12. Olive noticed that Toriel was holding glasses,and also noticed that the girl was awake. "Man, those glasses are filthy! Don't worry, I can clean them." Olive said. She took the glasses and cleaned them with her dress and some spare glass cleaner. "I got this from my mom." she explained. "In case of stuff like this. Though she probably didn't mean under Mt. Ebott." she added. "Here." she said, giving the glasses back to the girl. "Man, my parents must be worried sick about me. My brother disappeared on this mountain years ago, and I'm all they have left." Olive said sadly.
  13. The girl took the glasses gratefully. "T-thanks," she said. "I'm Sonya." Sonya sat up, adjusting herself and holding her pounding head. "That fall sure was something... But I think I was following someone. I don't know who, though... I saw them fall into a hole and I was about to call for help when... I think something dragged me down there," Sonya summarized.
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  14. "I'm Olive." Olive said. "That fall must have been bad." she added. "Want some chicken? I cooked it myself." she said. She thought about something. Did Sonya know her own soul's effect? Did she even know what her soul was? "Sonya? What color is your soul?" Olive asked. "If you don't know about your soul, I can teach you." she added.
  15. Sonya laughed nervously. "Oh, uh, please do," she said. "Also, no offense, but Olive is a weird name. And I don't like olives--I mean, the vegetables, y'know? But you seem pretty cool! And I'm rambling. Just like Cosmo from Fairly OddParents!" Sylvia frowned suddenly. "Man, I miss the surface. And my family and other friends..." She gratefully accepted the chicken and nibbled on it, suddenly saddened.

    She changed moods fast, didn't she?
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  16. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Luke rubbed his head, "I guess, I can be a bit of help." He said as he lifted his index finger, "First of all, souls all have their own type of magic." He literally knew everything about every soul. Well, Except for Determination and another soul, he forgot the name of. He shrugged it off, since both those souls are rare and special.
  17. Sonya nodded, eating in bigger bites now, realizing she was quite hungry. She listened to him attentively.

    "Wait, before you go on, what's your name?"

    What the heck happened to 'attentively'?!
  18. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Luke." He confirmed as he waved, "We kinda fell here, you probably did, too, right?" He rubbed his head. He looked at Toriel, holding Sonya. "You're kinda still in the hands of Toriel." He pointed to the friendly goat monster. He smiled, since she protected him and Olive from Flowey, back there.
  19. Sonya grinned, hugging Toriel. "And I'm never letting go..." she said in content. "Anyway, go on about the soul stuff!" THIS time she listened attentively. Without distractions.
  20. “Alright. I guess you guys don't need my help.” Olive said. She was hurt by how unnecessary her presence was. She wandered off deep into the Ruins, hoping to find somewhere where she was needed. She encountered a few Froggits and Whimsuns, but some talking settled the fight peacefully. Eventually, she was about to turn back when she saw a ghost. The ghost was pretending to be asleep, but he wasn't doing it well. Olive quite simply touched the ghost, and the battle began.
  21. Sonya blinked. "W-what!? Hey, wait!" she exclaimed, suddenly leaving Toriel's arms and following after Olive. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" she shouted.

    (I don't know who last controlled Flowey, but I'm kinda hoping that Flowey starts following and preying on Sonya because she's almost more gullible than Papyrus.)
  22. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Me neither!" He sprinted behind the two girls. He gasped for air, then looked at the ghost, pretending to be asleep. e tried to poke it with his finger. He tried pushing it lightly. Suddenly, the ghost got up and engaged in a battle, "Wait, wha-?!" He was interrupted by damage, to his soul, which seemed like a tear drop. He looked at Sonya and Olive. They both had their souls. Luke tried to ACT. He tried telling a pun, "Hey uh, ghost guy, why don't you try lifting your spirits up?" He made a pun, and grinned, "...Heh.." Chuckled the ghost. Luke seemed to have done pretty well. He smiled. Now, it was Olive's turn to FIGHT, ACT, ITEM OR MERCY.
  23. Sylvia's Soul was a radiant turquoise. She stared neverendingly at the beautiful heart floating in front of her chest. "Wow... it's so pretty. Is this my heart? Wait, aren't hearts actually muscles meant to pump your blood--well, for humans, anyway. So does that mean this is my Soul? What's it mean if it's turquoise?" Sonya asked hyperactively. "Um, sorry. I'm too hyper for my own good..."
  24. Olive decided to tell the ghost a joke as well. This wasn't something she was used to, but she wanted to amuse the ghost. She turned to Sonya first. "I'm sorry, but I never learned about turquoise souls. That color is a recent discovery, and very rare." she said. She turned back to the ghost. "What do you call a cow shot by arrows?" she asked. "A bullseye!" she exclaimed.
  25. Sonya giggled. "That was good! Okay, so I'm not very good at making jokes, usually I just kinda roast myself--although I'm not very god at roasting marshmallows, let alone myself--hey wait a minute! You're a marshmallow!" she exclaimed, gasping in excitement. "I mean, technically you're a ghost, but you look like a marshmallow! You're soft, fluffy, white, and very sweet!" she exclaimed.

    [♥ ACT]

    -Check -Flirt

    ♥ Cheer -Insult
  26. "Yeah! That's true!" Olive said happily. She remembered something in her pocket. She pulled out some marshmallows. "See the resemblence?" she asked. "Here, taste some!" she said to the ghost. "Oh, wait. I forgot. Ghosts can't eat. Sorry." she said, sounding embarrassed.
  27. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "It's okay. It's not your fault, but, hey, I'll try something..." A white dapper hat formed on Napstablook's head, "I call it 'Dapper blook' " Napstablook made a pun. Luke had red cheeks, and tears in his eyes, before he burst out laughing. He, actually, found the joke funny! Napstablook smiled, and stopped fighting them, "Thanks...I usually hang out at the ruins cause nobody's around, but, I finally found some nice people....Thank you...Oh, sorry, I'll get out of your way...." Napstablook disappeared. Luke waved. He noticed that Toriel, was actually at her house, now. She had gave him a phone, "Ok, guys! Let's go!" He gestured for his friends to follow him, "Also, Olive, of course we need you! You gave us the chicken, and you have supplies and you've been an awesome friend, so far!" He said to Olive.
  28. Sonya giggled. "I like Napstablook. I hope we see him around more often! I loved his pun!" Her Soul reinserted itself into her chest as she ran forward, gasping like a little girl who just found the world's largest chocolate fountain. "Oh my gosh! Guys! It's a spider bake sale!" she exclaimed, running to one of the larger spider webs. The spiders looked at her warily. Sylvia fawned over them. "Awww! They're so cute! My siblings were always scared of them, but they're just adorable!" she exclaimed, holding out a finger for one to crawl onto. A single, tiny black spider crawled onto Sylvia's finger and held up a sign.

    "Donut?" it read.

    "Aw! Of course I'd like a donut!" Sylvia exclaimed, rummaging through her pockets. She paled when she realized she didn't have any money. "Oh--but I'm sorry, I don't have any money on me..."

    The spider looked sad and crawled off of her finger back onto the web with its other friends.
  29. "Don't worry, I have a few quarters." Olive said. She then noticed a spider holding a sign. "Only G accepted." the sign read. "What's G?" she asked. "I guess it's the currency down here." she added. "Sorry. I don't have any G, but I'll try and earn some." she said. The spiders looked sad again, and Olive felt bad. "Well, let's go to Toriel now, I guess." she said to Luke and Sylvia.
  30. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Alright." Said Luke, calmly, as he followed Olive. He had the cell phone Toriel gave him earlier, "Hey, Toriel. Can I call you mom?" Asked Luke curiously. Toriel happily agreed, Luke smiled, "Hey, Olive, Sonya, Toriel gave me a phone. Wanna talk to her?" Asked Luke curiously to his friends.
  31. (Omg, I'm still used to using Sylvia xD. Can my character just be Sylvia to avoid confusion? It's so weird using my real name in RPs anyway and I'm used to Sylvia.

    On that note, I'm gonna keep using Sylvia as my name in this post, but if you guys decide otherwise, I'll be more than happy to keep it as Sonya in the others.)

    Sylvia sighed sadly. "Dang... Sorry, spiders," she told the spiders glumly. They looked glum, but gave their new human friends a polite wave anyway. She walked off with Olive and Luke, clearly disappointed. "Even if it seems a bit weird to buy things from spiders, I'm not really surprised, and their sign said that all proceeds go to real spiders! I just wanna help the poor guys..."
  32. "Yeah. If only we had some G." Olive responded. She turned to Luke. "Alright." she said. She picked up the phone. "Hey, Toriel. Where is your house? I want to hang over." she asked. Toriel gave her directions. It wasn't to far away! "Let's go!" Olive said happily, running in the direction Toriel instructed.
  33. Sonya followed right behind her, eager to see the goat-mom again. "Ooh! Is she making pie?! I've never had pie before! Except apple, raspberry, and blueberry. So I have had pie, just not very many. Ooh, I wonder what kinda pie she makes! Wait, does she even make pie?" She kept rambling on and on about wanting pie and made herself super-hungry. She eventually ran out of breath, though, and at the same time, tripped over her own feet. After landing on her face, she laughed it off--despite something appearing above her head.

    It was a health bar.

    [HP: 4/10]

    She had a low pain tolerance. That must've been why her health bar was half of that of a normal human's health. Even still, she was laughing it off.
  34. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Wait, for me, you two!" He exclaimed, running after the two girls. He had heard a rang from Toriel, again. She asked him whether he preferred Cinnamon or Butterscotch, "Cinnamon," Luke stated, "should I have Olive and Sylvia's opinions, too?" He added. Toriel agreed. Luke managed to catch up with Olive and Sylvia, "So, Toriel, just gave me a call, and she asked us, whether we preferred Cinnamon, or Butterscotch." He said to them, calmly, "I said Cinnamon." He stated.
  35. Sylvia gasped. "Butterscotch! I just love how sweet, soft, and amazing it tastes!" she exclaimed. Giggling, she began to run around, trying to burn some of her loose energy.
  36. "Well, I prefer Butterscotch." Olive told Luke. "I still like Cinnamon, though." she added. "I'm pretty tired. I hope we arrive there soon." she said. She continued on, but then turned around. Suddenly, she saw a horrible vision.

    A strange, skeleton-like creature stood before Olive. Toriel was tied up on the other side of the room. "You have no choice. Kill her." the skeleton thing said. "What? No!" Olive told him. "Alright." it said with a sadistic smile, and it summoned several hands with holes in them, and began to rip Toriel apart. "Toriel! No!" Olive said, before passing out...
  37. Sylvia gasped, catching Olive before she hit the ground. "Olive! Olive, are you okay?! Say something! C'mon, everything'll be alright!" She felt for Olive's pulse and sighed in relief when she felt her heart still beating. She checked for breathing and was even more relieved when Olive was breathing. She was confused. Why did she pass out? Nothing had happened.

    Creasing her eyebrows in thought, she began to wonder if... Sylvia's Soul slowly pulled itself out of her body. The turquoise glow reflected onto Olive's face. She strained herself and used magic to pull out Olive's Soul.

    [HP: 3/10]

    Olive's Soul resonated with hers. Sylvia converted a tiny piece of her Soul into Olive's--how, she didn't know. But now Olive's Soul was a slightly lighter shade of green than before.

    [HP: 2/10]

    Sylvia felt dizzy, but she refused to faint. "L-Luke, can you help me?" she asked.
  38. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Luke had made a gesture with his hands, as if protecting Olive and Sylvia. He made a gun formation with his hands as a yellow glow was in his eyes. He fired yellow bullets at whatever he skeleton creature was. He wasn't doing this, on purpose. The yellow glow in his eyes meant something. His soul seemed to be upside down, now.
  39. Olive woke up in Sylvia's arms. "What happened? Is Toriel OK?" Olive asked frantically. She noticed a nearby house and got up. She ran over to the house. Toriel was in front of it! "You're OK!" Olive yelled for joy as she hugged Toriel.
  40. Sylvia watched her, dumbfounded. "Wait, did I miss something?" But her moment of normalness was lost when she saw Toriel. "Mama!!" she practically screamed and jumped into her arms. "I missed you!!" Realization hit her when she said that. "Ohhh! I know what I was missing! Toriel!" With that, she snuggled the goat mother.

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